Short , Sweet, Hard , Fast

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Ok baby, here we go…

I felt that hungry tingle from deep inside when I opened my phone to read the text message you sent me.

It was simply a number. The room number of the motel I was meeting you at.

I’d already sent you instructions. To be at the motel of my choice at the time I specified. Get a room. Go in… leave the door unlocked. Close the curtains. Remove your clothes… but not your underwear. Text me the room number, then place the blindfold I asked you to bring over your eyes and lay on the bed and wait.

I walk into the room quietly. It’s dark, and I stand there for a few minutes to let my eyes adjust. I’ve already instructed you not to speak… not a word. I don’t talk to you. I smile at your sexy, muscular body lying on the bed. I can sense your excitement, and also your apprehension. You’re enjoying the mystery of it all, yet unsure of what’s about to unfold.

I’m watching you as I begin to undress myself. You can hear me moving about and undressing and I can see your cock beginning to stiffen in your boxers.

Naked now, I take two lengths of stockings out of my bag and approach the bed. “Shh”, is all you hear as I take your hand and bind one of the nylons around it and attach the other end of it to the bed.

I move around the side of the bed and secure your other hand in the same manner.

You can feel me kneeling on the bed at your side now… leaning over you. I’m careful not to touch you yet. But you look so delicious lying there, so I decide to taste you. I slowly and deliberately run my tongue up from the base of your neck. Finding your ear and gently licking at it, then with my mouth open I suck my breath in knowing I’m giving you goose bumps as I do it.

I slide my tongue over your lips and I can feel your mouth opening. I pull back from you and get off the bed. I get the bottle of warming massage oil out of my bag and put it on the table next to the bed.

I climb back onto the bed, my knees either side of your neck. I know you can smell my scent and I push my finger inside my cunt, soaking it and making me exhale a soft moan.

I want to tease you a little. I take my pussy soaked finger and run it around the shape of your lips before sliding it into your mouth. “Suck”, I say quietly.

I watch your warm, wet mouth closing over my finger and love the feel of your tongue sucking my pussy juices off it. “Do you want more? Nod your head if you do”.

I watch your mouth ataşehir escort bayan curve into that sexy smile of yours as your head nods vigorously. Holding onto the headboard of the bed, I inch forward till my cunt is sitting over your mouth. I feel like I’m on fire and I want you so bad, but I need to play it slow, to get as much out of this as possible. Kneeling just millimeters from your mouth I say “stick out your tongue”. Your mouth opens and the tip of your tongue is now touching my smooth pussy. I begin to slowly move my hips, sliding my wet snatch over your tongue. I move up enough so that I can feel my clit just touching your nose and your tongue lapping at the juices that are oozing out of me. “Fuck me”, I command breathlessly. Mmm, I like that I didn’t have to say it twice. Your tongue is pushing inside my cunt and I rock my clit against your nose setting my senses on fire as you work your magic with your little mouth cock. I can feel my first orgasm building fast and I stop moving feeling only your tongue fucking me hard. “Ahh, here it comes baby… I’m cumming”. I can feel myself pulsing on your lips and tongue and I want to yell. But I’m keeping it relatively quiet for now. I rotate my hips, smearing my cunt juices over your mouth and face and slowly push my ass back so that I’m dragging my very wet, throbbing pussy down your body, over your chest, making sure I oil your body good with my cum. Stopping to push my large DD tits into your face and allowing myself the pleasure of feeling your mouth clamp down over my nipple. I grind my pussy onto your chest a little while your tongue sucks and flicks at alternate nipples.

Your cock is pushing at my ass through your boxers as I slide myself down to your stomach. I raise myself up and over your hardness and position myself between your thighs.

I open my mouth and suck gently on your swollen balls through the material. My warm breath making you inhale quickly and I can feel you opening your legs a little wider.

I slide my hand up the shaft of your cock feeling its thickness and I can’t resist sucking the tip. There is a wet patch of precum and I squeeze your cock firmly while my tongue teases the tip.

Sitting up on my knees a little, I lift the elastic waist of your boxers over your cock, watching it spring out, and pull them down your thighs. You lift your legs one at a time to help me remove them completely.

Now I’m on my hands and knees, escort kadıöy leaning over you, my mouth back over your cock.

