Sexual Lives at Veni Corp Ch. 03

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It was the sound of footsteps echoing down the hall that shook her from her reverie. Abigail sighed deeply and opened her eyes, feeling relaxed and ready to get back to work… only to see that the clock had mysteriously jumped ahead by thirty-five minutes!

Shit!… Had she fallen asleep? What about her test? Shit, SHIT!

She scrambled to her feet. Her panties lay on the ground. She thought about putting them back on, but the sound of footsteps was getting closer. She grabbed them and stuffed them into her purse, then jumped on the chair.

Eight questions, and ten seconds left to answer them. She looked at the screen and tried to read the next one, but her panicked mind did not manage to comprehend any of the written words. The footsteps reached the door. In desperation, Abigail closed the file as if she had finished, and spun around to greet Roy just as he entered the room.

“Hi Abigail,” he smiled politely. “Sorry I’m a few minutes late, but I’m ready to look over your answers now. Do me a favour and send the file you were working on to my email, ok?”

“Um… sure,” Abigail replied through an insincere smile. She rotated her chair back around and with the cursor dragged the practically empty questionnaire to the attachment box. She waited a few moments, as if pretending to look everything over, but when she could not stall any longer without seeming suspicious, she took a deep breath and pressed the send button.

“Good. Let’s go back to my office.” Roy stepped back to allow Abigail to cross the threshold and return to the hall. The two of them walked without speaking, but not in silence: muffles ringing telephones and loud voices of the different working teams gave a sense of the busybody nature of this environment. Abigail’s sense of dread was weighing her down with each step, and each muffled sound filled her with envy for a business she would never be able to return to.

I fucked up.

As they arrived at Roy’s sunny office, he motioned for her to sit across from his desk, while he fidgeted with the mouse to open her file. Abigail sat up straight and placed her hands over her knee… an old trick she learned from reading Jane Austen novels: when in doubt, mind your manners.

The sunlight shone directly onto her chair, shining through her beautiful natural red curly hair like a halo. Her hair colour was unusual for a dark-skinned woman such as she, as were the freckles that decorated her nose and cheeks, and it made her very memorable. She might have appeared even more beautiful, if not for her miserable mood right now.

“Okay, let’s see…” he said as he killed time while the file loaded. “How did you find it? Not too hard, I hope?”

Abigail could only smile wordlessly. Her intertwined her fingers to keep her hands from shaking. She looked at Roy’s expression as his eyes darted across the screen… then felt ashamed as she saw him furrowing his brow when he reached the section of the document that remained blank.

“It took you a full hour to write four questions…” His voice was less of a declarative statement and more genuine flabbergast.

Abigail opened her mouth to reply, but no sound escaped her lips. Should she tell him the truth about Priya and Mark? Even with that distraction, it was her own fault for allowing herself to be swept up in the sexual energy of the other couple. Besides, she invaded their privacy, it’s not as if they had invited her to join or watch – she could have continued working on her own.

Should she bluff and say that the file was corrupted, or didn’t save properly? That lie could easily be discovered by doing an auto-recover, which would destroy her credibility forever.

Roy looked to her, expecting an answer, but none came. “Look, Abigail…” he began, trailing off for a few painfully long seconds. “I’m… I’m not sure if this is going to work out. If you can’t work in a timely manner, we can’t use you in this company.”

“But I can do the work,” she protested feebly.

He tilted his head incredulously. “I just gave you the chance to prove it, and you returned less than half of the work I needed, even though I gave you five minutes more than I originally intended.”

Abigail sank back into her chair. This was it. She had to admit defeat and go home, before she made any more of a fool of herself.

She had not even had her first day here, and she already knew she was going to miss this place. She already regretted never again being able to see Emilia and her bubbly charm, or learn from Priya with her ironclad confidence. She regretted that she denied herself the chance to meet Mark, and slide her tongue across the tattoos over his chest and arms.

And most of all, she regretted leaving a company that actually used (with actual success, as ridiculous as it seemed) the infamous Paitho model of employee motivation… a fringe theory of management that said that sexual favours could motivate productivity…

No, escort kartal she thought, as she unconsciously curled her lip. Emilia, Priya and Mark have shown me how this company really works. I can use sex to my advantage. She stood up straight again, turned her gaze to Roy’s eyes, thrust out her chest and smiled.

