Stable Help for Summer Ch. 01

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Jake leaned against the door frame admiring the sight before him. His cousin Heather was bent over currently working on mucking out the horse stalls, but it wasn’t that the girl he once viewed as a spoiled child was working that he enjoyed, it was the outline of her rear clad in overalls. She’d developed well from a bratty pre-teen who thought that she had learned everything there was to life from The Babysitters Club books and everything about horses from Black Stallion novels to well, at least she knew that mucking stalls wasn’t fun but if it wasn’t done the horses could suffer serious damage to their hooves.

For the last six years she’d been spending her summers here at Jack’s farm, the first one was her parent’s hope that she would burn out on wishing for a pony of her own every chance she got. They were wrong, it only increased her desires to the point that she was making regular trips back to the farm. At first she traded the labor for time out riding the horses and learning how to break them herself but that had evolved into a paycheck as the years went by and her responsibilities went up. This past year after graduating high school she had moved out to the farm to take over managing the brood mares, a task he was more than willing to hand over.

At the end of this upcoming summer her plans were to start school at the local community college with an aim to move on to the big regional agricultural university afterwards. The move to take a year to build up a cash supply had seemed a touch odd to her parents but they weren’t complaining, something about glad to have the teenage hormones out of the house. Well that and with her brother hitting high school they seemed stressed out enough. That always gave Jack a bit of a chuckle, the best thing he’d found to do with teenagers was to give them an opportunity to work towards a goal, in this case another year of working a horse farm would look good on her application to the university. Some kids weren’t cut out for the city and her parents didn’t understand that was his opinion, but he wasn’t about to complain at how things turned out and neither did Marie.

Jake pushed off the side of the door and walked down the dirt floor, looking into each empty stall as he walked. Early summer was a good time, the broodmares had all born their foals and all of the horses save any that came down ill, were out in the pastures eating food he didn’t have to pay for. He could do without the heat wave this year but it wasn’t all bad, for example the humidity made t-shirts stick to Marie’s rather ample chest. Poor woman had chosen a life of horses despite risking getting a black eye from a bouncing rack every time she worked her mount into a trot, not that he ever complained of the view. Damn, that was the one issue with having Heather around the place was the amount of action went down to whenever the girl was out in town. Thus she got the bulk of run to town errands while he and Marie made due with getting a quickie wherever they could.

He came to the other side of the barn and stepped outside, turning to head over to the practice ring where Marie was working with her latest mount, Doc, a blanket Appaloosa gelding that she had picked up over the winter. He had the physical ability to be a good barrels horse but the real trick was getting through his head to go around the barrels and not through them. Both rider and horse were soaked in sweat, obviously they’d been at this for quite some time. He crossed his arms and placed them upon the top rail of the fence and leaned in to watch the duo.

Marie patted the side of Doc’s neck as she walked him around the ring to let him cool off, that would be the end of today’s lessons. She didn’t want to push him too hard, he wasn’t half bad once he decided to go around the barrels and had plenty enough burst to get to the next barrel. A smile was given towards Jake, she allowed her eyes a few moments to drift over him and linger a little at the faint outline in his jeans. Not that she didn’t like Heather, quite the opposite, but she did miss the days of being able to throw off their clothes wherever the mood stuck them and go for a literal roll in the hay. Clean hay of course, that one time they’d made the mistake of being too trusting meant they found out the farmer hadn’t kept his field clear of brambles by her finding the first one with her ass. She still had a scar to prove it too.

Thankfully it was Friday afternoon, Heather usually headed out to catch a movie and otherwise just enjoy being a teen with a little cash out in town. They weren’t overly concerned with what she did there, small town so most things weren’t really secrets, as Heather had found out the first time she played spin the bottle and Jake found out about her making out with James Finmore’s son. Marie had to give the poor girl ‘The Talk’ afterwards, especially since it turned out the poor girl’s mother never bothered. It seemed each year she found a new reason to dislike bahis firmaları Heather’s parents and now that Heather was living with them full time she’d delightfully found out they avoided contacting Jake or Marie. The real question at the moment though, was what she planned to do to her dear Jake once the tail lights of the old truck disappeared down the road.

