Slept with My Best Friend’s Husband

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My best friend and I grew up together and since the day we met when we were 14 we were inseparable. We went to the same University and we were roommates after we graduated for a couple years. She ended up moving out with her husband and I focused on my career. Since then we definitely don’t spend as much time together as we used to. And after one year later I also got married and our lives took different turns. We still live fairly close to each other. Her husband was a good looking man and I always thought he was attractive. He was about 5’9, with dark hair, fair skin and black eyes.

She had a god marriage life. But later her husband had been complaining about her not taking care of herself, not losing the weight and always looking shabby. A few weeks later, we invited them for a small party. They came and we enjoyed a lot, had a few drinks. Later at night, they decided to stay here at night. They stayed in our spare bedroom upstairs.

Later at night my husband revealed that he had to leave for Sohar to attend company overseas meeting. Being very tired after party he quickly dozed off and somehow I had a desire. However, not disturbing his sleep, I let my thoughts pass off and tried to sleep. After a couple of seconds I got up to grab some cold water from refrigerator. Somehow, I just forgot that I had a guest in my house and was going around the house in a red G-string and a lacy transparent cloak. While I opened the refrigerator to pull a water bottle, I just felt someone overlooking at me from the top. What I realized absolutely stunned me, because looking at me on my erotic dress was my friend’s husband. He was standing in dark and my body was gleaming by the light coming out of the refrigerator. He could see my exposed ass and my back through the transparent dress. My naked ass covered only by a few strings and by transparent cloak. He got a perfect view of my exposed body. I closed the door of refrigerator and made my way towards my bedroom. As I walked, my breasts jiggled ever so slightly. When entered, I closed the door behind me and finally dozed off. Next day morning, they went back to their house after breakfast.

Then after, whenever we met I caught him looking at me and winked. I knew he was thinking about me. Few weeks later, at about 3 pm, my cell phone rang. I answered it. It was my friend.

” Hello.” I said.

“Hey. Dear! How are you?” She said.

“I’m doing fine, and you?”

“Well. I’m okay. But you forgot something… our wedding anniversary.” She said.

“No I don’t. We will come tomorrow.” I replied.

She invited us for their upcoming anniversary party. Soon the turn came for the visit to my friend’s house; my husband got himself busy in his work place. It was evening time, I decided to go to party alone. I was dressed in my usual jeans and deep cut top that showed ample amounts of the upper slopes of my breasts. After I reached their apartment, I rang the bell, and after waiting about thirty seconds, the door swung open, and there stood the man, her husband. In his hand was one glass filled with wine.

“Come in,” he gestured me. I stepped into the room. Music was pumping softly through the music system. He raised the glass, smiled and later offered me a glass of wine and started talking with me. At first I was quiet and shy but eventually I opened up. We starting talking and having a few drinks. It was a warm evening and I was wearing very little, a halter top, skimpy shorts and flip flops. I could feel him finding chances to get a glimpse of my waist and cleavage. Suddenly I found my best friend. She walked up to me with a glass of wine in his hand. She raised the glass and smiled. I pendik escort smiled at her.

“Where is your husband?” She asked.

“Sorry, he was busy with his work,” I replied.

Then I hugged her. I blurted out without any break, “Congratulates?”

We were just chilling having a good time, having a few more drinks. After a couple of minutes later, I talked with my friend about their problems. I discovered, what her husband liked most about a woman in general and his wife in particular were her breasts. Especially he wanted to play with nipples. Another thing that annoyed him was that there was no way he could talk her into oral sex. Unfortunately she didn’t like it. In general, sex was only of secondary importance to her and he had often complained about it in the past. Despite this unsatisfying sex life, she still tried to satisfy him. I conveyed her and gave suggestion to her.

After that we were enjoying again. His husband took a camera and asked to take some photo shots. After several pictures, she moved to the far end of the room to meet with others. Then his husband and I started messing around. I found him looking down the front of my top. The view allowed him to catch a glimpse of my breasts. He found him quite exciting. I smiled at him, giving my implicit permission to stare, as he had already seen me semi naked at my house.

