Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 06

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I know it has been over two years since my last submission, but after some hard times I am coming back to finally finish this story. I encourage everyone to look back at the original parts for a refresher before reading this one because it comes right after part 5.

This was meant to be the final piece but it got away from me and now there will be one more chapter after this. After you read it I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on how you would like it to end. I have a plan for the final chapter but am open to adjusting it if general consensus wants it to move in a different direction.


Josh, Tara and Abby all arrived home a little before 5 PM. They all grabbed their bags and headed inside. Abby dropped her bags at the base of the stairs and headed off to the kitchen. Tara took hers and headed up to her room while Josh was left in the entry way wondering what to do with his DVDs. Finally he decided to drop them in the living room, assuming that they would probably be watching them in there later tonight. Once he had dropped them by the TV cabinet he headed back to the entrance and waited for Tara.

After a couple of minutes Tara came bounding down the stairs carrying a shopping bag, her breasts swaying freely beneath her shirt. Josh wondered how they managed not to find their way out from under her short shirt and felt his cock start to harden again. Tara reached the bottom of the stairs and pulled Josh into a quick hug, causing his cock to work its way beneath her legs. With a smile, and a quiet moan, she let it slide against her shorts. She enjoyed the heat it gave off against her covered pussy. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips as they embraced. Just then, Abby came walking in from the kitchen carrying a plate with a sandwich and chips.

“Jeez, can’t you guys give it a rest for 5 minutes,” Abby said as she came through the entry way toward the stairs.

“You’re just jealous sis,” Tara retorted.

Abby smiled at this, If only you knew she wanted to respond back. Her panties had been soaked the entire ride home as she considered the possibilities that the night held once Jen returned. She was dying for Jen to rip off her clothes and eat her out just like last night.

“That must be it,” Abby said instead. “Well, I’m heading upstairs so I don’t have to watch . . . what are you up to? Round 4? Enjoy your night you two.” With that she turned around, grabbed her bag, and ran upstairs.

Tara leaned close to Josh’s ear and whispered, “Is that all? Tonight is our last night alone so we will have to at least double that.” As she finished she nibbled on his ear lobe. When she released he leaned over with a smile.

“I’m planning for a full 9 innings tonight,” He whispered in her ear. He grabbed her earlobe in his teeth and gave a quick, playful bite, “And maybe some extra innings if you are lucky.” At this her jaw dropped, not realizing just how much she had changed him in such a short time. He never would have said something like that last night but obviously her teasing and extra attention had had an effect on him. Now he had turned the tables on her as she felt a warmth rise inside and her stomach began to flutter.

“Well I guess we should get started.” Tara said, not wanting to break the embrace but not wanting to delay the festivities any longer. “Why don’t you head up to my room, I left a bag on the bed for you. Hang out up there for about 20 minutes while I whip up some dinner. I will give you a call when I’m ready for you to come down.” With that she grabbed the bag that she had carried down and headed off to the kitchen while Josh climbed the stairs to Tara’s room.

Josh reached the top of the stairs and stopped for a minute. He listened and thought he heard some soft moaning coming from the direction of Abby’s room. He considered heading over and trying to peek in, but finally decided just to head to Tara’s room like he was supposed to. As soon as he got inside he saw the bag that Tara mentioned on the bed. He walked over to the bed and dumped the contents out. Inside he found a pair of khaki slacks, a dark blue button down shirt, and a red striped tie. The complete lack of underwear didn’t even phase him at this point, he had gotten used to his new girlfriends playfulness. He smiled as the thought crossed his mind and he called Tara his girlfriend. He still couldn’t believe how this weekend had turned out.

After a couple of minutes of daydreaming, Josh decided to go ahead and get dressed. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and realized that his pubic hair was caked in dried cum. He decided he would need to spend a couple of minutes cleaning up so he headed to the bathroom and started the shower. He quickly cleaned up and dried off, resisting the urge to play with himself as he flashed back to what had happened ataşehir escort bayan that morning in that same shower. Once he headed out to the bedroom and quickly put on the clothes that Tara had left him. Soon he was nicely dressed and he had combed his hair with a comb he had found in the bathroom. He looked at himself in Tara’s full length mirror and realized that he looked really nice.

