Sharon’s First Time Ch. 04

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When he offered to drive me home the next morning, I asked if I could take the album with Sean’s photographs in it.

“I have several,” he said, “Do you want them all?”

“Not now, but give me a couple to take a look at,” I said. “You know, I am now wondering what sort of relationship this is turning into. Seems your interest is only in having me pose for your ‘erotic’ photographs.”

“You know that isn’t true Sharon,” he said. “I very much enjoy our time together. I am proud of the images we have made together, and how you’ve grown as a woman and a sexual being. Posing with Sean is just the next step. It will be an exciting experience, and it will give you another new experience to draw on.”

He got me a couple of albums and we walked to his car. “No peeking,” he said, “Not until you get home.”

He dropped me off at my apartment and I got undressed to take a shower. After my shower, I went back to the bedroom where I had left the album. I sat on the bed and slowly flipped through the pages of the album. It was a different album that the one I had seen earlier. It was filled, again, with images of Sean pleasuring and being pleasured by a brunette who had a body a lot like mine. She seemed of medium height, slim, but with large, full breasts. They seemed completely at ease with each other, but the sex was hot and exciting. Several of the images were of her working her magic on his beautiful, big cock. In the course of a few images she took him from a big, beautiful flaccid cock, to a thick, wide, long huge dick. Her hand, her lips, and her tongue was all that was needed to get Sean’s cock fully erect and ready for her cunt.

One of the most erotic images was of the brunette pushing his massive cock against his belly and licking the length of his cock from top to bottom while gazing invitingly at the camera. Like she was licking this guy’s prick while teasing someone watching.

Further along in the album she was on her back with Sean kneeling over her, his massive cock between her breasts. She cups the side of her tits and pushes the flesh around his dick. Her full tits envelope his cock so that all that is visible is the 6 or so inches that poke out of the top near her mouth. He tongue flicks at the engorged head of his prick. Again, she is making erotic eye contact with the camera. Another image shows her on her back, he legs spread wide and Sean’s massive cock lying along her belly. It goes all the way up to her navel in that position.

In another image his massive cock is sheathed with a condom that barely comes half way down the shaft. A few images later his prick is deep in her cunt, but because his dick is so long, about half of its length is still out of her beautifully shaved cunt. One can almost feel the tightness of her cunt as it opens as wide as possible to receive his huge prick.

I could feel the lust rising in me as I looked at the pictures and though about what it would be like to be the woman receiving pleasure from Sean’s prick. I imagined how his member would feel in my hand as I worked on arousing this beautiful man.

I imagined how it would be to wrap my hand around Sean’s prick and feel it thicken at my touch. I imagine the heat it would generate as he grew from a flaccid state to a fully erect monster cock. I was unsure, looking at the photographs that my hand would fit around the shaft when Sean was fully aroused.

I imagined myself in the photographs with Sean, I could almost taste his skin ad I pushed his cock against his body and licked his shaft from the huge head of his cock all the way down to his balls.

I could almost feel the weight of his cock on my body. I sensed the heat of his pulsing cock as it lay on my body just above my hot, moist cunt. I was eager to be penetrated by him, but loved (or knew I would) the sensation of the weight of his cock on my body. I longed for the sensation of his hot cockhead teasing the excited lips of my vagina as I held his cock in my hand and guided its massive head along my eager, moist slit.

I imagined him holding his cock as he knelt between my legs and enticingly rubbed its massive head between my already excited and swollen lips of my vagina. I was dripping with excitement, eagerly awaiting that beautiful sensation of his cock spreading me, stretching me, and filling me completely with the heat of his cock. I imagined the sensation of this massive cock slowly (hopefully), allowing me to adjust to the thickness and width of his cock. I could sense the pressure of that much cock filling and stretching my cunt wider than it had been stretched before. In my mind it was a glorious ataşehir escort sensation devoid of any pain. My arousal from the experience and the sight of his cock and the flow of my natural lubricant allows for his huge cockhead stretching my vagina wide, is enough to allow it to slip easily into me.

I imagine looking up at him and seeing the pleasure in his face that penetration into my smoothly shaved, small, tight pussy is imparting to him. I also imagine the intense fullness my vagina experiences as he slowly enters me. The head of his cock spreads me wide, but his cock seems to just get wider and wider as he enters me.

My fingers trace over the slit of my vagina. I feel the warmth of my lubrication on my cunt lips. Tentatively I insert one finger, searching for my throbbing clit to give me the release of the sexual excitement I feel. It takes only moments of eagerly striking my clit to bring me over the edge. My body convulses with wave after wave of pleasure. I bring myself to an intense climax just thinking about sex with Sean’s cock and how he will react to my talents and techniques for pleasing a man like him. I am convinced that sex with a man like Sean, not simply because of the size of his cock, but because of his willingness to pose for sex pictures, will be an experience beyond my wildest imagination.

After my orgasm, I lay there on my bed again looking at the images of Sean. I notice that the brunette seems completely at home having sex with Sean and while being watched and photographed. I have, in the past, been watched while having sex and I admit it is quite exciting. Being photographed by a professional while having sex is a new experience for me and I wonder if it will, in fact, be as exciting as I imagine.

