Our First Time

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Here I am again. Another Saturday night of me sitting in the gay bar trying to find my diamond in the rough. I guess I may be going about this wrong way, but something tells me I am going about it right. I have spent too many years dreaming about this, and my resolve to find him tonight will make it happen.

“Hey Girl!” A familiar voice from behind me rings out. I spin around and am swept into the arms of my guy pal Andrew. “Girly you do know this is not a normal bar don’t you?”

“Well of course I do.” I lay gentle kisses on his cheeks. Andrew has perfect skin and always smells like lilacs. I can’t help but think about how perfect he would be if only he wasn’t playing for the same team as me. “I came here on a mission Sweetie.”

“Oh that sounds juicy. I have to know what my cock crazy girlfriend could possibly be looking for in a male gay bar. So come on sweetheart, tell lil old me all about it.” He prodded playfully.

“Ok. I am looking for a guy who likes women but feels he has to turn to men to have some of his fantasies fulfilled. I am tired of being the submissive one in all my relationships. I want to be the “man” for once. Do you get what I am saying?” I asked Andrew.

“Well of course I get what you are saying. I still don’t see why you would look for a straight guy here though.” He puzzled at me.

“I think my thought behind it was that maybe I would find a guy that was too shy to ask a woman to explore his body with him, but figured he might end up finding a guy to hit on him and then he wouldn’t have to do anything but say yes. Does that make sense?” I was asking when my eyes met those of a tall, remarkable looking man. He looked away as soon as I caught him staring. I could see the color rising to his cheeks and him shifting nervously. He had most definitely been eaves dropping on our conversation and it appeared to catch his attention. My pussy was flushing warm with the possibility of tonight being my lucky night.

“Of course it makes sense girly. I see you noticed tall, dark, and never been here before. He has been looking at you for awhile now. Maybe you are going to get your wanton desire fulfilled after all.” Andrew teased. “Go get him Tiger.”

I kissed Andrew on the cheek once more time and floated casually over to the strangers table. He glanced up at me and immediately looked away. I knew I was right. He had heard everything I had said and it had indeed peaked his interest. If I wanted this then I was going to have to be the one to make all the moves. I had a few drinks in me and was feeling a sudden burst of confidence. Not to mention the fact that this guy was looking tall and tasty.

“So what of the conversation you eaves dropped on did you find interesting?” I demanded abruptly.

He looked up suddenly. There was a mingle of fear, trepidation and desire in pendik escort his smoky blue eyes. His hair was kind of shaggy and fell slightly into his face. Still a beautiful man for me to play with, and I was really hoping I had called this right.

“I am sorry I was listening in. I really didn’t mean to and hope you aren’t to mad about it. And actually, your entire conversation interested me. I mean…I guess…I think I am what you are looking for. I am not gay and have been here for an hour. I got hit on twice already and both times I just couldn’t go along with it. I mean…I love tits and pussy. Sorry that was crude, but I don’t know how else to put it. I just have this curiosity that I think needs explored, but not by a guy.” He muttered all this quickly and nervously.

“I think you are truly what I was looking for tonight. Let’s go to my place. I have everything we need there.” I commanded as I grabbed him by the wrist and practically yanked him to his feet.

He quickly got up and allowed me to lead him out the front door and straight to my car. I had remotely unlocked my doors as we walked and he quickly got to my door and opened it for me. I could feel my pussy flushing with cream. Getting wetter and wetter by the second. He would make the perfect slave and I think he will enjoy it as much as I will.

“I don’t live that far away so I want you to answer some simple questions real quick. OK?” I asked him gently this time.

“That’s fine. Is it ok for me to ask some of my own as well?” He asked quietly. He was calmer but still a little on edge.

“It’s ok to ask. I will answer whatever. First things first, my name is Dawn. What’s yours?” I asked him still gently.

“My name is William, but you can call me Will.” He answered more lightly now. I didn’t want to get him too nervous but I also wanted to keep that edge to him. His answer had come out to conversational and bouncy. I deccided to throw the question and answer session out the window and stay strictly buisness,

“I was only curious. I will call you whatever I choose to call you. Understand?” I barked rather gruffly at him. It seemed to do the trick though. He immediately flinched at my tone and averted his eyes from mine.

“Sorry Dawn.” He began.

“No!” I almost shouted. “You won’t call me by my name. That’s not a privilege you have become deserving of yet. You can call me Mistress and nothing else. Understand, slave?” I questioned.

“Yes, Mistress.” He replied with no hesitation. I could see his arousal. He looked to be rather well endowed and thick. My pussy twitched with excitement. I was going to use him to pleasure myself in so many naughty ways.

We arrived at my simple ranch style house a moment later. Will quickly got out of his seat and was opening my door before my seatbelt was undone. He was either a perfect escort pendik gentlemen or was very in to serving me. I led him by his arm into my house.I wished I had thought ahead and brought along a collar and leash.

