Seeing an old Friend Ch. 02

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“I’m not going anywhere, I just want to do something for you that I’ve wanted to for a long time.” I whispered, looking up into his eyes from under my lashes and begging him with my big brown eyes.

“You can do whatever that is in a minute. There’s something I want first.” he whispered back and moved his hands up to my shirt. He pulled my shirt down hard, baring my breasts and raising them up over the neck of my shirt before letting the fabric go. I stood there in that alleyway/parking lot where anyone could see if they walked around the wall with my breasts out of my shirt. Tigger moaned when he saw my big, round breasts capped with large light pink nipples bare for the first time.

“Damn Jess, you’ve got great tits.” he said reverently before reaching up to feel my skin in his hands. He smiled at me, “I’ve wanted to see you like this for years.” he said before leaning in to take one of my nipples in his mouth.

I gasped and moved my hands to his shoulders and dug my nails in his skin as I felt the stud in his tongue on my hard, aching nipple. He flickered his tongue and it’s cold stud over and around each of my nipples, making me moan and arch my back to get more of his mouth. He slid his hand back underneath my skirt and started stroking my pussy again through the mesh of my stockings and the wet satin of my panties.

I felt his mouth close around my nipple and he sucked it hard, gnawing it lightly with his teeth as he suddenly ripped the crotch of my stockings and slipped his fingers into the hole and moved against the wet cloth covering my pussy. I moaned loudly and my legs trembled as his fingers stroked me through just the satin of my panties for a minute. He let go of my nipple and looked up at me, “You’re really wet aren’t you? You love this, standing out here in public, letting me do all this to you. While your boyfriend waits inside, you fucking love it don’t you Jess?” Tigger smiled at me.

“Hmm, yes I do. I love it, ok? I love the way you’re treating me and you’ve got me so hot, so please Tigger…don’t stop. Whatever you do, just don’t stop….” I moaned out as he kept stroking my wet pussy through escort bostancı my panties.

“I wasn’t planning on stopping, you little slut. I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years and now I’m going to. You’re coming home with me tonight, whether your little boy toy likes it or not. Understand me baby?” Tigger said harshly to me as his fingers snaked into my panties and he slowly started stroking the wet lips of my pussy.

“Oh god, please….I don’t care….I’ll tell him something..just please…..Tigger!” I begged him as he teased my soaking wet slit with his fingers.

“Damn Jess, I never knew you could beg like that. You’re so fucking hot when you beg, and I love how wet this little pussy is. Is this what you want? You want me to slip my fingers in this wet cunt of yours and make you cum on my hand? Hmm??” Tigger teased me as he dipped just the tips of two fingers into my wet hole.

I moaned hard and loud as he teased me. “Please Tigger, I want you to make me cum…please do something, touch me. Make me cum…please” I begged him softly looking into his face. He smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me. Just as his lips pressed onto mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth, he pushed both fingers deep into my tight pussy, making me moan into his kiss. He leaned back away from me so that he could hear me moan as he fucked me with his fingers.

I moaned low in my throat and gripped his shoulders in my hands as he thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy, occasionally curving his fingers to hit my g-spot as he held me up against the wall. “Uh, ohhh, fuck. Tigger you’re gonna make me cum. hmmm…..” I cried out as he moved his fingers faster and harder inside my soaking cunt and his thumb found my clit. He moved his thumb rapidly on my clit as he fucked me hard with two thick fingers until I screamed and came on his hand. Once I started to cum and opened my mouth to scream, he covered my mouth with his other hand so no one from the party would come to investigate.

“Damn Jess, you’re so fucking tight. I can’t wait to feel you cum like that on my cock.” Tigger whispered in my ear as he eased his fingers ümraniye escort out of me and I leaned into him for support. I moaned at his words and started to slide my hands down his chest. I slowly made my way down to the bulge in his jeans, and I smiled when I felt his rock hard cock. I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and then looked up into his eyes and smiled.

I stood up all the way and grabbed his arm, swinging him around until his back was on the wall. I moved around in front of Tigger and crouched down in front of him, my big tits still shelved on my shirt. “God, you look hot like that. Tits bare and kneeling down in front of me. I can’t wait to get you home…” Tigger moaned as he looked at me.

“Glad you like it.” I smiled up at him and reached for the fly of his jeans. I leaned up a bit as I freed his cock from his jeans, I couldn’t wait to see it. I gasped when that big cock sprang out of his jeans, he had to be at least 9 inches long and pretty thick too.

“You like that Jess? Is that what the gasp was for? You like my cock sweetie?” Tigger teased me, grabbing his big cock by the base and waving it in my face. “I can’t wait to feel your tight little cunt wrapped around my cock you little slut.” he started slapping his big cock across my lips and cheeks. I moaned as he cock slapped me, it made me feel so degraded. kneeling there in that alley with my tits out letting him slap his thick cock all over my face.

I leaned up more and kissed the head of his cock and then looked up at him and softly began to beg, “please Tigger, can I suck your cock? Let me taste you please…”

“Ah Damn girl…. you’re such a hot little slut. I’m glad I found this out now. Go ahead, suck my cock Jess. Make me cum with that hot mouth of yours.” he said to me before shoving his thick cock between my lips. I moaned and started to suck hard on his cock, moving my mouth quickly on his hard shaft. Before long he was fucking my throat with his big cock with his hands wrapped in my hair.

I loved the way he thrust his cock in and out of my sucking mouth as I moaned around his cock. “That’s it Jess, suck kartal escort bayan my cock.” Tigger grunted out as he fucked my mouth. “Goddamn you’re a cocksucking slut. You’re gonna make me cum soon.”

I kept on sucking his cock harder and harder, reaching up to play with his heavy balls as I deepthroated his cock. His big cock tasted so good as I sucked him off there in that alley, listening to everyone at the party around the corner. I was getting hot again as he fucked my mouth, and I couldn’t wait until we left the party and I could finally feel that massive cock deep inside my tight wet cunt.

“Keep sucking it baby, you like me fucking your mouth Jess? You like this cock?” Tigger kept teasing me as he thrust his dick in and out of my sucking mouth. He reached down and started playing with my nipples as I sucked his cock, I had my hands on his hips helping him fuck my throat. “You’ve got such great tits. I love the way you look kneeling in front of me with your tits out, sucking my cock. You’re such a beautiful little whore.” Tigger whispered to me as he slowed his thrusting down.

I sucked slowly on his cock as he stopped moving his hips. I sucked my way back up his long, thick shaft so I that I could play with the head of his cock. I wanted to taste his cum when he exploded in my mouth. I got to the large spongy head of his cock and swirled my tongue around him while still sucking hard. I stroked his shaft with one hand and played with his heavy balls in the other.

“Aww, Jess. You really know how to suck cock…ahhhh….I’m gonna cum and you better swallow it baby.” Tigger cried out. I started sucking harder on his cockhead and jerking his shaft faster so that I could get his cum. Tigger moaned loudly and his cock jumped in my mouth, spurting out the first shot of his tasty cum. I swallowed and let my mouth fill up with the rest of his yummy cum. When Tigger finished shooting his load into my willing mouth he leaned up against the wall and looked down at me, “Open your mouth for me now.” he ordered me.

I opened my mouth for him and let him see that I had gotten all of his cum in my mouth. “You are a good girl. Swallow it now. And then we’ll go back to the party and leave to go to my house soon.” I swallowed his large load of cum, closing my eyes and savoring his taste and then put my tits back in my shirt. Tigger helped me to my feet and we walked back into the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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