She Sure Showed Us! Ch. 04

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Welcome to another one of my stories! My ex-girlfriend said I should share some of these crazy stories with the world. At the time, I never bothered but now with the pandemic I have a lot more time on my hands, so…enjoy! I have changed the names to protect everyone’s privacy, but the rest of the story is 90% true and 10% filling in the blanks of minor details that I don’t remember.

So, this story is the continuation of the “She Sure Showed Us!” story line, starring my old neighbors Sara and Kirstin. There are a few more good stories for this group, but this is the last of the really good ones. There’s another great one but it is kind of similar to chapter three so I may or may not write it. This one, however, was probably the most fun of all the nights our little group had together and was probably the big climax (pun intended) of that summer. Also, I wasn’t really sure what category to put this in. I could have made a case for exhibitionist, or for erotic couplings, but ultimately decided on group sex since the highlight of the story is how we did a couple swap that evening. That’s group sex, isn’t it?

So, fast forward a few weeks after the foosball party. It was getting to the end of Summer, and we sure had a blast with that house. My roommate Brian and I had either a BBQ or a party almost every weekend and we were having tons of fun together. We had been loosely dating two girls who lived behind us (Sara and Kirstin). I say loosely because we were a young and very social group. I don’t remember either of us dating other girls that summer but we weren’t exactly heading toward marriages. It was a summer fling, somewhat born out of convenience. Still, we had tons of fun and obviously some memorable evenings (several of which are memorialized here!).

We were looking for a way to end the summer with a bang (literally and figuratively, ha!) and had an idea for a beach weekend. Where we lived was only a few hours from the coast, and there were tons of great resorts. Of course, we were young and beach resorts were expensive but we figured we could spring for a weekend away and invite the girls. And, as we would learn, it turned out the girls had a surprise for us!

Now, I had been sleeping with Sara for several months and we had seen plenty of Kirstin naked between a few different nights in the hot tub (including chapter one of this story) and the night of the famous (infamous?) strip foosball party. She told me that the night in chapter one was the first time she had ever been naked in front of anyone except for a guy she was dating or her roommate. Apparently she liked it, and now we saw her naked all the time. I wasn’t complaining! However, other than getting a good look at her here and there, that was where it stopped. At least, until the weekend of this story.

Sara and I went out to lunch one weekend, and I could tell she had something she wanted to tell me or ask me, but she was nervous. At first I was kind of worried that she was wanting to get more serious in our relationship or was going to ask me some kind of “so where are we?” question. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise!

“So, have you ever thought about hooking up with Kirstin?” she asked me.

“No, of course not.” I said.

Not that I hadn’t thought of it, but Sara was the girl I was dating and every guy knows the “right” answer to that question!

“Well…would you?” she asked.

“Uh…I guess…why?” I answered.

It felt like a trap, but since Sara and I weren’t super serious or anything I didn’t feel the need to put on a big show or anything. I’m glad I didn’t. Apparently one of the popular day-time talk shows for women (I’m not sure which one) had a show on that week about swinging, and it caught Sara and Kirstin’s attention. They were both very curious and thought it would be fun but weren’t exactly the type to frequent a swinger’s club or even know where to start to find such a thing. They had the idea that even if they couldn’t do some of the wilder things that they saw discussed on the show, they could at least manufacture a little bit of fun with Brian and I.

I told Sara that I was game, and that I was sure Brian wouldn’t mind but I would run it past him. Then I told her about the beach weekend that Brian and I had discussed and we realized it was a great opportunity. We could get a suite and it would be the perfect set up for a little fun. Also, a suite would be cheaper than two rooms, and since we were all young and broke, that helped. I asked her if Kirstin was ok with the idea and she told me Kirstin was the one who brought it up!

I didn’t have any trouble talking Brian into the idea, other than convincing him that it was real. He loved the idea of getting to hook up with Sara, and didn’t mind the idea of me hooking up with Kirstin. Not that we would make a habit of it but we were young, we weren’t planning on marrying these girls (nor were they planning on marrying us) and the whole idea sounded like fun. Really, I only had two concerns. The first was that the whole thing bahis firmaları would be awkward during the sex. None of us were exactly experienced swingers so we weren’t sure how we would go about getting things started. I was pretty sure I would think of something but it needed addressing. The second concern was around it being awkward afterward. I figured we would just talk about it beforehand with the four of us and if the discussion seemed to go well, we would proceed. If not, we would hold off.