I didn’t turn on any lights as I led him into the house and straight to my bedroom. Once inside the room I lit a red candle that was sitting on my mahogany dresser. Will had remained perfectly still while I did this. Such an obedient slave.

“Ok. I want you to go over to the bed and strip naked. Then you will climb onto the bed and get on your hands and knees. Understand?” I commanded.

“Yes Mistress.” Was all he said as he started in on his tasks.

I walked over to the closet and got out a large red box with a lock on it. I took my necklace off and removed the key from it and opened the old lock. I started rummaging through it and found the four leather tie down straps. I walked over to the bed and began tying my little slave up. I could feel him begin to gently shake under my fingers. His cock was also growing and thickening out. Once I had him completely tied to my bed, I returned to my box and retrieved a blindfold. I quickly placed it over his eyes.

“I hope you are ready for this. Know now it is going to hurt. I will be gentle at first, but don’t think that will last forever. If you absolutely can’t take it you can attempt to beg for me to be gentle and we will see how that goes. Understand?” I demanded.

“Yes Mistress.” He replied.

I was in no mood to give him fore play. I had been waiting for this for too long. I quickly disrobed and pulled my harness and five inch dldo on and in place. I grabbed the bottle of lube and went quickly to the bed. I climbed up behind him and slapped his ass with my bare hand. He bucked back against me and nudged the dildo slightly against his waiting brown hole. I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened the lube and poured a large amount into my hand and lubed up the dildo. Pouring more lube onto my fingers I shoved two of them deep into his asshole. He bucked against me and let out a half stifled cry. It made me giggle slightly as I explored his virgin ass with my index and middle finger. His body was flushing pink with embarrassment, but his cock was getting harder and harder.

“You like having my fingers in your ass?” I asked sharply.

“Oh yes Mistress.” He moaned.

I removed my fingers and rubbed the dildo gently against his slightly wider hole. I poured more lube on the tip as I slowly slid the fake cock into his ass. I could feel him shaking all over. He was whimpering and I could see the tears sliding out from under the blindfold. He hadn’t asked me to stop so I continued to slide it in deeper and deeper. Finally getting all five inches deep in him. I began to pull gently out of him. Half way out I thrust quickly back into him. pendik escort bayan His moan was deep and guttural and just made me want to fuck him more. Again I pulled out half way and thrust into him. Thrusting in and out of him felt amazing. Grabbing him around the waist and slamming a hard cock into his now gaping ass hole. I was extremely turned on and began to fuck him harder and harder. Making my thrust shove the dildo deeper into him each time. He was quivering with each of my thrusts. I reached my hand around him and took his rock hard cock into my hand and began stroking it in rhythm with my strokes. His cock was throbbing and feeling ready to explode. I kept stroking his delicious cock as I thrust more gently now into his inviting asshole. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to feel his cock buried in my now soaking wet pussy. I released his cock and slid the dildo out of his ass.

“We need to change positions. I want to feel your cock inside me. I will give you the choice slave. Would you like my pussy or my ass?” I asked him.

“I want Mistress’s pussy. I want to feel how wet fucking me made you.” He huskily replied.

I quickly untied him and had him lay on his back. I was so hot and excited I left him unbound. I also wanted to feel his hands explore my body while I fucked him. I took off his blindfold and returned it quickly to the box. While there, I retrieved a decent sized butt plug and returned to the bed.

“Get back on your knees real quick. I want your ass full while I am fucking you.” I ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” He replied while he returned to all fours. I quickly lubed up the plug and gently but quickly inserted it into his ass. I saw his eyes light up with pain and lust.

“Ok now lay on your back so I can climb on top of that wonderful, thick cock of yours.” I again demanded of him.

He quickly flipped over and lay back on the bed. I was on him almost instantly, quickly mounting him. Taking his full eight inches deep into my tight, dripping hole. His hands went instantly to my big DD tits, rubbing and pulling hard on them. I began grinding my pussy quickly on his cock. My whole pussy filled with its thick, throbbing mass. His hands pulling harder and harder on my tits. I started fucking him faster and rougher. The friction causing my clit to throb and quiver. I was going to come on him in a minute and it was going to be amazing. I could tell from his face and the way he was pulling my body tightly against him that he was ready to blow.

“Come in me now my little fuck slave!” I moaned as I came all over his cock, he exploded his cream deep inside me. I reached down while he was still coming and yanked out the plug, causing his orgasm to be even more intense. My pussy was still throbbing and quivering on his still hard cock. He released the last of his hot cream inside me and collapsed into the bed. I slid off him and curled into his arm and around his body.

“That was wonderful, Mistress.” He purred into my hair.

“You can call me Dawn now.” I replied as I drifted quickly into sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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