Sara’s Abduction

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The Truth is out there! An adaptation of an urban myth.


I am not a normal person.

I hear it all the time, that and how beautiful I am. But I keep my hair over my eyes, my head down and maybe just maybe I’ll get through this life WITHOUT being abducted. But it was too late. My folks were trying to kick me out of the house. They could finally, legally be rid of me. My dad was yelling at me every day, and I was also thinking if I can just lay low they might forget I’m here. But then – the abduction – which filled my terrors – and dreams – through high school, that and the anal probing.

It was this certainty and terror that had become so overwhelming, that finally blinded me; but in *hindsight* what happened actually had a valid explanation. It showed me a way in this world, and I felt grateful for my time on Earth.

I believe in alien abduction and I think I always have. I believe they are coming though I do not know why, and all the literature seems to be stumped on that one as well. I was convinced for instance when I was little (one of my first memories actually), that those lights that scan across the sky leading you to a bar or car lot, were not shining up. No! They were shining down from space. Looking for me.

I remember running for the house when those cursed things were scanning across the land looking for me. Because I knew. I knew!! I was the first candidate for alien abduction. They were looking for me. I watched all the movies. I devoured Star Trek and X files.

The little girl staring into the TV screen saying, “They’re Here.” I looked just like that little girl.

I was so afraid that the black ooze would come out of me, out of my eyes, out of my . . . . I checked myself every morning. That something had been planted in my sleep. I knew I would walk up that plank at the end of Close Encounters someday.

I also knew this: Somewhere in the world there are others like me, but I never met them. Someone aware of their uniqueness, their specialness, someone who shared the special knowledge I had. For one thing, I have a perfect body. Perfect. Mathematically perfect. It is a fact.

There is the Golden Ratio (look it up on the internet) – 1:1.618 – the God Number/PHI/the Sacred Number, its called lots of things. I knew about it even before I read The Da Vinci Code.

I had measured my body, every inch of myself. Standing in my room naked with a tape measure. I measured my height, and then from my navel to the floor, 1.618. I measured from my navel to my chin, and then from my nipples (where they hung perfect like tear drops down my front) – 1.618! The point of my nose set at the center of my head, my mouth between my nose and chin. I even lay on my bed and measured from my clitoris to my anus, then from my vagina to my clitoris – 1.618.

I was perfect, beautiful, blonde, with impossibly long legs, the narrowest waist. I had a little concave belly that set inside my hips, a little blonde pussy that pouted from between my legs, soft curling hairs forming a little triangle, the soft pink flesh peaking from down there, and a little downy trail reaching up for my navel. I had puffy nipples. My friend told me it was because I was still developing.

I was definitely what the aliens wanted to experiment with.

I’m not sure when I was filled with such certainty, but now while my dad was shouting at me and I was standing in my room swinging the door shut in his face, I realized I needed to find someone who understood. And I needed to figure out how to stay in this house, at least for a little while longer. I couldn’t get a job. I Couldn’t! What if they came and got me? I was at a loss.

I swung the door closed in my dads face and took off my clothes, lay back on my little bed covered with stuffed animals and put my headphones on, played Erasure. To clear my memory. Slipping my fingers between my legs, brushing back the soft fine hairs and feeling how wet I was; spreading my legs wide and pulling myself open. My perfect pussy. Reaching lower to my ass, touching myself *there* and pressing my finger in in in – practicing.


It scared me, but it felt so good too.

I reached for the drawer of my night stand and opened it, pulled out a little pink vibrator that I bought from a Japanese web site. A Hello Kitty vibrator, and put some lubricating jelly – that I stole from my mother – on its tip, slid my finger along its length, closed my eyes, turned it on and slid it in.

Oh my god, to be anally probed, god it did feel good. I used to try to explain this feeling to my girlfriends, but all I got was a blank stare. They would be like ha! ha! Gross. Funny!!

But then as I continued to explain, going into more and more detail, believing stupidly that they could understand, there came this awareness on their part I guess. They would say something like, “You really like that?” or “You really believe this stuff.” My eyes were wide, I would be mid sentence explaining ankara escort and then they would just like get real quiet, walk away. Would have other things to do.

