Sex in the Sahara Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Sex at the Oasis

Linda’s narrative

I don’t think I have ever slept with a guy who has not awoken with a hard cock staring up at the ceiling. Curtis, I knew from past experience, was no different to any other guy; but to be awoken under a rising desert sun with the tip of a hard cock pressing gently into my mouth was not only a new experience but a lovely one.

I opened my eyes and smiled as I saw Curtis kneeling beside me, his hard cock held firmly in his hand at the base whilst he teased the entrance to my mouth with the huge, red, bulbous head. The thought crossed my mind that he had already been jerking his cock as I could already taste the pre cum and, as I looked up into his tender eyes and caught the glint in them, I realised that had been his intention; to wake one of his babes with that salty taste on her lips. I turned my head slightly to see his other babe, my best friend and other sex partner Adele, still dreaming peacefully in her sleeping bag beside me. I turned my head to face Curtis’s cock again and delighted in the feel of the thick shaft entering me as Curtis slowly eased it between my lips.

In an effort to give myself even more pleasure, and I knew Curtis would appreciate it, I closed my lips as tightly as I could so that he had to force his long shaft between my tightened lips. I kept my teeth open just enough so that they scraped up the shaft as he pushed slowly into my waiting mouth. Eventually, with low moans escaping his lips, Curtis completed the journey and I felt his cock touch the back of my throat; with my head now bent backwards slightly so as to deep throat him as best I could. I am not as expert as my namesake, the Deep Throat expert Linda Lovelace, but I can take a good sized cock into my throat with ease and as Curtis’s balls touched my mouth I knew I had it all inside me.

Curtis held it there for a second before sliding his thick shaft slowly back out and then in again as he took on a slow rhythm of fucking my mouth with long, deep strokes. I moved one of my hands around his body and slid the index finger gently into his tight arse; my other hand I dropped down to my crutch and found my knickers to be slightly hard; a reminder of the orgasms I had undergone the night before and which had left my juices clinging to the material of my panties and which had now dried to a firmness that felt uncomfortable. I slid my hand beneath the elastic and my hips jumped slightly as I touched my tiny bud that nestled just a fraction above my now wet slit.

Some girls have their clitoris positioned a little above their ‘fuck hole’ whereas I am one of the lucky ones who’s tiny bud is on the entrance to my pussy hole and I therefore have it rubbed against by the cocks that find their way into me.

I gripped Curtis’s cock even tighter as my clit jerked beneath my probing finger and he picked up the pace as he knelt beside me and fucked my eager mouth.

However, as I soon found out, his intention was not to have a blow job but a fuck; which delighted me immensely when he suddenly pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth and moved his body down the sand to my hips. Grabbing my panties he deftly slid them from my legs and climbed between them. Un-ceremoniously he grabbed my ankles and lifted them high and wide onto his broad shoulders. With his hard cock now pointing directly at my open cunt he drove kartal escort bayan into me like a steam piston in one swift movement that sent a quiver of delight through my body. I took his length easily and began a slow, soft moaning as Curtis began a slow, steady fuck into my depths. I moved my ankles so as to grip him tightly around the neck and could feel his balls slamming my arse as he reamed in and out of me; picking up the pace as his desire increased to bursting point.

I had been fucked by Curtis so many times before that I knew he would not unload himself into me until I had cum myself; however on this occasion I was wrong.

His thrusting increased in intensity and I let out a low scream as he dropped his head to my tits and bit my nipple firmly. I heard movement beside me and turned to see Adele sliding from her sleeping back with a broad smile spread across her face. She moved towards me and kissed my firmly on the lips as her tongue slid deep into my mouth. Just as I sucked it I felt Curtis’s cock grow that extra centimetre and I actually felt his spunk shooting from his balls and up his throbbing shaft to erupt like Old Faithful into the depths of my wet and waiting cunt. I almost bit Adele’s probing tongue as I felt every hot globule of cum spurting into the depths of my womanhood as time after time he thrust in and out of me until the last drop of his hot sperm slid from the tiny hole in the head of his cock.

I had not had my orgasm yet and for a moment was a little disappointed that Curtis had not held back for me. But he had other ideas. No sooner had his cock stopped spurting than he pulled it from my pussy, slid his body down between my legs and rammed his tongue deep into me. I screamed into Adele’s mouth as she continued to kiss me; one hand now pinching at my left nipple, and I realised Curtis was sucking his own spunk out of my soaking wet cunt. His teeth gave a tender nibble onto my clit as his juices, now mixed with my own, were sucked out of me and into his waiting mouth. I came. My back arched, my mouth rammed hard against Adele’s and my body shook as I orgasmed onto Curtis’s tongue in a turmoil of sexual passion that sent wave after wave of quivers rippling through my entire body.

Fucked, exhausted and delighted at my lovely awakening I lay trembling on my sleeping bag as Curtis finally pulled himself from between my legs to kiss Adele good morning. I reached for my cigarettes and slid one between my lips and inhaled deeply as my body slowly came down from the dizzy heights of sexual elation. Meanwhile Curtis and Adele headed for the nearby cool waters of the oasis; Curtis as naked as the day he was born and Adele with just her tiny pink thong hugging her womanhood in the front and then disappearing into the crack of her bum at the back.

My cigarette extinguished I too headed for the oasis and delighted at the feel of the refreshingly cool water above me as I dived beneath its shallow depths.

