Retirement Community Neighbors

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Retirement Community Neighbors
“Do you really wanna do this,” asked the newly retired university administrator.
“I think it’s a great idea,” his sister replied.
“Well, let’s make it happen!”
“They’re starting to board the plane. I gotta run. Love you!”
“Love you too! Have fun! Take lots of pictures.”

Elliott rolled his carry-on towards the line. The 58 year-old was heading to Japan for seven days and six nights. He had purchased the trip through a agency specializing in seniors’ group travel. He didn’t mind having to follow an itinerary. After having spent years leading divisions and people, he relished being able to go along with the flow. This was his second time using this service. Last year, he enjoyed the wonders of Ghana.

Back home, Elliott’s younger sister was mulling over her retirement. She’d done her time as a high school foreign language teacher and was ready to come out of the classroom. Like her brother, Therese had earned a doctorate of education. Unlike him, she had never really built up savings or purchased a home over the years. Thankfully, she would receive a healthy pension. She thought the idea of buying a house with Elliott was a good idea. She was tired of living in an apartment.

Elliott and Therese were the c***dren of Lester and Jean Palmore.

Lester and Jean were both 80 and now resided in an assisted-living condominium. Les had worked in production at an automobile plant. Jean had been a data entry clerk. In addition to Elliott and Therese, they had another c***d, Darryl.

Unfortunately, Darryl met an untimely death through a car accident in the early 2000s. The tax examiner was survived by his son, Tremaine – Lester and Jean’s only grandc***d.

Elliott had a great trip in Far East. He enjoyed the sites, food, and people. He got to visit Buddhist temples, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, a fashion show, and museums. He also experienced a ride on a bullet train and sushi making. Upon returning to the States, he placed a call to his parents.

“Hey, Elliott,” Jean answered.
“Hi, Mom! How are you?”
“I’m good. Are you back?”
“Yes, ma’am. I just got through customs.”
“That’s good!”
“How’s Dad?”
“He’s fine. The nurse is here right now”
“Tell him I said hi. I’ll call y’all later.”

The next couple of weeks were busy. Elliott put his two-story, 1,800 square foot, canlı kaçak bahis Dutch Colonial house up for sale. He introduced Therese to his personal financial advisor. He spoke frequently to the community manager of Parc Grove, an active adult community owned by the same group that ran the assisted-living property where his parents lived. He also coordinated a trip out to take a look at a few available houses.

Elliott flew out to the city where he and Therese were moving. Therese’s flight was scheduled to arrive in an hour. He went ahead to the rental car counter and got the vehicle. He picked up his sister and they drove to see Lester and Jean.

Jean had cooked for them. They had baked pork chops, green beans, and sweet potatoes. The foursome laughed and talked until they all fell asleep.

The next morning, the Palmores got dressed. The siblings had invited their parents to come along. Elliott pulled up to the office.

They were met by a smiling woman with short flat-ironed hair and a rich, cinnamon complexion. “Hi, I’m Trisha! How are y’all?”

Elliott extended his hand and greeted her in kind. He introduced his family to her.

Trisha began to explain, “At Parc Grove, we are an independent living community. You may know that we are owned by Mosaic Residential Management. Here, we have just over 70 homes with nine currently on the market. Lawn care, trash collection, and security are provided through the H.O.A. fee.”

Trisha could not say it, but the vast majority of residents of Parc Grove were African-American. This was mainly due to the marketing efforts of Mosaic, a Black owned company.

Elliott and Therese decided on a narrow-lot house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an attached garage. They moved in a few weeks later.

On the day that the moving vans arrived, the next door neighbors from either side came to visit. Both sets were married couples. They brought store bought cakes with them. Everyone seemed nice enough especially Marvin Outlaw.

Marvin had the coloring of mellow brown topaz. He was a little taller than average, but shorter than he’d been when he was younger. He was in decent shape for a man that was 65 years of age. He was married to Gail. His hair was dark on the crown and silver around the temples and back of his head. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” perabet giriş he smiled at Elliott.

“Thank you! How long have you lived here,” inquired the newcomer.
“Four years. You retired?”
“Oh yeah! Two years now.”
“How do you like it?”
“I love it. How about you?”
“Same here,” chuckled the grandfather. “What kinda work did you do?”
“I was in education.”
“A teacher. High school?”
“Actually, I spent the last twenty years in higher ed administration.”