And then it was, “No I can’t come home with you,” just like that.

Pretty soon, I was invisible to them too. And I pulled my hair in front of my eyes.

Boys were another story though. Boys didn’t care, even if they didn’t understand. They were always trying to go out with me. I could have had the personality of a troll, I could never ever take a bath, I could call them stupid, and be mean and angry. I could ignore them, be stupid, whiny, forget everything, stand them up. Be horrible! It just didn’t matter. I was perfect and they were happy just to be SEEN with me. Perfect body, perfect eyes. My breasts pressed so nicely in the little thin tops I wore. They would just want me more. Redouble their efforts. I guess boys are stupid. Definitely abduction material. And boy did they want to abduct me!

I was feeling really good right now, I had my legs open as wide as I could hold them, holding my knees up and open. My pussy lips were pulled wide, you could see the pink line up my center. I imagined myself on a crystal clear glass table, the indirect lights glowing around me. Distant eyes, alien eyes staring at my naked body, my completely naked body. I was trembling in the silent empty room. My blonde hairs curling out from between my legs, my pussy swollen, pouting out pink opening to my wet slit. Just smears of cum on the glass. Up on my elbows trying to see, my long hair touching the glass.

I turned myself onto all fours and pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go. Just Hello Kitty sitting there holding her teddy bear sticking out of my anus. This is exactly how they would do it. I could smell myself, the heat rising between my legs. I would get so aroused just thinking about it; my pussy was drenched, but it’s my ass they are after! I wiggled my hips, undulating on the bed down up down and up, pushing it in as far as it would go.

The G spot isn’t only in the vagina. It’s in the anus too, I can feel it. Oh God it felt good. I pulled off my headphones. I started to moan, reaching between my legs, the gentle buzz was buried inside and I could just barely hear it pushing it deep inside and clenching my ass feeling the buzz vibrate my clitoris, my insides glowing and buzzing and then, “Oh my god! Oh, Oh, Oh, Mmmmmm.”

I could feel myself cumming! I was trembling, shaking and arching my back, making a rhythmic fucking motion, arching my back as far as it would go, turning my ass up – take me! Take me! The orgasm running up my spine, my little death. I looked like a cat as I dropped my head on the bed while on all fours, my blonde mane spread out on the bedspread, and then I just fell onto the mattress, lay flat pressing into the fabric, arms out. Feeling the tingle of my orgasm spread like warm butter through my body.

The little vibrator still sticking out of me. Abduction! It was just a matter of time.

For example, Josh asked me out, and I told him all about the aliens, about their ship, how they searched us out, and why I was the one most likely. The Chosen. I knew what they looked like. AND he seemed interested, really interested, asked me some questions, even how I knew so much about all this stuff.. He was so sweet so good. The asshole.

I was so happy that evening that I let him kiss me in the car before I went in the house. A first date kiss, and he was a little surprised I think.

He was leaning across the seat and I just stared at him. He was moving in slowly, closer and closer, I just looked at him like ‘It’s ok.’ And he touched my lips, kissing me, I thought not a very good kiss – but oh well. So I opened my mouth a little and he opened his eyes, looking at my eyes and we began to tongue, our soft mouths opening into each other. I started to lean back away from him and he followed me crawling across my body until I was laying back against the far side of the door and positioning my body beneath him. We kissed and kissed like that, steaming up the windows because it was cold out. He understood!

My mistake.

I said, “You can touch them.”

He pulled his head away looked at me and caught my meaning. I felt his hands reaching up from around my waist and then press into the softness of my breasts. I asked, “You think they’re perfect.”

He said, “I think they’re per—fect.”

He caressed me through my clothes for a little while and then was tugging my shirt out from my capri pants and reaching up beneath the fabric of my top, sliding his hands along my skin. It felt electric and I wanted to reward him. I purred beneath his touch.

“I don’t normally do this. But you’re different. . . You know that don’t you?”

He said, “Yes.” He was unclasping my bra, I was unbuttoning my shirt.

“You understand!”

The front of my top was open, my bra (which unclasped from the front) was hanging down and my perfect breasts escort ankara were exposed to his gaze. He looked at me for the longest time. I let him put is mouth on my nipple and kiss them, he suckled me, pulling my puffy nipples into his mouth and it was really getting me aroused. It felt so good.

