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“You really ought to come,” Bethany said to her brother, Stephen, over the phone. “I know you’re on vacation and all, but when is the last time we saw each other? Last year at Christmas?”

“‘Bout that,” Stephen answered.

“Look, come up for the competition, stay the night with me at Grandma’s, then head back the next day.” Silence. “Oh, come on, Stephen.”

“Okay-okay, I’ll be there.”

“Good. Pick up Grandma and head to the University Stadium,” Bethany directed. “I’ll have tickets waiting for you both at the booth along with some VIP passes for after the competition has ended. Looking forward to seeing you, little brother.”

“Me, too,” Stephen echoed, then killed the connection. He immediately packed a bag and put it in the trunk of the car as he was planning on leaving out early tomorrow. Of course, all this summer, “early” had come to be redefined as “around noon.” He went back into the beach house he and his friends had rented and told them of his plans.

“Female bodybuilders?” Keith asked. “Buncha lezzies, ya ask me.”

“And you wouldn’t want to see that?” Mark asked in return.

Keith opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came. He laughed. “Okay, okay. They’re hot. Yeah, I’d like to see it.”

“The competition, or the lezzing?” It was Pete this time who posed the question.

“Well, tickets for the competition are around fifty bucks a pop,” Stephen said, not really knowing the prices but not wanting tag-alongs as they would interfere with him hooking up with Mildred again, so he jokingly added, “and there’s no guarantee of lesbian action afterwards, so you guys should just chill till I get back.”

“Yeah, we got our own competition going on right here,” Keith said.

“Well, good luck with that,” Stephen said as he went to his room. He shut the door and locked it, then jerked off over the thought of seeing his grandma again. As he washed up, he hoped that Bethany was a sound sleeper, because he was planning on having sex with Mildred all night long. Well, if nothing else, I can always have Grandma cook up one of her panaceas to help Bethany sleep.

The following day, Stephen left out at nine a.m. A text from Bethany told him that the competition started at two so don’t be late, so he left early not to ensure that, but to have some alone time with his grandmother before the competition. He arrived at eleven-fifteen, and scooped Mildred into his arms when she opened the door. He kissed her passionately, then said, “I need you right now, Grandma.” She didn’t fight it, either, allowing him to take her on the couch. They removed their clothes, then he fell onto his back as he absolutely loved to watch her ride him. Mildred didn’t even offer oral sex, but that was okay, because he was already hard, and she was already sopping wet.

They pulled into the stadium around 1:45. “Be lucky to find a parking space anywhere.”

“You’re not complaining, are you,” Mildred asked her grandson.

Stephen smiled. “I would have been content to miss this if it meant more alone time with you, Grandma. You know that.”

Mildred smiled. Then, “Oh, look! Right up there.” Stephen had to race to beat a car on the other side, but he secured the parking space that was just two rows out from the entrance. “These old eyes aren’t so terrible yet, eh?” Stephen laughed as he and Mildred exited the vehicle and made their way toward the ticket booth.

“Two for Stephen or Mildred Williams,” he said when they approached, and once signing for them, was a bit surprised to see they were fourth row, center. “These are great seats, Grandma. We should be able to see everything.” They made their way in just as the lights were dimming and the MC, some muscle-bound woman he had never heard of, took the stage.

This event was an invitational, which meant that instead of there being around thirty vying for the number one spot, there were just eighteen. On the one hand, Bethany liked this because it meant less people to contend against; on the other, these were the eighteen most elite female bodybuilders in the country, which meant she had to be on her A-game. She had drawn to go on third, so she knew she had to really wow the judges while the fifteen after her got their turns to do the same. She was confident, though. She was always confident.

She walked onto the stage when she was announced, and immediately there was an uproar from the crowd, and why not? She was very well known and very well liked in the world of female bodybuilding. She had been featured on the cover of Maxim, Fitness Today, Body Mechanics, and a slew of other magazines as well as appearances on morning shows all across the country. As she took her spot, she looked into the crowd to see Stephen and Mildred waving at her. She smiled, her music hit, and she began to run through her poses. As is the case with Bethany at times like this, she allowed her mind to wander so that the poses came naturally, not mechanically like some bursa escort of the other contestants she knew. Her mind wandered, alright, but even she was surprised where it went.

You really ought to come. I know you’re on vacation and all, but when is the last time we saw each other? Last year at Christmas?