Marie shook her head lightly to get out of the daydream daze, better to have a clear head around a thousand pounds of animal who wasn’t always careful where they put their foot. She hefted the saddle and blanket in one motion, whoever had come up with lightweight synthetic saddles was a saint in her opinion, set them on the fence and went about brushing his coat. It was just a light brush down, due to the heat she was planning to give him a bath afterwards and admire his coloring while it looked nice because knowing this guy he’d find the first patch of mud that was available and roll around in it afterwards. Oh well, such were the pleasures of owning and training horses and truth be told she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Well, except for those times when a horse decided to be a jerk, maybe then she’d allowed the thought to cross her mind once or twice not that she thought Jake would be willing to move on.

Heather finished throwing the last of the winter’s deep bedded litter into the wheelbarrow and sighed in relief, that dreaded chore was finally done. Once she dumped this load of litter into the compost heap to let the nitrogen dissipate she wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of stalls on a regular basis for a few months. She took out a handkerchief and wiped her sweat soaked brow and was seriously tempted to pull off her shirt, the overalls would cover most of what the shirt covered anyways. The shirt stayed put but she thought about it just the same, the thought that family would see her in that state didn’t bother her so much mostly just because things always seemed quite relaxed here.

She allowed a little smile to play upon her lips after putting away the wheelbarrow and allowing herself a moment to look around the place. How foolish she’d been years ago, her perception of farm life had been shaped mostly by television shows and of course they tended to skip over the hard labor and long hours. Then again, she flexed her arms, there wasn’t much in the way of excess body fat on her though she would have liked a little more to remain on her chest. Beggars couldn’t be choosers and she’d take having the lean muscle and confidence that went with it any day. Well, that and having watched Marie deal with trying to ride and the bouncing of her own heavy chest made Heather grateful that at least she didn’t have to put up with that.

Heather went about the evening chores, just glad for the sun being up later though of course with summer came extra chores. It was Friday so she was looking forwards to getting out and blowing off a little steam, a giggle slipped from her lips at the thought, she knew what would be going on here once she left the premises. The look in Marie’s eyes was one of lust ready to explode, a look that someday she hoped to have when thinking of a significant other. She’d had sex of course, it was rare for a woman to reach 19 and be a virgin and she was no exception to that rule. It was fine, not what she’d hoped for but not so bad that she’d sworn it off just had made her a bit picky that was all. It didn’t help that she’d caught Marie and Jake once before, the look on Marie’s face was embedded in her memory, the whole scene really was. The sudden realization of her panties feeling a bit damp snapped her out of the daydream and back to reality, she needed to get these chores done and get cleaned up.

The water rolled down her lithe body in streams, the heat turning her skin a bit pink but felt divine on sore muscles. Heather had never learned to appreciate a shower like she did after a hard day’s work, they seemed like the perfect reward for long hours put in. They were also perfect for covering up little sounds and deeds, today’s deed having been bringing a toy into the shower with her and attaching it to the wall. She was on her knees in front of the purple dildo, hand between her thighs as she had practiced giving a blowjob to the phallus. The lack of feedback wasn’t very helpful but she liked the feeling of it sliding in her mouth and it did seem to help with the gag reflex but overall she just plain enjoyed sucking on it.

Once she’d finished her little practice session the toy was pulled from the wall and it’s base pressed down against the bottom of the shower. She squatted over it and slowly lowered herself down, sighing contentedly as the toy filled her and the warm water washed over her back. It was a nice, slow ride to savor the feeling of being penetrated and work her frustrations out. Heather worked her way through two orgasms before deciding her needs were satiated for the time being, rose and began her shower in earnest. kaçak iddaa

Jake noted the light in the window of Heather’s bathroom and sighed a bit of relief, she was going to be taking off for her weekly jaunt into town. Not a moment too soon as far as he was concerned, everyone needed the break. He put the last of the electrolyte supplement into the feed buckets for the horses and walked out towards their field. Eyes rolled a little bit, like clockwork they were making their way back in, anxious for their evening treat. At first he’d really liked feeding them, it always felt like they liked him but years had brought him to the stark reality that it was the buckets in his hands that they loved and thus they tolerated his presence. At least though, they were honest about that and for that matter he ranked horses higher than most humans he’d run across. Not that he hated people, far from it, he had just grown bitter from dealing with too many of those who relished causing pain in others.

