Pair of Aces es Muy Caliente Pt. 03

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Joy and Eric had their lives changed for the better a couple years ago. They had scored a lottery win that helped to set them up on easy street. They still lived a somewhat modest lifestyle. You couldn’t tell this about them just by looking at them walking around in public. They also didn’t advertise it much at all. This allowed Joy to pursue her artistic ambitions, and also allowed for ample time for their favorite recreation, swinging. They were an attractive 40-something couple and had always been very sexual. They frequently had their hands on each other and, despite being married for 21 years, they were often accused of being newlyweds when meeting someone for the first time.

A few weeks ago they had met Jake and Maria. They were a spicy Colombian couple that some other friends, Richard and Candy, had introduced them to. Maria was a little lady, not quite five foot tall and weighing just enough to hold paper down in a soft breeze. She had a gymnast background and still had the toned body and flexibility to prove it. Jake was a mechanic by trade and had the strong hands and arms that went with it. He was over six foot tall and, although he didn’t have a well defined musculature, he was very strong and fit. He had big strong shoulders and eyes that made you feel like the only one in the room. He was s sensual lover and quite romantic. He really liked to take care of his ladies.

Today, Jake and Maria had ridden out to the country to visit Eric and Joy. They were all outdoorsy types and Eric and Joy liked nothing more than to spend their time in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All four of them were out walking the maintained paths through the fields and forest, enjoying the early summer sun and light breeze. They passed a joint between them as they walked and talked. Joy and Eric were taking them to their little swimming hole that the family had enjoyed for many years. As they walked down the path and the spot was revealed in front of them, Jake and Maria both commented about the simple beauty of the place. Eric held Maria close as they looked around, enjoying the sights and sounds. Jake held Joy as well.

Joy liked how she felt in Jake’s strong arms and hugged him tightly. He bent his head and told her how delicious she felt. His hands started wandering over her back. Joy tingled a little, feeling his bulge against her tummy as she held him close. She looked up at him and they kissed. Softly at first, lips barely touching. Then a bit more passionately. He was a great kisser and Joy did love to kiss. Her hands went to his hard, shapely ass and pulled him against her more firmly. The urge to have his sweet hard cock inside her was growing stronger. She unbuttoned the front of his shirt slowly and ran her hands over his hard chest. She kissed slowly down his front as she unbuckled his pants. When she pulled his pants and boxers down a little his cock sprang out, already nice and hard. Joy kissed the head of his hard dick and noticed that Maria already had Eric’s dick in her mouth. They must have felt the tension in the air as well and sought their own sweet release.

Joy sucked Jake as he stood in front of her. She loved his taste and the gentle way he held her head and stroked his nice cock in and out of her mouth. She rubbed his balls softly and enjoyed the sweetness of the small bursts of pre-cum. She had no idea why, but he tasted incredible. He pulled her up gently, away from his hard dick. She stroked his shaft with a hand as he held her close and snaked his own hand down the front of her cotton shorts. He touched her pussy gently and noted how hot and wet she was already. He moved his long strong finger between her folds and she pressed herself into his hand. She leaned against his chest and looked over to see that Eric had Maria on her back on the picnic table already, stroking his beautiful cock in and out of her pussy.

Jake worked a second finger into her and she gasped and squeezed his cock tightly. This man really knew how to use those fingers. She sighed and leaned into his hand. His palm massaged her clit and his fingers moved inside of her in such a way that she was catching fire from the sensation. She ground her pussy into his hand increasingly and his movements got firmer and firmer until she whimpered into his chest. She could feel the heat intensify and knew she’d cum soon. Just as she started shaking he turned her around and bent her over. She grabbed the tree next to her and stuck her ass out for him. He leaned in and slid his cock up to her pussy and pushed in firmly. She shook more and more as he started stroking in and out of her. She arched her back toward him as he stroked harder and harder. She could hear Maria getting louder as Joy reached down to rub her clit. Jake’s cock felt so good in her, her pussy gripped at his thick base with each stroke. She was vibrating from the feelings. Her mouth was watering.