It’s time to negotiate.

“Roy, I admit that I got very distracted during the course of the quiz. But I can assure you that it was a momentary weakness that won’t be repeated. Give me a second chance, and I can prove my worth to the company.”

“A second chance? Why should I do that, when I could interview someone else?”

Good, he could have shut me down, but instead he’s giving me an in. “Because not everyone is going to be a good fit for this company. Not like me.”

Roy gave a quizzical look.

Abigail took a deep breath and ran the pitch scenario in her head The sales process could be summarized through the acronym AIDA… starting with “A” for Attention.

“You need me, because I’m smart, and committed, and I’m a great marketing strategist and a terrific sales woman…”

Abigail reached her fingers up to her blouse and unbuttoned her top button.

“…and unlike other people with a similar profile, I accept the fact that you work on the Paitho model of employee motivation, and there are very few people who would be willing to mix their sex life with their work life.” She blinked her eyes slowly and seductively. “But I am.”

Roy’s eyes went wide with shock. “How… How do you know about Paitho…?” Roy leaned back, and forced his lips shut before he could mistakenly admit anything incriminating. “What do you propose?”

Abigail was on her feet. “I will exchange a session of passion with you, if you will let me rework the questionnaire.”

Roy was a statue as he contemplated. “Give me details.”

Next is “I” for Interest. Abigail weighed her options. She had to start small, to give herself room to negotiate. “I’ll take off all my clothes, lay you down on this desk, and give you a slow, wonderful handjob. I’ve learned several tantric techniques that I’m sure you’ll find very unbelievably stimulating.”

Roy let out a derisive chuckle. “No, you have to do better. Your job here is on the line, and you offer a little handjob?”

Abigail unbuttoned a second button on her blouse, revealing her black bra. “My handjobs are legendary, Roy. I’ve held entire parties where I demonstrated this skill before a rapt audience. I can assure you that my technique is unlike any you’ve ever experienced.”

“Maybe I believe you, and I’m sure I’ll want that experience one day… but not for this occasion. Not when the stakes are this high. I want something more.”

She expected this: for people that had never experienced her particular brand of handjob, the prospect of one was considered… amateurish. Abigail was not offended: she knew that those people who had felt her touch always wanted more. “A blowjob, then?” she suggested off-handedly.

“Fucking,” he said, without missing a beat. “Pure, unrestrained, deep, hard, go until we both have trouble walking, fucking.” He looked her in the eyes, challenging her. “Can you handle that?”

She was disappointed by his uninspired crassness, but was not surprised. She loved a good fucking too, and maybe even wanted to have the sensation of being filled up by a strong cock, particularly after the session she witnessed with Priya and Mark. She also understood that she was in a submissive position right now, simply because she had more to lose if they could not come to an arrangement. But giving up all of her power would be a bad idea.

She rubbed her finger across the edge of her bra, drawing his attention to her breasts. She then slid her hand under the last button, opening her blouse completely revealing her beautiful dark skin and smooth tummy. Roy could now see that her pretty freckles were not just on her nose and cheeks, but also spotted over her gorgeous cleavage.

Roy’s gaze was transfixed, and she decided to go for the kill by reaching her fingers under her bra, pulling it slightly down and revealing a fraction of her dark chocolate nipples. “And where will you be cumming, Roy?” she asked coquettishly.

He took a deep breath, his eyes unmoving. “On your tits.”

Yeah, you will, she laughed internally. At least now she had planted the suggestion on how the session would end, and therefore keep some measure of control over this one-sided negotiation. “If… if that’s what you want…” she nodded, feigning resignation. “All right, all over my tits.”

“Times two,” he added quickly, urgency suddenly in his voice.

“Excuse me?”

“Everything we just spoke about… except we do it twice. Once right now, and again at another time of my choosing.”

“Only if I get the job,” she countered quickly.

He tore his gaze away from her chest and looked her in the eyes. He swallowed maltepe escort hard: his arousal was making his mouth uncomfortably dry, but he asked his next question with as much professionalism as he could summon. “Tell me something: why would you accept to do this in exchange for reworking the questionnaire? Why not ask me to hire you on the spot instead?”

