Sexy IT Girl in Saree Got Banged Ch. 02

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Sinni reaches office in that pink transparent saree with tight blouse having a bit of Raju’s cum stains still on her pallu which she is not aware of.

She goes to the parking, parks her vehicle adjusts her saree and calms down herself, as she was still high and completely wet due to Raju’s fondling and blow job which she gave to raju. She badly needed a dick in her pussy but as raju was already drained off she had no option but to control her hunger and leave for office. She realises that her panties are completely drenched and can start smelling anytime now, so she goes to the washroom in the parking and takes off her panties and keeps it in her bag.

Now sinni is in a complete see through pink saree with partially transparent blouse and no panties adding to that she is so high that even if security guard comes and starts fucking her she wont stop. But still she tries to divert her mind, gain back her conscious as it is trad day and she had to look the sexiest hottie in the office. She sprays a bit of perfume on her dress near to vagina so that the smell of her wet vagina fades away. But she was completely unaware that the cum of raju that she gulped had much more significant odour and is coming from her mouth as well as from the cum stain on her pallu.

Sinni now enters the office, her blouse was so tight that she instantly gets everyone’s attention.Firstly everyone was completely surprised to see sinni in such attire, the office boy saw her transparent back and got an instant hard on. Sinni was living the dream that she always wanted, she could grab all male attention due to the sexy transparent pink saree with tight transparent blouse which had arrested her melons in such a away that everyone wanted to squeeze those.

Sinni goes and sits on her desk. Navi instantly rushes to sinni and says

Navi: wow gorgeous you are looking damn pretty:

Though navi calls her pretty but he was completely awestruck with her sexy and erotic dress which can give an instant hard on,

Sinni : Thanks navi sir..

With this reply navi gets a bit of foul smell from sinni’s mouth which he could relate with his own cum, he thinks that seeing sinni like this he is probably leaking so he gets off from Sinni’s desk, assuming that his pre cum is giving a strong odour today and this can put him in trouble.

On the other hand all the Male crowd of second floor goes here and there just to get a look of sinni in that sexy attire. After few mins hazel comes draped in a saree not even close to the sexy quotient sinni had that day, every one soon realizes that sinni is the MAAL or the ITEM of the day. And everyone wanted a pic or snap with sinni so that they could get a chance to touch her kamar and also get a pic which could be helpful in masterbuating. Sinni feels so good that she was the hottest chic of the day.

After the working hours, one hour break was announced for clicking pics on the traditional attire and everyone walked towards Sinni’s desk, everyone started appreciating her attire except for gals. Esp some gals actually msged sinni saying her melons are appearing a lot more big in that blouse so may be she should think of changing the blouse. But sinni on the other hand ignored these msgs as she always wanted this sort of Male attention which she is getting today.

Navi was sitting quietly on one corner thinking that his undies are smelling due to leak of pre cum which was caused due to morning interaction with sinni.

Meanwhile akku to sinni

Akku: Sinni aap toh aaj kya pataka lag rhe ho mast maal.. I mean mast ekdum(Today sinni you are looking slutty… i mean sexxy)

Virat : Sinni ek photo solo chalo na(Sinni comeon lets click a selfie)

Sinni: Haan kyuu nahi chal..(Sure..)

Sinni stands up and adjusts her pallu and akku sees a white stain on her pallu which he could relate with the stains he see on his undies after ejaculation… but akku ignores it thinking may be his dirty mind thinking something..

Meanwhile virat grabs sinni’s kamar(Navel) tightly and takes feel of it. Sinni on the other hand again starts leaking a bit as she was already high and virat and sinni take a snap..Virat before taking his hands from sinni’s kamar, squeezes the soft white kamar of sinni and says

Virat: Mast lag rhe ho aap(You are looking absolutely sexy)

Sinni controls her aaaaah and says

Sinni: Thank you

But when she opens her mouth for thank you the odour of cum comes from her mouth. Virat gets confused this time, he knows that his pre cum doesnot smell so strong and the smell came only after sinni opened her mouth. This glows a bulb in virat’s heart. Virat relates that most likely it is coming from sinni’s mouth and if smell of cum coming from sinni’s mouth THAT MEANS…THIS CHIC HAS BLOWN SOMEONE TODAY…

He just prays that his assumption should be correct because of it is true then he would get a chance to fuck this beautiful bitch in this very attire.But he wants a good confirmation of his theory..