“Oh yeah, fuck me. I want you to cum in my mouth.” Joy asked, rubbing her clit pendik escort harder. She almost felt guilty at the request but was extremely turned on. Swallowing cum from a cock that was just pulled from her own pussy wasn’t something she’d ever done for her husband or anyone else. However, Eric never complained about that sort of thing. He also knew that his cum didn’t taste like an exotic desert either. Her mouth watered thinking about it. Jake began pounding her pussy from behind and her pussy started to spasm around him. Joy moaned loudly and came with a small gush. She loved the way he fucked her. She was still shaking when he turned her around, offering her his cock. She dove on his dick and with a couple thrusts he came hard. His cum was sweet on her tongue and she drank him up. Their orgasms started to subside as they heard Maria yelling at Eric, demanding him to fuck her harder. He did, and rubbed her clit faster and faster, making the picnic table rock. Her flexible legs were spread wide as he plowed into her with his modest length. Her pussy convulsed on his cock, strong muscles clamping down on him as she climaxed. She saw stars behind her clenched eyes and cooed at him in Spanish. Soon, she slid off the table and put his cock in her mouth. He had become familiar with her and knew what needed to be done. She loved a rough blow job and it always made him cum fast. He grabbed two fist-fulls of hair and began his assault. Joy and Jake hugged closely and watched as Eric’s legs went tight. His hips flexed as he held Maria’s face to his stomach, impaling her face on his throbbing dick while she swallowed his hot cum.

There they all sat for some time, holding each other close and enjoying the after sex glow as well as the natural setting. After relaxing for a little while, they decided it was time to make the hike back. Maria hung off Joy’s arm on the walk home stealing a kiss from Joy now and then. They could be seen squeezing each other’s asses playfully from time to time, as they walked along. Eric and Jake trailed just behind, knowing that part of the grab-assing was for their benefit. The conversation was light as Jake and Maria related stories from Colombia, and the beautiful countryside there. They said that one day, maybe they’d take Eric and Joy on a trip there and be their sexy guides for a week.

Upon returning to the house, everyone took a quick skinny-dip in the pool to cool off. Eric got back out pretty quick to start dinner on the big stone grill that he’d built himself. Jake stayed behind with a lady on each arm, laughing at Maria’s antics. Everyone stayed in the nude and joined Eric on the patio overlooking the pool where the chatting resumed. Jake poured some of the Margarita that he’d made and brought.

Eric flipped the steaks and tended the veggies diligently as they talked and sipped their drinks. At one point, Jake announced that he needed to thank Eric. Eric was a little taken aback but understood once he explained. Not long ago, Maria and Jake had a play date with Richard and Candy. He went on to describe how Candy had offered Jake her ass and talked him through working her up to the point of sliding his cock into her. Joy could feel him getting hard as he described the experience and could tell how much he liked having Candy’s ass. Jake said that he had told Candy how good of an experience it was and how he hoped that she had enjoyed it as well. It was his first time. Candy definitely did like it and proceeded to let him know that he should thank Eric and that she was Eric’s ass-slut. Everyone laughed a little at that interesting dynamic and Eric shook his head. Eric couldn’t quite explain it all, except that it was born out of some dirty talk and that Candy really seemed to get off on it, which is what really mattered to him.

“You never know,” Joy said to Jake while looking at his erection, “Candy isn’t the only one who likes a dick in her ass.” Jake’s cock jumped as her raised his eyebrows as Joy. Although Joy was careful not to grab his dick, considering dinner was almost ready, it took some time for his erection to wither.

They ate steak, potato, and asparagus with a small salad. They swapped motorcycle stories and both agreed that the hotel sex while on the road was always one of the highlights of a trip such as that. Eric and Jake decided that they should plan a motorcycle trip together this summer. Everyone seemed on board with the idea, so it was fairly settled. A swinging motorcycle trip did sound like a lot of fun.

Dinner had ended and they went to the hot tub. There their chat continued and Eric passed another joint. Joy was still horny as she had only gotten an appetizer as far as sex was concerned. She liked watching her husband do Candy’s sweet ass and the thought of Jake was beginning to make both her butt and pussy tingle. She’d never had anyone but Eric in her ass before, and she was starting to like the idea. Jake was patient and respectful and so very gentle when it was needed, so she could escort pendik definitely imagine him working her sensitive ass.

Joy’s only real concern was the fact that Jake’s sweet cock was both longer and thicker than her husband’s.

