Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 03

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Big Tits

As I held my dick to her super wet pussy lips I heard her whimper, “Oh fuck! I forgot how huge you are. I want it though I want to be jour first lover of jour new life. I want it. Give it to me… no matter… how… much it hurts.” she begged.

I pushed more, and leaned over to her and said “relax Anastasia, relax”. I heard her exhale a long slow breath,

“Si” Anastasia said “Si, stretch my pussy wide phalas enormes. (huge dick) Take me there.” Anastasia said as I pressed more and felt her pussy take my head. She gasped again.

“Relax sweety” I said. She exhaled again.

“Ok, good?” I said as she looked at me and nodded.

“Ok… slowly… we are going slowly… breathe.” I said.

She did and I felt her pussy relaxing as I slide back and in a few inches.

“Good?” I said

“A little more… a little more…” I said

“Yes, now I am… thererrrre Si… Si.. Oh Fuck, Siiiiiiiii Uah aha uHHH!” she screamed and clinched her teeth and froze rock solid.

As she breathed through clenched teeth hyperventilating, I pulled back a bit and she looked surprised.

“Más … give me more… phalas enormes!” she screamed. I moved in deeper thrusting harder and deeper.

“Oh fuck, usted está en mi estómago.” (You are in my stomach)

Anastasia said as she put her hand on her abdomen.

“I can









Oh fuck I never


it could feel

like… THEEEEEESE!” She screamed as she moved her head web tasarım back and forth quickly.

Her pussy was convulsing squeezing around my dick really hard.

Her eyes were closed and she was somewhere else moaning and quivering, thrusting up.

She put her hands above her head and tilted her head back and up as she craned her torso up and started moaning.

“Yo no puedo parar Cuming (I cannot stop cumming), Ohhhhh Fuck me”. She was saying between breaths as she panted.

She was now moaning in a constant wordless tone and it seemed to be getting louder. It would change pitch with each of my thrusts in and out until her body was rigid the entire time and she was in an uncontrollable loud moan.

Her pussy was squeezing on me like a vise and I had reached my limit and was now moaning loudly as well. I neared orgasm and was ready to blast seed for the first time in 6 years into pussy.

My moan become a wail and she opened her eyes as she screamed

“Siiiiii give me your seed. Gimme all of eat!”

She held her hands to the side of my waist and with her finger tips she was pulling me into her more and bucking her pelvis to meet my thrusts. I could feel her tilt her pelvis and the feeling was unbelievable as her spasming pussy was milking my dick for all it was worth.

“Yes Cum inside my poossy I can feel it’s so hot, I am yours, give me you seed. Oh my gaud give it to me all of eat there is!” Anastasia hissed in English.

I could feel a searing pain as my seed started to erupt. web tasarım ankara I clenched my teeth and stopped pumping and tensed as an electrical shock over took me, shaking uncontrollable the feeling was so intense I thought I would pass out. It seemed to hurt more than feel good. I felt an electrical shock up my spine now as the spurts continued. Was I short circuiting or having an aneurism as the spurts keep coming and coming and my balls evacuated the sperm with such force. I could feel pain in my prostate area as it continued spurting. It was as though my body needed to push out that sperm after not doing it with a woman in so many years.

I came to a stop but my dick was still pumping.

“So much cum. I can still feel eat pumping.” She exclaimed as she kept thrusting.

We both held each other as she forced her hips and pelvis impaling herself as deep as she could. I could feel her pussy still spasmming on my dick as she did this she was still cuming. It seemed each movement we made triggered her orgasm to keep going.

“I can’t stop cuming!” she shrilled then clenched her teeth. I pulled out and could see her pussy and perineum still pulsing quickly and she would get rigid and jerk every few pulses as it continued for a while.

“I am coming more!” she cried out, “Oh my fucking god!! you are an incredible fuck master, your CUM is so HOT!” she shrilled as she held her hands on her pussy and rolled on her side and flinched into a fetal position.

I fell to her side so as not to crush her. We both panted and I turned to my side opposite her in total exhaustion. Sweat was dripping into my mouth and nose as I tried to catch my breath. I was completely soaked with sweat and could not get up as I tried, so I just lay on my side breathing heavily and was so exhausted having pumped her for such a long time.

“Wow I cum constantly and still even more after you pulled out. “Usted es verdad el amo de la cogida de todos” (You are truly the fuck master of all!) Anastasia said, her voice horse from screaming and cuming, as she was shaking her head in disbelief and still trying to catch her breath.

I stared at the wall in disbelief at what I heard unable to react. But now I was the happiest man alive.

After what seemed like a long time my breath returned to normal. She had drifted into a deep sleep, I could hear a light snore. I was moving around to try and get up she put her hand on me and said

“Nooooo! Donnn go, stayyyy, stay the night… me amante. Le quiero mayor!” (My lover, I want you some more!) She said pulling my arm as she pleaded.

So I lay back down. While she was caressing me she slowly fell back asleep completely exhausted and content. She had the most peaceful look like an angel on her sleeping face. I watched her breathe as she slept. Her breasts rising and falling, peaceful and serine a sleeping goddess I thought. And I had the honor of giving her immense pleasure to make her and me go to untold heights of ecstasy beyond anything we have ever felt before.

A little later I got up and found some towels and put them on the bed to soak up the now huge cold wet spot and laid down with her and I did stay the night.

End of chapter 3

to be continued…

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