Holding it firmly at the base in my left hand I open my mouth and slowly close my lips over the head. It’s warm and smooth in my mouth and I like the wet sticky feeling oozing from the tip. I make my lips tight and push them very slowly down your thick hard cock. Moving my hand from the base as my lips reach there, I can feel the tip of your cock at the back of my throat. Gagging me, making my eyes water. My saliva dribbles down your shaft as I move my head back up to the tip and suck firmly over the head while my hand is back on you squeezing and pulling slightly. I pull my lips away from the tip and love the trail of precum and saliva that keeps your cock and my mouth connected.

Again I slide my mouth down the length of you, and placing my hand back at the base of your cock, I slowly begin to get into a rhythm, pulling and sucking, pulling and sucking. My tongue pumping the underside of your delicious cock and my mouth slowly and purposefully fucks you. I can feel the thick vein that runs the length of your cock swelling with every pump of my tongue. I keep your cock slippery with my spit, and I know if I keep pulling and sucking you like this, you will blow.

I’m not ready for that yet.

I climb back up over the top of you. Squatting over you, I lower myself very slowly onto the head of your cock, allowing only the tip inside my pussy. I squeeze my cunt muscles tight around you and hold you there. Then lift myself off again. “More?” I ask you. You nod again and I can feel your hips rising slightly, trying to find my wet heat. Again I lower myself onto you… taking a little more of you this time. I pull myself up and down on your cock a few times, but never going more than halfway, despite your efforts to push upwards.

I can feel my juices trickling down your cock and I like knowing they’re flowing over your balls and into your ass.

“Ok, you’ve been a good boy. I’m going to fuck you hard now”. You try to move your arms but the stretchy nylon only allows limited movement. “No, I said I was going to fuck YOU… not the other way around”. I enjoy the frustrated half smile that appears on your lips.

I lower myself again. This time all the way. Nice and slow. Oh god, I can feel you so deep inside me now. It feels fantastic! I lean forward over you, and consciously tighten my cunt muscles maltepe escort around your cock. Now I begin to rock… Slowly at first… Pulling you in and out of me… My nipples brushing against your chest and my clit rubbing against your pubic bone.

As I start to fuck you faster, I notice you’ve given up trying to free your hands and clutch onto the headboard instead. “I’m going to cum Nick… all over your cock. But you’re not. You can’t cum yet, ok?” It’s not really a question. I clench my teeth and grab your biceps (I love to hold a man’s biceps while we’re fucking… such a turn on for me). Digging my fingers into your arms I push myself hard and deep onto your cock… over and over. “Don’t you dare cum yet… I mean it… don’t cum”, I’m panting at you.

“Ahh, uhh, uhh…I’m cumming… Oh fuck… I’m cumming”. I don’t know how hard it was for you to not blow your load right then, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to spill my juices all over your cock and the release was amazing!

I slowed my rocking until I was finished throbbing and slowly and reluctantly pulled my pussy off you. I turned my body around and climbed back over you so that my pussy was back in your face, and my mouth was back over your cock.

“Now clean up your mess you dirty boy”, I commanded, as I clamped my mouth down over your cock. I could feel your tongue obediently lapping up my cum as I began to pull and suck you, removing my cunt juices as I did so.

My hand tightened around your cock and I sucked you harder and faster with every passing second. “NOW you can cum baby… cum for Rhonnie. I want you to blow in my mouth”. I loved feeling your mouth sucking on my pussy and the vibrations from your moaning made me work harder on your cock.

I felt your body stiffen, your puffing against my cunt become faster and heavier and I knew you were seconds away from shooting your load.

Your cum hit the back of my throat and I used my hand to help you pump your jizz into my mouth. I closed my lips over the head of your cock and sucked gently while the firm grip of my hand continued to pull only slightly now.

“Mmm, good boy… ohhhh gooood boyyy… that’s nice” I murmured to you, as I licked the last of your cum off your cock.

“Do you want to say anything now?” I asked you as I climbed off you and began to untie your wrists.

You removed your blindfold and sat up. Blinking a few times till your vision adjusted to the light of the room, your eyes found mine. We smiled at each other. “THAT was amazing… wow”, you said through your grin. You spotted the bottle of warming massage oil next to the bed and said “You’re gonna get it now girl… I want to make you squirt!”

But, that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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