Her hand moved to his crotch which responded quickly to her touch. Maria’s arm was already moving steady under the water as well. They fell silent and kissed. Things were definitely turning back to sex, much to Joy’s delight. After making out for a time, Maria stood up in the hot tub and announced that tonight she wanted a dick in her ass too. Jake seemed a little surprised, but refocused quickly when Joy whispered in his ear. Given how his eyes lit up, Eric imagined that she was making a similar offer to Jake.

“Well, how about I demonstrate a special variety of foreplay that Joy enjoys?” Eric offered. “She especially likes a nice back massage first, to get everything nice and relaxed.”

The thought of Jake’s strong hands on her back made Joy quiver a little. She stood, with Jake’s cock in hand and led him from the hot tub. They all toweled each other off, and went inside to the bedroom. Once there, Eric asked for a little motivation from Maria, who quickly kneeled in front of him and started kissing all around his dick. Joy followed suit and proceeded to suck Jake thoroughly, knowing it would probably be the last time of the night. Joy cupped his sack in one hand and stroked at his shaft with the other while slurping at his cock. He had such a delicious cock and she loved how it felt in her mouth, and how he tasted. It had become her favorite desert. Maria took Eric’s cock deep into her throat with every stroke. The feeling of her tongue piercings lit him up with sensation. She didn’t use a hand to stroke him. Instead she held on to his ass with her hands and used the leverage to drive him into her mouth. Eric loved the way she sucked him. She didn’t seem content unless she had his whole dick in her mouth.

Eric asked Maria to get onto the bed near the edge and lay on her tummy. After some extra licks, getting the last of Jake’s precum, Joy did the same. Eric tossed Jake a bottle of shea’s butter lotion. They applied a generous amount to their hands and started on the ladies shoulders. Joy was lost in the feeling of Jake’s big strong hands on her back. She was wiggling her ass at him invitingly as he worked her tight back muscles. They reapplied lotion and slowly worked their way down the ladies’ backs. Slowly, working each muscle along the way. Eventually they made it to their gorgeous butts and the ladies spread their legs in anticipation. However, Jake noticed how Eric was clever and had skipped over to Maria’s feet and calves. Eric and Jake massaged their lower legs, slowly progressing upwards this time. They squeezed and kneaded all the muscles of their legs, and as they worked their way back up to their upper thighs, both women were starting to squirm, tingling with an almost unbearable anticipation.

The men worked their way back to their glutes again, and this time worked lotion into their muscles, loosening their glutes and hips. They firmly worked lotion into the cracks of their asses and slowly worked it into the skin. Eric moved a hand between Maria legs and gently inserted a lubed thumb into her tight pussy. She sighed heavily as he used fingers to massage her clit at the same time. With the other hand still thick with lotion, he concentrated a finger on her tiny asshole. He massaged all over the outside, making sure that she was soft and supple. Although a little nervous, Maria had become relaxed and decided to give herself over to Eric. His fingers still worked in her pussy when he pressed a finger from the other hand against her ass. She relaxed and accepted his finger, ever so slowly and gently, into her ass.

Maria sighed loudly as Eric worked he little ass ever so gently.

“Oh god, papi. Why it feels so good?” Maria asked. Eric was the first to put anything in Maria’s ass and she wondered why she’d never tried it before.

Jake’s strong hands continued their work on Joy’s ass too. His big hands gripping her entire ass cheek, one in each hand. He kneaded lotion into the crack of her ass and sunk his fat thumb into her pussy as he massaged her asshole with his other hand. Joy wiggled her hips and lifted her ass toward him as he massaged lotion into her. Slowly, Jake slipped a finger gently into her ass and she pushed back and readily accepted it. She could tell he was studying Eric’s efforts because his hands felt so different, but so familiar. He carefully stretched and relaxed her ass with his long digit, massaging a finger in her pussy as well. She raised up to him, inviting him to sink his entire finger into her tightest hole. She reached beside the bed and stroked his hard cock while he fingered her holes. After they seemed to be very relaxed, Eric oriented Maria on her back, with her ass pulled up to the edge of the bed.