He heard the old Mustang ramble down the long driveway and chuckled to himself. Lena had pretty much attached herself to Heather the day the two met years ago, almost like they were sisters. Her folks were grass-fed cattle ranchers and their slightly liberal ways had worn off on Lena, well at least in the way of the clothes she preferred to wear. “Kids these days,” he smiled as he muttered it, more of pure fun and jest than any malice. Jake just liked to pretend he was a grumpy old man, kind of like Clint Eastwood yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. He caressed his swollen member through faded jeans, not too long till they had the place all to themselves for a while.

Out of the Mustang she bounded, it was late Friday afternoon and all of the week’s pent up energy was ready to explode! Time to get out and have some fun while the getting was good, summer was only so long and there was college looming in the not so far off future. That and her sister from another mother was finally in the area to stay, time to celebrate! Through the door Lena ran, up the stairs and into Heathers room, rolling her eyes when she found Heather not yet dressed. “C’mon already! I’ll bet the band is already playing and the first dance is done with!” She dropped down on the bed, bouncing a little until the springs finally came to rest.

Heather just smiled at her friend and continued to take her time, choosing out a blue lace bra for the evening and watching Lena bounce whilst she put on the infernal contraption. Really her chest probably didn’t warrant her wearing a bra, at least not as often as she chose to, but she did so out of feeling normal. At least Lena was lucky enough to have a fairly normal sized chest, the thought of which made Heather have to fight back a flush as her mind wandered to wondering how it would feel to caress that chest with her mouth. A blue plaid shirt was chosen to go on top and was slowly buttoned up as she vaguely listened to Lena yammer on about the goings on at her parents farm. How she longed to shut her up by pulling her into a kiss, entwining her fingers into Lena’s long dark curls, but she restrained herself out of fear of losing her best friend. It was still a very tempting idea though and made her grateful for the distraction of running a comb through still damp, dirty blonde hair and putting it up. “Okay, okay before you get dizzy bouncing we can go!”

That was the one thing with Lena, she always seemed like a ball of energy. Heather chalked it up to her having the advantage of growing up where she could run to her heart’s content. She’d seen Lena nude plenty of times and each time she’d admired how Lena’s body was more toned than her own, how Lena had outlines of muscles where her own body was just smooth. Of course Lena complained about this, because the women in magazines all had smooth bodies not muscular ones, but Heather loved that body of Lena’s all the same.

The girls got out to the car, hopped in and sped off. Marie sighed a bit of relief at them going, she loved Heather dearly but being able to get laid only when she was gone from the farm was a bit taxing on the system. Part of her just couldn’t wait for county fair season, at least then Heather would be off showing. Until then she’d just have to grin, bear it, and keep a stockpile of batteries on hand. As the car disappeared down the dirt road her mind snapped back to the present and her lips spread into a wicked grin. To the hayloft legs carried her, half in a jog, tonight she wanted it fast and dirty at first. There would be time for something longer later on but she’d been on edge all afternoon, thankfully all she had to do was grind against the saddle in the right way to help pull back from the edge.

Up the ladder she raced, pausing only to breathe in the lingering smell of last year’s hay. Just about all of it was gone with the rest stacked up at one end of the hayloft. Her attention, however, was more focused on the pile of horse blankets. kaçak bahis She flipped a couple over to the quilted side and shed her clothes, throwing them down over the quilting. Turning around, she just let herself fall upon the cushioning, not exactly a bed but it would do for what was to come. Hand fell down her torso and parked itself between toned thighs, sighing as she felt how soaked her slit already was. Free hand found the pair of cotton panties, ensured they too were drenched, and threw them at the ladder to entice her lover to come faster.

