Peter’s Delightful Dilemma

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 1

I was sitting in the parking lot when she arrived. She got out of a white Mercedes Benz and stood to look around her. She was blonde, with sunglasses pushed up on her hair. Her top was white, crisp and tailored. It swelled where it covered her full breasts. The tailored dark blue skirt hugged her flat stomach and hips, accentuating her curves and her long slender legs that were tipped by heeled shoes.

I was impressed. Sliding out of my Mercedes and I walked over to her removing my sunglasses and I greeted her. Her face, close up, was handsome. Her smile lit up her face, and her blue eyes shone with intelligence. She gave me a direct appraising look and held my eyes with hers for a moment.

She seemed confident and personable. Her hands were immaculately groomed, and her makeup was just perfect. Her blue eyes were smudged with eye shadow and mascara, and her soft full lips were touched with coral pink. Her smile showed even white teeth. She was beautiful.

I held out my hand and said, “Hello, I am Peter.”

She said, “Hello, I am Diana.”

After she gave me a firm and gentle handshake, we proceeded together to the office and began our day. It turned out she had recently joined the company, and this was my first week.

A year passed, and I regularly visited her store. One evening, as I was leaving, she walked with me to the car.

As we chatted, she said, “I want to ask you something personal.”

I said, “OK.”

“I think you are a wonderful guy. But is that all? We are close, but is it just from my side to want more?”

I smiled and said, “No, it’s not. But I am your boss, so I can’t make any moves. We are both married and have families. Remember, #Me Too!”

She replied, “Right! OK, I just wanted to ask.”

Whenever I visited her city, she would always join me for dinner, or, invite me to the ranch for dinner with her family. Her husband was an executive for an oil company. She met him at university, and when she graduated with Honors, he proposed to her. They married, and he continued to work for the oil company.

As he traveled around the world, she went home. Her father owned several ranches, and soon she and her husband moved onto one. After having had two children, she decided to use her talent and work. She became a manager at the same company as me, and we met.

We always enjoyed our twice a month meeting. Usually, we had drinks, then a candlelight dinner and talked into the night. She also had a townhouse, and when I was in town, she stayed there to avoid the drive to the ranch. As we enjoyed drinking wine, it was a practical step. Also, I would sometimes drop in there after work for coffee, a chat, or, to watch a video. This was when the fun began.

It was winter, and I was sitting with her in the lounge. When I arrived, she opened the door wearing her toweled gown and woolen slippers. Her blonde hair was loose and falling over her shoulders. At the entrance, Diana hugged me. I entered the house, and we sat in the lounge and chatted. She made coffee, and we talked some more.

Then she fetched a bottle of red wine and poured a glass for each of us. She suggested we watch a movie, and once our drinks were refreshed, she flipped the lights off, flicked the remote, and the movie started. The only light was coming from the TV screen. After the first movie, she excused herself and left the room.

She returned and walked over to where I was seated. She started talking, and I looked up. She stood in front of me and pulled her gown sash loose, and her gown fell open.

She smiled and said, “I’m sure we can find something else to do!”

I looked at her naked body. She had full thighs, which were sleek and toned, as she rode horses every day. Her belly was flat and below her navel was a dark triangle shadow. Her breasts were full and tipped with erect dark nipples.

“I’m sure we can!”

She slowly sat on my lap with her legs straddling me, her knees on the seats. My hands slipped under the gown as her fingers caressed my hair. Her lips found mine as my hands caressed her thighs. My hands felt her silky-smooth skin and stroked it, caressed and squeezed her round firm cheeks.

While running my fingers up her back, my tongue was wrestling with her tongue, and she nibbled my lips. I fondled her firm full tits and then pinched her nipples. She groaned, and my hands moved down to caress her clit and wet pussy. I fingered her, and she was moaning with the pleasure it gave her.

Then she broke away and dropped her gown, and let it fall to the floor.

She took my hand and said, “Come with me.”

She led me to a dimly lit bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and began to undress me. Soon I was naked lying on my back with a hard erection.

She smiled and said, “Let’s take it slowly.”

And then she lowered her head. Her hair brushed across my body while her hot breath caressed my skin with moist heat. ataşehir escort Her mouth kissed my body as she slowly moved across my whole body. Diana kissed and licked me down my chest until she reached my cock. She took it into her mouth, and while her tongue and mouth were busy, her fingers caressed my balls.