The right opportunity to discuss came just a few days later. We had the ladies over, and were having drinks on the porch. It was just a little too hot for the hot tub, but still nice enough to be outside.

“So, Sara mentioned the show that you two watched, and Brian and I love the idea.” I said.

“Oh yeah?” Kirstin asked, with a grin.

She was shy, and bashful, but she was also about three cocktails in, so…

“Yeah! And wouldn’t the beach just be the perfect spot for it?” I said.

“Yup, sure would!” Kirstin said.

“So you two ladies are sure that you’re ok with the idea?” I asked.

“I think it will be fun.” Sara said.

She and Kirstin were trying to play it cool, but clearly they were both very excited.

She grinned at me.

“Ok, just checking!” I said, grinning back.

“I think I proved that I am full of surprises!” Kirstin said, and everyone laughed.

She was of course referring to the evening she spent mingling a party in the nude after the strip foosball game.

“You certainly are full of surprises.” I said.

Conversation then drifted to the infamous strip foosball party.

“I can’t believe you guys talked me into that!” Kirstin said.

“Talked you into it? You loved it!” Sara teased Kirstin.

We all laughed. By this point, we had spent enough time together as a group that I knew when the girls wanted to do something but were shy to ask for it. It was kind of the same feeling I had gotten from them the when we started daring them to skinny dip with us in the first chapter of this story. I started to ask if they wanted to get into the hot tub that night. I was sure if I did that the clothes would start flying but I wasn’t sure how to transition from the hot tub to the sex. It seemed like if all four of us got in the hot tub, things would get awkward when we tried to suggest moving up to the bedrooms. So, I had to improvise.

“I know it’s just the four of us here tonight, but how about another strip foosball game?” I asked.

“Sure, that was fun. What will the teams be?” Sara asked.

“Let’s play guys versus girls.” Brian said.

“No way!” Kirstin said, pretending like she actually wanted to win.

“What, are you scared you’ll lose?” Brian asked.

I think he could tell where I was going with my plan. First we win their clothes, then we offer them a “double or nothing” for more.

“No!” Kirstin said, even though we all knew that the girls were no match for us in foosball.

“Well, then what are you afraid of? It’s not like we haven’t seen you naked plenty of times before.” I said, with a wink.

Kirstin giggled, and then Sara spoke.

“Ok, you’re on! I hope you’re ready to get naked!” Sara said to me.

We took the party inside. I mixed up a fresh batch of drinks, and we made our way over to the foosball table.

“Ok, how much clothes do you ladies have on?” I asked.

“Four!” Sara said.

“Um…three.” Kirstin said.

“Ooooooh, someone went commando!” Brian teased.

“You’re going to have to win this game if you want to find out!” Kirstin answered.

Of course, we could all see that she had on a t-shirt, mini-skirt, and we could see the outline of a bra through her tank top so it was pretty obvious what she wasn’t wearing.

“Well, we only have six articles between us but we’ll just let you ladies have that little advantage.” I said.

I knew Sara too well to think she would let that fly.

“Oh no you don’t! We don’t need an advantage!” she said, as she took her tank top off and tossed it across the room.

She had on a sexy, lacy bra that her tits looked amazing in.

“and NOW it’s a party!” I said, as I picked up the ball and got ready to drop it in.

“Game on! Try not to be too distracted…” Sara said, as she pushed her breasts together, causing her cleavage to push up in her bra.

I actually did totally lose focus for a second, but then I dropped the ball in.

Brian played defense and I played offense. On the girls side, Sara played defense and Kirstin played offense. Not that it mattered much. It took Brian and I all of about one minute to pass the ball up and get a few shots in. Sara managed to block a shot or two but I caught the rebounds and sank the first goal of the evening.

“Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaallllllllll” I shouted, mimicking soccer announcers on TV.

“Alright ladies, I think you know what time it is.” Brian said.