I began to undulate beneath him, tipping my pussy mound up until I could feel his cock and pressed against it. He instinctively pressed back down against me and began to rock himself against me as he sucked on my tits.

And I felt so wet down there, and was making connections. We were so warm even though it was so cold outside. I could feel his cock, it was hard and poking me through his pants grinding down between my legs. He was rocking his hips against me, and I guess I was letting him do that too. He understood! The asshole.

When finally I went into the house I left him panting, laying across the seat of his car saying, “I’ll call you.”


Yep, I made the mistake of trusting Josh.

We went out again, a couple of times more, and all he wanted to do after was put his hand up my shirt or under my skirt. During a movie I had found for us – Special for US! He spent the whole time just trying to touch me, sliding his hand up under my skirt during the whole movie. He didn’t listen at all to what I wanted to talk about. But I stupidly let him lay his hand right over my puss, cupping me in the palm of his hand over my silk panties. He was stroking me calmly, across the slippery fabric in the dark, we were sitting there looking completely normal. I was feeling myself get wet again, very aroused, and it did feel really good. I had found a screening of the X Files Movie, but he didn’t even watch it.

I slid my legs open and it was feeling a little like what the aliens would do just then – only back there. God it was feeling good and I was pushing myself against his hand, my breathing was getting heavy.

I leaned over and whispered warm in his ear, “You can pull them to the side.”

He caught my meaning. I could see the smile creep over his face, and he did as I asked. Yep, I was wet all right. He was squishing into me, I could hear myself as he rubbed his fingers up and down, finding my vagina and pressing his fingers into me. I dropped my head, and then leaned back far in the theater seat, just letting my head fall back. “Ah, Ah, Ah.” A little moan escaping my lips with each thrust of his finger.

Now I couldn’t even follow the movie. I was sort of mad, but god it felt so good! I was rocking against his hand, steady over and over, and he was really holding me tight there and I put my hand down into my lap holding onto his hand over my skirt, putting it just where it needed to go. I was grinding onto him. His hand became a disembodied thing and it could be positioned in any way I wanted. I showed him where my clitoris was and moved his hand over it just right, moving faster and faster until . . . I began to shudder and shake in my seat.

“Oh, Oh, Oh.” I was panting, my head bobbing at the top of my seat, my head turned toward him so he could watch me cum. Thankfully, they were being chased by the bees and it seemed to fit right in with the movie at the moment and hid all the noise I was making, so I came right there and when he pulled his hand away he was a sticky mess. I laughed when he was eating his popcorn. He had more than butter on his.

I said, “Like the flavoring. It’s my specialty!”

But on the way home I was so mad at him.

“I’m serious. I will be abducted! And You know what, you DON’T understand. You lied to me.”

He was staring at me now, had a confused worried look on his face. We kissed for a little while before I went in the house. But I was cool to him. He knew he was in trouble. Now when he comes up behind me at my locker he kisses me on the cheek and knocks on my head, and laughs. He says that if I ever get abducted, then my head will sound hollow because they will remove my brain and fill it with their devices, so he’s checking. (I have to admit I had not thought of that!!). But he was making fun of me.

That asshole!

Then he started telling some of his buddies what I said, including what I let him do. Asshole. His friends would ask me what an abduction would be like, what it would FEEL like. And I know that Josh *asshole* told them, cause I explained to him the glass table, my nakedness, the anal probe, the glass implements, how it makes you glow and vibrate inside. I could see it in their eyes that they knew and were looking at me, taking off my clothes as they were asking the questions. I felt the anonymous eyes. It was a little what it would be like. It scared me a little. Aroused me.

I was this little slut to them, stupid. I was so mad at Josh, I would not talk to him anymore. He did not understand at all.

When one day he says, “You’re serious aren’t you!”

“What the fuck did you think!” I was amazed. And that’s when I thought ‘Keep your head down.’ I ankara escort bayan never talked to him again.

So now, I only talk about the ‘facts’ of my life in chat rooms, alt.alien.research or alt.paranet.abduct, conversing with others like myself.

