Same Story, Different Year Ch. 01

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It took a bit for him to notice my presence. I had come to the bar with two girlfriends, blowing off steam in the typical “Girls Night Out” way. We had started with sushi and sake, and I was feeling no pain when they decided to move it to the local pub to enjoy their delicious and vast beer selection.

I had noticed him immediately. His height, dark skin, tattoos, all made him stand out, even in the crowded and smokey bar. He was engaged in conversation, but after a few minutes, invariably he scanned the room and our eyes locked. Moment of truth…how would he react? I gave a tentative half smile, he returned it with a steely glare and looked away. “Ok well we’re playing it like that,” I thought to myself. Maybe this will be easier.

I knew there was a chance I’d run into him there. It was in his section of town, and his hangout when he wasn’t away with work. It had been almost a year since I told him it was over, opting to stay with my long-time (and much more stable) boyfriend. And it was maybe 10 months since he had finally quit calling. I listened to him go through the grieving process, step by step, via numerous voice mails he had left. The pleading phase, the bargaining, the anger (those were the toughest), and finally acceptance. He did ask me to stay away from him, and our old hangouts. As a rule, I avoided the bar simply because it was his “turf”, and I didn’t need the aggravation. But I wasn’t going to go home early and miss rare girl time, so I went. Stuck in a rut with my boyfriend, bored at home, I had needed this night out.

It had all started one stormy July afternoon the previous year with a few flirty, boozy texts, and led to an intense, torrid affair. I was with friends at a waterfront bar, listening to live music, when he sent the first one. My boyfriend was out of town, I was bored with our relationship anyway, and I’ve never been one to deal with boredom constructively. Jason had I been co-workers briefly, and had reconnected innocently on Facebook only the week before. Within the course of an hour, a storm was moving in and the band had stopped. At the same time, his texts had gone from innocent to explicit, and my panties were soaked. It only took one command, “Come over” and an address, and I threw cash at my friends to cover my tab and was on my way. When I arrived, we had a few minutes of awkward time. Hello hugs, the “Good to see you again.” etc. However only minutes before we had been describing, in graphic detail, how we were going to fuck. So the air was charged with a lot more than just the impending storms. He poured me a drink, and we stood on his balcony, making small talk while we watched the clouds boiling overhead.

He was standing right behind me, so close I could feel the heat from his body, but still not touching me. My drink was empty, so I set it on the railing. I turned around and leaned up against the balcony, gazing up at him seductively. “…So….” I said, and that was all that I managed to get out before his lips came crushing down on mine. My arms snaked around his neck to pull him in closer. He leaned forward, pushing me up against the balcony railing. His arms encircled me, pulling my hips in toward him. I could feel his cock against my leg, escort ataşehir not jutting out, but lying against it, hard and thick. Wedged between him and the railing, he ground into me as kissed, lips greedily claiming what we had been teasing about all afternoon. His hands snaked up under my top, running across my stomach and around my back, circling around and finding their way under the waist of my jeans.

We broke away at this point, and moved inside into the bedroom. I was stripping my top off as we walked. The thought did cross my mind, that I had been here 10 minutes, I hadn’t seen him in over a year, and I was already getting naked. It felt so fucking good. In another seconds he had managed to remove any remaining clothes except my panties, and laid me down on the bed. Standing at the bedside, he removed his shorts and his cock sprung free. I was not disappointed. It was gorgeous, easily 8 inches and still not at full potential. Lying down next to me, we kissed while our hands explored each other’s body. His lips moved down to my nipple, sucking then biting lightly as it swelled under his tongue. His hands moved down to my pussy, pushing the panties aside and sliding his finger down into the cleft.

“Oh fuck, baby…you are so fucking wet…” he groaned, moving his mouth back to mine, and slid first one finger, then another inside of me.

“God yes..more…” I moaned, grasping his forearm and pushing his fingers deeper inside of me. “Fuck me with your hand…” He moved his fingers in and out, pushing in deeper with three fingers. I could feel how wet I was, could feel my pussy soaking his hand. His lips moved back down my body, sliding my panties off and pushing my legs apart so his tongue could replace his hand. Running his tongue along my clit, I groaned, hips jutting against his mouth as he devoured me. I wanted to savor it, let the climax build, but it was just too much. The newness of it, the fast pace, the knowledge that I was lying naked in the bed fucking an almost stranger, over took me. I cried out helplessly as an orgasm overtook me almost immediately, feeling my muscles contract strongly as each wave hit.

“God….I want you…” he moaned, crawling up on top of me. I wanted to taste him, I wanted it to last, but once I wrapped my hand around his cock, all I wanted was him to fuck me.

“Ok baby…please…now..” I gasped as I felt his cock jutting up against me, poised to enter. He grasped both my wrists…holding them above my head against the bed.

“Look at me” he commanded. I did as ordered, my light eyes gazing into his as he entered me. Slow at first, we both groaned as he settled in deeper, then pulled back, thrusting a little bit harder, all the while watching for my reaction. Fully erect now, he was absolutely huge. I felt my lips stretch to take him in. My eyes were locked with his.

“Fuck me…hard.”

He needed no further urging. Hoisting my legs up by his shoulders, he buried himself inside of me, hard and fast. I cried out but my hips pushed forward to meet his thrusts.