Jake watched the girls speed off to their adventures and smiled to himself, they grow up so fast. He collected the empty feed buckets and took them over to the shed, being sure to shut it tight. Hands and forearms were washed in a deep sink, thank goodness for Orange-Glo. Water was splashed on his face and he did the best he could to wipe off most of the sweat and dirt. Granted he would just get sweaty again very soon but it sure felt right to get cleaned up first. T-shirt was pulled off and thrown over a stall door before beginning his climb up the ladder, pausing only to note the dangling panties on one of the steps. Someone was obviously in a hurry now, wasn’t she?

As his head cleared the opening he couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him. Jake never tired of seeing Marie’s nude form as he had for the past twelve, no thirteen years now, damn he was getting old and somehow she just got better looking with age. She paid him no attention, too wrapped up in letting fingers dance over well trimmed bush and soaked slit so he enjoyed the show for a few moments till his cock was threatening to burst from its cotton prison. The last couple of steps were climbed swiftly and he removed the rest of his clothing with each step towards the awaiting figure. Body fell to its knees before her and his torso leaned forwards to plant a hand in the cushioning while his other caressed her slit with the swollen head of his member before his hips thrust hard, filling her with every inch.

Eyes slit enough to watch him come towards her, body shivering in anticipation as she spied his swollen member, tongue licked over her lips. A soft groan slipped from her throat as she felt him pressing against her sex, thighs spreading a bit more and her legs bent at the knee to lock her ankles behind his back. She urged him faster with her legs, just needing a good hard fuck right now with hopefully the bonus of some bruising on her inner thighs later to remind her of it. The humidity had a layer of sweat already on both of their bodies and the inside of the hayloft echoed with the sounds of moans, heavy breathing, and skin on skin. This was her version of heaven, there was no other place she’d rather be and as she felt him swell within her, fingers worked a little harder on her clit to squeeze out one more orgasm. It wasn’t that he was a bad lover, far from it, but she was greedy for more pleasure and had known he wasn’t going to last long this time round.

When he withdrew from her, she wrapped fingers around his shaft and jerked him a couple of times to urge the release. Eyes watched as the white fluid spurt forth from his shaft and lay several ropes of cum across her torso, stroking till at last no more came out. Her hand was brought to her mouth so her tongue could glean all the cum off of it. Once finished she scooted a little on the blankets and offered him a spot to lay next to her, “I love Friday’s.”

“I live for Fridays,” Lena grinned to Heather as they pulled into the parking lot. She shut down the Mustang and passed the keys to Heather, “Don’t forget it’s your turn to DD tonight.” True they were both underage but the town tended to turn a blind eye towards people over eighteen getting a few drinks so long as they didn’t drive drunk. It was a fact well known among the local youth and they knew the sheriff was more than willing to throw them in a cell should they get behind the wheel with even one drink in them and they only got Friday and Saturday nights to do it. Still though, it worked for the town and for them and Lena was hell bent on taking advantage of it tonight.

Heather just rolled her eyes and took the keys, sure a cold beer would be nice but that she could get at home. All she hoped was that she wasn’t going to be carrying Lena back to the car. Once they got into the club though, the music started to soothe her nerves and she could just feel the tension of the week melting away. Not that she didn’t enjoy her time at the farm but hey a girl needed to get out from time to time. They found an empty table and took their seats, Lena ordering a Bud Light while Heather opted for a Dr. Pepper and an order of chili cheese fries. One major advantage of mucking the stalls she thought, probably the only advantage, but it burned off a lot of calories.

She leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes while listening to Toby Keith’s latest single waft through the air. When the food and drink arrived she leaned forwards, picked up the fork and savored the first meaty, spicy bite of the fries. She grinned a little at Lena, “I needed this bad. They tend to eat a little too healthy for my tastes.”

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