“Good for you,” Marvin offered. “Did you like it?”
“Yeah! It was cool. My last stint was as chancellor of a technical college. That was a lot of fun. What did you do for a living?”
“I was a dentist.”
“Interesting. So, we’re both doctors,” giggled Elliott.
“Seems we are. You and your sister should come over this weekend. I’ll grill some steaks.”

Elliott and Therese settled into their new life. They were doing a good job of living together and giving one another space. They saw their parents almost daily.

Gail and Therese loved to shop. They planned a trip to an outlet mall for one Saturday morning. The ladies also took Jean with them.

Elliott took it upon himself to invite Marvin over for brunch. He had prepared puff pastry waffles, a baked cheese omelet, and chicken sausage. He also served a blackberry bourbon iced tea cocktail.

Marvin devoured the food. “This was delicious, Dr. Palmore!”
“Thank you, Dr. Outlaw,” blushed the host.
“That’s a nice headwrap,” the former oral health provider declared.
“Thank you! It’s a Nigerian Gele,” Elliott referred to the brightly colored head covering.
“I like it! Can I have some more of that tea?”

Elliott poured another glass from the pitcher.

Marvin asked, “Were you ever married?”
“No, sir,” admitted Elliott.
“Hey, now! Don’t call me sir. I’m not that much older than you,” chuckled the guest.
“You got it!”
“How come you didn’t ever find a wife?”
“Well, Dr. Outlaw, not sure if you could tell or not, but I’m totally gay.”
“No way,” grinned Marvin in a clearly sarcastic tone.
“Then why did you ask.”

“I had to verify,” the handsome, mature man proffered.
“Oh really?”
“Of course!”
“And why is that?”
“Well,” Marvin looked around apprehensively. “I’ve gotten down with a few gay bottoms in my day.”
“Why are you whispering? We’re all alone.”
“Force of habit.”
“How long you been tipobet getting down?”
“First time was when I was in the Navy. Pretty young Black fag.”
“Oh neat!”

“Yep,” confirmed Marvin. “I did it off and on after that. When did you know you were gay?”
“I realized it around my tenth birthday,” Elliott recalled.
“Did you tell anyone?”
“God no! That would have been suicidal,” laughed the brownish-orange Elliott.
“I bet people could tell.”
“Oh for sure.”
“How old were you when you sucked your first dick?”
“Twelve. My older cousin.”
“That’s sexy!”

“You think,” Elliott inquired.
“I do,” confirmed Marvin. “Have you always had those moobs?”
“These,” the host grabbed his fleshy chest. “They came in more so as I got older.”
“I like them! I like your lips too.”
“Do you wanna fuck me, Dr. Outlaw?”
“Do I?!?!?”

Marvin had taken a blue pill earlier. He wanted to crawl up in Elliott’s guts.

“If we’re gonna do this, you gotta call me ‘Ena’,” Elliott informed him.
“I like that shit, Ena,” Marvin played along.
“Let me go change. I’ll be right back.”

Marvin watched Ena disappear. He started stroking his dick as the wide 42-inch ass swayed.

Ena returned wearing a thigh high stockings, kitten heels, and a lace bra & panty set. The crossdresser also had on pink lipstick and was still sporting the opulent Gele on her head.

“Got dayum,” remarked the horny older man.
“You like,” Elliott twirled around.
“Hell yeah!”
“Come with me.”

Marvin sat on the bed. Ena began sucking the generous 9-inch member. Marvin fondled Ena’s titties and sucked on them too. They made out for a while before Ena laid flat on her stomach.

Marvin mounted the ample-bodied, soft sissy. He slid inside the pre-lubed hole. “Dammit, Ena! This ass feels just like pussy!”

“It’s your pussy, doctor,” purred the vixen.
“Damn right, faggit!”
“You like this big booty?”
“I love it! I love fuckin’ fag bitches like you!”
“Oh yeah? Fuck my boipussy!”
“Yeah! You’re a pretty Black faggit bitch! Take Daddy’s dick!”
“I love your dick, Daddy!”
“You better! This sissy pussy better is so wet!”


“That pussy talkin’ too,” Marvin grinned. He thrust with mighty resolve.

Ena screamed and wiggled.

“Stop running,” ordered Marvin. “Take this dick, fag!”
“Oh my god,” wailed the gender bending freak.
“I can’t believe my luck! A pretty ass fag is my next door neighbor.”
“Yeah, Daddy! Believe it! I’m your faggot!”
“Shit, fag! Who knew retirement would be this good?!?”

Marvin fucked Ena until he nutted nearly 20 minutes later.

They both knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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