Out of Character

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I made a last adjustment to my rear garter, the one that always pops off the stocking whenever I bend over because my big ass is just too much for it, and flapped my hand in front of my face to cool off. Struggling with it always gets me flushed. I survey myself in the mirror: black stockings with vertical stripes disappearing into my cute new cream Mary Jane heels, a black satin garter belt and matching strapless bra. My skin gleams white against the black and I strike a pose. I put a finger in my mouth and pout seductively at my reflection and burst into a fit of giggles. Cute comes much more naturally to me than ‘sexy.’ But I throw on a dress that’s a little too short anyways, and spin around. The tops of the stockings show when I do that, but nothing else. Good thing it’s normally dark at the club! I put my red hair up in a ponytail and attempt a smoky eye look in shades of purple making my green eyes pop. A dash of red lipstick and I’m done. On impulse I go to my dresser and pull out a princess plug. I’d never worn one out in public before, but there’s a first time for everything right?

Normally I go out dancing with girlfriends, but tonight I wanted to go out and dance and laugh and drink where no one knew me and I could be who I wanted to be. That’s not to say that I normally hide who I am, but I definitely have a dark side that doesn’t fit with my squeaky clean image. Sometimes it’s nice to embrace that once in a while.

The line-up of the club moves quickly and soon I’m inside. Top 40s pop dance music is blaring and there are people everywhere. Glad I don’t have to be towing a girlfriend behind me through the crowd I dive in and am soon bouncing about on the dance floor, using my hips to best advantage. Enjoying the feel of the plug in my ass and silently laughing at what would happen to the poor guys dicks around me if they knew. I get lost in my own world for a while until I feel someone pressing against me from behind, grinding into my ass. I turn around startled, seeing a guy with a dress shirt with one button too many undone and a leer that tells me he thinks he knows exactly who I am. His hands reach around and grab onto my hips, caressing, moving up like he’s about to grab my breasts. I take offense at him manhandling me and pull away a little too hard, getting jostled by the bodies around into a tall dark-haired guy off to the side. He looks around, no doubt wondering what drunk girl bumped into him and I see his chiselled chin covered with dark scruff and fight the urge to hang on a bit longer than necessary to gain my balance.

Recovering my manners I let go, but not before I felt the firm muscles in his arm.

“Sorry!” I apologize. I was just trying to get away from someone, “Do you mind if I dance with you a bit until he’s gone?”

To his credit, he instantly snaps into male protector role and looks around for my groper, but he, noting my new acquaintance’s height and nicely toned frame had wisely melted into the crowd.

Seeing this I started to pull away and he stopped me.

“Don’t go yet,” he said, “We didn’t get a chance to dance. I’m Rob.”

“Maya,” I replied, blushing as he took my hand.

We danced for a bit, me running my hands up and down his arms and over his shoulders dreamily. He was probably staring at my boobs, I honestly didn’t notice. I felt protected from any more potential creeps by this glorious pendik escort male specimen I had washed up against and was enjoying it. I looked up at him as I got my dance on and enjoyed the look of pleasure in his eyes as he took me in. I turned around and wiggled my butt to the beat against him, looking over my shoulder to see if you would take the bait. His arms instantly came around me and began to run over me in much the same manner as the poor creeper, but this time it was turning me on. This time it was my choice. I felt the tension building between us as I turned back around and looked up at him. His eyes were dark and lustful, as he leaned down and kissed me.

Our lips brushed, gentle at first, playful, but as a spark leapt between us I opened my mouth and felt his tongue brush mine. My clit burst to flame and I felt a surge of wetness between my legs. I wanted him. Badly. He broke the kiss and I clung to him, shocked at the power of my response to him. I’m not a girl who does one-night stands, but in that moment I needed to feel him everywhere. My earlier playful decision to wear a butt plug became a double-edged sword, as my muscles clenched around it, and I moaned in his mouth.

Clearly reading the signals and knowing I wanted this to happen now, he took my hand and pulled me through the crowd. I switched course and pulled him to the bar. If I was going to do what I thought I was about to do I needed a little liquid courage. The fact that I was this far gone already spoke to the pure lust I was feeling. He bought me a couple shots and we grabbed a cab outside.

The minute the door closed, our hands were all over each other. Kissing until my lips were swollen and I was spreading my legs wider in the hopes that his large hand resting on my thigh would move a little higher to the spot that was throbbing to be touched.

We arrived at his building and tumbled into the elevator. He pushed me against the back wall, hands coming up to cup my head and kissed me again, pressing his hips against me. I could feel him hard and ready and lowered my hand, running it up and down the length of him through he pants. It felt big, bigger than my ex. The thought thrilled and scared me as I’m pretty tight, but he felt so good in my hand and I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking on it, wondering if there was a spot of precum already glistening on the tip.

We got to his apartment bouncing off the walls to get there, my dress somehow getting unzipped in the process. He slammed his door shut and pulled the dress off the top of my head in two smooth motions and I stood before him in just my lingerie.

“Take off your shirt” I told him, and was confronted with a gleaming set of abs and a tiny dark happy trail leading right where I wanted to go. I dropped to my knees in front on him, lightly running my hands up his thighs while I looked up at him with lust in my eyes.

I at once wanted to tear off the pants, but couldn’t resist teasing him first, leaning forward to plant a kiss on the very visible bulge. I rubbed my cheek against him while my hands undid his belt and fly. Pulling his pants down I revealed tight, black boxers briefs and an even bigger shape than I’d imagined. I reached up and massaged his balls and had the pleasure of seeing his knees shake a bit and he buried a hand in my hair.

“Take them off,” he commanded.