She then rolled me over, and now her hair fell over my bum cheeks. I felt her hot mouth and breath on my skin, and then her tongue licked and caressed me and opened my cheeks and began to rim my anus. I thrust up, and my cock was like a rock under me. Diana licked then fingered my anus. My hands were stroking and caressing her silky skin and fingering her wet pussy.

Soon I was in a delirious state rolling with the sensations she brought about.

She whispered, “Not yet. I want that cock in my cunt, but not now.”

She then pulled away and lay down on her side.

She said, “You are wonderful I can’t wait for you to touch me.”

I rose up beside her and gazed at her naked body, exquisite in the soft moonlight that was filling the room.

I murmured, “You look beautiful! I want to eat you and fuck you!”

My mouth suckled her erect nipples and licked and touched her until I reached her now wet pussy. I licked her clit, opened her thighs and licked and kissed her inner thighs until I reached her cunt. My tongue caressed her lips, kissed and sucked, and my tongue probed inside.

Her fingers were entwined in my hair and her pussy lifting against my mouth, crushing my lips. I rolled her over, lifted her up a little, and buried my face into her cheeks. My tongue licked between them down to her wet pussy. I licked her juices, then returned to her tiny asshole and rimmed her. Soon my tongue was inside and later my fingers. She was moaning and writhing with lust.

She eventually said, “No more, please. Let’s go back to the couch.”

We went there, and she had placed another bottle of wine on the table. We stayed naked while we poured wine, and sipped it looking at each other.

I said, “I have wanted to do this for ages. But I couldn’t make a move in case you felt I was exploiting you, as your boss!”

She grinned and said, “No chance of that. I am enjoying you!”

We laughed, and soon we started kissing, fingering and sucking each other. Diana was very aroused and turned on the couch on her knees, her white sexy ass cheeks open wide facing me.

She begged, “Please fuck me in the back.”

I grinned and said, “That will be a pleasure.”

I was looking at the cheeks she presented to me and groaned with lust. I anticipated pushing my cock in there and fucking her ass. I leaned against her, cock in hand, and its head on her little pink ass. As I pressed forward, I felt it opening. Then she stopped me and handed me a bottle of lube.

She said, “Use this.”

Then she thrust back at me as I fingered her, my fingers were covered with lube. I poured some on my cock and then pushed inside of her. She opened, and I glided in and felt her tight glove grip my cock. She started fucking slowly against me, her hands between her legs. Her fingers found my balls and caressed them, and her other hand fucked her cunt.

She was screaming with pleasure as I fucked her and came. I shot my load into her, and it lubricated her inside with hot sticky fluid. My cock thrust uncontrollably, and she began to spasm groan and jerk uncontrollably with her orgasm until she collapsed exhausted.

She murmured, “I needed that! My husband will never do that, and I love it!”

We lay in a heap for a little until our breathing was regular, then she slid away. She returned with a warm damp towel and wiped my cock and balls clean.

We had more wine then lay on the couch. Diana moved under me, and we began to kiss and caress each other. The arousals rose and fell, then rose again. This continued for some time. My cock was in her, and she was wet. Her juices were dripping and soaking her thighs and the couch.

She urged, “Slowly now, please! Slowly! I love having your cock in me.”

She thrust a little, moaned and stopped. She slowly built up her pace until her kissing became urgent, and her cunt dripping and wet, and she began to thrust up harder and faster. She groaned and whimpered as her mouth vacuumed mine.

Then she broke her lips away and cried, “Oh Peter, please fuck me now. Fuck me hard, I want to come!”

I began to pound her with deep thrusts, and she was lifting her knees, pulling them back, thrusting her cunt up against my cock and balls.

She cried out, “Oh fuck, that’s so good. Now please, I am coming. Don’t stop.”

I felt her flood, and my cock took over. I said, “OK, bitch, I am going to fuck you now. Hard! Right in that wet cunt of yours!”

I fucked until I just lost it.

She screamed, “Oh god, that’s wonderful, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me. I love your hard cock!”

The orgasm welled up and exploded through me. My hips fucked, my body jerked and spasmed, and I shot sticky sperm kadıköy escort into Diana’s cunt. She was wet, dripping cum and her juices, and we fucked enjoying the sensations. Eventually, we collapsed and were still.

