Sneaky Quickie

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Our children were happily playing on the wii, I’d been reading the naughtiest things on Literotica before he got home from work. As usual he went straight upstairs for a wash, I was still wet and aching for fulfilment so five minutes later I followed him up the stairs, knowing that the two doors between us and the children would be sufficient to hide any suspicious sounds.

He was in our room, in front of the large mirror shaving with one of his Christmas gifts, wearing just his bathrobe tied loosely around him. I wasted no time, and got on my knees as I stroked his soft cock. Within seconds he began to harden, I sucked him into my mouth, savouring his taste as he grew to full mast. I pulled and pushed his hips, letting him know I wanted him to fuck my face.

His now hard cock plunged in and out of my mouth, sucking noises joining the noise of the electric razor as he continued to shave. Breaking away I quickly found another of his Christmas gifts behind me, next to our bed. Slipping the cock ring over his thick shaft, I slipped the second ring over pendik escort his balls and switched the bottom bullet on. When I took him back into my mouth, the intensity of having me licking and sucking his cock coupled with the vibrations underneath his balls made him groan low.

I spent some time on him, encouraging him to fuck my face again, one hand stroking the balls that were tightly held by the ring. He groaned louder when I switched on the bullet resting just above his cock. Unable to concentrate on his goal of shaving any longer, he sat on the edge of the bed, and I pushed him down, leaving his legs hanging over the edge, the rock hard cock waving in front of my face.

In it went, in to my warm, welcoming mouth. Another minute must have passed as he enjoyed me beginning to rapidly speed up my mouth around him, tongue flicking at his mushroom shaped head. More groans came from above me before he sat up again, slipping his hands under my thick jumper. I stood, aligning my breasts with his face, pulling up my jumper and letting him maltepe escort pull my breasts out of my pretty white bra.

I moaned into his ear as he sucked on each nipple in turn.

“This was supposed to be about you.”

“I know.” He answered me.

His fingers found their way inside my leggings, and rubbed at my clit through my soaking wet panties. I moaned again.

“Shit, do you want to be inside me?” I whispered, needing release now that he had started touching me.

“Yes.” He told me, simply.

I slipped out of my boots, and pushed my leggings and pants in one quick action before kneeling on the bed and wriggling my arse at him. He lined his cock up with my drenched slit and slid into me. The first couple of thrusts were slow and firm, the vibrations off his cock ring teasing me through his cock. I didn’t want slow, and I told him.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes, that’s it, fuck me hard.”

He stood behind me, violently pummelling himself into me as I quickly reached orgasm, my vision blurring as my pussy kartal escort contracted around him.

“Where do you want it?” He asked me, as he always did.

“Not inside me, I’ll turn and get it in my mouth.” I told him.

Then before I knew it he was fucking me harder, sending me quickly into raptures again as I bit down on my fist to stop myself screaming loudly at the pleasure coursing throughout my body.

As I came a third time, my wet walls once again clenched around him, making him need to come with me.

“Do you want it?” He grunted, holding back in case I wanted more orgasms. All I wanted was his come in my mouth.

“Yes, YES I want it.” I begged him and gave another squeeze with my cunt.

“It’s coming. It’s coming.” He repeated, and I jump forward, feeling him slip out of me as I turned and swooped his cock into my mouth. He groaned loudly, and I felt his head swell as it spat his come straight into my waiting mouth. Each spurt being eagerly swallowed. He grunted as he finished, and with a last loving lick I pulled away from his cock. I love it when he loses control and becomes vocal as he comes. It makes me more, like the greedy bitch I am. I left him to finish shaving as I went back to our children.

Tonight, I won’t be letting him get away with a quickie.

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