Opus to Susie

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bbkradwell : hey, susie, I’m coming over.

Susie : i want you but you can’t.

bbkradwell : OK, then put your finger in your cunt!!! NOW!!!

Susie : okay

bbkradwell : Take it out and rub that finger on your nipples then put it back inside your cunt. Take it back out and put TWO fingers inside, as deep as they’ll go. Rub your clit with your palm.

Keep rubbing, keep sawing your fingers in and out.

Now, picture my hard cock plunging into your pussy!!! Pounding and pounding my dick into your tight cunt!!!

I reach down and grab onto your left nipple, twisting it, until it almost hurts!

Then I grab your right breast and suck the tender nipple into my mouth. I suck harder and harder until, this time, it does hurt and you just scream out…

Not in pain, though, but in pleasure.

I bite down on it, shocking you out of your orgasm. This causes you to focus on my dick and the friction it’s causing in the walls of your cunt!!!

I bury my cock all the way into your pussy, rubbing my pubic bone on your clit!!! You start to cum then, and CUM, HARD!!!

Susie : oh, oohhhhhhhh… Don’t stop!

bbkradwell : I ease back a little

Susie : Please dont stop

bbkradwell : I don’t want to blow off just yet… Tell me, have you ever had anal sex?

Susie : no

bbkradwell : Well, it’s time you did! I reach over to your nightstand and find that bottle of sex lube you keep hidden from everybody…

Susie : now what

bbkradwell : I flip you over on your stomach pull you onto your knees so your butt is sticking upwards I tell you to put your head down on a pillow and reach back and spread your ass cheeks apart. I then squeeze some of the lube all over the crack of your ass!! you feel it drip down and you get a little scared, too ’cause you know what I’m going to do… I don’t care at this point tuzla escort though, I need to cum inside you!!!

We’ve been fucking for two straight hours and I’m going to fuck your tight little bung hole, baby,

Susie : yes yes please

bbkradwell : I’m gonna enjoy taking your anal cherry, too

Susie : oh please

bbkradwell : the sweat pours down my face dripping and mixing with the oil on your backside

Susie : i can feel it

bbkradwell : my cock is soo fucking hard! I put it at the entrance of your anus, you tense up. I slap you, just a little, so you know that this IS going to happen! I feel your resolve melt away, as I push my dick towards your ass hole but your too damned tight!

I’ll have to loosen you up a little.

I push my index finger into your anus, then two fingers, then three fingers, sawing your ass hole open.

You start to cum just from this sensation!

I pull out my fingers and plunge in my cock…! You feel as full as you have ever felt in your life! As full of cock… and you start to cum again as I reach around and play with your clit.

Pinching it hard, you let out a yell as you cum harder!

I feel your whole body shudder from the assault on your sex but I just don’t care, because I’m too close to losing and loosing my own essence into your body!

I scream out, “Shut up, Susie, I’m gonna cum in a minute!”

You become silent, for fear of incurring anymore sexual perversity upon your body (you know the kind of deviltry that runs through my mind, yet you still keep coming back for more! You can be such a glutton for my hard dick and a good, hard fuck!!!)

After you’ve quieted down, I start to ram my body into your backside, harder than before.

Your anus has loosened up a great deal, now. There is no pain….the only thing you feel is delicious pleasure, rippling through your body! tuzla escort bayan I feel it too—the rippling that rocks your body is having the same effect on the hardness that’s plundering your asshole!

I’m getting too close to stop, now!

Together we feel the cum rising from my testicles as it surges into your rectum, coating your bowels with my slippery seed!!!

As I pull my sensitive prick out of your backdoor you get up and run into your bathroom. You grab a wash cloth and get it hot, wet and soapy and run back to your bed, fully aware of the open, empty, soreness emanating from your recently-ravaged, anal orifice!

When you get back to me, I’m laying flat on my back. You notice that my cock is still half erect and grab onto it with the washcloth. Before you clean it off, you decide to stuff it into your mouth, saying you want to taste yourself on my cock.

I would never deny you a request like that so I lie back and let your magic tongue and lips do their thing. I love listening to you grunt and moan in pleasure as you lick and suck the musty taste of your own insides from my manhood!

When I’m fully hard again, you clean me off with the soapy washcloth. Then, looking to see if I’m still awake, but seeing my eyes closed, you climb up onto my torso. Lowering yourself down onto my erection, you smile slyly as you see my eyes open in surprise!

“Gotcha, lover,” you say, as you slide all the way down my cock, resting your still-slick ass hole upon my strong, hairy thighs. The hair tickles your distended anus and a small trickle of my semen seeps out, pooling on one of my legs!

“Hah, serves you right!” you say, as you feel it splashing back onto your buttocks.

I look down and laugh.

But my laughter is short lived, as you start to slam down harder, trying to force your own orgasm! I feel your pussy begin to ripple again but because escort tuzla I’ve already cum, I decide to hold off.

YOUR body, however, doesn’t have that luxury, for in trying to get me to cum in your pussy, you’ve set-off your own trap.

Your orgasm rips through you like a freight train at full speed!

“OHHHHH!” you shout out in ecstatic glee!

I look down as your face takes on a peaceful, Heavenly countenance.

I’ve always loved to gaze at a beautiful, young woman’s face — post-orgasm…. They look as if they haven’t a care in the world!

It is a sight to behold.

Then, that old bastard, “Reality” rears his ugly head again, as you feel the fullness in your tight cunt!

You say, “Oh, I’m sorry, babe! I didn’t want to do it like that,” apologizing.

I reassure you that it was, “My pleasure, sweetheart! It’s completely all right!” You smile at my lame attempt at humor.

Then you become even more determined to help me achieve another orgasm, “or cum trying,” you think to yourself, smiling inwardly at your own joke…

You redouble your efforts, squeezing your inner-muscles up and down my shaft! I feel it, too, as my own climax becomes imminent.

Then it happens…

You bend over and kiss me, deeply, rubbing your tongue across my lips until I open my mouth and you force your tongue into my mouth! I have always loved feeling a girl’s tongue in my mouth! There’s something very sensuous about that act. I think the French had the right idea when it came to kissing.

When you suck my tongue into your mouth, trying to deep throat it, it lights a fuse in my head, which ignites a fire in my loins!

You feel my cock twitch and swell deep within your vagina. I can’t hold back any longer, as I blast another load of cum into your tight, wet, heaving body, just as I reach up and twist your granite-hard nipples, causing you to cum again, with me!!!

We both laugh uncontrollably at the intensity of our sexual act!

We kiss again and then fall asleep, knowing that the other will still be there when we awaken.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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