I made up my mind to talk with my boyfriend more about Sean and the beautiful brunette in the album photos.

Later when he called, I asked, “So, what more can you tell me about Sean?”

“What would you like to know,” he asked.

“In the one album, he is posing with a beautiful brunette. Who is she,” I asked. “You know the one with boobs like mine and the shaved pussy.”

“Well, to be quite honest, she is Sean’s wife,” he said.

“His wife,” I said!

“Yep, she actually was the one who saw some of my work somewhere and contacted me to do a photo shoot of them both,” he continued. “Once she saw the images, and I had some folks talk with her and Sean, she now sort of works as his manager.”

“They are a beautiful couple,” I said, “But now that I know Sean is married, I have some reservations about posing with him.”

“But why,” he asked? “I believe you told me earlier that you had an affair with a married man.”

“Yes,” I said. “It wasn’t something I was proud of, but I did have an affair with a married man.

“Besides Karen, her name is Karen, is ok with him posing with other women,” he said. “And I have shot her several times with other men; Sean is ok with that too.”

“Really,” I said?

“Yep, they are cool with the whole thing,” he said. “Would you like to meet them, or get to know Sean better before we schedule anything,” he asked?

“I guess so. Give me a call later and we can chat,” I said. “I have something I need to do tonight, so I can’t come over, but I’ll see you soon.”

I was very confused and didn’t know what to do next. I was totally turned on by the idea of being with Sean, having my boyfriend photograph us together as we pleasured each other. But he is married to a woman who is ok with the idea of having him fuck other women. I have had an affair with a married man earlier, but once I started thinking about it and once the relationship got to the point where he felt he controlled me enough to offer me to a couple of his friends, I knew I had to get out.

I spent the rest of the day working on grading papers and other school related projects. Every so often I would take a break and thumb through the albums of photographs of Sean. Every time I looked at his penis in the photographs a bolt of excitement coursed through my body. It was fascinating to look at his cock, flaccid it was larger than anything I had ever had, and when he was fully erect it was beautifully huge, almost terrifyingly so. I knew deep down that I wanted to experience it.

To take my mind off Sean, later in the evening I decided to go to a movie. I was running late and I hoped that I still could get in to see the movie I had planned on seeing. It was an un-rated erotic film that I have heard interesting things about. It wasn’t a porno, but a European film that was as explicit as most porn.

I kadıköy escort bayan rushed to the bedroom to apply a few touch-ups to my make-up and to brush my hair. I threw on a blouse and skirt and hurried out the door. In the car on the way to the theater I realized how short the skirt I had selected was but there was no time to go home to change.

After quickly purchasing my ticket I headed toward the theater. I could already hear the trailer playing so I skipped the concession stand and entered the theater. When I opened the door, I noticed that the lights were already dimmed and that the theater was packed.

I finally noticed an empty seat in the back row about half way in from the aisle. I got to the row and proceeded to excuse myself as I worked my way down the row to the seat. Several men eyed me as I moved past them until I got to my seat. One, sitting nearby gave me a quick look as I sat down while the film was starting.

As I watched the film I realized that it was a lot more erotic than I suspected. I found myself becoming more and more aroused. Scene after scene contributed to my arousal. Between the graphic sex on the screen and the cool air from the air conditioning vent directly above me I felt my nipples start to harden. I wished then that I had work a different bra and blouse. I could just feel that my nipples were quite visible to the several men that shared the row with me. My excitement led me to again think about Sean and his magnificent prick.

I can feel my pussy getting moist as the small thong I am wearing shifts against the tingling lips of my vagina. I cannot contain myself any longer. I have to touch myself. Hoping no one will notice, I slide forward in the seat to allow my skirt to ride up enough so that I can reach my pussy. I place my right hand on my pussy and slowly stroke my swollen lips with one finger. My finger travels along my moist slit. Only the thin material of my thong separated my finger from the opening of my pussy.

Moments later, I can control myself no longer and slowly push the material of my thong to one side so I can brush my finger along my excited cunt. I slide my finger into my pussy and start to stroke my clit.

As I find my clit with my finger I reflexively let out a gasp of pleasure. Hoping that no one heard, I wait a moment before inserting my finger deeper into my moist pussy.

I watched intently the scene of the couple making love on a boat dock. I grew more and more excited as I watched his cock penetrate her eagerly and an intense chill swept through my body from what I was watching and the sensation of my finger probing my vagina.

Suddenly, through the haze of my intense sexual arousal, I felt a pressure on my upper thigh and looked to my left to see an attractive man sitting beside me. “Don’t stop,” he said. “It is exciting to watch you enjoy yourself.” I then felt his hand move to my pussy and felt one of his fingers enter me.

I stopped for a second, slightly shocked at being caught, but too excited to turn back now. I was excited and enjoyed his boldness, seemingly knowing what I needed at that moment. I could have pushed his hand away and left, but I needed the orgasm that was building inside my cunt. I didn’t care that I was in a public place, I didn’t care of others might be watching, I just needed the pleasure I was seeking. He was also eagerly helping me derive the pleasure from his fingering me as well.

