Small Town Sex Ch. 01

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The store was practically empty, besides the cashier standing behind the counter, twirling her dark hair in her finger. She was a fine looking woman, about the age of twenty, with large hips, big brown eyes, and a good sized pair of breasts. Even though she was leaning on the chubby side, she still had curves to her that would drive any man wild. She wore blue jeans that rode tight to her perfect ass, and a green zip up fleece jacket which exposed just the right amount of cleavage. She was bored, and a bit horny. Her name was Bella Morris, and she was the daughter of the shop keep of some back country store. She plumped down onto the stool behind counter and sighed, resting her chin upon her hand. It was Christmas Eve, and it was storming outside. She rarely saw customers, most were home with their families. She sighed, crossing her legs. Her mother gave her nightshift, so she’d be in this store until around eleven o’clock, and it was currently nine fifteen.

Bella had come to the assumption that no one else was going to come tonight, so she began the closing routine two hours early. She mopped the floors, properly rearranged the shelves of products and returned to her post at the front counter. She glanced over lazily at the clock, which now read nine thirty five; it had only taken her fifteen minutes to close. She groaned and rested her head in between her arms and shifted on the stool, which brushed her hungry pussy. She liked the sensation of the stools edge rubbing against her pussy, and she began to caress her butt across the stool giving her a small discreet pleasure. In due time she felt a small wetness form from inside her, and she began to move faster on the stool, rubbing her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore she had to do something about the hunger tingling inside her. Just as she reached into the crotch of her pants and began to tickle herself with her index finger, a car slid into the parking lot outside. She quickly pulled her hand out of her pants and stood at attention for the stranger approaching.

A boy she’d known from school walked through the door covered in snow and a hint of distress on his face. He had light brown hair, green eyes and a shaggy hairdo, with small budding muscles bulging from under his blue jacket. He nodded to her and looked around the store nervously, clearing his throat. He kind of turned her on a bit.

“Can I help you?” she asked leaning over the counter exposing some cleavage. The boys eyes shifted down to her perfect breasts, but quickly went back to her mesmerizing eyes as he began to explain his situation.

“I uh… Kinda couldn’t make it home… so I was wondering if I could stay here for awhile, if it’s ok with you of course….” He stuttered looking away from her stare and rubbing the back of his shaggy head.

“Of course, it looks like I’m going to be here awhile too. Its pounding really bad out there.” She acknowledged, flashing him a smile.

“Thank you… was it Bella?” he asked curiously checking her out again, but nervously looking away.

“Yes we used to attend pendik escort high school together. And you are Brian O’Sullivan, I remember you well.” She said giggling and stretching back, pushing her breasts up towards the roof.

“Yeah uh… thanks.” He said awkwardly while brushing off his jeans. She carefully watched him do so, her pussy throbbing uncontrollably, why was she so horny this night? His clothes were soaked…. She had to seduce him somehow.

“Well it is going to be a long night, I suppose we can hang out upstairs and catch up on things.” She said coming from behind the counter. She saw his eyes inspect her whole body as she proceeded towards him, and she smiled to herself slyly. He finished brushing the snow off himself and got up to meet her eyes.

“What’s upstairs?” he asked her as she brushed by him.

“An apartment, we used to rent it out but right now there is no tenant. So basically we stay up there if we cannot get home from the store at night… excuse me I have to close up.” Bella replied flipping the open sign to the closed side. Brian watched her do so; he couldn’t take his eyes off that butt of hers, which was so perfectly rounded. “Looks like you’re a little wet, there’s some clothes upstairs you can change into also.” Said Bella, turning around and catching him peaking at her butt. She smiled, its only a matter of time.

“Yeah that would be great if you don’t mind.” He said giving her a weak smile.

“Ok let’s go, follow me.” She said slowly with a curl of her finger. She began up the stairway across from the counter and Brian hastily followed. She made sure to wiggle her ass as she walked, so he would be tempted to bump into it. She could feel his eyes glued onto it, and it made her even wetter. They got upstairs, and the room was pretty simple. There was a double bed, a small TV and a table and kitchen area packed into the corner. Another door led to the tiny bathroom, and there was a small closet opposite of the bed. Bella walked to the closet and fished through the clothing, picking out a flannel shirt and a pair of worn blue jeans that belonged to her father. She handed the clothes to him, and he nodded his thanks, disappearing into the bathroom.

Bella sat on the bed and reached inside her pants to please herself a bit. She almost let out a soft moan, but contained herself as her finger slid across the lips of her pussy. Bella began to notice Brian was inside the bathroom for quite awhile, maybe he’s jerking off, she thought to herself which made her drip some more. A few minutes later, she heard the door knob turn and she quickly pulled her hand from under her pants. Brian appeared through the doorway, wearing the clothes she gave him.

“A bit itchy.” He joked nervously, chuckling to himself. She licked her lips and giggled suggestively.

“I’m a little thirsty….” She said throwing her head back.

“Want me to get you some water?” he asked not knowing what to do. She eyed him up and down and shook her head.

“Nah…. I’m in the mood for something… else?” she maltepe escort questioned him, raising her eyebrow in a cute fashion and crossing her legs.

“Um….” Stuttered Brian blushing heavily and puffing out his cheeks. “S-s-soda?” he asked nervously.

