Not All Bulls are Young and Hung Pt. 02

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We arranged to meet during a late afternoon in the same Premier Inn. Strangely Kath looked more confident. It was Paul who looked nervous, his head bowed slightly with eyes cast downward. I wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not. I explained that they were travelling into unknown territory. I aimed my next comments to Paul, explaining that Kath had asked me to push his submissive limits. Paul gave a slight nod of the head. I told him that if he didn’t want to do it, he was free to leave and that if, at any time, he was too uncomfortable to carry on he should say so and we would stop . . . full stop. I asked if he agreed and he nodded. I told him that that wasn’t good enough and I asked him again. This time he kept his eyes down and said “yes”. Well, things were looking good.

Kath had been looking at the exchange open-mouthed. Her eyes tracking from my face to Paul’s like she was watching a tennis match. Suddenly I told Paul to strip off and lay on his back on the bed. Another ‘moment’. He started to undress and I turned to Kath, ignoring him as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him to obey me. I turned to Kath and placed my hands on her waist, pulling her toward me and kissing her. I took my time and she responded enthusiastically. She was wearing a yellow cotton summer dress with a white cotton bra, and as I found out, white cotton knickers. I slid my right hand inside her bra and felt her nipple tighten. I gave it enough of a tweak to draw a gasp from her and transferred my attention to her knickers. If I needed a clue as to her state of arousal, it was there on the end of my soaked fingers. I whispered silivri escort to her that she should just go with the flow and follow my lead. When we looked over to Paul he had taken off his T-shirt, beige chinos and boxers and was laying face up on the bed. He was looking at us and his cock was hardening.

I then gave them their instructions. At the same time, I slowly removed Kath’s damp white cotton knickers. She was to sit on Paul’s face. Paul was to use all his experience of her body, using his mouth and tongue to make her cum. If he couldn’t, the game ends. He must walk away leaving me with his wife for one last time. If he succeeds she will submit to being bent over my knee for six full-on spanks of the hand and we continue.

Kath went to undo her dress but I stopped her. I moved her over Paul’s face and told her (for Paul’s benefit) that she mustn’t lean forward or touch his cock. I stood back and watched. Kath appeared to have herself under control in spite of her arousal. After the first two and a half minutes, she almost appeared smug. I could imagine Paul working his mouth and tongue frantically, eventually becoming counter-productive. I walked up to Kath and started to kiss her. As I ran my hand over her enclosed breast she took she gulped, I whispered into her ear, “90 secs to go”. As I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger I heard her moan, followed by a shake of her head. I continued my ministrations but Kath appeared to keep them at bay and was starting to smirk. What I knew that Kath may not, was how susceptible to suggestion she was. I watched şirinevler escort Kath’s triumphant smile as I whispered to her “30 seconds to go” followed shortly by “Cum for me!”. She growled, “no, no, no – it’s not fair,” as she moaned and ground herself, oblivious of the possible damage she may be doing to Paul’s jaw.

I moved to the desk chair and sat. Again, Kath made to remove her dress, and again I shook my head. I called her over to me and bent her over my knee. There would have been no doubt that she would have felt me, rock hard underneath her. I made a big play of pulling the bottom of her dress up exposing her bare arse. The first spank drew a shout. I told her that there was no point it having penalties if they are not real. The next five increased in intensity. For the first time, Paul was smiling. There was real hurt and disappointment in Kath’s eyes. Now that was an interesting turn of events. Kath had become more and more confident in the course of our messages and appeared to be happy with an emerging, more dominant, role. This defeat showed her competitive side – something to file away. Regardless – the spanking had only increased her arousal.

I had released the buttons of Kath’s dress and undone her bra and lifted her pendulous breasts out of their confinement. I now removed the dress and led her naked back to a kneeling position over her husband’s face. Slowly and carefully I pulled a condom over my cock whilst looking at Paul’s reaction. Kath was soaked. My cock slipped inside her with a squelch. Th first drop of moisture fell on Paul’s face. şişli escort As I stroked into his wife, I told him to lift his head and lick her. He did. But as he did so I let my cock fall out of his wife’s face and on to his lips. I leaned down and took the condom from my cock and let it feed into Paul’s mouth. It was as if he was expecting it.

I moved to the side of the bed and brought Kath with me. She knelt in front of me with both hands on my cock, looking into my eyes for instruction. I looked at Paul and told him that he should join his wife. I placed my hand behind Kath’s head and pulled her on to my cock. With one hand either side of her hear I face fucked her hard. Looking at Paul for his reaction. I told her off. Told her she wasn’t keeping up with her tongue and there was no work from her cheeks and lips. Knowing how competitive she was, I knew this would sting. Eventually I pulled her head from my cock muttering about it not being good enough. Without giving him a chance to react, I pulled Paul’s head forward and said that I was sure he could do better. I held his head and fucked his mouth hard. I could feel him using his tongue and cheeks as much as he could . . . trying to outdo his wife. I looked at Kath and lifted my head sighing. I praised Paul for his work, and asked him if he liked being my ‘little girl’ It was a risk but he demurely nodded and told me that he did.

By this time I wasn’t far away from wanting to cum. I lay on one side of the bed and put on another condom. I invited Kath over to sit on my cock and told Paul he could lay beside us. Kath mounted me and started riding. I looked at Paul and told him that when I was with them his wife must never make him cum. He could, however, wank himself to orgasm. I started to lose myself to Kath’s grinding rhythm. I could sense Paul’s hand pumping to a finish as Kath and I lost ourselves in our own. As Paul moaned and pumped, Kath leaned forward with a last grind and whispered, “thank you”.

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