‘Bout that.

Look, come up for the competition, stay the night with me at Grandma’s, then head back the next day. Oh, come on, Stephen.

Okay-okay, I’ll be there.

Good. Pick up Grandma and head to the University Stadium. I’ll have tickets waiting for you both at the booth along with some VIP passes for after the competition has ended. Looking forward to seeing you, little brother.

How was that, grandma?

That was fine, dear. Just fine.

Do you think he’ll do it? Do you think he’ll be up for a threesome with us?

Knowing Stephen as I do, yes. And believe me when I say he has plenty of meat for both of us.

How much?

About eight inches, and I can’t even wrap my fingers around it.

These were the thoughts swirling around inside Bethany’s head, and as she looked at her brother, she envisioned his fat, meaty cock, what it must look like, feel like, taste like. She wanted so desperately to share with him what their grandmother had. She wanted to know what his mouth felt like between her legs. She wanted to know how his cock felt in her mouth, in her pussy. She wanted to know what his cum tasted like. Grandma said it was delicious. And then Bethany felt it, that little trickle down her leg. She looked down and was embarrassed to see a thin sliver of cum had oozed out of her bikini bottom and was trailing down her inner thigh. Lucky for her that her music ended. She left the stage and immediately made her way to the bathroom.

“Hey, girl. I just—what the fuck?” Bobbie Warren said as Bethany pushed past her. Bobbie followed Bethany into the bathroom and saw as her frenemy leaned against a wall and pulled her cum-saturated bottoms off her. “What the hell, girl?” Bethany didn’t say a word. Instead, she buried two fingers into her pussy and began fucking herself with them. “Here, let me take care of that for you,” Bobbie said as she knelt before Bethany, slid a finger in her, and took her clit into her mouth.

“Oh, Jesus fuck!” Bethany near screamed as the orgasm washed over her body. The door flew open. It was Abby Wilson. She surveyed the situation, then asked, “Is this a private party?” The look of desperation Abby saw in Bethany’s eyes—it was desperation for another orgasm, just so you know—was invitation enough. She joined Bobbie, and the two of them worked Bethany’s clit over pretty well.

Bethany’s body was not a stranger to these two women, and neither was theirs to her. They had enjoyed sex with each other before, just not in the capacity of a threesome. Bobbie was a tall, exotic black woman who was one of those lucky enough to not need a boob job even after muscling up because her natural breasts had been just that big, and Abby was fortunate that she had maintained her round ass even after increasing its musculature. Bethany looked down at them now and said, “Get me there, you fucking whores!”

Bobbie’s mouth was sliding up and down one side of Bethany’s clit while Abby’s was sliding up and down the other. She imagined herself and Mildred doing this to Stephen and felt herself lurch. Bobbie’s finger found its way inside of Bethany’s pussy, and Abby’s was assaulting her ass. Bethany almost blacked out when the next orgasm hit her; she crumpled to the floor of the bathroom and lay there, content.

“That was so hot,” Bobbie said. “What got you so riled up, anyway?”

“Oh! I came to tell you that you’re up in, like, two minutes,” Abby said to Bobbie. Bobbie ran from the bathroom while Abby helped Bethany off the floor. “So, what did get you riled up?” Bethany shrugged her shoulders. “Well, you may want to use a tampon before going back out.”

“Good idea,” Bethany said. “Bring me my bag?”

Abby did, and Bethany cleaned herself up, inserted a tampon, taped down her clit just in case, then put on another bathing suit.

The competition continued, and it came down to the final three: Bethany, Bobbie, and a newcomer to the field, Chrissy Wiggans. As the three prepared for the final pose-down, Bethany knew she deserved a place here, and she was happy that Bobbie had made it here as well.

Bethany and Bobbie had met close to two years ago in a gym in Toledo. They formed a quick friendship, fueled by one always trying to out-do the other. This was a good thing, though, because they pushed one another to be the absolute best she could be. Bethany thought back to that first night she and Bobbie had had sex. They were in a position similar to this one, two of three women remaining. Bobbie leaned over and whispered, “I win, you eat my pussy. You win, you eat my pussy.” It was all Bethany could do to contain a laugh, but by the end of the event Bobbie bursa escort bayan was holding the first-place trophy high and looking at Bethany expectantly. Afterwards, the two went back to Bobbie’s hotel room, ordered room service, showered together, and made love. It wasn’t so one-sided, though. Bobbie was just as giving as Bethany had been, and they had hooked up occasionally ever since.