Abigail’s smile faded from her eyes, even as it remained on her lips. “Don’t you get it?” she explained, a hint of offense creeping into her voice. “I’m here to work. I’m here to earn a living. I need to be able to contribute to the company, and have the chance to advance my career. And I don’t want to be hired simply because I’m a good lay, which I am. I want to be hired because I’m qualified… again, which I am.”

“You could have thought about that before you got momentarily distracted,” he replied harshly.

Oh Lord, he really loves his corporate machismo bullshit, doesn’t he? she mused. Regardless, next is “D” for Decision. This is the moment of truth.

“We all make mistakes, Roy,” Abigail paused to absently look at her dark orange-painted nails – which in the glow of the sunlight, matched her red hair – before snapping her gaze back to him. “Yours will be not accepting my proposal in the next five seconds.”

One-Mississippi, she counted in her head. Roy looked to her and feigned being unimpressed.

Two-Mississippi. Roy drew his gaze from her eyes to her neckline.

Three-Mississippi. Abigail big her lips, and ran her fingers over her soft tummy.

Four-Mississippi. Roy put out his hand. “You’re a good sales woman, Abigail. I accept your offer.”

And finally, “A” is for Action.

Abigail stepped around his desk and stood before him, her shirt opened, her skin flushed and excited. She took his hand in hers, but instead of letting the handshake last until it became awkward, Abigail pulled him forward. She pressed her body against his and threw her left arm around his neck. She kissed him deeply.

Roy’s eyes were wide with surprise. It was not as though he did not expect physical closeness – they were about to have sex as agreed upon, after all – but he was not expecting the intimacy of a kiss… certainly not without him having been the one to prompt it.

But Abigail felt a primal hunger. As much as Roy was a pretentious ass, he was stylish, he was self-assured, and at this moment a strong part of her wanted him. She let go of his hand and threw her other arm around him, pushing their bodies together fully. It was impossible to separate the citrus smell of his cologne from the taste of his lips: it was like kissing crisp summer mornings, but with the thrill someone new. She could feel his erection pushing impatiently against her, and she smiled as she opened her mouth to invite his tongue.

Roy’s stunned passivity did not last long. He slid one hand under her blouse and held her by the small of her back, while his other hand impatiently moved its way up her smooth abdomen, finding its way to squeeze her breast. His fingers stiffened under her bra as he tried to force it down.

His impatience made Abigail chuckle even as her lips devoured his.

Roy pushed away and loosened his tie, suddenly feeling constricted. He started unbuttoning his shirt, but his sexual frustration got the better of him. In an instant he had pulled it off over his head and thrown it to the ground, revealing his bare hairy chest.

Abigail, for her part, let her delicate sky-blue blouse fall to the floor. She bit her lip as she looked at her partner, and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra, her mischievous and purposeful butterfingers stalling its removal.

He pounced on her, wrapping his hands around her waist and moving his mouth in to taste her neck. Again, Abigail giggled. She gently bit his earlobe, causing him to shudder and pull back just in time for her bra to loosen around her chest and fall to the ground.

Her soft, plump breasts bounced to attention, and her dark brown nipples stood eager to be touched. The freckles that started on the bridge of her nose descended beautifully to spot her chest, sometimes hiding around the perfect curves of her body, waiting to be discovered. Abigail casually angled her look down at her body, as if following Roy’s gaze, cupped her breasts and fondled them softly. Slowly, she moved her hands to the skirt zipper at her hip, and loosened her skirt.

She paused and looked back to Roy, wanting to see his reaction at what would happen next. A moment later, she let her skirt fall to her feet.

“Holy Hell…” was all Roy could say, as Abigail revealed her thin red landing strip protecting her pussy. “You came to this interview without wearing any panties?”

Abigail let the question go unanswered (better than admitting that she had removed her panties because she was spying on Priya and Mark earlier), and simply stepped forward and out of her shoes. She pendik escort bayan reached down to his crotch and cupped his balls through his pants. “Oh…” she said with feigned concern, “your cock feels so constricted. We must set it free.”

