Shirley 02

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Shirley 02
At this point in my life I was pretty naive, actual sexual encounters had been limited to ‘fumbles’ with girls in not very conducive situations.
Frustratingly I always knew that I was up for anything, from viewing porn that was available and just by instinct.
During our time together Shirley showed me that she enjoyed every fuck pleasure AND enabled me to experience them.
She was an attentive lover and was always understanding of what I needed at any given time.
The first thing I learned from her was to be able to talk to her and agree which mutual fuck pleasures we both wanted to enjoy.
In other words, she taught me to be an attentive lover, understanding of her needs at any given time.
A gift that I will always thank her for, as I enjoyed future partners.
Shirley had a huge illegal bahis appetite for fuck pleasures and could orgasm repeatedly – producing copious flows of cunt juices.
She also enjoyed giving and hearing verbal encouragement – gentle words and phrases or raunchy explicit words and phrases/commands.
We both liked to hear each other grunt during fucking.
The first pleasures Shirley taught me was oral sex – giving and receiving.
To begin with a ‘gentle’ introduction – her sucking my cock and then letting me go down between her legs and taste her cunt.
I learnt how to draw her aroused cunt lips into my mouth and tease them with my tongue and then do the same with her clit.
Once I had discovered how she liked her cunt sucked, this soon developed into her face sitting me and 69’s’ bedava bonus veren siteler (taking it in turns to be on top).
I discovered Shirley loved to swallow spunk and I could swallow her prolific cunt juices when she orgasmed.
She also enjoyed me swallowing her cunt juices mixed with my spunk – a beautiful cocktail!
Shirley also enjoyed ‘Golden Rain’ pleasures.
Always knew if she was in the mood for this, because a fuck session would be proceeded with sharing a bottle of wine and lots of hints from her while we

drank and talked dirty.
We would get into her bath and take it in turns to piss over each other’s bodies and (of course) swallow the piss stream before it subsided.
Then back to bed, to kiss and lick each other’s bodies and fuck.
Shirley yatırımsız deneme bonusu would fuck in every way possible but one of her favourite positions was ‘doggy style’.
It became a regular choice for us – she got off feeling me squeeze her belly and tits as I ploughed into her.
She taught me a lovely technique for fucking her.
Basically to ‘tease’ her cunt with two or three small thrusts just into the beginning of her cunt followed by a full length thrust all the way into her cunt.
It was a technique that worked beautifully with any fuck position.
I think it’s true to say that I fell in love with Shirley, not only because of the fucking, but because we spent beautiful times together ‘socializing’.
I enjoyed being with her in public and Shirley was not afraid to be with me in public.
I have never been able to forget Shirley – she is as fresh in my mind/memories as the actual days we were together.
As time has gone on I realise that Shirley was my perfect partner.
There are other memories of us, and perhaps I’ll find time to go back and ‘explore’ them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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