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Mike was leaving the building on his way to his next class when Mandy, his partner for the paper they had to write, came up to him, asking if they could work on it later.

“Sure,” he said, “if you want I can drive you to my house and we can work on my computer and then I can take you home afterwards.”

“Great!” She said and they made arrangements to meet out by where his car was parked in an hour and Mandy watched Mike’s ass move as he walked away. `God he’s hot’ she thought to herself.

Mike pulled up to the sidewalk where Mandy was waiting for him and she got in. As she sat down, however, the thong of her panties rode up and the crotch rubbed against her pussy with each movement and she could feel the lace slide against her clit as he made a turn around the corner. Now, each bump, each turn made her panties rub against her clit and her pussy was on fire by the time they got to Mike’s house.

Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little heavy and Mike asked her if she was ok and looked at her a little strangely when she said she was fine. He told her that he lived with his parents but he had his own apartment in the basement. He opened the door and set a key on the shelf beside the door of the inside. “It locks whenever the door is shut so this way we won’t get locked in,” he explained, still looking at Mandy with an odd look on his face.

By now, Mandy was desperate for release and she asked him if she could use his bathroom. He showed her where to go and she set her stuff on the shelf by the door and nearly ran for the bathroom.

Once there, Mandy flipped her skirt up and moved her panties aside and thrust two fingers deep into her pussy, but wasn’t getting any closer to cumming. Her clit was too bostancı escort bayan sensitive to touch and her fingers weren’t doing as good of a job as they’d done in the past. Frustrated, she flushed the toilet and washed her hands and left the bathroom.

When she came out, Mike was at the computer working on the paper. “Get your stuff and come see what I’ve written so far,” he said. She went over to the shelf and was about to grab her stuff when she saw the key. Suddenly, an image flashed through her mind and, smiling to herself, she took the key and reached under her skirt and slid the deliciously cool metal into her now pantiless pussy. Gasping and whimpering as it slid into place, she drew a glance from Mike who still had no clue what was going on.

She finally grabbed her stuff and went over to the desk and they got down to work. Mandy’s mind wouldn’t cooperate though and Mike was starting to get impatient about having to repeat questions and the fact that she was making him do all the work and he suggested that they take a break even though they hadn’t even been working all that long so that she could get her mind together and he went to the stairs.

“Mandy, where’s the key?” he asked impatiently.

“Its not over there?” she asked too innocently.

“Damn it Mandy! Where’s the fucking key! We can’t get out of here without the fucking key, now what did you do with it!”

“Search me,” she said a little too simply. Mike asked her what she meant by that and without a word she walked up to him and placed her hand on his crotch massaging it softly, smiling when she felt it immediately start growing in her hand. Standing on her tiptoes, she whispered in his ear, “search me…”

Mandy ümraniye escort kept massaging Mike’s dick through his jeans as she walked him back to the chair and pushed him down in it. She straddled his lap and began to grind her pussy on his bulging cock. Panting heavily, her eyes glazed over, she licked her lips and looked into his eyes. This last thing was what broke Mike.

Groaning, Mike grabbed the back of her neck and drew her lips to his and kissed her roughly, driving his tongue between her lips and invited her tongue to play with his. Mandy moaned ecstatically as he began to kiss her. His hands slid around her neck and over her shoulders, massaging them lightly before continuing down to her plump breasts. He roughly kneaded them in his hands as she kept grinding her pussy on his dick. It was rapidly becoming too much for him. He had to stop this. Now.

He grabbed the backs of her thighs and lifted her up with him as he stood and he pulled her away from him and put her on the desk in front of him. She raised her arms up as he pulled her shirt off and unsnapped the front closure of her bra, letting her plump breasts spill free into his waiting hands. He sat in the chair as he greedily sucked on her swollen nipples, his hands on her waist to pull her closer to him. She gasped and clenched her fingers in his hair, holding him there.

His hands slid from her waist to over her hips and slowly down the outside of her legs to the ankles before running them back up the inside of her legs. His hands stopped just short of where she wanted them to be. She was so hot now that her hips were humping at the desk and he could feel the pussy juice on her thighs and the heat from that juicy pussy. Taking a hole of her panties, escort kartal he yanked and ripped them off and put them aside. As he touched her rigid clit he bit down on her nipple, sending her thrashing on the desk but still not cumming.

He circled her cunt with his finger before slowly thrusting it inside. He was startled to feel a piece of metal there. Pulling it out, he saw that it was the key, he’d completely forgotten about it. “So this is where you hid it,” he said softly and slid the key in his mouth, sucking the pussy juice off it, savoring the sweet flavor.

“Please, please, please…” Mandy kept saying over and over. He asked her what she wanted, still having fun playing with her. She looked at him, her eyes wild and desperate for release and just as he was leaning down for his first taste of her pussy from the source, she reached for his fly and literally ripped the denim in her need for his cock.

As soon as it was free, she shoved him back in the chair and practically jumped on his dick, slamming it all the way into her molten pussy. He flinched slightly at the heat of it searing his cock, he’d never fucked a pussy so hot and gripped her hips to control her a little as she wildly bounced on his cock, little whimpers of grateful joy escaping her throat as she fucked him. He grunted with the pain and pleasure of each of her thrusts, her pussy was so tight that if she hadn’t already proved him wrong he wouldn’t have thought he could fit inside it.

Her whimpers began getting louder and she fucked him even harder and faster if that was possible until she convulsed wildly on top of him, her pussy trying to milk his cock, and screamed. He couldn’t hold back anymore, the squeezing of her pussy was just too much for him and he exploded inside of her with a loud cry, shooting jet after jet of hot jizz inside of her pussy.

Exhausted, they just sat there in the chair with their heads resting on the others shoulder and recovered as the sweat continued to pour off them…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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