Kirstin and Sara kaçak iddaa looked at each other. I guess because Sara already tossed her tank top aside, they decided Kirstin would strip first. She took her t-shirt off over her head and tossed it aside. She had a very sheer bra that barely held her tits in.

“Ok, we need to up our ‘distraction’ game!” Sara said to Kirstin.

They both squeezed their boobs together. I’ll admit, it was an enticing show. But we both snapped into focus when Sara dropped the ball into play. The girls got one or two kicks in, but the ball never got down to our goal. Brian caught the ball, passed it up and I shot it straight into the girls’ goal, again.

“Boom!” Brian yelled.

“C’mon ladies, I really thought you were going to put up more of a fight than this…” I said, bringing up the trash talk a notch.

“Shut up!” Sara said, with a grin.

She unbuttoned her shorts and stepped out of them without being told. She had on a sexy pair of boyshort panties.

“Gosh, it’ll only be another goal or two before we start to see some tits, am I right?” I asked.

I knew how much this was driving Sara wild. Kirstin seemed to like it too.

“Ok, you boys ready? We are about to mount a comeback!” Kirstin said, getting ready to put the ball into play.

“Bring it!” I said.

Kirstin dropped the ball into play. Now, if the girls had been trying their hardest, maybe they would have given us a run for our money. Or in this case, our clothes. But, I’m pretty sure the girls were wanting to lose and knowing that the trash talk would only lead to the stakes being raised and more fun for everyone.

This goal was even shorter than the last. I snagged it on the inbounds, and one-timed it right into the goal.

“You were saying?” I said, as we all broke out into cheers and laughter.

“So…which one of you ladies will be getting topless?” Brian asked.

The girls looked at each other, and Kirstin reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Then she leaned forward and let it fall into her hands. Her nipples were already rock hard as she stood there in just her jean mini-skirt.

“Oh my, it must be really cold in here! Brian, should we turn the AC down a little bit?” I asked.

“Fuck you!” Kirstin said, with a smile.

We all laughed.

“Try not to let her tits distract you too much!” Sara said, as she got ready to put the ball into play.

This time, the girls actually got a decent kick or two in. At least, the ball rebounded off the wall at our end of the field. I had fun watching Kirstin’s tits jiggle as she bounced around up trying to score a goal. Brian caught the rebound, and pulled off the sickest move in all of foosball – the goalie shot. He lined up with the goalie, took hold of the ball and sent it soaring down the table, straight into the goal. Boom.

“He shoots, he scores!” Brian yelled, as the girls both turned a deeper shade of red.

“Boom! So, what’s it going to be ladies…Sara’s bra, or Kirstin’s skirt?” I said.

The girls didn’t discuss this time, Sara just reached right around her back for her bra and unsnapped it. She held onto one end of the strap, and did a circle twirl that pulled the bra off her tits as she twirled it above her head. It was a total stripper move, and we all cheered. Her tits looked amazing, as usual.

“Goodness, where did you learn that move?” I asked her.

“I’ve still got a surprise or two left!” she said, winking at me.

“Can’t wait!” I said.

Now that both girls were topless, it was a little harder to focus on the foosball game but we knew that we needed to score a few more goals to get them naked.

If it seemed like we were having trouble concentrating because of the boobs on display, the girls seemed to be having even more trouble concentrating. Sara put the ball into play, and I snatched it right out from under her, passed it up and took a shot. It rebounded off the goalie and back to my player, and I slammed it into the goal. It made a sound that echoed through the house.

“Shit.” Kirstin said.

She pretended to be shy but it was at least the tenth time she had gotten naked in our house that summer, between the foosball party and all the nights in the hot tub. And that was just the times we were all there for it! If you count the times she got naked just in Brian’s room (with just the two of them) I’m sure the number was way higher than ten. Games were kind of her thing by this point. She was open to doing a lot of things but needed a nudge. We knew she loved the game and the submissive aspect of being told to strip. She looked at us, waiting for us to tell her.

“Kirstin, you know what time it is, and I want to see if you’re wearing panties or not. Take it off!” Brian told her.

She did as she was told. She unbuttoned her mini-skirt and pulled it down, exposing that she was naked underneath them. She stepped out of them, with her freshly waxed pussy fully on display.

“I don’t know kaçak bahis why I ever agree to play this game! I always end up naked!” Kirstin said.