Breath coming escort pendik short in anticipation, I pulled the elastic waistband down and his cock bounced out hard and bigger than I had ever seen. His engorged tip was wide and pink and had a perfect clear drop on the tip. I looked up at him in amazement with a slight widening of my eyes that he wisely interpreted as fear.

I flicked my tongue out and licked the drop and we both moaned at the touch. I took the base of his dick in my hand and pulled the massive rod down so I could rub my tongue along the underside of the tip. Slowly, I wrapped my lips around it and felt my mouth stretch a bit at the girth. Bringing my other hand up to roll his balls in my palm, I started to bob my head up and down, getting lots of saliva over his shaft.

His other hand came to rest on my head too and he leaned back a bit, pushing himself forward into my mouth. Slowly, he increased the pressure until he was pulling me further and further onto his cock. My lips reached where my hand was wrapped around his shaft and I gagged around the tip of his cock, a rush of wetness flooding out and I began to bob my head up and down in earnest, zig zagging my tongue across the underside as I did. Increasing the suction and now dripping spit into the palm that was still rubbing his balls I moved my head and other hand in slightly twisting motions until he groaned deep in this throat. I pulled off of his dick with a popping sound and took some deep breaths, my eyes watering and a line of saliva connecting my lips to his swollen tip. I jacked his now soaked shaft up and down with my hand and I tilted my head to the side, sucking one of his smoothly shaved balls into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue. Giving the other the same attention, I could barely take it anymore and started to rub myself between my legs.

Seeing this, he pulled me up, took me into his arms and carried me to the couch, laying me over one arm of it. Stepping back, he took in the sight of me ass up in the air, garter belt riding up to reveal the princess plug in my ass. I saw his eyes widen in pleasure and surprise at this and gave a quick spank of my ass.

I cried out in surprise and that combination of pain and pleasure you feel as your ass clenches around the plug. I was sure a bright red hand print stood out on my skin and I felt the warm throb that comes after the hard hit. He ran gentle fingers up and down the skin of my thighs, fingering the tops of my stockings and every once in a while out of the blue giving another spank. Juices were leaking out of my pussy and onto the couch and I started to beg him.

“Please touch me, please, I need to cum.”

His hands paused in their ministrations and I held my breath in anticipation, but instead he started slowly twirling the plug in my butt bringing a whole new round of spasms through my body.

“I want you… I need you inside me, or your fingers on me, or something…” I begged, my voice cracking. I closed my eyes and wished and hoped he would listen and cried out in joy as I felt the tip of him rubbing up and down my slit. I was so wet that he was able to get a rhythm going his massive slab of meat sliding up and down my already sensitized clit. I started to see stars and wondered if I would faint and then he slipped the tip inside me and I came with a yell that startled even me. My whole body spasmed pendik escort bayan around him and the plug in my ass, but instead of waiting until the orgasm passed, he continued to push slowly in, stretching me with each inch, losing himself in the wet velvety warm of my pussy.

I finally came down of the high of the orgasm and felt all strung out and languid, muscles totally relaxed as he started to pump in and out of me. Each inch inexorably burying itself in my tight pussy.

“Is it all in?” I ask, feeling myself stretched to the limit.

“Almost,” he said, face tight as he restrained the impulse to let loose and pound the fuck out of me.

“Just do it,” I said. So relaxed from my orgasm that I would have said yes to anything.

He let out his breath with a hiss, locked his hands onto my hips and started to pound in and out. With each thrust the air left my body with a moan and he let out a strangled sound of his own, eyes rolling back as he thrust. The sensation was like nothing I’d ever felt before, and I grabbed onto the couch trying to find something to hold to contain the over-stimulation I felt. With each entry I could hear the wet sounds my pussy made as it sucked him inside and felt his balls slap my clit.

“I want you to cum,” I gasped, lost in sensation.

“Not yet,” he said, his teeth clenched, and pushed all the way in. He then grabbed the plug in my ass and pulled it and his dick out of me at the same time.

I felt empty, but then I heard the sound a cap coming off a tube, and turned to see him covering his colossal dick with lube. He pushed a squirt out on his finger and rubbed it into the pink rosebud of my ass, closely followed by the glorious round head of his dick.

“Please, I don’t think I can take it,” I pleaded. “I’ve only tried anal a couple times before and you’re so big!”

He kept pushing his tip into me relentlessly until he had pushed past the sphincter. I felt like I was being split in two. The glow of my orgasm had faded and all I could think of was that massive dick in my ass.

“Ow, ow, ow” I kept chanting, and he reached around my leg and began to frig my clit while he pushed slowly in and out.

Clit stuff just does it for me and soon I was moaning again. Whether from pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell, I was just lost in the sensation of the massive force moving in my ass and the shockwaves of feeling coming from where he was rubbing me. He began to pick up his pace, the circular motion of his fingers getting faster and faster as his dick plunged in and out of my taught ass again and again. He was moaning now and the sound was driving me insane. I needed his pleasure as much as I needed my own.

I could tell he was close and that along with the sounds he was making drove me over the edge and I came again, muscles clenching everywhere, writhing under his dick.

He let out an inarticulate moan and blew his load in my ass as he was pulling out. I felt the warm spurt inside, and as he pulled all the way out, I squeezed my ass muscles and pushed a bit until a gush of his cum flowed out of me, anointing me with his sticky wad. I lay there utterly spent and exhausted, every part of me throbbing in time with my heartbeat as he circled round and sat on the couch next to me, pulling me over to join him.

I cuddled into him and he put his arm around me, legs spread in typical male style, the now mostly soft dick casually displayed in all of its glory, impressive even soft.

I didn’t even want to think about how sore I’d be tomorrow, but right now? Right now I was well and truly satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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