Playing Games with My Friend’s Ex

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So I was hanging out with my buddies at Paxton’s on a Thursday night. We went to Paxton’s every Thursday night because it was 25 cent beer night. I was there with the regular Thursday night group, Dan, Mike, Justin and “The Boz”. I barely knew the guy’s real name. Everyone called him that. He wasn’t in our normal group and we only usually saw him on 25 cent beer night. I’m Corey and I’m pretty much average in every way. The only regular that wasn’t there was Curtis. Curtis had a date with a new girl. It was slightly annoying that the girl’s birthday was on Thursday, but we were happy he finally found someone new.

Curtis had a long-term girlfriend, Kaitlin, that he had actually bought an engagement ring for. Then, he found out she was screwing an 18 year old guy that was in high school! We were all 24ish, so that was kind of weird. She wasn’t an amazing looking girl but not ugly. About 5’3″, tan, not alot for tits, maybe a B cup and honestly, she was a little frumpy. She was kind of a bitch too. She liked fancy food, bed and breakfasts, wine tasting and a spa day – but didn’t have money to pay for any of that. She was the kind of girl that nothing Curtis did was ever good enough for her.

So you probably guessed who walked into Paxton’s – Kaitlin and a friend we’d never seen before. Of course the conversation turned to how much of a bitch she is. It wasn’t too long before the waitress came over with 5 beers for us and lets us know they are compliments of Kaitlin. She waves and smiles at us. We gave her a little wave, and I said to the table, “Wow, you spent a dollar twenty-five on us you stupid slut” Then we notice that she has apparently been working out in the last 6 months because she doesn’t look as frumpy as we remember. She looked pretty fit actually. And her friend was really hot! She was tall and thin with a cute ass and two perky little bumps in the front of her shirt.

Boz wanted to go talk to them, and while we were debating if we would go talk to them or if we would definitely fucking not go talk to them (like everyone else wanted), they came over to our table. Kaitlin told us how she was sorry it didn’t work out with Curtis and she never meant to hurt him. She realized that they weren’t a good couple but didn’t know how to end it without hurting him and on and on. I was feeling too good to confront her about that.

I was just trying to hit on her friend. She seemed into me too. Her name was Amanda. She was a KC Royals fan, so we talked about that. Then of course we talked about the bars downtown and what we liked to drink. She was kind of a hit with the whole table actually. I think everyone got a chance to talk to her. She had long black hair and pale smooth skin. She had obviously curled her hair and it looked nice. She was wearing a white button up shirt and I could tell she had a pink bra underneath. It was hard to get a peak of her cleavage and I was trying hard not to get caught. After about 45 minutes, they went back to their table. We continued to talk amongst ourselves. Mostly, we were giving each other shit that no one got Amanda’s number.

We had almost moved on to a new topic when I got a text from a new number “Hey, it’s Amanda. Meet me in the handicapped stall in the women’s room at 11 for some fun 😉 (kiss emoji). Now keep in mind I had been drinking. My mind raced. Was this for real? This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me, but it does happen, right? You hear about this all the time. She touched my hand while we were talking and erotik film izle kind of gave me a look. Maybe that meant something? It was 10:55.

5 minutes has never passed so slowly. I was glad I hadn’t masturbated last night. I would be ready to go if it was on. Or maybe she just meant making out? That would be slightly disappointing but still awesome, and maybe if she has fun, she would go out with me and bang me for a few months. Damn, only 10:57.

I don’t want to be early. The bar was pretty much empty by now. We don’t, but most people get loaded on cheap beer at Paxton’s and leave for a cooler bar later on. So hopefully it wouldn’t draw any attention if I slipped into the women’s room. 10:59. It’ll probably take me a minute to walk to the restrooms, so I make my way over there, take a look to see if anyone is watching and slip inside. Luckily, no one is in there that I can see, but hopefully one beautiful lady will be in the handicapped stall. I push open the door and there’s Amanda – and Kaitlin. My face drops and say, “Kaitlin, What are you doing here?”

“I see you got our text.” Says Kaitlin.

“Yeah, I thought it would just be Amanda. What’s the deal?”

Just then someone else comes into the handicapped stall. It’s Dan. “What the fuck?” He exclaims.