Meanwhile everyone on the floor grabs sinni’s back kamar here and there escort kartal touches every possible part of her with the excuse of clicking photo. This arouses sinni a lot more that what the squeeze of raju had did. Slowly slowly sinni gets out of control and she wants some dick badly in her vagina but she knows that this desire of her can put her into trouble, so she thinks of masterbuating in the washroom before her sexual desires are out in public, but one after other someone or the other grabs her kamar and asks for selfie and photo..Sinni’s Kamar/hips had become a public property any and everyone was touching pressing and squeezing that white soft hot kamar… And everytime one does that sinni’s arousal increases..

Meanwhile its break time and all gals together got down and they take sinni as well with them. Sinni is in no mood of break she just wants either a dick inside her or 15 mins for fingering herself and masterbuating but she is not left alone and gals are talking some random shit. Sinni also decides to divert her mind as it was risky as well to masterbuate in office.

On the other side Virat starts taking steps to get confirmation about his analogy and assumption that sinni has blown someone this morning. Virat joins the men’s circle with tea. All men were discussing sinni, her tight blouse her soft kamar and having a discussion of how her chuth(cunt) would be. Virat on the other side wanted to get into sinni’s vagina or chuth. Virat pulls akku aside..

Akku: Bhai kya kar rha hai.. itna achcha discussion chalra tha… fantasy main hi sahi kya log lere hain sinni ko… saali aaj maal th banke aayi hai voh (Bro what the hell are you doing it was a great discussion going on about that slutty sinni, atleast in fantasies i=I could see ppl fucking her, but you interrupted…)

Virat: Bhai sunn ek zaruri baat hai..(Bro there is one imp thing)

Akku: Saale tu sinni ka kamar chua kya, kya white and kya nast soft hai sala mereko kamar se hath hatane ka mann hi nahi kiya(Bro haave yout ouched her bare white sexy navel… It was fucking sexy…)

Virat: sale chutiye sunega ki nahi (You dickhead just lis to me once)

Akku: yaar itna mast topic hai kya tereko baat karna abhi isse jyada zaruri (What a great topic we are discussing about and now why do wanna change it)

Virat: sale fantasy chod real main sinni ko chodne aur uske kamar ko chaatne milega… abb sunega aage(You idiot, leave the fantasies, if you listen to me once maybe we can actually get to fuck this sexy slutty sinni)

Akku: BC kya baat kar rha…(fuckk what are you saying bro..)

Virat: Haan par abhi muh mat khol mujhe bass confirm karna hai phle kuch facts (Yes but just dont open your mouth now until unless I say to, just respond to me, wanna clarify few facts)

Akku: kya hua bhai btaa (What happened bro tell me)

Virat: tune uske sath photo khichaya..(Did you click a snap with her?)

Akku: Haan bhai kamar daboch dabochke but kyuu kya hua(Obviously bro, I had to squeeze her sexy navel, I squeezed a lot though)

Virat: Tereko uske muh m se kuch smell aaaya??(Okay.. so did you get any sort of smell or odour from her mouth)

Akku: smell.. abey chutiye itni maal banke aayi hai muh chod bubble itne bade dikha rhi hai tereko muh ke smell ki padi hai.. chodu leave the face fuck the base nahi suna… sinni ke case m th base chod sab fuckable hai saali ka aaj toh..

(Virat you dickhead, such a sexy bitchy item is there in front of you, instead of thinking about how to fuck her or even get to squeeze her melons, you are thing about smell from her mouth… are you totally gone mad?)