My body was crushing hers, and she lay under me, my half-erect cock inside her pussy. We then kissed and touched, and my cock grew again. This time we kissed and slowly fucked until we both had a final shuddering deep orgasm. Spent we lay there and enjoyed the afterglow.

I got up and walked to the bathroom and had a shower. Diana joined me, and we soaped each other and finally dried each other with towels. I dressed and had more coffee.

Then I drew her to me, kissed her.

I said, “Thank you for a beautiful night! It was amazing.”

She smiled and said, “It was!”

I kissed her again and said, “Goodbye, I must leave.”

Diana nodded and walked to the door holding my arm. At the door, she gave me another long kiss.

Then she said, “Until next time.”

I stepped outside into the cold night air, and she closed the door behind her.

Chapter 2

A few weeks later, I was at a training session in a seaside town. On my arrival, I saw Diana was there and walked up to her and said, “Hi, good to see you!” She turned and saw it was me and kissed me briefly. Her face lit up, and her eyes were alive as if remembering, and I hoped planning my next seduction.

“Good to see you too. I am so glad you are here. Things are looking up now! I was afraid it would be a boring business trip and just training!”

In the afternoon we went to the river mouth. The golden beach ran for miles and was framed by massive dunes. A river flowed into the sea at a lazy pace. We stepped into the river and started walking across it. Suddenly Diana disappeared. I lunged forward, and she came up sputtering. She had inadvertently stepped into a dip in the riverbed.

“Are you alright?”

Laughing, she said, “Yes! But I am wet.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon dry out.”

She finger-combed her hair, and we got to the other bank. Now she turned to me. I saw her t-shirt plastered to her skin. Her breasts were full and firm, and her nipples were showing through the wet material. My eyes took it in, and a stab of lust hit me. As we were with other people, I behaved myself but decided tonight I must meet with her and fuck her.

Later we all met for dinner and drinks. Music was playing, and couples were on the small intimate dance floor. I asked her to dance. We danced, sipped wine and chatted and enjoyed the evening. When people started to leave, I offered her a ride. She accepted, and we walked to the car.

It was a warm night, and I asked, “Would you like to walk on the beach.”

She enthusiastically said, “Great, it’s too early for bed, and it’s a lovely evening.”

Once at the beach I parked the car. I went and opened her door and drew her to me. I kissed her. Gently at first and as her lips parted, and her tongue darted to meet mine, more passionately. We stood in the darkness, kissing, and our bodies responded.

My erection grew, and she ground her hips against it. My hands caressed her breasts and slid under her blouse to find her erect hard nipples, and I squeezed them. She dropped her hand and squeezed my cock and caressed my balls through my trousers. We were hot. She knelt, unzipped me and drew out my hard cock.

Looking up, she said, “I hope you don’t mind!”

I told her, “Mind? I have been looking forward to this all day since I say you wet in the river!”

She laughed, “Oh, my wet t-shirt got you turned on, did it? Mmmm, you like my tits, do you?”

I had to say, “Like them? I love them, and with that wet t-shirt half hiding them and yet exposing your nipples, I was hard right there and then. But fortunately, you were then in front of me. So, I just watched your cute ass and planned to get you alone on the beach tonight!”

She told me, “I see you are quite wicked and quite excited!”

Diana then slid her mouth over my cock’s head, and her tongue massaged and sucked it. I groaned. My fingers were tangled in her hair, and I fucked her mouth.

I soon felt my orgasm coming and told her, “Suck me hard now. I am about to cum, and I want to fill your mouth.”

She did, and I shot my hot cum into her mouth.

As I came, I said, “Fuck, fuck, that’s beautiful! Fucking marvelous.”

Diana continued sucking and rubbing my cock until I was empty.

She stood up, took my hand. She kicked off her shoes as we walked on the sand.

She said, “I so enjoyed the night you visited. Do you realize we were fucking for hours? It was fantastic and now here we are again.”

As we walked, she moved towards a dune. I saw her discreetly looking back, calculating if we were far enough to remain undisturbed.

I said, “Let’s sit here.”

I let her sit on my jacket, and soon we were lost in our lustful passion. She lay down on the sand, my jacket under her hips, and we kissed.

She bostancı escort bayan whispered, “Touch me.”

I saw her dress was hitched up her thighs open and knees bent. I smiled with my pleasure. I moved down and touched her pussy through her panties. I slowly removed them as she lifted her hips. Then I pushed my head between her thighs and licked and kissed her smooth inner thighs, slowly making my way to her wet pussy. My tongue flicked over her clit, and my mouth opened and sucked her wetness.