“Did you get a text from Amanda?” I ask.

“Yeah, it didn’t say anything about two dudes.” It figures Dan would get suckered into this. He notoriously had a tough time getting laid. I was starting to question what was wrong with me that I would fall for this. Just then we got more company. Justin came in.

“Kaitlin, What the hell? What is this?”

“I will explain. I have a fun surprise for everyone” she said.

It was actually not much of a surprise when Mike poked his head in the door.

“Oh, bad girl to guy ratio – I’m out of here.” He said.

“No wait” said Amanda, “Please stay” and she gave him a pouty look. “We’re going to have some fun.”

“We want to play a game.” Said Kaitlin. “The rules are simple and I promise the prize will be worth it. Amanda is going to give you all a handjob and whoever lasts the longest can fuck her.”

Hmmmmmmm, I was intrigued but this sounded like a trick. Amanda started undoing the buttons on her shirt. “Come on, take your pants off.” She said. Dan took his off on command!

“How the fuck are you going to give us a handjob all at the same time?” demanded Mike. He was interested, but not in the mood for bullshit.

“I have two hands, silly.” She said showing them – milk white, long slender fingers with pink nail polish to match her pink bra. She had a pierced navel and damn it looked cute on her flat toned stomach.

“OK, but there are 4 of us.” said Mike.

“I have two hands too.” chimed in Kaitlin, showing us her tan fingers, which were shorter but still looked sleek and sexy. She unbuttoned her top also, letting us see her cute black bra. I could just see her belly button peeking out over her jeans. Her stomach was nice and flat although not really toned.

“Oh fuck no, she can stay away from my dick.” came back Mike.

“Keep in mind the prize.” Said Amanda spreading her legs a bit with her jeans still on. It was oddly seductive.

“OK, but one of you other mother-fuckers can have the fluffer.” said Mike. Kaitlin slid over to me and Dan. That was probably a good move because Mike apparently was not into her and I know Justin never really liked her. Thinking strategically, I thought it might help film izle to have the less attractive one wanking me. I took down my pants. Justin went over to Amanda and took down his pants. Mike did the same. Looks like this fucked up contest was on!

Amanda took Justin and Mike’s dick in each hand and rubbed gently with her thumbs. Kaitlin took Dan’s and my dick in each of her hands. Just then Amanda’s phone rings. “I might have to take this,” She says, “Sorry it’s my boss. I know what he wants. I’ll be right back.” she says, frantically buttoning up her shirt and hurrying out the bathroom. Kaitlin slid over to Justin and Mike and bayed us to follow her the couple of steps over there, which Dan and I did. What was she planning?

That’s when the homoerotic went up a notch! She took my dick and Dan’s in one hand. Somehow she was already lubed up. I missed when that had happened! She took Justin and Mike’s dick in the other hand. To my surprise, they did not object. Not a word was said by anyone. Kaitlin’s lubed up hand slid up and down our cocks. My dick rubbing against her hand and Dan’s dick felt weird and good at the same time. I noticed everyone was erect even if we were rubbing against another dick and that bitch’s hand. She just rubbed for a while, stroking up and down, getting her rhythm and letting us get used to the whole idea. I just closed my eyes and tried to enjoy it. She’d done this before too. I just knew it. She knew just where to run her fingers and where to squeeze a little harder.

Then she started talking dirty, “Mmmmmm, who wants to cum for me. Cum in my warm, soft little hand. You can cum on my tits if you want. Blow that big load for me baby. I want to see who has the biggest load for me.” I have no idea how long it was but I heard Dan grunt and then felt something wet and warm hit my cock. I looked down and Kaitlin was rubbing his cum into my dick.

“Good, baby”, She said. “No Amanda for you but maybe you can fuck me tomorrow.” giving him a wink.

She rubbed us a couple more minutes. Then she put her lips and tongue right up to Justin’s tip and I thought she was going to start sucking him. “Mmmmm, I just want to put it in my mouth. I’d suck your dick off baby. Empty those balls right in my pretty mouth. I want to swallow your cum.” A little bit of white popped out the end of his dick. Then it exploded out, some on her hand and some on the floor, then a bunch more on her hand. She rubbed it all over Mike’s dick and the warmth and wetness must have been too much for him. Mike started cumming. He aimed it right for Kaitlin’s chest and squirted three good shots all over her bra and dripping down her stomach.

