Sex and Fun in San Francisco Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The First Night

I needed that bath. After a long day at the office, the drive to the airport, 2 hours there, another 4 on the flight out here, and then the long cab ride to the hotel, I was grubby and needed to feel clean again. But it was worth it. A long weekend in San Francisco with my lover would be the perfect way to recharge my batteries. And my battery meter was definitely pointing at “E”!

I toweled off and walked naked into sitting room of our suite. I looked around and noticed the ice bucket with the opened bottle of bubbly and two glasses waiting to be filled. I picked up the glasses and the bottle and entered the bedroom. The sight before me was inspiring, to say the least! Charlotte was staring out the open window taking in the lights of the city. Her knees were on the cushioned window seat, her crossed forearms on the windowsill with her chin resting in her fists. She was nude from the waist down. Her legs were spread apart and her ass was lifted as high up as she could get it while remaining in that position. This gave me a perfect view of her large smooth thighs and round butt and shaved womanhood and her little wrinkled asshole. Charlotte’s pussy lips had thickened and separated and she was obviously excited about being seen this way. The aroma of her sex was so strong to the point of overpowering the great city’s smells.

I didn’t know if she heard me come in or if she was too entranced by the views of San Francisco. I quietly came up behind her and put down the champagne glasses. Charlotte would expect kartal escort and want me to get on my knees and start licking her vaginal lips, then tease her with my cock before fucking her until we both climaxed. I was on the verge of following this script when I had an inspiration. I eased up to her and dropped to my knees. But instead of immediately going down on her I started kissing and licking her butt cheeks and rubbing my face all over those big, soft meaty globes. Charlotte is unusual among women I’ve known in that her inner thighs and buttocks are much more sensitive than the usual erogenous zones. She once told me she could orgasm faster and more intensely by having those body parts caressed and played with than by actual intercourse, although she did admit a good fuck would get her off too, eventually.

By now Charlotte was making mewling sounds and was swaying her wide hips from side to side. She was really getting into it and I figured another couple of minutes would put her over the top. That was when I did the unexpected. I took the bottle of champagne and slowly drizzled some into the cleft between her ass cheeks. The effect of the cold liquid was immediate. Charlotte let out a loud gasp and arched her back. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her toward my face. I licked the bubbly from her crack, taking care to spend some time tonguing her asshole. Then I move down to her pussy. It was soaked with a combination of champagne and vaginal fluids. I sucked in her cunt lips, nibbling each one, then ran my tongue maltepe escort bayan back and forth over her engorged clitoris, and finished her off by stabbing my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could get it.

She came hard. That was my cue to stand up and ram my hard dick into her hole. I could feel the contractions from her still ongoing orgasm grabbing onto and loosening from my cock-shaft. She was incredibly wet, yet there was enough heat and friction to trigger my own cum deep into her vagina. Had she been 10 years younger we’d be worried about her getting pregnant, but now it was a wonderful part of our sex games.

I pulled out and collapsed onto the floor. I felt really good and would not have minded taking a nap, but Charlotte had other ideas. She coaxed me onto the bed and then jumped on and moved to straddle my face with her crotch. “Eat me, lover boy!” she demanded. And eat her I did. She rode my face and soon my lips and cheeks and eyelids we drenched in a semen-vaginal juice-spit cocktail. I’m not crazy about the taste and smell of my cum, but I endured it because I knew how it would all end. Besides, I really do love the taste and smell of her cunt! After a few minutes, I noticed the area around her clit had taken on a “coppery” flavor and so I quickened my flicking of her bud. Then the moment arrived when all was quiet and Charlotte became very still. This was it! I gave her clitoris a couple more long, slow licks and she went crashing into a major orgasm.

Charlotte no longer had control over escort pendik her body as her legs splayed out as far as they could forcing her bottom to completely envelop my face. Her upper body was now totally supported by my head! A soft inner thigh molded itself to either side of my face while her clit ground into my nose and her vaginal lips tried to swallow my mouth. A torrent of juices flowed from her pussy into my mouth, nose, eyes, and all over my face. I couldn’t breathe! I tried to get Charlotte’s attention, but for some long seconds she didn’t respond. Finally, as her orgasm began to subside, she regained enough control over her muscles to lift herself about half an inch. The inrushing air never tasted so sweet! Charlotte climbed off my head and began licking our combined discharges from my face. She really liked doing this and took her time, making sure not to leave any of my DNA contribution behind.

After finishing with my face, she licked stray juices from my neck, chest and arms before moving down to my cock. It was covered in cooled sperm and woman juice and she went after it like a hungry baby at its mother’s breast. Charlotte very thoroughly cleaned my penis with her tongue, leaving it looking virgin-new.

We were both satiated and decided to drink the champagne and turn in for the night. To our surprise, the champagne was warm and the ice in the bucket had melted. We looked at a clock and saw it was well after midnight. We had spent more than two hours satisfying our carnal urges! It didn’t feel that long to me and Charlotte also couldn’t believe how much time had passed. So we ended up drinking the warm champagne and fell asleep in a spoon position.

Thus passed our first night in San Francisco. We couldn’t wait to see what new sexual adventures the morning would bring!

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