Virat: chutiye voh thik hai par pehle mujhe bas itna btaa ki tereko uske muh se koi smell aaaya ki nahi.. (I told you na just shut and tell me did you get any smell from her mouth… yes or no)

This statement is overheard by navi and he jumps into this discussion..

Navi: Kiske muh se smell bhai log (What smell ppl, what are you guys talking about)

Virat : arey kuch nahi sir aap kahan idher (Nothing nothing sir )

Akku: abey inse kya Sharma rha hai subah phle aadmi tha jisne sinni ka kamar dabocha abhi tak toh hila bhi liya hoga.. arey sir yeh chutiya sinni ke muh ke smell pe atka hai main bolra sali ka kamar bubble usme dhyaan de aur yeh muh ke smell pe atka hai

(Virat why are you afraid of him, he was the first persomm in the morning to squeeze the navel of that saree bitch, I believe he would have already got great pics of that slut and would have ejaculated by now.. and Sir this bastard regardless of concentrating on her sexy navel or huge melons, he is concerned about some smell from her mouth)

Navi: akku ek min, virat tujhe bhi aaya uske muh se smell (Akku just a min, virat you too got a smell from her mouth??)

Virat: Fuckkk yes I am right matlab.. aapko aaya kyaa?? (Meaning you too got the smell or what??)

Navi: smell kiska tha btao with a cunning smile( Can you recollect what kind of smell did you get??)

Virat: CUM…

Navi: salaaaaa matlab main abhi tak yeh maltepe escort sochra tha ki mere pant se smell aara but yeh th uske muh se aara hai… chal Bach gaya(Fuck yessss, means I was not the only one, initially i thought it is the smell of the precum from my pants.. but now I feel am safe I can go and talk to ppl…)

Virat: arey bach Gaye kya lottery lag Gaye yeh socho apniiiiii… (Sir, but you see you are not getting, we have got a lottery of sharing bed with Sinni)

Akku: mujhe kuch nahi samajhra (Am totally blank)

Navi: abb toh mujhe bhi nahi ( I am also not getting this)

Virat: arey gadhon tumne dekha na aaj sinni ko maal banke aayi thi babble ek dum bade blouse tight kamar khula hua baal khula hua.. aise haal m uske muh se agar mardon ke cum ka smell aara hai toh iska kya matlab nikalta hai yeh btao

Are donkeys, did you ppl not notice that sinni was completely looking like a sexy saree slut, and her melons were so huge it looked as if someone has squeezed them hard and now in such a state if you get smell of semen from her mouth and face then what does than imply?????)

Akku: BC tu kya bolra hai ki usne kisi ka muh me liya hai subah subah (Ohh fucker, you wanna say that she has blown someone this morning??)

Navi: Salaaa kya baat kar rhe ho (ohh yeaa, rightt)

Virat: Aur kya ho sakta hai yeh btao, is there any other possibility, kyuki mujhe toh mardon ka hi cum ka smell aaya achche se (You ppl ony tell na what are the other possibilities, how can smell of semen or men’s cum come from her face ot mouth until and unless she has given a blowjob to someone..)

Akku: Arey ek baat aur uske pallu main dekho ek white stain laga hai jo shayd usko nahi ptah, voh dekha na Maine toh mujhe apni chaddi yaad aa gayi hilane ke baad ka stain jaisa rhta vaise uske pallu m laga hai, toh sala virat tu sahi bolra hai kadi se kadi toh milri hai..( Now I too recollect, from her pallu I noticed a white stain which was similar to cum stains which we get after ejacualtion on our undies.. so maybe virat you are absolutely right…)

Virat: Kya baat kar rha hai yeh dikha sakta hai kya mereko..(What are you saying this will confirm everything bro, can you show me those stains on her pallu)