“This is the part where I like to eat pussy pendik escort bayan while I finish fingering those pretty holes.” Eric said matter-of-factly. Eric lubed up his right hand with water based lube instead of lotion, then carefully inserted a finger, one each, into Maria’s pussy and ass. Maria lifted her knees up to her chest and cooed at him. Eric was watching her face and it seemed apparent that she was enjoying herself. Joy’s eyes lit up as Jake’s long, thick fingers pressed into her as well. With fingers inside her, he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. She shared her tongue with him and moved her hips against his fingers. He trailed kisses down to her sweet bosoms and began massaging her nipples with his tongue. Finally, he trailed his way down to her pussy, knelt, and began having a desert of his own. The two of them ate pussy and fingered them for almost 10 minutes. At that point, Maria had a small orgasm and Eric decided it was time. Eric lubed up his cock and pressed it into Maria’s pussy. She looked confused, but wasn’t complaining.

“Let’s make sure my cock is good and wet first.” Eric said, thrusting slowly. Jake did the same and Joy’s pussy danced with delight. Jake’s thick shaft felt so good in her pussy. On they went stroking for some time, allowing their tight pussies to have some fun as well. The pace quickened little by little as they worked those pussies like they deserved. Joy clutched at Jake, pulling him all the way into her. She shuddered and moaned with his hard cock buried inside of her. He leaned into her and pounded at her. Finally he slowed. Eric had made eye contact and it looked like he was changing the mode.

Eric reached down withdrawing his cock from Maria’s pussy. Using the head of his cock, he rubbed her little asshole and pressed. She resisted at first, then relaxed allowing his head inside of her ass. He held still and lubed his shaft, especially the area where his cock touched her ass. Joy helped Jake do the same. Eric slowly pressed into her a little farther at a time. He’d wait and let her adjust, before adding another inch. Slowly he worked into her until she held his entire cock with her ass. He barely moved, letting Maria’s virgin ass relax around him. He moved the tiniest bit, just enough to provide a little sensation.

Jake slid into Joy’s ass a little easier. She was well practiced and loved to have Eric defile her pretty butt. Jake’s slick cock slid in slowly. She could feel her asshole stretching to accommodate his entire dick. He was a little bigger than Eric and the base of his cock was very thick. It felt wonderful as it pushed her previous limits. Joy relaxed and pushed at him, her ass swallowing up the last couple inches. Jake leaned back and groaned. He liked that ass very much indeed. He took his time, just like he saw Eric doing and had to make a conscious effort not to go crazy right now. Little by little, he started stroking his thick cock slowly in and out of her ass.

Maria was tense as he entered her ass, but was now slowly relaxing. It hadn’t hurt, though there was a little pressure. Surprisingly, her asshole was sending pleasure to her brain and the pressure from the head of his cock, deep in her ass, was pleasing as well. Slowly, he started to press into her without withdrawing. He didn’t want any sort of friction so he barely withdrew before pushing back into her. He worked ever so slightly left and right, attempting to further relax her tight sphincters. Her ass looked tiny and fragile wrapped around his cock. Maria found herself liking his dick in her ass and wiggled back at him little by little, helping him work her tiny asshole. Eric rubbed her clit lightly, and worked a finger into her pussy while he slowly worked his dick in her. He was slow and patient, despite the fact that his dick was so hard. He badly wanted to hump her hot ass, but resisted the temptation. He’d had two virgin asses so far this year and the thought of it was very sexy. Eric and Maria could feel that Joy was enjoying Jake. The bed was moving steadily and he was moaning.

With her experience and confidence, it didn’t take Joy’s ass terribly long to get adjusted to Jake’s additional mass. It was hard not to when it felt so good. He steadily stroked his length in and out of her ass. He was just barely thumping this nuts against her with each stroke and his head was back as he moaned. He slowed again, not quite ready to cum. It was incredibly erotic which made it even more difficult. Her ass gripped at his shaft tightly. It was his second piece of ass ever and both happened this week. It was something he had wanted for a long time and it was just as good as he thought it would be. As he slowed, Joy pushed him back from her, got up, and led him to a big oversized chair in the corner of the room.

Joy sat Jake in the chair with his ass near the edge, then turned her back and straddled him. She slowly eased him into her ass. She used a little extra lube and then started grinding his dick into her ass, sliding onto his thick shaft. Damn he felt good inside her. Eric noticed that they had moved, and that Joy was working her ass expertly down his shaft. He watched with pride as Joy took another cock in her.

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