relationship with my moms TWIN sister!

      Yorum yok relationship with my moms TWIN sister!

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relationship with my moms TWIN sister!
so yea title explains it all the end

just k**ding

im 22 now but when i was 20 i went through quite possibly the best sex experience of my life

abit about me

im 6’7 white keep my self in shape and i also work at a security guard i love going the gym snd hooking up with girls on tinder i didn’t lose my virginity till i was 16 had a blowjob at school but never experienced pussy till i was 16 when i was younger i had the hot for my mom as most boys do going through puberty as i got older i know it was wrong and from then on never thought about it again

fast forward to aged 20 ever since i can remember iv’e loved going to the gym keeping myself in shape getting a tan doing things most guys do at my age i had a girlfriend who loved sex as do i at the time but found myself cheating on her a lot as i was missing something and would often meet up with girls i found from tinder usually at a hotel and have good sex

my mom is happily married have been for some years now her sister not so lucky when i was really young she had caught her husband at the time now divorced cheating on her with a neighbour and ever since then my aunt has not been the same would often be drunk would take herself of to Benidorm with her best friend who was also her “friends with benefits” her friend was another woman both similar age and we found this out at a party the once where they were caught in the toilet together

when i found out that my aunt was in the toilet with her friend presumably eating each other out i found it a turn on

both my mom and her sister are identical twins with over the years has caused trouble when ever my aunt did something other people thought it was my mom doing it

i can tell who is who my mom looks clean my aunt looks like slut on the prowl for men and women she visits a-lot of the bars and will sometime take some guy or girl home witnessed it lots of times but when she is sober she a good aunt when i was younger i questioned my moms sister to my mom and my mom told me she wasn’t sure if she was straight or lesbian and come to conclusion she was bi sexual and thats cool

my moms wedding anniversary 35 years together we had a big party majority of my family who got along was there my friends maybe about 100-150 the night started good and the celebration was a great success my aunt was there but kept herself to herself or so i thought my girlfriend at the time was there with me

around 10pm my mom comes over to me i was on driver duty that night so i wasn’t drinking and i had work the next morning to so there was that my mom tells me her sister is to drunk and she was asking if i could take her home güvenilir bahis siteleri i asked my girl does she wanna stay or go my girl wasn’t really interested in staying so i was to take her home too

so we all get in the car aunt is quite drunk but awake with was really unusual

usually uses the advantage to have as many drinks as possible my aunt was causing a scene so i decided to take her home my aunt lived quite far out perhaps 10 miles away something like that so i drop my girl home first the entire time my aunt just does not talk apart from saying good bye to my girlfriend i walk my girl to the door and we start to kiss she begs me to come in and fuck her but i promised my mom to take my aunt home told her i would be back she told me not to be long

so i got back into car with a huge erection my aunt didn’t notice been in the back of the car so were driving nothing is said for the first 10 minutes she is just on her phone i look in the mirror and ask her if her friend will be over tonight she says maybe but im not eating no pussy tonight she can eat mine

what a thing to say infront of your nephew i said she replies well you know me (says my name) everyone knows im a drunk bisexual drunk calls her self a slag and every name under the sun she goes quite again and a few minutes later she tells me do u get laid very often ?

i say yea well i have a girl friend remind who who it was she says to me i think u could do better you could do better
you ever been with an older women i look in the mirror and say no just girls my age she looks out the window you should try it sometime learn you a thing or too goes to explain that she has not been with a man for months she can’t remember the last time a guy satisfied her needs she looks at her phone and i just look at her from time to time in the mirror

we get to her home and i help her to her door ask her if she needs anything? she’s like yea i could do with a cup of tea would u make me one im like sure so i lock my car up and walk her into her flat she isn’t to drunk so as we enter her flat she pops to the toilet and i go to the kitchen and start making a cup of tea

carry on doing my business i hear the toilet flush to then turn round to find her shockingly standing there completely naked i drop the cup to the floor and she looks at me and says so u wanna try and older lady or u just gonna look at me ?

she is about 5’6 black hair 34FF tits massive they were big nipples and she freshest shaven pussy ive ever seen she must of been at least 55 but her cunt looked incredibly neat for a 55 year old i just stood there for 30 seconds looking thinking back when i was a k** thinking of canlı bahis my mom naked this is what my mom looks like naked i pick a jacket with was near me and try to cover her up all the time she is groping me she feels my cock from outside my jeans im hard naked lady infront my me im gonna get hard i love pussy its gonna happen

all the time i say no its not right she replying its a no but your cocks hard please make me feel good i promise i wont say anything to anyone i stop trying to cover her up she is standing infront of my naked again im like well what do u wanna do ?