“Get on your knees now,” he ordered coldly.

Abigail gripped hold of his balls, and his eyes widened in discomfort, pleading. “Let me make something clear, Roy,” she whispered into his ear. “You and I are going to fuck like bunnies in just a few moments. But when you’re with me, you will mind your manners.”

Roy stood still, processing what was happening. In the uncountable number of interviews he conducted over the years, and in the innumerable number of sexual exchanges he’d negotiated, he had gotten used to being the one in control. This reversal distressed him…

…it also turned him on like nothing he had ever felt.

He found his voice, and said “Get on your knees… please.”

Abigail released her grip, kissed him again, then slid down the length of his body to his crotch. She unfastened his belt and pants, and pulled them and his underwear down in one motion. Roy’s cock stood at full attention before her, twitching before her warm breath. She gently held it aside, and preciously licked his balls, soothing them from their earlier discomfort.

Roy closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Abigail’s lips. He shuddered when he felt her tongue on the base of his cock, and felt it slide up his manhood. He groaned loudly when she took his cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh fuck… that’s amazing…”

“Mmmmmffff…” she replied, her mouth full. The musky scent of his cock thrilled her as she slowly moved it between her lips. His cock was medium sized, and easy to completely fit in her mouth without strain.

“Ooohh… yeah…” moaned Roy, as Abigail’s technique expanded to include her hands.

With her left hand gently massaging his balls, her right hand followed the border of her lips, sliding up and down his shaft and lightly twisting with each bob of her head.

“Fuck, Abi, that’s good,” he said with a smile. Abigail stopped and looked up at him, an incredulous look on her face. “What? Earlier today you said that only people who see you naked can call you Abi.”

She gave him an intense look, then began stroking his cock with both hands, twisting her wrists as pumped up and down, always while maintaining eye contact.

Roy began to breathe heavily, and gripped hold of the desk to avoid toppling over. Her technique was indescribable. He felt his body’s temperature rise, and beads of sweat began to drip from his chest. His legs were weakening.

Abigail’s pacing was slow and deliberate, almost to the point of being frustrating. Roy was used to much faster, harder blowjobs… but every subtle movement of her tongue, every kiss on his balls, every breath she exhaled on his shaft seemed to transport him to a sexual place he’d never visited before.

“Sit down,” she whispered. He obeyed, clumsily stumbling into his office chair, leaning his head all the way back and letting Abigail work.

She sucked him once again, returning some moisture to his manhood, before changing her technique to use her hands. Using one hand to stroke his shaft, she used the tips of her fingers to tickle and stimulate his cock’s head in an elaborate finger dance.

“You… Ooohhh… you weren’t joking about your technique…”

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” she purred. His cock was pointed directly at her face as she worked, and the sight of it was almost too intense to resist.

“I… oh God baby, wait.. I’m …”

“No you’re not,” smiled Abigail. “You want to fuck first, right? You want pure, unrestrained, deep, hard, go until we both have trouble walking, fucking… right?” She applied pressure to the base of his cock, and waited for his breathing to slow. His arousal began to subside slowly as she micro-massaged away his orgasm before his cum had the chance to burst forward. “That was the deal we made, and I’m not about to go back on my word. Right?”

He looked down to her, a sense of wonder and sexual frustration overwhelming him. He was about to give another order to her, when he composed himself. “I need you, Abigail. Please… stand up.”

Abigail giggled and obliged happily, standing and leaning against the desk. Roy shuffled off the pants now bunched at his ankles, and positioned himself before her. He reached his large hands under her ass and lifted her up in one motion, throwing her legs in the air and her body on the desk. She squealed in delight, and twirled a finger through her red curls as she waited for him to penetrate her.

Roy took a moment to drink in the sight of her: her beautiful smile, her smooth dark freckled skin, contrasting with her naturally red hair… and her pussy seemed glistening and soaking wet. She was so gorgeous, he had no idea how long he would last inside her.

“Aaaahhh yes that’s good,” she exclaimed as she felt his cock slowly fill her up. She reached her arm around his shoulder to steady herself, wrapped her legs around his ass. He rocked back and forth, slowly for the first few pumps… and then upped his speed considerably.

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