Sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty
I’d woken up early, early, horny and feeling just a tad sadistic, watching you sleep in the half light, your thumb in your mouth, listening to the soft breathing as you dreamed, a plan formed in my mind.

Carefully I moved around the bedroom, raiding the toy draw, selecting the things I’d be needing, you never looked more beautiful than when you were asleep, safe, relaxed, I loved watching you sleep.

Softly and slowly, careful not to wake you I buckle the cuffs around your wrists, easing your arms upwards I cuff you to the headboard, now comes the tricky part, silently I loop the rope under the bed and around each of your ankles, at the last moment pulling it tight, the sudden movement of your legs pulling you from your sleep, as you awake to find yourself face down and immobile, the quiet moan of acceptance that escapes your lips pleases me as you reluctantly accept what’s coming.

We’d drunk a fair bit last night, falling asleep through a mixture of tiredness and alcohol long before I’d had opportunity to put you in your place, still there was no time like the present.

Climbing onto the bed I move up your body until I’m straddling your waist, taking a firm grip of your hair I pull your head back, whispering in your ear all the things I’m going to do, telling you what a brat you could be, reminding you who was boss.

Taking a pair of scissors I cut your knickers from you with two deft snips, pulling them away I can feel türkçe bahis you shudder beneath me as the cool air hits the warmth between your thighs.
Your quiet gasp and moan as the cold lube comes into contact with your tight arsehole only makes me Hornier as despite your protests and squirming to avoid it, I push your plug slowly into you, stretching you as I do so, only once it’s fully in do I relent and stop pressing it as hard.

Picking up the small leather paddle I run it lightly across your buttocks, massaging you with it, it’s light touch caressing your skin, goose pimpled with excitement and apprehension. With a flick of the wrist I deliver a firm spank, not too hard, but enough to leave a delicate pink tinge in its wake.

“Bastard” it comes out of your mouth before you can stop it, roughly forcing your mouth open I gag you with your discarded knickers.
“Not yet half pint, but I assure you I’m going to be”

With that I pick up the paddle and begin a thorough spanking, leaving no inch of your arse untouched as you squirm on the bed, fighting the restraints, just when I know you can take no more I stop, leaving you to your thoughts, processing the sting from your freshly spanked bottom. Easing two fingers into your cunt, your wetness betraying how turned on you are, resting my thumb against the end of the plug I begin to massage your pussy, drumming against the g spot from inside, thumb using the motion of my hand to fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri your arse with the plug, I continue like this, pushing you to the brink of orgasm, and then I stop, leaving my fingers inside you, as you grind your pelvis down onto the sheets, desperate for release, fucking my hand like the wonton slut you can be, cruelly I whip my hand away, leaving you frustrated, your complaints audible through the sodden material of your knickers.

“Not yet princess, I’m not done with you just yet”

With that I untie your ankles, adjusting the wrist cuffs I flip you onto your back, so you’re looking up at me as I continue.

Leaning down I start to kiss and suck your nipples, my tongue working its way and them, I can feel them stiffen under its delicate touch as you’re writhing around on the bed, ever closer to that elusive climax. With deft fingers I attach clamps to your now rock hard nipples, smiling to myself as another muffled protest makes its way around the material in your mouth. I know you’re not a massive fan of being gagged.

Pushing your thighs as far apart as they’ll go I softly stroke you, gently brushing over your clit with my fingers, the whole time maintaining eye contact, watching you as you loose yourself to the inevitable orgasm.

“I don’t remember saying you could ” I whisper in your ear, you’re shaking your head furiously, desperate to convince me you didn’t mean to, that you couldn’t help güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it, but your eyes tell a different story, there’s defiance there, a little brattyness maybe ? No matter, you’ve had yours, now it’s my turn.

Climbing onto the bed next to you, I lift your legs, pushing your ankles towards your head I push open your thighs, pushing myself into your willing, wanton wetness with ease I drive myself home with All the force I can muster, fucking hard, the sound of our bodies colliding filling the still morning air, my balls repeatedly coming into contact with your spanked and plugged behind.when I can stand it no more, with long slow, deliberate thrust I cum inside of you, your body falling into sync with mine, the orgasm washing over you, your eyes receding in your head as you cum without permission a second time.

Pulling the knickers from your mouth I kiss you, our tongues intertwining, wrestling each other, reaching down, I use two fingers to collect the evidence of our fucking, pushing them into your mouth, forcing you to taste what we had just enjoyed. Removing the clamps from your tortured nipples you gasp as the blood rushes back to them, moaning softly as you burry your head in my chest, now you’re back in your place, you’ve never looked more beautiful or content.

“We’ll continue this later half pint, I must away to work, I’ll lay out your clothes”

After my shower, once I’m dressed and about to leave I select your dress, for the day, folding it on the chair I add my choice of underwear, as always stockings and suspenders, and for a final flourish I top the pile with a larger, metal plug and the lube, I know you’ll have an interesting day at work, waiting for me to come home.

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