Navi: Suno suno ek kaam karte teenon chalke vapas photo khichate and achche se dekhte parakhte aur usko idher udher bhi chute kyuki kaisa agar usne subah subah kisi ko blow kiya hai matlab high toh voh bhi hogi toh uske exp se bhi samjhega baki uska pallu ka daag and muh ka smell bhi milega fir confirm hoga.. (Hey ppl let three of meet and again request her for photos and by this we get to molest and touch her again here and there, ultimately if she has already given blow job, she too will get more wet and we can also try to notice her reactions and the cum stains ono her saree)

Virat: Haan yeh sahi hai…(Yes this is right)

Akku: but agar yeh sach hua mhanje aaj apne ko voh sali ko thokne milega kya??(But if this is true, then we get to fuck this bitch??)

Virat: sale tere muh m ghee shaker agar aisa hua toh majaaa aa jayega (Definitely buddy, we get to squeeze those melons and fuckk this bitch)

Navi: abhi se khayali pulav nahi pakata phle jaante chalo canteen main hi hogi sali (Dont cook dreams now itself, lets start to gather info, first lets take a sap with her again, that whore will be there in canteen only)

Akku: ruko m baki sabko update karke aata (Wait I ‘ll inform the rest)

Virat and navi scream together: chutiyeeee nahiiiii (DIckkk dont fo that)

Virat: Laude sabko btayega th apne ko ghanta kuch khane milega (Dick if you tell everyone we wont be able to get that large bed where you can incorporate everyone)

Navi: Haan chutiye jaisi baat mat kar akku, agar yeh sach hai bhi na toh humko kisi ko nahi btana hai and sinni ko khana kahan hai uska sochna hai baki kuch nahi.. toh yeh sab baat kisiko nahi btayega tu. (Fuckker also making her drilled with many ppl is a bad idea, lets first enjor her by ourselves)

Virat: Aur haan bhai usko blackmail vagerah bhi nahi karna hai agar usne sahi main blow kiya hai kisiko toh maan toh voh bhi directly jayegi humare liye bhi agar humne usko sirf btaya bhi ki humko ptah hai bolke.. toh basically jo karna hai uski marzi se karenge zabardast vagerah nahi (ANd also ppl no blackmailing, I want to fuckkk her hard with her own willingness, by blackmailing none of us will get to enjoy this slut..)

Navi: Haan(Absolutely)

Akku: But abhi kya karna hai(So What to do next)

Virat : Phle dundo ki yeh maal hai kidher and uske baad sath m ek pic lete fir decide karte, but pic lete waqt ISS bar uske kamar dabochne se jyada uske pallu ka daag and uske muh ke smell ka verification karenge… (Lets see where this slut is first of all then we will click photos and try n squeeze her navel..)

All three agree on this and then they head towards canteen to see where is the saree hottie sinni..

Sinni meanwhile tries to control herself and tries to divert her mind to reduce her urge of masterbuation or getting a dick pendik escort bayan inside her..

These three find sinni alone drinking a tea..

Navi: Dekho kya khula kamar kholke khadi hai, mann toh kar rha hai yahi balcony main chalu ho jaun.. (See what a sexyy but and revealing navel she has, milky white, i wonder how great would be those melons)

Virat: Control sir…(Now akku go and ask her that we wanna click some photos can she come with us for a while) abhi akku tu jaa bol aur ek do photos group pe khichana hai hum chai grp hai chalogi aisa puch And teh dekh cum ka daag kis side hain fir humko btaa

Akku goes near sinni tells her the same sinni agrees and keep tea cup there and comes with akku

Akku virat and Navi click snaps with sinni navi and akku together press her kamar from both sides and finally sinni moans a bit..

Sinni: aaaaaahhh…

Meanwhile virat takes a complete look of her and all three step aside to watch her reaction sinni was giving a damn high expression. It was written in her face that she wants a dick inside her right now.

Virat: kya hua sinni hum kuch madad karein kya (What happened sinni do you need some help from our d.. from us i mean..)

Sinni Trying to control her expression to fullest and says: Nahi nahi thoda sa chot laga hai baki kuch nahi aap log jao m aur ek cup chai pike aati..Nope nothing as such just a lil pain thats why i gave that expression u ppl relax..

