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The summer between my senior year in college and my graduate work had been particularly sexual. Not only did Carol and I terminate our status as virgins and then spend the summer exploring our sexuality, but unknown to Carol, I had also had wild sex a number of times with her apartment mates, Joan and Karen. After twenty-one years of masturbation and celibacy, during that summer I had enjoyed frequent all-night sex with Carol (alone) or with the other two women (together). However my first year in graduate school proved to be more like my earlier years, and I only had sex once, and that was during the first week.

I attended a “mixer”dance for graduate students, and ended up with a short (five foot) girl whose face wasn’t much but whose body was incredible. We danced a couple of slow dances and she rubbed her body against mine and kissed me until I had a massive erection. As the music finished, she reached down and grabbed my penis through my pants, and asked if we could go back to my room. I told her I had a roommate, and she said that she did too.

She asked if I had a car, and I told her just a VW bug, but she said that was fine, and we left the dance. While I drove to a dark area off campus, she got completely undressed and rubbed my penis through my pants while I caressed her firm, pointed breasts. We parked and I struggled out of my clothes. She put the passenger seat back as far as it would go, told me to sit on it, then she got a condom from her purse and put it on me. Without any preliminaries other than a quick kiss she positioned my penis then lowered herself onto me and began to pump up and down. I kissed and rubbed her breasts, and she quickly had orgasm after orgasm, accompanied each time by four or five loud grunts.

She neither screamed nor yelled, and given my experience a month before, her climaxes weren’t particularly strong. But she had a lot of them! She was a smoker and her breath tasted of it (which was a turn-off), but her tiny body was fantastic and her mechanical movements and grunting also turned me on, and I let out a yell as I exploded into the prophylactic. We had been fucking for only about 10 minutes. I immediately began to soften, so she pulled off me with a loud, wet smack, and sent me back to the driver’s seat to get dressed. I drove us back to campus.

She said she got really bitchy if she had to wait too long before she had sex, so I asked her how long it had been. She said, “Yesterday!” She kissed me, thanked me for relieving her tensions, and got out of the car and walked away. I didn’t even know her last name, and I felt as if I had been used. But at least I got laid, something that didn’t happen again for over a year. I was lucky I didn’t catch anything from her, and I decided that this kind of sex just wasn’t worth the risk.

I found that the majority of women in graduate school were sexually shy, probably because they had actually studied while in college. Clearly they were too bright for the “I’ve got what you really want, baby, and it’s here in my pants!” kind of come-on, and I suspected that most of them were virgins – or close to it. There were also a few wild sluts (like the one above), but they didn’t appeal to me. The most action I got that first year was rubbing an occasional breast, usually through a bra. I beat off regularly in the shower and relived (in my mind) the previous summer with Carol, Joan, and Karen.


The first semester of my second year in graduate school ended my monastic existence. My teaching duties consisted of a single course which I taught in a small theater-style lecture hall, with student desks higher as each row got further from the front of the room. At the end of the first week of classes three girls appeared together with add-slips. Karla, Barb, and Carolyn seated themselves several rows from the front and were always watching me. Karla had shoulder-length blonde hair and dressed in sweaters and short skirts. Barb had short, dark hair and wore blouses and pleated skirts. Carolyn had dark hair that ended in the middle of her back and she wore blouses and narrow skirts. They were all very pretty, and they all had great figures. Compared to most of the other students (who typically wore sweatshirts and grubby jeans) they were really dressed up. I was flattered by the way they kept looking at me.

The second week they were in class I realized they were deliberately spreading their legs and showing me their panties. They sat precisely high enough that I had a clear view between their legs as I looked directly ahead. I walked around my desk and stood against the empty first row of seats so that I was less than six feet from them. Most of their classmates were seated farther back, so nobody else realized what they (and I!) were doing. The three of them blushed but they kept their legs apart. I played a game with them by working the colors of their panties into my lectures each day. This went on kartal escort bayan for several fun weeks until the day I looked up and saw three patches of pubic hair instead of panties. I kept lecturing without missing a beat, but the blood was roaring in my ears!

