Saturday Ride

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Of all the fun during my youth, I would have to say living the ranch life is what I miss the most, of the many chores within ranch life it was breaking and riding the horses. I missed those days of seeing horses tied at the school, as students attended their classes. Even more fun was our long country rides on Saturday, inspecting the herd and checking the fence line. I always talked my girl friend into going with me. We would take a picnic lunch and make a day of it, riding deep into the country with no humans around, occasionally seeing herds of cattle, a stray coyote, and jack rabbits.

Not sure how long we had ridden that particular Saturday, we ended up next to a running creek I believe it was Blue Beaver Creek. The scenery was an excellent spot for our planned picnic. In the back ground you could see the outline of the Wichita Mountains. Diane had made a basket full of fancy snacks, she loved baking and making candy. We ate and relaxed, even engaged into some light petting. Nibbling on her neck I loved the salty taste of her sweat. I did manage to get her shirt open before she decided that was far enough, and stopped me. It was time to load up and prepare for our return trip.

We had just begun our ride down the trail, when I noticed Diane’s horse had a slight limp. I climbed off my horse and began looking at her horses hooves. As I was cleaning out the bostancı escort hooves I found a rock that caused the limp. But the horse was still favoring the hoof, so I had Diane double up with me for a while, so I could watch the horse. I loved my large grey appaloosa named “War cloud.” I tied Diane’s horse to my saddle horn checked the cinch strap and climbed on, I helped Diane climb on and sit behind the cantle on the skirt of my saddle. Not wanting to over work my horse, we slowly made out way home.

We hadn’t been traveling more than a few minutes before Diane began playing around with me, instead of having her arms around my waist she was playfully reaching in my jeans to grab my penis. Before I knew it she had my shirt opened and was working on my belt buckle and unzipped my jeans so she had better access to my ever hardening cock. I removed my gun belt and draped it on Diane’s saddle. No sooner did she free my hardening cock when she had raised her legs up around my waist and began to work her way around to my front until she was facing me, nibbling on my neck. With one arm I was holding her, the other arm holding the reins. I am not sure how she did it but she was extremely nimble and had worked her shorts off, and wrapped her legs around me.

I positioned myself further back against the cantle so the saddle horn didn’t cause her any discomfort. ümraniye escort bayan Diane raised herself up enough so I could enter her already slippery wet pussy, lord was it wet and slippery. Once I was all the way inside her, she grabbed a hold of me with her arms and legs and we let the rocking motion of the horse work our motion of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy, She held onto me biting and moaning as we slowly traveled down the trail.

I know she was enjoying this slow rocking of the horses motions, creating the movements for us to be fucking, I felt the cool wetness running down my leg every time the cool winds breeze blew across us, the feeling my orgasm was slowly building I could tell my impending orgasm was close. Diane was relaxed sensually kissing and nibbling onmy neck and shoulders, I could feel her warm quick breathes across my neck each time my cock reached the depth of her wet pussy, the swaying motion of the horses strides was constant and just the right motion as my cock throbbed with my heart beat as it pushed in and out of her waiting wet pussy. Maybe a quarter of a mile of travel had passed when I felt I was slowly reaching the point of no return, my little herd of sperm were stampeding their way to her waiting pussy and they weren’t stopping, I held Diane tighter and let it happen. It felt like I was not going kartal escort to stop, each time I pushed deep into her I felt a load flow out. My head was exploding with my own orgasm and I found it a bit difficult to keep my balance on the saddle and holding Diane.

Now this brings the second thing I missed from the past, the ability to remain hard until it was time to go for a second round, Sometime during the next few minutes I felt Diane loose her composure as she grab me and began bucking against me faster until she gasp out loud and cum all over my saddle. We just held each other and let nature do its thing, I know I was working for my second orgasms I don’t know how many Diane had I stopped counting at three.

We stopped for a bit to gain some form of self-control, I had Diane turn around and lean forward and hold on the saddle horn, I entered her from behind, and spurred war cloud to a light trot for a good shaking ride with my hard member slamming inside her hot pussy, I can tell you we did not last long. Diane began moaning and screaming I wondered if anyone were close enough to hear her orgasmic screams. I held her tight against me as she let go with another orgasm. Finally we stopped and cleaned ourselves up before we reached the house.

I let Diane get back on her horse for the last bit of the trail. She made me double check her horses hooves, I didn’t have the heart to tell her there was really nothing wrong with her horse, I had made most of it up, so I could get her on my horse. I did know my saddle was so wet, I had to do a bit of work to clean it up and rub in the saddle soap before my father found out.

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