“Is that good, baby?” he asked, a little breathless from the effort. I moaned in reply…feeling an orgasm building. This time I could control it, and my pelvic kadıköy escort bayan muscles gripped his cock with each thrust, moaning louder as I neared climax. “Oh yes… baby,…yes,” he urged me on until I peaked, his cock deep inside of me, crying out as I came, an orgasm so powerful all I could do is whimper as my pussy contracted in powerful spasms. His pace slowed but he was still erect inside of me..gently nudging with each contraction until they subsided. Leaning down, he kissed along my face and neck, whispering in my ear.

“You’re fucking incredible…amazing…” he said, hands running up my sides and gently caressing my nipples.

“And so are you…but you aren’t done…” I could feel reality creeping back in, and a hint of self-doubt. I had just had amazing sex with someone I barely knew. I was completely satiated, and he was still rock hard inside of me.

“I know….roll over, baby? Is that ok?” He slid out and nudged me over so I was laying on my stomach, and began kissing up an down my spine. I could feel his cock, still hard, brushing against my body. His lips returned to the nape of my neck, kissing lightly as one hand slid between my legs, sliding up over my still swollen and very sensitive clit. His touch got a little rougher, too much for so soon after two intense orgasms.

“I’m–” I started as I was attempting to roll over and out of his reach.

“Shh. My turn.” he interrupted, firmly. He punctuated it with a small bite to the neck, and his arm circled around my waist to hold me in one place. Should this have scared me? Probably. Instead, the effect was the opposite. I sighed as I felt an instant rush of warmth between my legs as his hand continued to massage my clit. Just as I was getting close to coming again, he pulled away and straddled me. Parting my legs with his knees, and pulling my hips back towards him, he quickly entered me from behind. I was so wet he slid in easily, but moaned a little when he pushed deeper and deeper. Pulling my hips up more, he leaned in over me. He grasped my hands around the wrists, just above my shoulders, and talked to me while continued to slowly thrust into me.

“You like that, don’t you…you like it rough. You came sooo hard, baby. It’s my turn now. So don’t you fucking move unless I move you.” His breathing was ragged now, pumping into me from behind. Releasing my arms, he paused to pull me onto all fours. Grasping my hips, he slammed into me harder and harder. I moaned with each assault, I could feel him getting closer. He slowed down…holding my hips and thrusting as deep as I could take him.

“I’m close baby…fuck….Oh god…yes..” He groaned and cried out, I could feel his cock pulsing deep inside of me. I was frozen as he filled me up, I could feel his cum inside of me and running down my leg, I could feel his hands still tightly gripping my hips, buried inside of me til he had completely emptied his cock into my cunt.

His breathing was returning to normal…but he remained inside of me, semi-hard but still impressive. Leaning forward again, he eased me down onto my stomach, with him laying aside…and still inside… of me. His breath was warm against my neck as he murmured into my ear.

“Was escort bostancı that good, baby? Did you like that?” His hands had reached around my waist and slid between my legs again…slowly rubbing against my clit. His cock was still inside of me. All I could manage in reply was a whimper. “What’s the matter….can’t talk and cum at the same time?” His hands moved a little faster, I started to moan as he rubbed a little faster. I was again completely overtaken by an orgasm, intense and powerful. I cried out and pressed has hand harder against me. His motion slowed and he held fast against me, as my pussy contracted around both his hand and cock. He sighed as I slowly came down, sliding out of me at last. His arm settled around my waist. We lay together, not talking, listening to the rain until we both dozed off.


And I haven’t seen him for a year. Until tonight.

About an hour passed, mutual friends made it over to our table to say hello, have a few drinks, pass the time. I was aware of their surreptitious glances, waiting to see if fireworks would start. Fortunately, he seemed very content to stay at his table. UNfortunately, it was close the ladies room, and I would be required to make that trek shortly.

As I walked by, his eyes locked on mine and stayed. He spoke first.

“Really, Elle….you had to come here?” His eyes were angry, but his voice wasn’t.

“Um…you look well. How are you?” I smiled, I wasn’t going to play along. He sighed.

“I am well, thank you. And you? Where’s your safety net tonight? He let you out of sight? “

Ok, well… back to square one. “He’s good, thank you. Good seeing you…take care.” I made my way to the bathroom, and when I exited, he was engaged in conversation and I was able to uneventfully return to my table.

It was a bit later when he made his way to my table.

“Look…I’m sorry, Elle. It’s just…nothing. You look great. Still so fucking beautiful. I hope you’re happy, I truly do.” He reached over and gave me a hug. Ice broken, we talked awhile, caught up on old times. My friends came and went, but largely ignored us. They were relieved that there wasn’t going to be a scene. And they weren’t the type to hover. They absolutely knew this was dangerous territory, but they wouldn’t intervene. Some people have friends that will guide them in good decision making. Mine have always seemed to be the type who would join or sanction whatever debauchery came to pass. Some might see that as a flaw. I loved it.

Time passed, several rounds of beers as well. As it was a weeknight, the crowd was thinning. My friend came back and indicated she were calling it a night. The other one was long gone, having given me a quick wave, and headed out the door with some blond guy in tow.

“Well…..” I said, “Looks like it’s about time to call it a night.”

“You ok to drive?” he asked.

Was I? In truth, no, I wasn’t. But I was sober enough to mentally click through all the possible endings of this night and to know that I was falling…possibly leaping…from grace. And I was just buzzed enough to not care. He saw this hesitation as an opening and took it.

“Come back to my place and sober up a bit. You’ll be better in an hour or so.”

I agreed. We walked the few blocks to his flat, not saying much, and physically keeping our distance. Once inside, he grabbed a couple waters from the fridge.

To be continued……

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