“Josh, come on down.” He heard Tara call from downstairs. He hadn’t realized he had been up there so long. He headed out the door and down the stairs.

He reached the bottom of the stairs and didn’t see Tara anywhere. He could see a flickering light in the kitchen though so he headed in that direction to see if he could find her. When he entered the kitchen, the sight that met his eyes took his breath away. Tara was standing there in a simple black dress. The dress was strapless and left just enough cleavage to be alluring without looking slutty. It reached down about mid thigh, which was more covering then anything she had worn since Josh had gotten there the night before. Her hair flowed loosely down and flowed gently over her shoulders. She stood behind a table that was set nicely with spaghetti and meatballs on the plates at either place and glass goblets filled with water. There were two candles in the middle of the table which were the only light source in the room. Josh was frozen in place as Tara came around the table toward him. She gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek before grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the table.

“I figured at this point we were due for a proper first date,” she said.

“This is incredible,” Josh finally managed to say as they reached the table. “However, we need to do this right.” Josh reached out and pulled out the chair. He then swept his hand in front of the chair, indicating that Tara should take a seat. She smiled and gracefully accepted. Josh pushed in the chair and then took the seat opposite her.

They spent the next 45 minutes eating and talking. This was their first chance to get know each other and they were taking advantage of it. They talked about their hobbies, their favorite classes, their plans for after school, and anything else they could think of. Finally, long after they had finished their meals, they had run out of things to say.

“Why don’t you head into the living room and find something on TV, I’m going to clean up quickly and then I will join you,” Tara said. Josh wanted to protest but he knew that Tara would win, so he just got up and headed into the living room. He figured they were going to watch one of the movies that he had picked up that afternoon so he turned on the TV and found some silly romantic comedy on TV to watch as he set up the DVD and waited for Tara. He fed the DVD into the player and sat down on the couch to wait. It wasn’t long until Tara came out to the living room from the kitchen. She laid down on the couch across Josh’s lap, curling up her legs so that she would fit completely on it. She just laid there watching the movie with Josh for a little bit.

“Did you want me to put on one of the DVDs I bought?” Josh finally asked.

“If you want,” she said contentedly, “but I’m pretty happy just like this.”

“Me too,” Josh said with a smile. He leaned over and gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips. After a little bit they broke the kiss and just stayed together on the couch. Occasionally Josh would let his hands rub along her body, causing her to coo lightly. He would gently run his hand down one side of her body, over her ass, and back up the other. Then he would let his hand rest on her stomach occasionally running back and forth. Finally he couldn’t help himself and he leaned over and began to kiss her forehead, her cheek, her ear and then her neck.

Tara reached up and began to run her hands over the back of his shoulders, his neck, through his hair, and then settled on playing with his earlobes. She could feel his cock beginning to grow against her back. Josh’s hands made their way down from Tara’s stomach and started to rub along her thighs, up and down. Each time the bottom of her dress got pushed up a little higher. She began to gently rock, trying to urge his hand higher and higher. Eventually her dress was pushed up as high as it could go, and Josh smiled when his fingers hit her completely bare pussy. Tara let out a sigh as his fingers gently danced over her lips, but he never went as far as to push his fingers inside, he only wanted to tease her at the moment. Tara tried a couple times to reach down and do what Josh was refusing to, but he just swatted her hand away and continued playing. She eventually got the hint and instead of reaching down, she reached up and began to play with her breasts through her dress. She rubbed them gently at first escort kadıöy but as Josh continued to tease her she got rougher and rougher. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and she ripped the top of her dress down, letting her breasts spring free.