“I thought that was why you played?” I asked, facetiously.

We all laughed.

The next goal went even faster. Sara may have been trying, but I think they really just wanted to get the game over with. Not that they knew what I had planned, but Im sure they were ready to find out. I took the ball as it came inbound, and sprang it right past Sara’s goalie and just like that, we were about to have TWO naked girls on our hands!

“Well, how do you like that? We have a winner! Let’s see you drop those drawers, girl!” I said.

Sara wasn’t quite as submissive as Kirstin, but she definitely liked being told to strip when she lost. She obediently slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Just like Kirstin, her pussy was either freshly shaved or waxed. It looked amazing, and she winked at me as she caught me staring at it.

Kirstin ran her hands through her hair, which made her boobs stick out in an epic manner.

“Well, I guess you guys won…” she said.

“I guess we did.” I said, looking up and down Sara and Kirstin’s bodies.

I had a plan, but remember I was walking a tight rope here. On one hand, the girls had brought up the idea of swapping. On the other hand, Brian and I couldn’t be too eager and risk of the girls getting jealous or awkward (or both). I remember thinking for a minute about how far the girls, Kirstin in particular, had come in just a few months. She had told me that strip foosball was basically the highlight of her summer. There had been a few other games since then, including one night we had a big group over. That may become chapter five of this series at some point but it was pretty similar to chapter three so I haven’t written it out yet. That summer was amazing and the thing that made it amazing was that these two awesome girls were having fun exploring their wild sides with us.

So I figured why not up the stakes?

“Well, it appears that we have all your clothes and you ladies are in a bit of a predicament.” I said.

“We really are…” Kirstin said, in her most sweet and innocent voice. She was standing with her hands behind her back, totally exposed but trying to look sweet and innocent.

“I’d hate to have to send you walking all the way home naked…” I said.

Of course, they lived next door, and even still I wouldn’t have done that. But the girls were willing to play along.

“Oh no!” Sara said, totally playing into the “damsel in distress” role.

“I guess we could always go ‘double or nothing’, if you want.” I said. Trying to play it totally cool and act like I was just being generous by even offering.

“But…we’re all out of clothes. What would we bet?” Sara asked, squirming as if to highlight her nakedness as she asked it.

Just for a quick reference…we had played a few games that summer with just the four of us. Strip poker, strip foosball, strip beer pong, etc. Every time the girls would lose, they would bet sexual favors for us. The plan was to do the same this time, except instead of Sara come with me (cum with me? ha!) and Kirstin with Brian, this time we would swap.

“Well, youu know we are always ok with letting you lovely ladies bet sexual favors. Except I think tonight, it will be you with Brian, and Kirstin with me.” I said.

The girls blushed a bit. I had learned by this point that they were willing to play an obviously fixed game if they liked the consequences but they still liked to make it look like they were putting up a fight.

“How far do we have to go if we lose?” Sara asked.

She smiled when she asked, and her tone of voice made me think she was ok with basically whatever answer I gave.

“The first goal, you will have to give us a kiss.” I said.

“And the second?” she asked.

“Then we get to feel your tits.” I said.

“And the third?” she asked.

“For the third, we get to smack your butts for being so naughty and losing the game!” I said.

She giggled a bit, and clearly loved that answer.

“And the fourth?” she asked.

“Well, if you let us score that many goals, then we each get a blowjob.” I said.

“And the fifth?” she asked.

“All the way.” I said.

“All the way?” she asked, with the emphasis on the world “all”.

“Yup. All the way.” I said, with the same emphasis on the word “all”.

“And what do we get if we win?” Sara asked.

“Each goal you score, you each get one article of clothing back for your walk home. And if you get to five goals first, you don’t have to do any dares.” I said.

“Ok, we’ll play. And if we win…no, WHEN we win…you two have to take us someplace nice for an evening out while we are at the beach.” Sara said.

“Deal!” I said.

This is where the girls got clever. We all knew that the girls had zero chance. But by picking something like a fancy night out as their prize, they knew we would be gentleman and do that even if we won. Sorry, WHEN we won.

“Alrighty, so the stakes are set. Let’s play ball!” I said, as I dropped the ball into play.

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