showing my wife off ten years ago to another guy

      Yorum yok showing my wife off ten years ago to another guy

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showing my wife off ten years ago to another guy
2010 my wife was 43, long straight mousey hair. 36c, 5 ft 6 inch and beteen 9 and 9 stone 7lbs. Slightly shy and submissive in demeanor but no shrinking violet.

We had been dating a while off and on. She was all too well aware of my desire to expose her to other men and had on a few separate occasions allowed this to happen. She had fallen in love with me and after a previous loveless marriage I think she was keen to please the man she fell in love with so indulged my little kink. (I may divulge details of other occasions in future).

I was living in a different part of the United Kingdom from her and she had came to visit for a long weekend and was staying at my flat when the following event took place.

I had taken her out to the pub so I could watch the Monday night football as was my usual routine when she not visiting. I use to meet up with four or five pals and we would have a few beers and watch the English Premiership Monday night football on sky. Drinking and football buddies more than friends.

Sarah, my girlfriend was the only female and my mates were rangingin age from 40s to an ex army pal Martin in his late 60s.

Martin likes a drink or two and had been single for the few years I had known him. While watching the football I started to think how hot it would be to expose her but there was no way that could happen here in the pub but Martin sometimes came back to mine after visiting the chip shop to phone a taxi. Now that sounded like I had the opportunity to try and get him to see a little bit more of Sarah than she would want him to see. For the next two hours or so I made sure the drink was flowing and trying ensure my dirty thinking would lead to something tangible to get turned on about.

About 10.45 I told Martin we going to chippie for something to eat and asked him “if he wanted to join us and could phone a taxi from mine as usual. ” He agreed and was not drunk but definitely half cut. Sarah had had a few drinks but was not intoxicated just relaxed. Although I doubt she would have been if she knew what I had in mind about exposing her to Martin who also was blissfully unaware or my deviant thoughts.

Back at the flat almost immediately I put on the kettle to make Sarah and I a coffee to warm us up and poured Martin a can of beer from my fridge illegal bahis and handed him the pint glass.

He had settled o the sofa and I sat on an armchair with Sarah all chatted for little while about stuff in general. (If honest I was making small talk of no importance just thinking how I could expose Sarah)

My arm around her was stroking her her cleavage above where her v neck t-shirt covered her 36c tits. I was getting a little bolder by the minute and while we all chatted Sarah did give me a bit of a puzzled look regarding my hand without drawing attention to it.

My hand now was snaking down her v neck into her bra and she looked bemused at me again so I leaned forward to kiss her and give her a few small kisses and whispered an exaggerated ”pleeease let me.” Her eyes widened as she knew it was my fetish to expose her to other men from previous occasions. Such was her love for me she resigned herself to indulging me.

After about 10 minutes my hand was scooping her nipples out the top of her bra and most of her cleavage was out and I was kissing her more passionately and every now and again whispering thank you. Martin had stopped talking but to be honest I wanted him.watchimg her tits and desiring her. She later admitted to me as I was mailing her tits and dragging them out by pulling the.out her bra and pulling the v neck down exposing her she had made contact with Martin’s eyes. He was engrossed and watching me grope her and play with her nipples, kissing her neck and tits and occasionally making eye contact with Sarah.

Sarah said she thought if she glared at him.he would take the hint and say he was going. The more he stared and did not move the more disappointed she glared at him. She did not want to disappoint me but she sure as hell did not want a man nearer 70 than 60 ogling her and being his wank material when he was home. Luckily for me her desire to please me was stronger than her embarrassment with him looking.

After about half an hour I had now got her t-shirt lifted and her tits scooped out her bra. Openly playing with her and now my hand was popping her button on her jeans. I felt her go a little rigid as my hand slipped into the waistband of her pants. I knew she was looking at me and I raised my head from her tits and kissed her again saying “fuck, thank you thank you, this is soooo perabet giriş hot” I said it loud enough for Martin to hear as he sat on the sofa watching and not speaking. My fingers had slipped into her pants (no fancy lingerie just your basic patterned bikini style full pants from Asda) and my finger tips were over her shaven mound and just at the start of her slit.