Now my tongue was in the moist folds, probing inside her hot cunt and tasting her musky juices. I slowly licked her, penetrated her and the while my tongue was licking her clit, my fingers probed her sticky wetness deep inside. Then I moved a wet finger into her anus and two in her pussy. She was grinding her hips against my mouth. Her juices flowing and her fingers holding my head against her pussy as she thrust.

I felt her orgasm starting and ensured I did enough to bring her over.

Diana cried out, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. I am cumming!”

Lifting her hips, grinding them against my face and whispered, “Oh God! Fuck. I’m cumming.”

Her body shuddered and she was breathlessness and writhing.

Then she slowed down saying, “Wonderful! that was wonderful!”

We lay there until Diana had recovered. My arm under her neck as she lay against me on her side. Soon her hands started undoing my belt and zip. I helped her take my trousers off. She sat up and took her dress off and pulled at my shirt. Soon we were naked in the moonlight with the surf crashing behind us.

We began to kiss and caress each other and were lost in our desires. Diana sucked me, licked me, kissed me and fingered me as I fingered her, touched her and sucked her. We lost track of time.

Then she whispered, “I want you inside me now. Fuck me! I want that large hard cock in my cunt! And my ass!”

I rose over her between her long legs, which she had opened wide apart with her knees bent. I moved until my hard cock found her wetness then began to push. Her hand took my cock and guided it, then I was inside her wet hot cunt. I slid deep inside and started long, deep, slow thrusting that she liked. She matched my rhythm, lifting her hips and thrusting back.

I groaned and started to fuck her with hard powerful thrusts that increased in speed.

Diana moaned and said urgently, “Yes. Yes. Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck my cunt!”

I let myself go. I fucked Diana. My cock thrusting, pounding, our lips were locked and tongues caressing while her nails ripped my back. She was totally abandoned to her desire, and so was I. We fucked, and I felt the orgasm rise in me.

I hoped she was ready and said, “I am going to fuck you and cum.”

She said, “Fuck me, I am ready.”

So, we fucked the spasms exploded through my hips fucked out of control thrusting, plunging as she screamed and thrusting back. She began to breathe slowly and then her orgasm started. She moaned laughed, cried and spasmed as it swept her.

Mine broke, and together we slumped down, our hips, cock, and pussy grinding and thrusting as sensations like electric shocks rocked us. Eventually, we were simply pushing gently at each other’s hips. My cum made her wetter, and she felt so smooth. We lay there a tangle of flesh, limbs and hair.

Slowly we kissed and stroked each other until we were still. We remained quietly holding each other. I started to caress Diana’s cheeks and their smooth firm mounds, and I began to get turned on. I fingered her in her anus and kissed her with our tongues exploring each other. I rolled her onto her belly and caressed her bum cheeks and fingered her anus again. Now I moved my mouth down and kissed, licked and tongued it.

She pushed back and writhed with pleasure, “Oh, yes! Oh, please don’t stop! Fuck me.”

I knelt behind her and lifted her hips. What a sight! Her firm, pale, shapely cheeks with a dark shadow were gleaming in the moonlight. Her hair was falling over her back, and her face buried in her arms on the sand. Her knees were wide apart as she opened her ass and cunt to me. I pressed my cock against her anus. I fingered her cunt and smeared her juices on her anus.

My cock began to slide in as she urgently pushed back against it. Soon I was deep inside. My cock felt the tightness of her cheeks. My cock deep inside of her flooded me with lust. Her fingers were working her cunt and then caressing my balls. I began to fuck her. Deep steady thrusting and she was thrusting back. Then I began to fuck her. From my hard, deep thrusts and her powerful back thrusting soon I was about to cum.

“Baby this is fucking awesome! Wow, what a beautiful ass you have. I’m about to cum.”

She cried out, “Oh, yes, yes, I want you to fuck me hard.”

I just let go and fucked her. Powerful thrusting, fast and uncontrolled, until my orgasm burst over me. I sagged as she cried out, with her body spasming and her cunt writhing and bucking on my cock.

“Oh, Peter, oh, Peter! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Oh god, what a fucking pleasure.”

She giggled and said, “That was awesome. What a fuck!”

Lying on the sand, the warm air caressing our skin, we just relaxed and chilled out. Eventually, it was time to break the spell.

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