“You liked the party?” he asked.

“It was a good, well prepared and delicious with a wine” I replied.

We walked and enjoyed the warm night. The talk was casual. What I discovered, he wanted some more pictures of mine. In fact, he had always wanted some erotic pictures of mine especially after that night. I started teasing while he took pictures of mine, showing off my waist and cleavage. After the party, she wanted me to stay there with them at night. I could not bear the idea of staying there. She had finally convinced me and I agreed. Later at the middle of night, I got to grab a bottle of water as I simply forgot to keep the jug in his room. Rounding the corner of the living room, I made my way towards the kitchen. I was almost there when I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard some sounds. I was trying to find the origin. It was coming from their bedroom. I could see a light shining through a small opening. The door was ajar about one inch. And since the living room lights were out, it was easy to see the glow coming from the bedroom. And if I was careful, I should be able to see what was going on inside. So after slowly leaning forward while taking care not to make a sound I carefully peered through the small opening. What I saw absolutely stunned me. She laid on the bed. I didn’t have a straight on view of the room. When I leaned forward, I got a perfect view of her husband on his knees in front of her. He was licking her pussy. She pulled his head up to her nipples. Like a hungry dog he started sucking them. And his sucking sounds could be heard clear across the room. I could feel her own cunt begin to drip as she watched the incredible scene before her and as I stared gape mouthed through the opening of the door I lifted my dress and absentmindedly began diddling my now erect clitoris. As I was about to have my orgasm I tried to suppress the moan coming from my throat, and unfortunately it was at that moment that I lost my balance and my hand stroke the door causing him to spin his head around to see what all the commotion was all about. Quickly I left the place and dozed off.

Next day they requested me to stay one more night and I agreed without any hesitation as my husband was not there in city. We also had few drinks and I could notice his husband was pouring us more wine maltepe escort every time. We were all drunk at her house. She passed out and her husband carried her in the bedroom and put her to bed. Then he came and sat on the couch with me. When he noticed her, was in deep sleep & it was hard to wake her up now, he wanted me to drink one more glass of wine.

“I know you peered through the door last night. I know you enjoyed well.” He smiled.

Hearing this, I got suspicious, but I didn’t say anything. Surprisingly, instead of acting afraid or nervous at being caught I nodded and smiled.

“Do you want something more special?” he asked.

I arched my eyebrow. “What do you mean by something?”

“You seem nervous,” he said. He walked fingers across my shoulders.

“”Stop that.” I admonished her husband. “She will hear us!!”

“Stop what, I was really waiting for long.” he teased, while continuing to slide.

Then he grabbed my hand & told he was really waiting for long. I was excited also, because as I knew her husband was extremely handsome & lot better in sex drive. He looked into my eyes. We were bright with desire and wide with expectation. When he said, “Baby, you’re so beautiful. I must have been a fool to allow you to stay away from me for so long. I guess I must have waited too long to make my move.” l began to blush. My knees trembled and l smiled.

He leaned in even closer and gave my neck a little lick. My parted lips strayed over his. I was not sure if he started it or I started it but we started kissing. He kissed me passionately. As his hands moved closed to my under arms and breast area. I was shied and a little bit scared at first, but it felt pretty good and I didn’t want to be a prude so. I let him do it. As we kissed, I felt his one hand caressing my legs and thighs, then sliding it up underneath my skirt, up along my bare thigh and finally ran his hand over my black panties and it made me shake. I felt my thighs were shrinking. I was feeling stark pleasure through my body as he rubbed his hand on my right inner thigh. I could feel him eagerly trying to get into my panties with his fingers. When finally reached, my pussy started to get wet. He rubbed my clit. My body shuddered as wave after wave of orgasm took me over. I had no control over it.

