Second Swap: Consequences

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Jack’s finance Sue drove home with a ferocious headache and a sense that everything had shifted just a little bit in her world. A few weeks ago, she had taken up the drunken offer of Jack’s best friend Robert, taken him home, and had mediocre sex with too much guilt. Jack and Robert’s wife Tina had spent the same night in separate beds, something that seemed to surprise Jack. But Sue knew Jack well, knew his loyalty to their impending marriage, knew he would be curious and tempted, but wouldn’t follow through. Now everything had changed. She drank too much and Robert and Tina’s house, although she remembered Jack putting her to bed. When she woke up, there was no sign that Robert had visited her during the night (and she remembered he was even more drunk). But Tina had come into their spare bedroom in midmorning, rousing her from her hazy hangover sleep, and made her coffee while she prattled on and on about what a great guy Jack was. As Sue drove home she realized what had happened. Jack and Tina had slept together, and maybe had planned the whole evening in advance.

When she got home, Jack engaged in his usual Saturday routine: a long run, followed by a sauna then a lazy lunch on the back deck. He was just finishing his sauna, standing in a towel in the bedroom, looking for khakis and a shirt.

“Did you sleep with her?”

“Yes.” Jack looked directly at her. After a long pause, he crossed the room towards her. “I am not sure what to say.”

Sue wasn’t sure tuzla escort either. She had never had sex before Jack, an admission that got the entire situation started. But Robert had been a disappointment, which she told Jack the following day, in great detail, at his request. She knew he had been both disappointed that it even happened, but pleased by her reaction — after telling him how unsatisfied Robert left her, Sue couldn’t get enough of Jack. They made love in the morning, had afternoon laughing giggling sex over the weekend, and fucked like mad animals three nights in a row. On the third night, she straddled his hips and brought herself to orgasm with her fingers while he watched and waited for her to let him slide inside.

But now she felt confused and uncertain. Had he enjoyed making love to Tina? Did they ‘make love,’ or was it just raw sex? Did they plan the whole evening? Did he? Did she? Sue let him wrap his arms around her and she slowly slowly eased herself against him, relaxing against his chest, finally letting out a long long breath. She felt as if she had been holding her breath since that dinner party weeks ago.

They showered together, each scrubbing the other as if to erase, wash-off, clean away all the traces of their extra-lovers. Jack was careful to clean, but not massage or caress. He wasn’t sure how comfortable, how forgiving, how understanding Sue felt. Jack didn’t even know what she needed to understand or forgive or feel comfortable about. Yes, tuzla escort bayan he had enjoyed his night with Tina, had enjoyed the morning even more. Actually, the morning had been so intense, he thought he would never get that hard again. Jack’s mind started wandering, thinking about the way Tina wrapped her mouth around him, the way she smiled up at him, the way her breasts hung and lifted up at the same time.

“Mmm, that does feel good,” Sue said, leaning back against him. Suddenly Jack realized he was hard again, with Sue’s ass pressed firmly against him, his hands wrapped around her waist, his soapy fingers on her breasts. “Yes, I think that does feel especially good,” she said as she slowly turned, pressing her lips against his. Jack and Sue kissed and kissed and slowly slowly touched every shower-wet inch of their bodies against each other for a long deep kiss. Sue dropped her hands down to his waist, reached for his manhood, now completely swollen and pressed hard against her belly. Her soapy fingers stroked him and pressed him downwards, down between them. She pushed away from him enough to let the tip of his cock nestled in against the very upper start beginning of the opening in her legs. Then she needed to kiss him again.

They made love awkwardly in the shower, laughing as they struggled to get positioned and stay on their feet. After drying off, the curled up their bed and Sue asked Jack to tell her all the details. He lay on his back, Sue’s head resting on escort tuzla his chest, his fingers playing through her hair, answering all her questions about all the details and all the feelings he felt over his night (and morning) with Tina. He tried his best to be clinical, descriptive, but not so much as to make himself awkwardly excited again, knowing Sue would see any sign of arousal as thoughts of Tina. He stopped worrying when he started telling her about Tina’s lips circling then sucking on his cock. Sue’s hand immediately reached for him and started to stroke. When he stopped talking, Sue stopped stroking, looking up at him, her eyes telling him to keep telling her all the details.

He left nothing out, telling Sue exactly what Tina’s mouth felt like when she sucked, how she positioned her fingers to squeeze him every time her mouth slid to the tip of his penis, how she moaned his name when they fucked, how her orgasm lasted through four or five waves, seeming to slow, then crashing around them again and again. Jack’s cock was ready to burst when Sue climbed on top of him, straddling his hips with her legs. She held onto his cock with one hand, slowly lowering herself down. As her pussy swallowed Jack’s cock, Sue lowered her lips down to his ear, “fuck me like I was Tina…please.”

When Jack got home the next day, the answering machine had the following message from Sue: “Jack, honey, I am going to be a bit late, maybe a half an hour, or so, just finishing up something here. Listen, I thought about things and I don’t want you, you know, seeing Tina like that, like we talked about, you know, again. Ok? Promise?”

Jack turned off the machine and thought, “yeah, I promise.”

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