she orders me to sit down on the sofa so i do she sits on top of my lap her hands undoing my jeans can i give u a blowjob ? looks at me for confirmation i say sure why not she proceeds to pull out my erect cock im about 7 inches long had looks at me tells me to enjoy the moment and proceeds to put my cock into her mouth and starts to blowing me after several minutes of her sucking my cock she stands up not taking her eyes of me once i ask her what now and she said i want you to fuck me she still standing

while i slip my jeans of completely and takes my boxers off tells me to stand up so i do she lies down on her back spreads her legs far apart revealing her fat pussy to me and orders me to fuck her i get between her legs and slap my cock on top of her erect clit and slid it over her pussy she was incredibly wet i slide my cock inside her she lets out a big sigh and my nuts touch the front of her pussy im now nuts deep in my aunts pussy and my god her hole felt tight and proceeded to fuck her i grab her hips and start fucking her hard and deep she just puts her hands on my ass cheeks as i continue to pipe the shit out of her she tells me she is about to come

pulls my cock out of her and lets out a intense orgasm to the point her cunt was super wet did i just make my aunt squirt wait my aunt squirts i thought i entered her again and started to pipe her insides she did it again letting out a loud orgasm pulling my cock from in her while rubbing her erect clit she looked at me in disbelief and said 2 times she hopped of my cock and stood up and turned around now in doggie style i bent her over and slit back into her now i had full view of her arse hole and it didn’t look tight it looked like my aunt was into anal her hole was so big and open and i fucked her doggie i stuck a finger in her butt she turned round you wanna fuck me there huh i look at her and say maybe after

again she pulls me cock out and has a mini squirt then i enter her again this time im not gonna let her pull out i tell her this then i ask her where does she want me to cum ? she says in me güvenilir bahis if u like explains to me she cant get pregnant so with that in mind i grab her hips and force fuck her really hard she tried to pull my cock out of her so she can squirt but i dont let that happen 30 seconds later i enter her fully nuts deep and fill her pussy with my load when i pull out she lets out an insane squirt her carpet was wet from it but i don’t think she cared she turned around my cock falling out of her she laid on the sofa and all i see is cum dripping from her pussy on to the floor where her squirt was

she was a proper slut she starts to grab my cum from her used pussy grabs my cum and starts to put it in her mouth ask if im up for another one and i say yes i stand up cock fully erect and i help her up from the sofa the flats all on one floor so she grabs my hand and leads me to her bedroom with was a mess i push her on to the bed i grab her legs and get to that pussy straight away she’s on her back legs in the air and i just plunge my dick nuts deep in her her she legs out a sigh and for the first time she share a kiss but she’s been drinking her breath was bad so i didn’t kiss her again that night several minutes pass

and she asks me if i i wanna try her butt i tell her we can save that for another time she looks at me and agrees and i proceed to fuck her pussy again she has small squirts but i keep her on track and several minutes later i nut in her for the second time i jump of the bed and go to the toilet she walks into the bathroom and watches me piss she then wait for me to finish and she sits down on the toilet and has a piss herself

i tell her i gotta go and she begs me ot stay she tells me she isn’t finished and i tell her ill be over tomorrow and she can do an all day thing i said to myself there and then i was gonna pull a sickie and not go into work but tell my girl i had so i could go over to my aunts and fuck her senseless she agrees but i had to go

i left and went to my car and sat there thinking how i just committed i****t with my aunt but didn’t give a shit even though about thats what my mom would be like in bed haha

next day comes i didn’t go to my girls that night told her i had a headache and was going to bed

that day before i was to start work i call in work and tell them in sick then head straight to my aunts flat i knock on the door and even before i went into her flat she is completely nude and was on her knees ready to give my cock a suck i get into her flat and she had showered and she had cleaned her flat up who knew fucking a drunk lady senseless and making her squirt several times could make her clean up herself and her house

she lead me to the sofa pulled my now jogging bottoms down revealing my erect cock and put it into her mouth engulfing the entire thing in her mouth

part 2 coming soon


involves her friend coming over
me shagging her anus
eating her pussy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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