Richmond Summer Night Fun

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This story is something that happened after serving in the Navy for only a couple of years and while I was attending a follow-on school in Virginia. One of my best friends was stationed on a ship there. His name was Chris and he was a green eyed Mexican/Colombian who could pull strange like it was going out of style. I swear, his ability to get into the panties of random strangers made me nauseous sometimes, except of course when he managed to pull in a pair of female friends and I benefited from his skills.

One summer he made the acquaintance of a couple of beautiful blondes Megan and Whitney, two VA Beach tourists from Maine who were visiting for the summer. They wanted to get out of the area for a day so Chris suggested that we go up to Paramount’s Kings Dominion outside of Richmond which was a couple of hours away. We woke early on a Saturday and drove up, making a day of it. Theme parks offer plenty of time for conversation to get to know each other while waiting in line for the rides and gave us an opportunity to chat up the girls in a quiet but public setting. The only downfall was if we didn’t hit it off, the long ride home had the potential of being incredibly awkward but at least the roller coasters would provide enough entertainment that the day wouldn’t be a complete wash. All in all though, the park itself was a blast and we did a lot of flirting and talking through out the day. It really was a great idea for a first date.

We finished up at the park and decided to hit up a Mexican restaurant in Richmond we heard about from a friend. The place was tiny, dark and dirty – all key elements to look for when choosing a quality Mexican restaurant in the US. It was downtown and the plan was to find a bar in the city afterwards. We ataşehir escort bayan had a couple of drinks with dinner and as soon as we left the restaurant we were greeted with blaring, deep bass music thumping from somewhere nearby. Of course we immediately headed in that direction.

After turning the corner a block away we saw a line of people on the sidewalk, down the road with a couple of security guards taking the cover fee out front. There wasn’t a bar sign above the doorman indicating the establishment’s name but we thought we’d go in and check it out anyways. We started heading that way and just before we get there a pair of gigantic meat heads emerged from a shop next door, stopping us dead in our tracks.

They were only wearing black knee-high boots and matching speedos!

They were huge and totally jacked, sweating as if just getting out of the gym. It was an odd sight to see on the streets at night but what was even more surprising was that they started heading in the same direction we were going.

They walked right past the line of people, around the doorman and into the venue. We all look at each other and silently reevaluated our original plan to check it out. Whitney and Meagan looked scared but Chris was all smiles.

Maybe I’m just a giant pervert but BDSM was the first thing that popped into my head and I didn’t want any part of that.

Chris busted out laughing and said that we should at least see what it was all about.

We walked down and were completely taken by surprise. The venue was an empty parking lot with a bar, massive speakers, Christmas lights, chairs, a couple of dozen people, and (surrounded by a 3ft high security fence) a 20’x20′ boxing ring! Tight ropes, turnbuckles escort kadıköy and all.

It was a regional amateur wrestling show!

Everyone inside looked to be having a pretty good time so after the girls shrugged indicating their indifference, we paid the $10 cover and found out from from security it was intermission and the show would soon be starting back up. I went to the bar and got the first round while the other three found a place along the fence to stand. Most people were not even bothering with the seats so we followed their cue. I spent most of the show standing behind Whitney, hugging her and pretending to only be concerned with keeping her warm. She showed her appreciation by swaying her ass back and forth against my crotch, even going as far as to lean over the rails a few times, grinding herself back into me.

The show was great and we really got into it; screaming and cheering for our randomly selected fighters, it was so much fun! I hadn’t watched any wrestling since I was 10 when we used to spend Sunday afternoons watching WWF on VHS tapes with my uncles. The wrestlers here were far from top tier TV professionals but performed well enough to earn our adulation. There was even one moment during the main event when the referee was accidentally knocked down and momentarily stunned. The female sidekick of the ‘bad guy’ jumped into the ring and helped beat up on the opposing fighter. The ref was on his hands and knees shaking off his ‘injury’ on our side of the ring and we were all screaming like a bunch of idiots trying to get his attention to get up and turn around. We tried our best to will him into action in order to put a halt to the unfair advantage and reprimand the criminals. Of course, he was too hurt to bostancı escort get up quickly and before being able to resume his duties, the harlot exited the ring. The damage was done. The ref recovered only to find the victim of the assault unconscious and being pinned down by the villain.

One… Two… Three… Such a shame!! Much to our disappointment, our hero was defeated. We all had a good laugh and after the match ended, the place turned into an outdoor club. We had a few drinks and after some dancing, decided to call it a night. We all agreed that our little excursion had been a success.

Great looking female company on a mini adventure, with cold drinks on a clear summer night! We couldn’t have planned it any better. The only bummer of the night was that I got selected with the responsibility of driving home so I didn’t partake in the last couple of rounds of drinks. On the ride home though, the attention I got from Whitney while we listened to Chris and Meagan fucking in the back seat did do a little bit to ease my pain. At one point, Whitney was sucking on my neck with her hand wrapped around my dick, while I locked eyes in the rear-view mirror with Meagan who was riding Chris’ lap, reverse-cowgirl completely naked! It definitely wasn’t 100% safe but I managed to get us all home in one piece. When we got back to town the girls invited us to stay the night with them and Whitney and I fucked like rabbits til the sun came up!

That was one of my favorite memories from my early 20’s because of how unexpected it was and how into the show we all got. Overall, it was a pretty epic summer with those two wild blondes but nothing compared to our first night out together. One of the most random nights of my life!

**The names in this story were changed to protect the not-so-innocent, but enough true detail was included so they would recognize themselves on the off chance they stumble across this. If you are reading, I still think of our adventures together often, hopefully you do too.

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