She later admitted to me that she had been looking at

Martin for most of this time and while not stopping me had tried glaring and even pleading with her eyes hoping he would turn away and say he was leaving. Now with my finger tips on her slit and worming their way in-between her full and wet and puffy lips she thought I was going to end up stripping her and using her Infront of Martin and she said she thought I might even let him touch or fuck her.

She said later she thought the only way she could stop me was to wank my cock. (I love being jerked and she knew she could probably stop her being stripped and used if she got my cock in hand.

She said quietly “let me wank it” as her hand moved for my cock. I carried letting my fingers slip down her wet slit over her clit towards her hole. She said again abit louder to distract me from.what I was doing. “Honey Let me pull it” this is where I got devious. I immediately broke from my groping and playing with her slit and clit. Raise me head to ook at her and kisses her bang on the lips and said “oh fuck babe your just the best. that is amazing”.

She smiled but then this is where I twisted her words. I kept telling her how good she was doing this and dropped the bombshell “Really ! you will wank Martin for me to watch. Honey your amazing.” She looked into my eys for a few seconds and shrugged her shoulders resigned to wanking him. (She said when she saw how happy I lookedand fearing I would fuck her and maybe even get him to fuck her it was probably best just to do my request.)

She got up from where I was sitting from.her and took the few steps to Martin. His face was a picture as she walked over and bent over to undo his trousers and get out his cock. Her top was still pulled up as she took his cock out and were hanging there Infront of his face. Martin went to grab her swinging 36C’s and she said sternly “don’t push your luck.”

She crouched down onto her knees and started to wank perabet güvenilir mi him aggressively. Martin still without talking to her about what was happening said to me sitting across from him

“Fuck she nearly pulling it off” and laughed. She back to me tugging aggressively at his cock and he occasionally saying to me things like “fuck she s good”.

(Sarah admitted to me later she thought she could get him to cum real quick but whether it was him drinking or delaying he wasn’t for shooting quickly.

I loved that he was not talking to her but commenting to me as if it was most normal thing in world.)

He occassionly grabbed at her tits and she would stop for a second or he would try and pull her head down to get her to suck it and again she would stop. Personally I don’t think she clicked he was doing that at times to delay her.

Enjoying embarrassing her, Martin would tell her on occasions “good girl”, “that’s it you little slut”, and stuff like that. I admit I had pulled out my own cock and had shot my load watching her wanking his old cock a good few minutes before he shot his load. She must have been pulling his old cock for a nearly 10 minutes before his cock and balls released one hell of a lot of spunk. It went all over her hand and some even in her hair. Her top and tits were splattered as she pulled it a few more strokes to empty all his load.

As soon as she was done she jumped to her feet and pulled down her top and headed towards the living room door and go to the bathroom. As she left she said “good night Martin, phone your taxi.”

I stared at him as he just sat there cock still semi erect grinning away. I told him.”you better go now”. He gathered himself and I phoned his taxi. Sarah never came back into the room. As we waiting for his taxi I say “don’t you fuckin say a word to anyone about this. I won’t be fuckin happy if I hear you say a word.” He say “no problem, and thank you”. He even shouted a cheeky “Night Sarah”as I closed the front door when he left.

After leaving I fucked Sarah stupid most of what was left of the night. Reassuring her how fantastic she was doing that for me. It is the nearest I have came to actually sharing her. To be there and witness her do that to please me is one of the hottest and most loving moments of my life. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Comments or questions welcome unless they on writing style, grammar or spelling. It a true story for your enjoyment not a booker prize entry. Being a real life event if there is anything you would like me to clarify just ask as this has been branded on my brain. 🙂

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