Sarah’s Secret

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Sarah Rhodes stood by the window gazing wistfully at the full moon and the clear starlit night sky. Her marriage to Ralph was to all outward appearances the perfect pairing. Sarah came from a family of ‘old money’ in England with an ancestry which was traceable almost back to the Norman Conquest. She epitomised good taste, elegance and style. Ralph on the other hand was a self-made man who had made a fortune in finance. His money had provided a mansion in the country in acres of grounds, furnished and decorated impeccably by London’s finest designers, as well as a flat in Mayfair, equally desirably appointed. They had a maid and a butler/chauffeur, several cars and a lifestyle of luxury. But Sarah’s life had an emptiness that was increasingly apparent to her, gnawing away at her soul like a dull aching pain.

Ralph worked so hard he barely spent time at home, usually arriving home late from the office, exhausted and not interested in anything other than a quick dinner and sleep. He was kind, attentive and generous and had given her all the material things a woman could want, but Sarah had lost count of the number of nights she had longed for intimate physical contact and a satisfying session of love-making. She often lay in bed looking at his sleeping body. She would lie back and almost in desperation begin to run her fingers over her body as she felt a loving man would do. At these times she would caress her breasts, teasing and twisting her nipples until she felt the wetness begin to seep between her legs. A single middle finger would find its way between her pussy lips and bring her the blessed relief for another night.

They had talked about the problem, and Ralph had suggested that his business trip to Amsterdam could provide some ideas to spice up this side of their lives. Tonight as she gazed out of the window, she wondered what Ralph could possibly bring back in the way of toys or simply ideas to please her. Despite her past disappointments she was excited at the prospect of new experiences with her husband and her mind was playing over possible options when the phone rang.

“Sarah darling, I’ve just landed at the airport, so I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

“Fine love, I’ll be glad to see you.”

“Sarah, there’s something I need to tell you…you remember the chat we had, about, err, …some new ideas?”

Sarah gulped her reply “Yes, dear, I do” Her heart beat faster.

“Well there’s something I want you to do. I want you to get those Hermes silk scarves I bought in Paris…and…”

Sarah was intrigued as her pulse quickened. “Yes, get those Sarah and, ummm, errr…tie your ankles to the bed posts, and you’ll find a blindfold in the drawer too”. Sarah could almost feel the embarrassment in her husband’s voice as he stammered out the rest of the instructions.

She went to the drawer and pulled out the scarves, deliciously soft; she was beginning to be aroused by the sheer bostancı escort sensuousness of the material. She followed Ralph’s instructions, undressing at the window, the pale moonlight casting shadows that emphasised the profile of her breasts, her hips and the gentle curve of her stomach down to the soft downy hair of her pussy mound. She felt the cool evening breeze on her skin as she moved to the bed, tying her ankles to the bed posts with the longer of the scarves, and one wrist with her favourite deep blue silk. She had the blindfold ready and as Ralph had ordered, kept one hand free. Her mind raced at the thought of what novel ideas her husband might be arousing her with. He sounded slightly huskier tonight, as if he really were beginning to change his attitude to their sex life. She lay back and let her imagination roam free, thinking of the pleasures to come and the delights which her husband might bring.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of the door closing downstairs, sounds were now all she had to rely on in the dark of the blindfold but soon there would be the sense of touch, gloriously sensuous touch. The bedroom door was already ajar. She heard footsteps on the polished pine floor and sensed the presence of someone by her side. She felt him lift her hair and kiss her neck softly, the shiver of expectation running through her whole body. His hand held her free arm, and a soft velvet caress circled her wrist. Puzzled, she allowed her arm to be stretched out and she heard the metallic click of what she now realised were velvet covered handcuffs. My God she thought, Ralph really is beginning to open up!

Powerless and vulnerable now with her wrists and ankles secured and the blindfold in place, she felt a moist tongue on her breast, circling the nipple, sucking as it did so. Her moans heightened his attentions and he sucked harder, pulling the nipple firmly until it was totally erect. His fingers continued the work twisting and teasing her nipple as Sarah felt herself floating on the waves of pleasure that were now beginning to engulf her. She was surrendering herself to his touches now, her body open to whatever he wanted, and she wanted it all. She could feel the years of unfulfilled sex fading as he kissed her full on the mouth, his tongue exploring, caressing her tongue in the most lingeringly erotic kiss she had ever felt.

The sensations ceased as he removed his mouth. She moaned and whimpered questioningly, but then she felt the tongue again, running round her two nipples and down her body, flicking into her belly button as it moved further down. She mentally tensed as she ached for it to find her pussy, but she exhaled her disappointment as it went past her mound and down the inside of her right thigh, lingering on that sensitive skin. Had her hands been free she would have pulled his head back up between her legs, but she was tied, unable to do what she so wanted to do. ümraniye escort bayan Instead her hips bucked instinctively, attempting to lure him back but his tongue ignored her and slowly, tantalisingly, moved up the inside of her left thigh.