He rested his other hand on my right breast. I felt her fingers unbuttoning my top and proceeded to remove bra. He tried to unbuttoned my bra. We stopped kissing and I helped him to unzip my bra and took it off. There I was, in front of my best friend’s husband, my bare breasts exposed to his lusty eyes. He took the right nipple between his fingers and started rubbing and rolling it. He wanted to play with nipples, I already knew it. It made me moan when he leaned over and kissed one of them and then he put it in his mouth and gently sucked on it. I could see his dick growing under his pant. I ripped his shirt off his bare chest. Then I ran my hand over his bare chest. Slid down my hand and reached onto the dick over pants. Then unzipped his pant, and pulled out a very hot dick. It was about to get hard. I slowly but firmly rubbed up and down his dick. Then he made me stand up. I lowered my dress and finally pulled my dress down, leaving me in my black panties. I got down on my knees and gripped his dick, leaned forward and lightly flicked my tongue against his head. Then I took it in my mouth completely and started sucking, as I felt his dick begin to enlarge in my mouth and it didn’t take long until it was hard. He pushed my head, moaned as I deep throat him.

He stood up then buttoned his pant and then grabbed my hand and we tiptoed kartal escort down to the spare bed room. As soon as we got in the room he wasted no time. He wrapped his hand around my ass and started squeezing my ass and kissed me hardly. He slipped my panties down over my hips and finally over my toes.

“Your breasts and hips are all soft feminine curves,” he whispered in my ear.

He took off his pants and we climbed onto the bed. I was looking at his huge dick anticipating how hard he was going to fuck me. He laid me there and spread my legs and kneeled between my legs, parted my pussy lips and started rubbing. Without even realizing more, I had parted my legs wide open giving him access to rub every inch of me.

“Would you like me to suck your clit for you,” he begged?”

“I like getting my pussy eaten!” I groaned.

“I love having a man put his mouth on my pussy and suck me to orgasm!!” I added.

He leaned down and started licking my clit. I moaned slowly and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. My hands slid in his hair and pulled him closer, begging him to do more. Abruptly he withdrew his tongue from my wet pussy. Then he inserted a finger and started strolling. I moaned loudly as he started harder. I wanted him. I couldn’t help my reaction as I let out a soft moan and arched my back. My hand held the covers of the bed in a tight not. He took his dick in hand, rubbed and pounded the head of the dick against my clit slowly. I felt him put his penis against my pussy. He pressed his hips into me and I felt him start to go in. He pressed harder and I felt the sudden pain, I wrapped my hot shivering legs around him. He looked into my eyes and rimming me. He increased speed as I held with him with each thrust.

He pulled out his dick, pulled me up and bent me over doggy style across his bed and began eating me out. I felt his tongue deep inside me.

“Do you want to go from behind,” he whispered in my ear.

Then he entered me from behind, grasping my waist in his hands. Uhh.’ I grunted as he moved within me. His strokes were fast and hard. The grip he had on my waist was so tight, I couldn’t take it. . My body seemed to collapse, but he held onto me. Few seconds later, abruptly he pulled out his dick again, flipped me over and starred at my face. He knew I was so close to orgasm. He laid on his back and I climbed on top of him and grabbed his dick with my right hand and directed his dick to my pussy. Ooomph.” I sighed as his huge hard dick slid smoothly inside of me. I slowly put it inside, going down slowly, inch by inch, until I got about half of him inside me. Then I started bouncing up and down on him. He laid there and put his hands on my waist and started moving me up and down to slide all over his dick. He was shocked at how I took his entire dick and how good it felt. He asked me, “Do you love my dick?

“Oh. Yes.” I stammered while sliding up and down on his shaft.

I heard him moaning softly. To shut him up, I slammed my huge breast together and begged him to suck them. I put his hands on my breasts, and he started squeezing. Then I slowed down the bouncing and leaned forward and kissed him seductively. Our breath got heavier, and then I collapsed on top of him. As we held onto each other, soaked in our sweat he told me that it was his best session.

I waited a long time before replying, “It was my best ever too,” I said.

With that he got off the bed and dressed and finally left the room. I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. With my stomach growling for breakfast, I headed downstairs. I found them drinking coffee.

“Good morning,” he offered.

“I hope you enjoyed the visit,” he added.

“Thanks for treat,” I smiled and ate my breakfast and finally left their house. He really impressed me with his sex game that night. He and I had sex as often as we could. This was one of the best orgasms of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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