Overlooking Two Rivers

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My favorite trail to walk and lose myself in my thoughts leads to the top of a hill overlooking the small town where I reside. I often find myself alone on the wooded slope which is fine with me. Hiking the 5 percent grade (my rough estimate) presents a challenge that I’ll accept any time.

It’s a warm Saturday morning in November here at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Patomic Rivers. I’m wearing a super cute pink-floral off-the-shoulder tie-front flutter-sleeve top and light-blue cutoffs with hiking shoes. I’d rather dress like this than wear a heavy sweater in Boston.

The long arduous hike is therapeutic, as well as a refreshing change from sitting at my desk at an office in Alexandria.

At 30 years old, I’m just out of a bad relationship, one that feels as though the last 4 years have been waisted. I mean I could’ve picked a better guy or walked away sooner than I did. I should move on, stop living in the past.

I reached the top of Loudon heights just before noon and stared in amazement at the low wall of stones that used to be a Civil War fort. How were those soldiers able to haul those heavy cannon up that slope?

Right at that moment the nutty notion to sit naked on the mountain top popped into my head. Throughout my lifetime modesty had always kept me from undressing in public. Suddenly the temptation to take it all off outdoors grew stronger with each passing second until I could no longer resist.

Standing 5 6 and weighing 125 pounds, I have a gently ankara dansöz escortlar curving waist and a big curve in the hips. My breasts are size C. My hair is blond and my eyes grey.

Time to show off my body. With that thought I pulled off my flutter-sleeve garment, dropped it then unhooked the strapless bra letting it slide to the ground.

This feels good. At last my boobs are not constricted.

I hesitated for several seconds before taking off my cutoffs and panties.

With nudity came thoughts of Chelsea Hayse. I met the 24 year old a week ago when she took the job as a legal secretary. I couldn’t help noticing the short fingernails, a sign that she’s probably a lesbian. Even so, I enjoyed chatting with her.

At the same time I found myself curious. What would it feel like to kiss her? For that matter, what would cut fingernails rubbing my clit and penetrating my vagina feel like? At thirty years of age these questions were coming to mind, or maybe they were there at a deep subconscious level since puberty.

I would spend several minutes sitting on the low stone wall taking a breather before heading back down the slope. In the meantime I smoothed out my clothes and planned to carry them home.

I heard a male and female voice. Within a few seconds the couple came into view near the summit and approached to within six feet.

“Hi there,” said a youthful brunette female.

“Hi,” I replied.

“It’s a nice secluded place up here. Do you elvankent saatlik veren escortlar hike here often?”

I said, “yes I do.”

“We’re from Boston.”

“I can tell by the accent.”

“This is my boyfriend Michael. I’m Kate.”

I asked, “short for Katherine.”

“Yes,” she replied.

The young man looked to be in his early or mid twenties. Like the girl who accompanied him, he was brunette. He stood perhaps a couple of inches taller than his girlfriend.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you naked?” Katherine asked that after several seconds.

I asked, “haven’t you ever had the urge to go sky-clad.”

“Never had the urge,” she said. She added, “Of course I can’t speak for my boyfriend.”

At that moment I would’ve bet that he wanted a threesome. I was ready to say that I would do her but not him. What guy wouldn’t like to watch two girls doing the nasty?

She asked me, “is there a boyfriend.”

“There’s no boyfriend. I like girls.”

Michael flashed a sly grin. Kate shot a glance at him.

He quipped, “Kate’s bi.”

She protested. “That’s not true.”

“It’s not,” he asked her.

“Ok you got me,” Kate said. “I did tell him that I wanted to try it with a girl.”

“Try what,” I asked teasing her.

Michael spoke. “She’d like to go down on you and have you go down on her.”

I watched Kate pulling off her black scoopneck top and bra.

My eyes roamed upward from the etimesgut azeri escortlar sharp curve in her waist to her breasts.

“Close your eyes.”

I did so with a grin.

A few seconds later I heard, “open them.”

I opened my eyes. Kate turned giving me a view of her spectacular ass.

She turned to her boyfriend. She asked, “shouldn’t you be getting ready to jack off.”

Kate and I stepped into an open-mouthed kiss. While tongues touched her fingers crept downward from my navel to my lady parts.

My clit swelled as my labia opened under her touch. Muscle tension made me go to my knees then onto my back. Kate kissed her way downward from my lips to my breasts to my vulva making my hips buck and my legs quiver.

She pressed her fingers hard against my throbbing swollen clitoris. After the longest minute of my life those fingers sank deep into my vagina.

Though I couldn’t see him I suspected that Michael was masturbating. The warning signs of my impending orgasm encouraged Kate to keep doing me.

Suddenly my cum gushed ejecting her fingers. I lay huffing on the ground recuperating slowly. Kate lay along side, her fingers circling my navel and each breast.

“I need you to do me.”

Her tone was soft but urgent.

Having recuperated, I knelt straddling her thighs putting my tongue between her labia. The taste of her juices drove me wild. My hands crept upward palms down stopping at her breasts pushing them in all directions.

Kate’s orgasm came minutes later soaking my fingers.

I asked softly, “was it good for you.”

She replied in equally muted tone. “It was amazing.”

We both sat upright in time to see Michael’s fingers going through the cum on his body.

The three of us decided to sit naked for a while longer and chat.

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