Josh needed no more invitation. No sooner were her breasts out then he bent down and began to nibble on her nipples. She let out a groan as Josh’s attentions began to cause her excitement to rise higher and higher. She wanted to stop him, she didn’t want to cum already, but she couldn’t. She let her body go and lost herself in the feeling of Josh’s hand and mouth on her body. His light brushing of her pussy lips got her up to the edge of cumming, but just wasn’t enough to push her over. She laid there, breathing heavily, desperately wishing that she could cum but completely unable. Suddenly Josh brought his other hand to her free breast and sharply pinched her nipple. That was all she needed as she plummeted over the edge with a yell. She writhed and squirmed against Josh’s body as he removed his hands and mouth from her. She could feel his hard cock as she rubbed back and forth across his lap and from the throbbing could tell that he was really turned on by this. She hoped that he didn’t cum though, she desperately wanted to save that for once he was inside one of her holes.

Finally she came down from her orgasm and just laid there for a minute panting. Josh reached down to begin teasing her nipples again, but every time he tried she batted his hand away and shook her head. Finally she caught her breath and found her voice.

“Come with me,” she said as she slowly stood up from the couch. The bottom of her dress fell down to cover her, but she didn’t bother to pull up the top. She grabbed his hand and dragged her upstairs, her breasts swaying as she walked. They moved quickly upstairs into her room, completely absorbed in each other and their goal.

“Wait here,” Tara said once inside her room. She released Josh’s hand and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Josh stood there for a moment, unsure what to do. His cock was throbbing in his pants though from what had happened downstairs and he just couldn’t ignore it. He figured it was going to happen anyway, so he quickly stripped down completely. Once he was completely naked he laid down on her bed on his back, with his head propped up so he could see the bathroom door. He laid there for a few minutes, gently stroking his hard member, waiting for Tara to come out.

Suddenly he heard the door knob turn and the door swung open, seemingly in slow motion. Finally it opened completely and he could see Tara’s silhouette in the door. Lit from behind all he could see a perfect outline of her figure. He automatically assumed that she was completely naked. She turned off the light and took a couple steps forward. After Josh’s eyes adjusted to the lower light he saw her standing in the moonlight from the window. For the second time that night he couldn’t believe the sight that was right in front of him. Tara wasn’t naked, she stood there in the teddy she had bought. His eyes followed the fabric from her neck down across her barely constrained breasts as the two strips got closer and closer and finally met between her legs. She smiled and once she was sure he could see clearly she slowly spun around, showing her bare back and barely covered ass.

“Wow . . .” was all Josh could manage.

“Glad you like it,” she smiled as she walked toward the foot of the bed. She crawled up onto the end and slowly worked her way, on her hands and knees up his legs, kissing them as she went.

“I bought it especially for you,” she said between kisses as she moved up his thighs and have a couple kisses to his balls and penis.

“I was starting to worry downstairs that you wouldn’t get to see it,” she continued as she worked up his stomach and chest. Josh’s breathing had become harder and he was practically moaning with each kiss. Finally she worked her way up to his neck.

“And now,” she kissed his earlobe, “that you have appreciated it,” she reached his ear and grabbed his cock firmly. She was whispering now, “batter up.” With that she pushed him back with her other hand so that he was lying prone against the pillows.

Abby made it up to her room and upon opening the door was disappointed to find that Jen wasn’t there. She had no reason to expect Jen to be there, in fact having just gotten home she knew that there was no way that she could have possibly gotten in. However, that didn’t change her disappointment, but she quickly realized this just gave her time to prepare for Jen’s arrival. She quickly scarfed down the food she had brought up with her and when it was gone left the plate on her vanity. She then headed over to the bed and dumped out the lingerie maltepe escort that she had bought. She kicked off her sandles and quickly stripped out of her shorts, baby doll T-shirt, and boy shorts. She stood naked in front of the full length mirror on the back of the door and admired her body for a minute. She ran her fingers gently over her breasts, then down her stomach and over her thighs. She then dragged them back up toward her pussy and the hair that was hiding it. She admired her neatly trimmed bush for a minute, but then began to develop a wicked idea that practically had her gushing. Without another thought she headed into the bathroom.