And this time with the touch of Akku and Navi sinni started leaking again and these three could smell that as well.

After sinni left discussion between these three…

Akku: Bhai thanks yaar kya maal mili hai yaar apne ko, sala harami hai virat itni tezz nazar and smell bhi pakka cum ka aara hai uske muh se.. (Bro you were right I got the smell, it is definitely of cum only i wonder how her friends have not realised this yet..)

Virat: Haan pallu pe bhi usi ka daag laga hai sali ne blow ke sath ptah nahi kya kya kiya aur karvaya but sali satisfy th nahi hui and verge m hai abhi jab tum dono ne kamar dabaya uska mann th tum dono ka Lund pakadke ka kar rha tha, sali ne mast control kiya (ANd I could also see stains of cum on her saree, definitely this bitch has blown someone today and played with his cumm and also she is not satisfied yet as I could sense that she badly needed a dickk inside her…)

Navi: Toh bhai log abhi baat kar lete fir hotel vagerah bhi dekhna hoga, jo karna hai aaj hi karenge isi saree m (Okay ppl then as it is confirmed lets, talk to her and then we will have to book hotel room as well, lets not waste this opportunity, lets bang her today itself in this very saree…)

Virat : Haan but isko ghar kab pahauchna hai voh sab bhi dekhna padega na (Yeah but see we need to ask her timings as well… three ppl banging her to full satisfaction with enjoyment may take sometime..)

Navi: Ruko abhi baat kar lete (Lets talk to her now itslef)

Navi calls sinni and says

Navi: Sinni sunna, tu thoda humare sath bahar mhanje yeh ped tak chalegi kyaa (Can you come with us again few more pics we need..)

Sinni: Kyuu abb kya hua? (WHat happened now??)

Navi: Ek vahan se photo khichana tha (We need a photo from different angle)

Sinni: Arey par (Yeah but why??)

Before sinni could stop navi forced her and took her with him.

There already these two idiots were there. Sinni already being high steps outof office in that sexy transparent saree. People walking on roads get awestruck looking at the kamar of this bitch. And she goes near akku and virat says

Sinni: Tum teenon tabse kar kya kar rhe ho, alag alag photos mere sath nikaalke.. (what are you guys upto?? Clicking photos since a long time)

Virat: Ab photo nahi direct video nikalenge.. (Now we wont need photo we can directly shoot a live video darling..)

Sinni : Jo karna hai karo jaldi.karo aur adha ghanta hai bass (Wahtever you want to do, be quick)

Virat: Toh time waste nahi karte sinni, sunn humko sab ptah chal gaya, tune jisko.blow job diya hai he revealed us everything.Now we are not blackmailing you but agar humko bhi aisa kuch option milta toh tereko janta dikha dete, plus navi sir is offering to book a suite in Marriott and vahan hum 4 maze bhi kar sakte ek do ghante ke liye. Tu btaa sinni tereko chalega kya.. pls time waste mat kar acting karke kyuki humko sab ptah chal gaya..(Cool then lets not waste time, see Sinni we now know everything about the blowjob that you have given today and all, we dont intend to blackmail you, but we need a similar opportunity to have sexual relation with you as a benefit, you would get to experience a reall hard fuckk, plus after you say a yes, navi sir will be booking room in mariott and all 4 of us can have a great sexual experience there, just donot waste time and accept our offer plsss)

Sinni gets completely awestruck and ashamed. She starts hiding her kamar,and softly replies

Sinni: Please I beg you dont tell about the blowjob to anyone,whatever happened it was just a mistake, jo hua voh galti se hua uske badla agar tumko mere sath kuch karna hai then I am okay, but I dont want ki yeh news bahar jayee pls this is a request.( So if you ppl wannna fuck me in return of hiding this blowjob thing, then its absoluteky fine by me but pls dont leak this infor at any cost..)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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