I re-inserted my fingers deep into my wet cunt. With the extra stimulation I was receiving I used my other hand to unbutton a couple of buttons on my blouse and was caressing my full breasts through the thin material of my bra. My hard nipples felt tingly as the palm of my hand caressed them.

He continued stroking my clit seemingly knowing how close I was to coming. I can hear my breathing and the occasional moan from the pleasure he is giving. I know he senses how close I am because he increased his pace with his finger over my clit. My cunt seems to be getting hotter and hotter with each passing second.

Suddenly my body exploded in pleasure. I have to control myself because I want to moan and scream in pleasure as my orgasm sends wave after wave of pleasure throughout my entire body. As I am wracked with pleasure, he leaves his fingers deep in my cunt as the muscles of my vagina grip tightly at them. I can sense his enjoyment of my cunt gripping at his fingers eagerly.

As my orgasm subsides he slowly withdraws his fingers from me. I lean against him exhausted from the pleasure that coursed through my entire body. He looks over and smiles as me.

As escort maltepe we sit close to each other, I realize he has a huge bulge in his pants. I reach over and feel the hardness of his prick through his pants. I can feel the heat of his hard on and traced the length of his cock with my finger. It was quite a cock. A wave of lust swept through my body.

I looked over at him and stood up quickly, he looked confused. But I leaned down and whispered to him, “Follow me.”

He needed no further convincing and followed me as we excused ourselves from the row. As we made our way down the aisle nobody had a clue as to what had happened earlier (except for one guy who was slowly stroking his cock with his hand, but then again he could have been jerking off from the movie) between us or why we were leaving so abruptly.

Exiting the theater I notice a couple of doors, one is a small area there the staff keeps their brooms and a trash can. We quickly enter the room and I close the door quickly behind us. It is dark except for a few lighted dials that is just enough so we can see what we are doing.

I drop to my knees, tugging at his jeans button and fly, pulling his jeans and his boxers down past his knees. His cock is hard and springs back pointing straight out. I quickly grasp his dick and draw it to my mouth, engulfing it eagerly. My other hand cups his huge balls.

I take as much of his prick as I can deep into my mouth and gently squeeze his balls. He moans softly at the pleasure I am giving him as a gift for the pleasure he gave me earlier. I suck eagerly at his cock for a few moments before he pulls his cock from my mouth and pulls me up to a standing position.

There is a small counter behind him so he turns me and lifts me onto the counter. I lift my legs and roll my hips back as I feel his hands on the band of my thong as he pulls it quickly down my legs. He quickly lowers his head to my exposed pussy and snakes his tongue along my cunt. His hand also moves to my cunt and he inserts two fingers deep into me as he continues to lick at my cunt. Moments later, I feel his tongue scrape over my throbbing clit and I moan loudly.

Sensing my need, he stands up quickly, wraps his hand around his cock shaft and drives his cock beep into my vagina. I am propped up on the counter with my knees up and my legs spread obscenely as his prick fills me with one deep thrust. My cunt grasps eagerly at his shaft.

The counter is narrow so I have no choice but to press back hard against his body as he eagerly fuck me deeply with each vigorous thrust. He pounds his cock as deep into me as he can, each thrust filling me with all his cock. I feel his ball sack slap against my ass with each thrust. Each stroke forces a moan from me as I sense another intense orgasm approaching quickly. I am thinking about nothing at that point other than the sensation of his cock in my cunt. I eagerly clamp down around his shaft as tightly as I can.

I don’t care that I don’t know this man, or where I am. I only want to experience the pleasure of an orgasm and feel him empty his balls deep inside me.

I can also sense he is getting close, his cock feels hotter and hotter, and bigger with each stroke into me. The sensation of his cock responding to my cunt is too much and I feel my second orgasm wrack me body with delight. He is close, but stops fucking me and I spasm with pleasure. My cunt convulsing around his cock and my orgasm waves over me.

Before I am finished coming, he pulls me off the counter and down on my knees again. He steps to me and pushes his dick into my mouth. I can taste my lubricant on his cock, but I only have to suck him for a few moments before he moans, “oh, fuck yea,” and floods my mouth with jet after jet of his hot, salty tasting jism. I swallow as much as I can, but he continued to shoot jet after jet of sperm into my mouth and down my throat. I feel some of it ooze out of my mouth and drip onto my neck and down onto the front of my blouse.

As he stops coming, I swallow my last mouthful and pull his rapidly deflating cock from my mouth. I spend a few moments licking his cock clean before releasing his dick and smiling up at him.

As I am kneeling there he pulls up his boxers and jeans and exited the closet before I could say anything. I get up and realize he was gone before I started to pull myself together. I wipe some of his come off my neck with a paper towel and pull my skirt back down. I realize I have to leave quickly because I hear the crowd starting to exit the movie. I look around for my thong but don’t see it anywhere. Knowing I can’t wait and look any longer I decide to leave without it.

I left with the crowd, but on my way out of the lobby and outside the theater I looked at everyone, hoping to see the stranger that just gave me two intense orgasms and made the night memorable.

To be continued…

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