As class ended the three teases stayed in their seats (and flashing me) until everyone had left, then came as a group to the front. I smiled at them and they blushed, and I wondered what they were up to. They crowded up so close that I could feel two sets of breasts against my biceps, and then Karla asked, “Do you ever have sex with your students?”

My throat got tight and I couldn’t talk and I quickly got them out of there. We walked outside the building and sat down on a patch of grass away from the sidewalks, with the three of them facing me. Karla and Carolyn sat sideways with their legs together and out to the side, and Barb sat on her bottom with her feet and knees together in front of her and with her arms crossed on her knees. I tried to see her snatch, but her legs were in the way.

I told them they all really turned me on, but the department would kick me out if they caught me trading grades for sex. They all blushed and giggled, then Barb said, “We aren’t trying to improve our grades.” There was a period of silence during which they all blushed again, then they asked me questions in a sudden rush. Karla asked if I had ever had sex with other people watching. Barb asked if virgins could enjoy sex. Carolyn asked what position was best. I was caught completely off guard and I just sat there, completely dumbfounded.

Finally I asked, “What’s with the beaver shots and the sex questions? Are you all frustrated virgins?” I asked. “Karla isn’t!” blurted Barb. “She made love in her boyfriend’s car.” I turned to Karla and she was obviously embarrassed and I demanded, “So you necked, he played with your breasts, then he pulled your skirt up, pulled your panties down, and put his dork in you, right?” Karla turned bright red, looked down at her knees, and nodded. I asked, “Did you enjoy it?” She said it was exciting but didn’t really feel very good, and that they had only done it twice because she was afraid of getting pregnant. “How long was he inside you before he finished?” I asked. Karla murmured it only took a couple of minutes and kept staring at her knees. I’d heard enough, so I said, “Hell, you didn’t make love! You were fucked! Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am isn’t making love!”

Karla looked really embarrassed as she looked up, and the other two were looking at her, not at me, so I glanced down under Barb’s skirt. Her knees were apart and I could clearly see her pubic hair and the tips of her labia. My partial erection immediately turned rock-hard.

The three of them just sat there staring down at the grass with me sneaking peeks at Barb’s pussy. Karla was crimson and starting to cry. Barb finally looked up at me so I stopped looking at her twat and asked her, “Just exactly what do you want me to do?” They all looked at me then, and Barb blushed. After a few seconds she blurted out, “We want you to make love to Karla while we watch and then make love to us if we decide we want you to.”

I felt my own face grow hot and I was so flustered I couldn’t say anything! Carolyn said that they all really liked me, and even though I was only a little older than they were they thought I was much more sophisticated. Barb said that they wanted to find out what sex was all about. I told them again that I was attracted to them, but I’d be in real trouble if I dated anyone in my class. They said they knew that, but they didn’t want to date me, just have me to their place for a party. “In a dorm? The R.A. would find out and we would all be in trouble!” I said. “We’re not in a dorm.” announced Karla. “We registered late and the dorms were full. The three of us had to rent an apartment off campus. Nobody will find out!” All three gave me pleading looks, Karla’s through her tears of embarrassment. Barb shifted her legs and I couldn’t help looking again at her pussy. Her labia were now clearly visible, poking out through her pubic thatch. They saw where I was looking, Barb clamped her legs together and blushed again, and I said, “Better wear panties if you are going to sit that way, Barb! I can see you’re getting turned on!” Barb really turned red this time. The other two giggled. I asked about birth control, and they blushed, Karla said that they had all just started taking the pill. I decided to go along with them. I’d had sex with other people watching, and I knew it didn’t interfere with my performance.

We settled on Friday evening, two days later, at 7:30. They asked me if beer was OK, and I said that would be fine. They got up, flashing me again, but I stayed on the ground. Carolyn asked why I was still sitting, and I pointed to the bulge in my pants and they all giggled and blushed as they walked away.

We had class together once more that week, and they escort maltepe kept smiling and blushing at me while they flashed me, still naked under their skirts. After class they handed me a note reminding me about the “party” and giving me directions. They giggled and blushed as they left the room. I graded some papers in my office, had dinner in the graduate dorm, took a shower, and packed a tiny zipper bag with my toothbrush, shaving gear, and related stuff. If they were really serious, that was all I would need, even if I stayed overnight. I told my roommate that I might not be back that night and not to worry. He winked and told me to score some pussy for him, too.