Since that time, Bethany had claimed several championships, as had Bobbie, and this was yet one more either could add to her resume’. The word was given, and the three began.

Bethany was actually more worried about Chrissy Wiggans than Bobbie; the young woman was impressive, no doubt, but when all was said and done, it was Bethany who walked away with the title. The other women hugged her, she waved to the crowd, popped a few more poses, then left the stage.

“Coming back with me?” Bobbie asked once Bethany made it backstage.

“I’d love to, especially after what you did for me earlier, but my brother and grandmother came to see me, so I’m going to be spending time with them tonight.”

“You owe me,” Bobbie said, then looked around, spotted whom she was looking for, and said, “Hey, Abby. Hold on a sec.” She turned back and smiled at Bethany. “Honorable mention,” she said with a laugh, then went to proposition the young woman about a night of ecstasy.

Stephen and Mildred were in a waiting area backstage as they waited for Bethany to emerge from the locker room. She did, wearing blue jeans and a sleeveless green iridescent blouse. “My, don’t you look beautiful,” Mildred said as her granddaughter approached.

“Thanks, Grandma,” Bethany said as she hugged Mildred first, then Stephen. “Okay, who’s hungry? I’m craving spaghetti and I’m hungry enough to eat about three plates of it.”

“There’s a nice place just up the road from here,” Mildred told her.

“Is it any good,” Bethany asked, “or the equivalent of ketchup on Ramen noodles?”

“It’s called ‘Mom and Pop’s,’ and it’s been here for about forty years. They must be doing something right.”

“Mom and Pop’s, it is.”

Once there and seated, “Should you be overdoing it on the bread, dear?”

“I need a carb overload,” Bethany said. “I haven’t had any all week.”

“I hate to imagine what your menu must be like,” Stephen interjected. “Me? I can eat whatever I want. I burn off all the calories at practice and during the game. You? I don’t know how you do it, but you look fantastic nonetheless. This is the first competition of yours I’ve seen live, and I gotta tell you, you looked really hot up there.”

“Up there?” Bethany asked.

“Well, here to,” Stephen said.

“You hear that, Grandma? My brother thinks I look hot.”

“You know what I mean,” Stephen said, but as he cast his eyes down he saw her nipples poking through her blouse and he couldn’t help but wonder what they looked like.

The spaghetti finally arrived and the three ate in relative silence, intermittent conversation coming between slurps of pasta and wine. There was even the occasional young girl who approached and asked for Bethany’s autograph, citing, “I want to be just like you when I grow up,” to which Bethany would reply, “Don’t be satisfied being the next me, be happy being the first you.” That seemed to embolden the young ones.

As the car pulled into the driveway, “Home, finally.” Stephen looked in his rearview mirror to see Bethany pulling in directly behind him. He looked over at Mildred and asked, “Will we be able to make time for each other tonight?”

“I’m sure your sister is tired,” Mildred answered, offering nothing more.

Stephen sure as hell was tired. He had stayed up till four partying, then got about four hours sleep before getting up and making his way to Mildred’s. He was tired, too, but he wanted to have sex before going to sleep.

The three gathered in the living room and talked about nothing at all. In fact, it was mostly just Stephen and Bethany catching each other up on their lives over the past six months. Finally, in an effort to get his sister to sleep, Stephen cited fatigue and stated he was ready for sleep of his own. He said he would allow Bethany to have the bedroom while he took the sofa-sleeper. He pulled it out, took the handful of pillows Mildred gave him, and then settled in, waiting for the light in his sister’s room to go out, but it never did.

He got up and made his way to her room. He knocked lightly as he entered and watched as Bethany ran through her poses in front of the mirror. The fact that she was wearing a white thong and a flimsy white wife-beater didn’t escape his notice. “Hey, watcha doing?”

“Just posing,” she said as she turned to him. “No rest for the weary.”

“No rest for the wicked in my case,” he said with a small laugh. “So, show me your best pose.”

Bethany turned from him, removed her shirt, then began flexing her biceps before showing off her back escort bursa muscles. She didn’t notice Stephen looking in the mirror at her side boob, but if she had, she probably wouldn’t have been too self-conscious about it. She finished, put her shirt back on, then faced him once again. “So, what do you think?”