For a few moments I swam around with Curtis and Adele before leaving them to their play and heading for my towel. Once dry I clambered into a clean pair of knickers, my sand coloured shorts and a tight fitting, white, T shirt with a leaping dolphin across the front and the Greenpeace logo emblazoned on the back. As a natural red head I was fortunate in that my skin tanned easily; rather than escort maltepe just burnt like the majority of red heads do. That meant I could safely wear my shorts rather than have to encase my legs in long trousers when out in the blazing sun. A pair of white socks complimented my desert boots that were a must for protection against the scorpions that scampered about the desert so freely.

Whilst Adele and Curtis frolicked around in the water I lit the primus and began a simple breakfast and, more importantly, the coffee.

The laughter from the pool seemed to fade away into silence as I was about to pour the coffee and I glanced around to see what had made Adele and Curtis stop their frolicking. The answer didn’t surprise me as I saw them holding each other tightly while they kissed in the cool water. Adele’s naked breasts were bobbing at water level and Curtis’s right hand was doing something beneath the water that was causing Adele to moan softly into his mouth. I saw her own hand drop down to his crutch and it became obvious how they were going to please each other beneath water level. Although I had already topped up the water containers on the Land Rover I still shouted to them, jokingly, not to ‘mess’ up our water supply. With pictures in my mind of white cum globules floating up to the surface I poured myself a coffee and decided to take a walk and clear the cobwebs from my joints.

Leaving the sanctuary of the palms that enclosed the oasis I looked around to get a view of the Atlas Mountains that we were due to cross within the next day or two.

They weren’t there.

I looked all round me but they simply were not there. My heart leaped into my throat as I realised that this could mean only one thing. I had taken a wrong turn somewhere and instead of heading towards the mountains in the dark I had driven away from them. It meant we would have to double back and be out in the open desert most of the day. A glance at the sun told me which way we had to go but I was still so very angry with myself.

I headed back to the shelter of the oasis to break the news to Adele and Curtis and already the hot sun was baking the top of my hatless head and the brightness of the sun was difficult to bare without my shades to protect my eyes. I welcomed the tall trees as I reached the shelter of the camp just as Adele was clambering to her feet where she had been kneeling in front of Curtis at the side of the oasis. The smile on Curtis’s face told me he had just had his second blow job of the day. No cum in the drinking water then.. just in Adele’s mouth and down her face; As I approached she rushed over to me and kissed me for the second time that morning; only this time she slid some of Curtis’s cum into my own mouth as she whispered. “breakfast darling.” I smiled as I tasted the cum that I had tasted so often in the past and I duly swallowed the offered ‘man juice’. If I had not been so worried about being so far off track then I would almost certainly have pulled Adele down onto the sand and rammed my tongue between her open legs as hard as it would go. However I refrained and returned to the camp fire while Adele and Curtis dressed.

The hot sun was now climbing quickly into the sky as I bent down to the primus to pour 2 cups of coffee.

I told Adele and Curtis about my discovery, and that I had taken the wrong way and pendik escort that we were many miles off course, as I handed them the cups of steaming liquid. Curtis smiled and told me not to worry as we had all the time in the world to retrace our steps. He took a few sips of the hot, black coffee and clambered into the front of the Land Rover to retrieve his satellite navigation devise. A few moments later he looked up at Adele and I with a worried look on his face.

“Sorry to tell you this girls but we did not just take the wrong road. We actually left Morocco. We are now 5 miles inside Algeria.”

It was at that moment that all hell broke loose.

I screamed out in utter fright; Adele gripped my arm tightly and Curtis ran to stand in front of Adele and I in order to place himself boldly between the Arab horse riders and us girls. Before we had any chance to protest the Bedouins rode straight at us and all three of us were expertly scooped off our feet and thrown onto the back of a horse before its rider sped out of the oasis and into the blazing Sahara Desert with a dozen or so Bedouins following fast behind us. I had no option but to grasp the rider in front of me tightly around the waist and, as I glanced at my friends, they too were holding on for dear life.

For what seemed hours, but was only about 15 minutes, we were raced off across the open desert into God knows what situation. I actually began to fear for my life when suddenly a road appeared in the dunes ahead with 2 large Range Rover’s sat waiting; obviously for us. No sooner did the horsemen reach the road than we were pulled, unceremoniously, from the horses we were clinging too and bundled into the 2 vehicles. Curtis in one Rover and Adele and I in the other. Two frightening Bedouins, dressed all in black, sat either side of us and, without a word spoken, the engine roared into life and we were off to God only knows what fate. I had heard of the terrible conditions inside Algerian prisons; of the torture and the rapes; the humiliations and degradations that women captives were put through.

The thought flashed through my mind that if the Bedouin tribesmen had entered the oasis whilst we were fucking each other just an hour ago then we would surely have been raped there and then. The thought done little to calm my shaking body.

With fear in my voice I told Adele how sorry I was for losing my way the night before but she just squeezed my hand tightly and told me it was not my fault. She also reminded me that Gadaffi had just settled compensation claims over Lockerbie and was looking forward to the West lifting its sanctions. He was unlikely to jeopardise this because 3 lost tourists had taken a wrong turn. Whether Adele believed this herself or whether she said it to calm my shaking nerves I don’t know. But it helped.

The four Arabs sat in the car with us never uttered a word as we talked and they seemed contented to let us carry on a conversation. I glanced around behind me and saw the other Range Rover speeding along close behind us with Curtis in the back. He too had a look of trepidation on his face.

Mile after mile the vehicles sped down the long, open desert highway with its frightened captives thinking out the worst possible scenarios as to our forthcoming fate.

Little did we know, as Adele and I sat clutching each other’s hands in almost sheer terror, that we would have more cocks shoved into our pussies and bums in the next 2 days than we had had in our entire lives.

End of Chapter 5

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