The whole Josh asshole experience taught me to realize the lonely burden of my specialness. And by being invisible I might just make it to my goal. At least chat rooms are completely anonymous, invisible, they have no idea where or who I am when I step out the door of my house. But that leads to a new problem.

Dad is pounding on my door right now.

I realize I am still naked, and that I am laying face down on my bed. That my vibrator is still poking out my ass. That it is still buzzing! That I can’t turn it off until I take it out.

“Just a second dad! Don’t open the door!!”

I pull it out, and there is this moment of loud buzzing. Pretty obvious. I turn it off and throw it into my night stand drawer. Look around, find my robe. Not the right one. It is short, very short. Like a mini kimono with dragons on it. It is not really covering my bottom, but I pull it on. Shit.

“Come in.”

My dad is moving into the room like an animal. Like some kind of bull. He’s a pretty big guy. Like it’s the rodeo and they just pulled open the door. He’s still mad. It’s the usual conversation, why am I still here. When am I going to get a job. When and where am I going to go to college. I’m better than this. You don’t slam doors on my face.

Could I make daddy understand. He’s not like Josh, that asshole.

“We have to resolve this. You’re mother and I . . .”

And he stops. I am sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard staring wide eyed.


He is looking at me, momentarily silent. Scanning up and down my body.

And I realize what it is. The bottom of my robe is running in a line across the top of my thighs, and it is not covering at all between my legs, leaving a little triangle of my pussy perfectly framed between my legs. In fact one of the halogen lights on my ceiling is pointing right at the blonde hairs of my puss. Plus! I realize that the smell of my puss and cum in the room is pretty strong. Cause I can smell it, and I’ve been here awhile.

“Sorry, my robe is kind of short.”

I kind of like the silence that has been created. This animal has been confused. Like banging pots and pans together, his head is lurching one way and another. Maybe he’ll run away. He’s already not yelling. And so I stay like that. Lets see him yell at me while I give him this beaver shot.

My perfect beaver!

I’ve ravaged myself only moments before so my pussy is all pink and swollen too. I turn my feet out, sort of a quick twist out, then in, out, in, out – swinging my feet, which has the effect of opening my thighs a little each time. The line of my puss that runs between my legs is I think visible to him, just peaking in and out of view.

He moves himself to the end of my bed – right between my legs!

This is so unexpected. [Maybe he will understand.]

“Your mother and I . . .” He begins again, calmer now, setting himself on the end of my bed looking up my long legs. “. . . Honey, we just want to try and help you. You need to go to college or get a . . .” He loses his words, “. . . Job.” He is all soft now, and he is saying all this as he is so obviously staring between my legs. I let him.

“I have burdens in my life dad. You don’t understand. I want you to understand me, but they are real . . . I can’t ignore them.”

The drawer on my night stand is still open, and then for some reason he looks over at it. The vibrator is laying there. Hello Kitty! It looks like a children’s toy. But then . . .! It’s funny that way. It’s like you look at it and then, OOOOhhhh! It’s the only thing in the drawer, I see him see it, and then he looks back at me.

He says, “The only ‘burden’ you have right now is going through life without responsibility. And that . . . smelling the way you do. . .”

Did I hear that right? Smelling the way I do??

“I mean . . .” My dad is all flustered now, like he is mortally wounded, he is sputtering, turning beet red, “I mean. Your stopping yourself, holding yourself back. You were a . . . ‘A’ Student . .Straight A. I mean . . .and now your graduated. And . . . yes . . . .”

He’s losing his train of thought again. And then he melts, “It is scary honey. I know. Believe me. The world is scary. I think I do understand honey.”

“Do you?? I am about to be abducted. It’s like on X Files where the lights are shining through the windows. And only I can see them. That’s the closest explanation I can give. . . And No one understands. . .”

He’s eyeing me. I tip my feet out one more time.

“It’s hard to start your young life. To be an adult. A young woman, a, uh . . .”

His voice trails off. He’s giving up. I’ve brought my knee up to my chest and let it drop over my leg. I think my whole ass is turned to him right now . . . I’m really not sure what this looks like. Maybe he’s looking right at my anus now. He’s licking his lips, looking down, at me, away, looking back at the door, then rising from the bed.

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