“I think you look awesome,” he told her truthfully. “Look, I just want to tell you that I’m really proud of you. When you first mentioned doing this, we were all skeptical of you, but you’ve really dedicated yourself to it, and you’ve made a name for yourself from it.”

“Thank you, Stephen. That means the world to me.” She crossed the room and hugged him, a little too tightly, maybe, as he felt her nipples hardening against his own muscular chest.

As she pulled back, “Um … Yeah. Anyway, let me close this door a little. The light is keeping me awake.”

“Oh, sure thing,” Bethany said with a smile. “I won’t be up much longer, anyway. Good night.”

“Good night.” Stephen closed the door until just a small sliver of light shone through, then he made his way down the hall, past the living room, and ten feet further to Mildred’s room where he stopped, stuck his head past the darkened door, and said, “She should be asleep in a little bit. I’ll see you then.”

“That’s fine, dear,” Mildred said, and nothing more.

Stephen went back to the sofa-sleeper, lay down, looked at his watch, and whispered, “Ten forty-five.” He was tired, but he was horny just as well, and seeing the size and shape of his sister’s nipples and areola through her shirt—not to mention her side boob, not to mention her near-naked ass—only exacerbated the situation. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and exhaled. He opened his eyes again and almost shouted, “Eleven-thirty?” Had he really dozed off for forty-five minutes? It literally felt like a blink.

He got up and looked down the hall toward Bethany’s room, and all was black. He turned the other way and saw flickering light emanating from Mildred’s room. He inhaled deeply and caught the scent of vanilla. She must be burning her scented candles. He made his way to her, his cock already hard in anticipation of what was to come. He walked through the door and near-shouted, “What the fuck?”

“We got tired of waiting on you, so we decided to start things off ourselves,” Mildred said with a smile as Bethany sucked her clit. She ran her fingers through her granddaughter’s hair as she said, “Oh, Stephen. You could learn a thing or two from your sister when it comes to eating Grandma’s pussy.”

Stephen stood there, unable to move. He just watched as his sister ate his grandmother’s pussy. Bethany looked up, and with a smile said, “Come on, Stephen. It’s okay.” Stephen somehow got his legs to moving, and once he reached Bethany, she pulled him down and affixed his mouth to Mildred’s clit. “There you go, little brother. She told me that you really knew how to get her off. Eat some of that while I give Grandma a taste of mine.”

Stephen sucked at his grandmother’s clit even as he watched Bethany insert her huge clit into Mildred’s mouth. “Oh, fuck.” It was comical, because all three said it simultaneously.

Mildred was the first to cum, and her cackling laughter filled the room, in turn causing Stephen to laugh as he remembered the dreams he had had, the witch from the Wizard of Oz cackling as she rode him, and the Hags cackling as they orally serviced him. He jumped up and plunged his cock into Mildred’s pussy, setting off another laughter-infused orgasm.

“Don’t cum yet,” Bethany told him. “I have plans for that cock.”

Stephen removed himself from Mildred and lay beside her. “Do as you will,” he told his sister.

Bethany wrapped her hand around her brother’s cock—well, that’s not entirely true. She attempted to, but Mildred had been right: it was so thick that the fingers wouldn’t meet. Bethany pumped it up and down a few times, then she took it in her mouth. She had fallen over, but Mildred followed her, maintaining her lip-lock on her granddaughter’s clit. The pure excitement of having her grandmother eating her pussy while she sucked her brother’s cock sent Bethany into an intense orgasm. Her body locked, then spasmed, and like earlier today, she almost lost consciousness, but she kept on sucking even as Mildred pulled away from her. “Here, Stephen: Why don’t you eat your sister’s pussy now?”

He placed his hands at her hips and lifted her with veritable ease—he could bench press 450, after all—and set her pussy in place directly above him. He immediately went for her clit, and because she was still getting over the last orgasm, her legs quivered against the sides of his face.

Mildred may have been correct when saying that Bethany’s pussy eating skills far surpassed Stephen’s, but Bethany could attest to the fact that Stephen’s far surpassed Mildred’s. He was no stranger to a clit, or a pussy as a whole, and he proved it in just minutes as he made her cum. He went straight to her slit then, drinking all her thick, syrupy cum as it issued from her. Mildred, in the meantime, had made her way to her grandson’s cock and was pleased that Bethany wished to share the experience with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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