“I was thinking a glass of tequila, which can be found in the freezer….” She said pointing her pretty finger to the small kitchen, and biting her lower lip.

“Right…” he muttered and hurried over the kitchen. She giggled again, and began to play with her hair. She exposed her breasts a bit more, and purposely hiked up her shirt a bit to expose her belly. She could here Brian fumbling with glasses in the kitchen, and the clinking of a wine glass and a fresh bottle of tequila her parents savored for special moments. He returned holding two wine glasses of the amber liquid, gingerly handing her one. She smiled and took a smile sip of the alcohol. He kept his eyes on her and took a sip also. She watched him wince at the burn of the alcohol which made her giggle a bit. He blushed, and finally began to notice how exposed she was now. His eyes widened and he cleared his throat nervously. This was her time to deliver the final thread, and to satisfy herself, and Brian of course. She giggled at the thought.

Bella took another sip but clumsily let the wine glass slip off of her beautiful lips, spilling tequila all over her chest. At this point she could notice the bulge in Brian’s pants, and it was time to initiate. “Oh gosh…” she said pulling off her fleece and shirt, exposing her chest in just the blue laced bra. Brian respectively turned away, but she could still see the bulge aching from under his jeans. Bella dropped to the white carpeted floor, and kneeled in front of him.

“Do you want to fuck or not?” she finally asked looking into his eyes. Bella was sick of waiting. Brian met her gaze and nodded. She smiled. “Let me warm you up a bit.” She said holding her gaze, and unzipping his pants. She pulled his jeans down to his ankles and rubbed the mass behind the red boxers. She saw Brian groan with pleasure and she smiled. She continued to stroke him through his boxers; she could feel his penis getting harder. She licked the head through the tight boxers and Brian once again groaned. Bella was quite good at any sexual position, she new how to make men explode buckets of cum. She loved sex that much.

She pulled his penis out from the boxers, which was roughly seven inches long. Not bad, she said to herself. Was the largest cock she’d seen in her whole life and her pussy throbbed at the sight of the penis. She took the head inside her mouth and began to slurp on it, making Brian defenseless to her pleasure. She put one hand on the shaft and stroked it as she sucked, and pulled the cock from her mouth rubbing it along the rims of her lips. The warmth from the cock made her even hornier. She went deeper down on the shaft, taking a good four inches into her mouth. She gently caressed the shaft with her tongue, careful not to go to fast and have him blow inside her kartal escort throat. She felt the cock begin to throb within her mouth, and she knew it was time to withdraw. She pulled off from it, a tendril of salvia hanging from the corner of her mouth still clinging to the head of his cock. She gently caressed it with her hands, and let the penis stand up on its own.

He slowly jerked it as she undressed revealing her dark pink nipples and her pussy which was glinting with wetness. Her ass was even more appealing naked, which had its own robust tone. She then sat herself onto Brian’s cock, facing him and wrapping her arms around his neck. He fucked her gently, until she began to moan and beg him to go harder. He fucked at a faster pace down, watching her beautiful tits bounce before his eyes. She jammed his cock deeper inside her, and threw her head back.

“FUCK ME HARDER!” She moaned, the pace quickening. “Uhh… yeaaa…. That’s it boy, I’m gonna cum…. All over your cock!” she howled as he slipped out of her, causing her pussy to orgasm all over his stomach. She smiled and sighed.

“That was good…” she said panting heavily and laying down.

“You haven’t cum yet, have you?” she asked giggling and reaching over to stroke his cock.

“N-n-no…” he stumbled, he too was panting pretty hard.

“Ever done a facial before?” she asked dirtily, kneeling before him once again.

“Never… to tell you the truth, it’s my first time.” He replied nervously. Pretty good for a virgin, Bella thought to herself.

“Well you sit back and I’ll let you cum all over my face baby” she moaned wrapping her breasts around his cock. She began to rapidly stroke his cock with her tits, suggestively moaning and opening her mouth as the penis emerged and submerged from her good sized breasts. Brian began to grumble and his penis began to throb uncontrollably, and seamen burst all over Bella’s face, dripping down onto her breasts. She licked some of it up and smiled. She stroked until Brian was soft, and stood up to kiss him passionately.

“That was… fucking amazing.” She said after they finally released lips. Brian nodded, and she curled up against him as they fell asleep on the bed, the blizzard rumbling outside the window.

“You’re a dirty slut” Was the first thing Bella heard when she awoke. Brian had his hands cupped on her breasts, still sleeping like a baby. Her sister was in the doorway watching her. Bella gasped and slid out of the bed wrapping herself in a bath robe. Bella’s older sister, Mary was in a way prettier than Bella and they had always competed in everything. Mary had a better more athletic build, with smaller perky breasts. She had a tight small ass, and had long red hair in a pony tail. She had smaller, but still beautiful brown eyes, which resembled her sister Bella. She wore a pink blouse and a pair of gray tights, and to top the look off with some Ugg boots. Bella waved her hand furiously at Mary, who disappeared downstairs. Bella crept downstairs behind her, checking to see if Brian awoke, which he didn’t. He was still sleeping soundly. Bella smiled to herself and watched him for a moment, and finally went after her sister. Mary was leaning against the counter and biting her finger nails when Bella came down to the store.

—To be continued—

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