I showed up at their apartment on time and left my little bag beside the door. We sat down in their living room and drank beers. All three girls were dressed up, but they were very, very nervous. I wondered if they were wearing panties. I asked them if they really wanted to go through with it and Barb and Carolyn turned and looked at Karla. She sat stiffly in her chair with her arms wrapped around herself. “I think I want to, but I haven’t even kissed you yet!” she exclaimed.

Nobody said anything, so I put down my beer, walked over to Karla, and pulled her to her feet. Then I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the her neck, on her eyes, on the nose, and finally on her lips. I rubbed my tongue back and forth on her lips, and she opened them and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it gently, and she made a little sound in her throat. We kissed for a long time, then finally broke. I kissed her eyes again, then let go of her. She didn’t step away, but kissed me again. “The kissing is great,” she said in a husky voice, then blurted “but we can’t have sex with all these clothes on!” Barb and Carolyn blushed and Karla held me and looked directly into my eyes.

Karla continued, “And I’m feeling funny about us getting undressed and having them dressed and watching us.” I suggested we play a game to get all of us undressed at the same time. Carolyn and Barb blushed, then in that same husky voice Karla asked, “What game? Strip Poker?” The sexual tension was thick enough to cut.


I figured they wouldn’t know how to play Poker, and Strip War often went too fast (and I wanted to prolong the stripping), so I asked if they all knew how to play Hearts, and they did. Then I explained the rules for Strip Hearts (at least according to Karen and Joan who introduced me to this fun game!): Each item of clothing we removed went into a big pile and it all had to stay there until we all got dressed. If you got the Queen of Spades, you would choose an item of your clothing which the person who gave you the Queen would remove. If you got the Ace of hearts, you had to drink your beer. But if you shot the moon by getting all of the hearts and the Queen, you would both choose and remove an item of clothing from each of the other players, kissing them if you wanted to, and each of them also had to drink a beer. The last one naked was the winner and could determine how the rest of the evening proceeded.

After some discussion, we agreed to three additional rules: Nobody could refuse to remove clothing if they lost, nobody could hide nudity by turning away or by covering themselves with their hands, and nobody could be forced to have sex. Before we started, I told them we had to be certain that we were all wearing the same number of clothes. I was wearing seven things: shirt, pants, underpants, socks, and shoes. Karla announced that she was wearing six: sweater, bra, skirt, panties, and shoes. Barb also had six: blouse, bra, skirt, panties, and shoes. Carolyn smiled and said she was only wearing five: dress, bra, panties, and shoes. (They didn’t wear panties to class, but they did when they were planning to have sex. Women are hard to understand!) Karla and Barb matched Carolyn at five by each removing a shoe, and I removed both of mine. Then we sat down on the floor and began to play.

On the first hand, Karla gave me the Queen and Carolyn got the Ace. I had Karla remove one of my socks and she tossed it into a corner. Carolyn downed her beer and opened another one.

On the second hand, I gave Barb the Queen and I got the Ace. I removed Barb’s last shoe, tossed it into the corner with my sock, drank my beer, and opened another one.

On the third hand I shot the moon. My penis got hard in anticipation of what was coming. I made no attempt to hide the bulge in my pants as I unbuttoned Barb’s blouse, removed it and threw it into the corner, and kissed her. She blushed deeply and trembled as I held her against me. She kept her eyes averted from mine. Her bra was yellow. Then I did the same for Karla and her sweater. Karla looked right into my eyes and smiled as we kissed, but she was trembling, too. She wore a sexy black bra. Finally I unfastened Carolyn’s dress, pulled it down and off of her and tossed it into the corner, and kissed pendik escort her. She too blushed and trembled, and she too wouldn’t look at me. Her bra and panties were white. They all drank their beers and opened more. The game was getting interesting! Barb and Carolyn looked at each other and smiled to give each other encouragement, then looked down at their cards.

Carolyn got the Queen from Karla and the Ace from me. Karla removed one of Carolyn’s shoes, and Carolyn had another beer. She burped and we all laughed.