She suddenly heard Tara call up the stairs and heard someone, she assumed Josh, leave Tara’s room. Still not wanting to be disturbed though she made sure to lock both doors just in case. She then ran the facet in the tub and let it fill as she gathered her razor and shaving lotion. She had never considered shaving herself completely before, but she was horny and wanted to make Jen as comfortable for what she hoped would happen both that night and in future nights. Once the tub was half full she turned off the water and got in. She leaned back and let her body soak for a while, letting herself relax and her mind wander. Inevitably it wasn’t long before she was day dreaming about Jen, and her hands began to dance over her body with a mind of their own. She imagined they were back in the forest but this time they were both completely naked and there was no interruption. Jen was already on her knees in front of her and her tongue was dancing expertly over her clit and lips. Her own hands were pinching her nipples as her orgasm rose closer and closer . . .

And then suddenly and inexplicably she came back to her senses. One hand was pinching her left nipples and the other had two fingers deep in her pussy. She was on the verge of orgasm but suddenly pulled out not wanting to cum quite yet. She took a minute to come down and then pulled herself out of the tub. She stood up in the tub and grabbed her shave lotion. Once she had coated her pussy, after more than a couple shudders and moans as the lotion was spread, she very carefully shaved all of the hair off of her pussy, until she was as bare her new lover. She let out a gasp as she called Jen her lover in her mind, and she realized that she desperately wished that it turned out to be true. She didn’t want this to be a one night thing, or one weekend thing as the case may be, she wanted this forever.

She finally finished and let the water out of the tub, watching her hair go down the drain with it. She then spread some moisturizer on her now bare lips with more than a little pleasure. Once again she had to pull her hands away from herself with a lot of effort because she wanted to only to be brought to orgasm by Jen. She unlocked both doors and headed back into her room and over to her bed. She picked up the panties first and slid them on. As the cool material caressed her newly bare skin she let out a loud groan. When she recovered she pulled on the top as well letting the material caress her chest and stomach she turned around and looked at herself in the mirror. Like she thought in the store, the lingerie covered her modestly, but she couldn’t help but notice how clearly she could see her erect nipples through the top, and that made her smile.

“Honey, I’m home,” Jen whispered into Abby’s ear, as her hands wrapped around Abby’s stomach. Abby jumped slightly and then smiled as Jen’s lips pushed against her neck and began to nibble up to her earlobe. Abby let out a moan as Jen continued to work on her neck, and her hands began to move up to Abby’s breasts. Abby didn’t let it continue long, she soon pushed Jen away and spun around. A quick look showed that Jen was wearing a tight tank top that left her midriff bare and ass hugging shorts. It was obvious she didn’t have a bra underneath as her nipples were clearly showing through the tank top and no panties underneath the shorts as there was a clear camel toe showing.

“What’s up with the new wardrobe,” Jen asked, “New boyfriend you didn’t tell me about?”

Abby paused for a minute, unsure how to answer. Then she decided just to go for it, “Nope, this was for you,” She said with a smile. Jen looked taken aback for a minute and Abby wasn’t sure whether that was a good sign or not but pushed forward.

“And that’s not all,” She said as she stepped toward Jen. She grabbed her hand and pushed it inside her panties, “There is this as well.”

“Oh . . . honey . . .” Jen said, sounding almost sad for her friend. “I . . .” but Abby cut her off with a deep kiss. She was holding back tears as her worst fears were apparently coming to pass, Jen didn’t feel the same way she did. Jen didn’t push her away, but at the same time she didn’t return the kiss.

Finally Abby could hold back no longer and broke the kiss. She pushed Jen away and quietly said, “I think you should go,” as she turned toward the bed. She collapsed onto the bed and began sobbing into the pillow shutting out everything around her.

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