“Mmmm, good boy. You cum so good.” She cooed. Then talking in her normal bitchy voice, “That was hot you guys. Very sexy, but I gotta run.” Kaitlin wiped the cum off her belly with her hand and wiped it on my dick. Then she started to button up her shirt. Just then we realized Amanda had not come back.

“Is Amanda coming back?” I asked.

“Fuck if I know.” said Kaitlin, “It’s not looking good. You’re going to have to take care of that yourself.” She said, flicking my dick.

“So I won and don’t even get off?! Maybe I could fuck you?” I asked Kaitlin.

“I’m not letting your loser dick in this gorgeous pussy. Maybe Dan will suck you off. I’m pretty sure he’s gay.”

I don’t know why I was so insistent, but I kept going, “Kaitlin, at least finish jacking me off.”

She had been fixing herself up in the mirror while seks filmi izle talking to us, but suddenly she turned around and leaned back on the sink. She looked straight at me and said, “OK, convince me. Beg me. Tell me how hot I am and how you can’t live without me jerking your little dick off.”

I don’t know why I had to get off so badly. Maybe she had just really turned me on with all of this. “Please, Kaitlin, I need your soft sexy hands around my little dick. You’re so sexy. I want to kiss your soft lips and run my hands up and down your gorgeous body. Please jerk my dick and get me off. I have to have your hands on my dick, emptying my balls. Show me your perky tits so I can cum all over them. I don’t deserve a girl as hot as your touching me, but please, just this once.”

“OK, OK. Come here. I’ll jerk off your tiny loser dick. But don’t touch me.” Kaitlin unbuttoned her shirt again, but this time she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She gave me a cute little smile and she slipped it off her arms. Her tits were not very big. She had little brownish pink nipples. There was almost no sag to her boobs and they were not shaped like any boobs I’d ever seen. They weren’t fake but they were just like two little bowls with nipples sitting on her chest. I wanted to grab them but I was afraid to piss her off. She had a devilish look on her face as she grabbed my dick.

She used both hands, stroking the whole length of it. She had the perfect grip and she rubbed the underside of my tip with her thumbs with each stroke. Then she spit on it and cradled my balls with one hand while she jerked furiously with the other hand. She slowed down for a moment and went to kiss it and lick it, but she never made contact. She just acted like she was going to put her mouth on it. Then she went to engulf it with her mouth but pulled back and never actually made contact! She gave a little evil laugh and went back to jerking furiously and cupping my balls. At this point, I had been getting jerked off by a decent looking girl off and on for quite a while and I knew I couldn’t take much more.

I looked down and saw a tiny bit of cum drip on her little brown tit, then a big jet of cum splashed on her collar bone, then another and then a smaller gush right on her other tit. She let go of my dick and rubbed the cum into her tits with a little moan.

“OK, I wanked off your tiny gay dick. I’m outta here.” Kaitlin said buttoning up here shirt.

“Oh, we’re not going to cuddle?” I teased.

“I hope you enjoyed it. You’ll never get someone as hot as me to touch your pathetic dick ever again.”

“I’ll never see such tiny fucking tits again, how did Curtis put up with this shit?”

“Fuck off loser, you know you liked it. You’re going to think about this when you jack off for the rest of your life.” said Kaitlin as she walked out the door.

“That was fucked up.” said Mike. My buddies had been there the whole time.

“Yeah, let’s not talk about this.” I said

“I’m going to talk about how Dan popped first.” said Mike.

“Fuck you, I was horny.” Dan said.

We walked out the door and saw the Boz and Amanda leaving together, with her draped all over him. It was hard to tell if he was getting laid or going to hold her hair while she leaned over a toilet. Spoiler alert, they made out a little and then she got sick. Kaitlin was chatting up the bar tender. I wonder if he could tell she just got four loads dumped on her. Anyway, I was obsessed with Kaitlin for a while after that. I so wanted to run into her again at the bars. I jacked off over the image of my cum dripping down her tits ever night for months until I met someone new. But that’s a story for another time.

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