It was a few inches away from where she longed for it to be when she felt the fingers inserted into her slit, opening her lips like the petals of a flower. She felt the warm breath on her pussy mound first and more shivers ran through her, this time seemingly all focussed between her legs. Then she felt it, the tip of his tongue on her clitoris, circling at first then licking with firm pressure the way she loved it. His tongue strokes were slow and insistent and Sarah loved the way he wasn’t rushing, each stroke was measured and the slow rhythm was arousing Sarah throughout her whole body, she was being engulfed by the passion he was creating with his tongue. She moved her hips to the timing of his licks, she wanted to lead him, to signal to him with the only thing she could move and her hips began to direct the speed of his tongue as she increased the pace, feeling the orgasm building.

“Ralph…Ralph…yessss, yessss, don’t stop, keep it at this speed, I’m coming…” She almost screamed as she felt herself coming, her hips were now jerking convulsively as she came, hard and powerfully, the low animal moan coming from somewhere deep inside her, as his tongue never left her clit, riding her as she bucked and thrashed around on the bed, her orgasm primitive and visceral. She was still on that plateau of excitement when any slight touch of her clit could trigger more convulsions, when she felt him kiss her again, on the mouth and this time she could taste her own juice, the sweet honey from her cunt in her mouth as his tongue fed her as she shivered through the last stages of her orgasm.

She lay for a while hovering on the edge of consciousness from the draining of emotion, as she felt him caress her hair and kiss her cheek. She was languishing in this bliss of her revitalised husband but as her breathing returned to normal her desire began to mount again and she realised she wanted more.

“Fuck me now Ralph, fuck… me…NOW”, she spoke the phrase slowly but insistently, the volume rising until the ‘NOW’ was a scream, a screaming yell of need, of desire. Her whole body was now aching for a cock inside her, and obeying her command she felt the tip of his cock rub her clit, dip into her wet honeyed cunt and stroke her clit again. She wished she could see it, she longed to watch the glistening cock dipping in and out of her sex, but the feeling alone was enough right now. Then it stopped as suddenly as it began.

Again she moaned in supplication, pleading “don’t sto…” Her words were choked by the cock entering her mouth and once more she tasted her pussy, but this time on the end of a wonderfully hard cock head. She massaged the ridge with her kartal escort lips and tongue, drinking in the delicious blend of her juice and his pre-cum.

“Mmmmm, that’s so good, but I need that cock in me, NOOOOOWWWWW”, she screamed even louder, satisfied that no-one could hear, the maid and butler had gone home so she could scream and yell as much as she liked.

This time the cock didn’t linger at her clit but slowly she felt it part her cunt lips and enter her, sliding slowly in. She sighed with pleasure at the feeling of it fill her, as he held it there deep in her pussy, feeling his balls against her bum she knew he was as deep as he could go. He began to fuck her then, measured deep strokes like the ticking of a clock. She was moving to his rhythm feeling her pleasure rise again, when on the next out stroke, the cock left her pussy completely. The emptiness she felt was a shock, she felt an aching void in her pussy as she writhed about in anguish.

“Give me your cock again you fucking tease!!” her cry was anguished and desperate, she needed to be filled again immediately.

She felt him kneeling between her legs, she was helpless and if she hadn’t been tied she would have pushed him back on the bed and ridden him from on top, cowgirl style. But tied to the bed, all she could do was writhe, buck and yell at him. “For fuck’s sake Ralph, GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE”, her cries echoed round the room as she felt the cock drive hard and fast into her, the roughest fuck she had ever had. He wasn’t teasing now, he was caught up in her need, he shared her hungry desperation and fucked her powerfully, their bodies bouncing on the bed as they clung together in their frenzy. To her surprise she felt herself coming purely from his penetrating cock and as he sensed too that he was close his strokes came faster and even stronger. She was dizzy from the forceful fucking, swooning as she felt herself come “YESSSSSS…” she screamed, biting his neck as waves of orgasm covered her. She felt his cock speed up and she felt him come inside her as she gripped his spurting cock with her pussy muscles, milking his come, squeezing with the rhythm of his strokes as he pumped into her.

They lay exhausted, physically and emotionally and Sarah felt for the first time in her life that she had experienced what sex was really all about. Ralph had certainly learned a lot and she lay there looking forward with pleasure to this continuing. Warm feelings wrapped around her she basked in the glow of satisfaction. She began to doze as she felt him unclip the velvet cuff and untie the scarves. “Don’t move Sarah, lie there my darling and sleep”.

She dozed off into a blissful sleep, dreaming of floating on clouds of sexual joy. She was woken by the harsh sound of her phone. She raised herself on one elbow, eyes still sleepy, pussy still feeling the satisfied ache from the fucking and the wetness of that wonderful cock as she put the phone to her ear.

“Sarah darling”

She recognised the voice immediately and felt as if she had been cut by a knife. She went cold knowing what was coming.

“Darling I’m sorry, the traffic is absolutely horrendous here, I’m still about 20 minutes away from you.”

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