Karla shot the moon on the next hand. First she removed Carolyn’s last shoe, leaving her in her white bra and panties, and kissed her gently on the cheek. Then she pulled Barb’s skirt off, leaving her in her yellow bra and panties. Barb glanced at me and turned crimson when she saw me staring at her body. Karla kissed Barb, then came to me, pulled my shirt over my head, pressed her firm, bra-covered breasts against me, and kissed me for a over a minute. We were both breathing hard when she finally stopped. She was no longer trembling when I touched her. The three of us drank our beers. Carolyn had drunk twice as much as any of the rest of us, and she began to show the effects.

Barb gave me the Queen next, and Karla got the Ace. She removed my last sock and kissed me, and Karla drank down her beer.

Next I managed to give the Queen to Karla, and Carolyn got the Ace again. I unzipped Karla’s skirt very slowly, then slipped it to the floor. She tried to act unconcerned but she finally blushed as I stared at her crotch and smiled. I pulled her against me and kissed her long and passionately. Her tongue gave mine a lot of action and she was breathing heavily through her nose. She was wearing black bikini panties and I could see curls of blond pubic hair sticking out. Carolyn drank her beer and had to go to the bathroom. She didn’t walk very well, but she was back fairly quickly. Barb looked from Karla to me and back to Karla and blushed again, apparently sensing the building sexual tension.

On the next hand, Karla returned the favor and gave me the Queen and I also got the Ace. Karla unsnapped my pants, then unzipped them and held them in the front so that her hand slid down my erection as she lowered them. With my pants around my ankles and wearing only my bulging jockey shorts, Karla rubbed herself against me and tongue-kissed me and only stopped when I began to rub her breasts through her bra. I heard Carolyn and Barb whispering and giggling. I drank a beer. My white underpants were pushed out so far by my erection that my hairy scrotum and balls were in plain view. All three girls stared at my crotch, with only my penis hidden from their view.

Carolyn gave Karla the Queen, and once again Carolyn got the Ace. Carolyn removed Karla’s bra, leaving her in nothing but her black bikinis. Karla had small nipples but half-dollar sized areolae. Her full breasts pointed straight out. She looked at me, blushed, and smiled. Then she put her arms over her head, and asked me if I liked what I saw. I stared at Karla’s breasts and nodded and grinned at her. Barb gasped and blushed, again. I stared at Karla’s crotch, and I thought I could see a wet spot forming on her panties. Carolyn drank her beer and burped loudly and was now obviously very drunk.

On the next hand Carolyn was so intoxicated she didn’t even notice when I gave her the Queen. Barb got the Ace. I stood up and moved over to Carolyn. I had to help her stand up, and she leaned against me as I undid her bra, then pulled it off her. She stood there with her breasts against me, and leaned up and kissed me. “This is sexy!” she announced to everyone. She looked down at herself and me and gave out a little gasp and put her hand over her nipples and blushed again. I pulled her hands down, telling her it was against the rules, and kissed her again. She sat down awkwardly, wearing nothing but her white panties. Her nipples were large and her areolae about the size of quarters. Her breasts were large and round. Barb, now the most dressed among us, drank her beer. My gaze moved back and forth between Karla’s and Carolyn’s breasts. Only Karla would meet my eyes, but she was also staring at my crotch.

Karla managed to give Barb the Queen, and Karla got the Ace. Karla took Barb’s bra off, leaving her in nothing but her yellow panties. Her breasts were nicely- sized and pear-shaped with bright red areolae and nipples. Barb stared at her cards and didn’t look at anyone. Her face was very red and she looked very tense. Karla drank her beer and smiled at me. The next hand would make one of us naked. Barb dealt the cards. I watched each girl’s breasts bounce as they played her cards.

Karla got the Queen from Barb and I got the Ace. I smiled at Karla and licked my lips. She stood directly in front of me while Barb pulled her panties down. Her blond pubic hair was very fine and tightly curled, and yes, her panties were slightly damp and I could smell her. As I drank my beer, she smiled at me. She sat with her legs apart so that I could see her now wide-open pussy, and she pointed out to the other girls that there was a wet spot forming at the tip of the bulge in my underpants. Barb and Carolyn giggled and blushed as they looked at it.

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