Starship Starseeker Ch. 05

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Starseeker Chapter 5

The morning of the launch of the Starseeker, All of the Maxwell women plus Sally and Rae were eating a cum omelet for breakfast. All of the men were outside on the patio eating normal omelets with sausage and toast. They let the women and their daughters have a good morning together before they bounced into orbit at ten hundred hours. Friends and well-wishers would begin arriving in another hour, so they wanted to spend some quality time alone.

“So where are you planning on going for this trip?” Ana asked the girls at breakfast.

With her mouth still full of hot cum omelet, Abbie held out her wrist to her mother to transfer the tentative list of locations they wanted to see from her PIC.

“Let’s see,” Ana said as she sipped her second cup of coffee. “Valhalla, Tengoku, Raj, Cennet.

“Those are all good, I especially like Tengoku. The Japanese bathing and the onsen are wonderful there, and the food is something else too. I hope you like raw fish,” she laughed. “They’re close by. You won’t have to use any secret route.”

“Or super-secret route,” Gabby added playfully. She had shown the kids a very old video from the 20th century archives at the library, Animal House. The super-secret route was what the family was calling Alessandra’s new routes across the galaxy.

Allen’s secret routes hadn’t been secret for many years, everybody used them, but Ana still called them that. Gabby liked to tease her mother and her old-fashioned ways. Ana always took it good naturedly. She and Gabby along with Gia were as close as any three women could possibly be.

“I see you have New California, New India and New Texas on the list. I can put you in contact with some friends we have there,” she said.

“Lesbos?” Ana asked, raising an eyebrow. “I can see the attraction, but Mike and Erik won’t be able to leave the ship for the whole time you’re there?” she told them.

“We’re aware of that,” Sam said, “but we have plans for them that week,” Sam giggled.


“Yeah,” Jo popped up. “The boys are going to masturbate and cum in containers. By the end of the week we’ll have enough to make a cum omelet!” she said enthusiastically.

Rae could understand the girl’s enthusiasm about cum omelets. She had never tasted one before today and was enjoying it immensely. She couldn’t help but stroke her newly depilated pussy as she ate the combination of all the men’s freshly cooked sperm. Her father had even topped hers off with a little fresh cum this morning before he went outside with the other men.

Rae, Jo and Sam had been fully and permanently depilated. Abbie had left a tiny triangle of red pubic hair pointing down at her clit like a little arrowhead. Abbie liked it there, but most importantly, Erik liked it. All of Abbie and Erik’s construction projects were underway and would all be ready in about six months’ time. By then, they would all be home permanently. At least until they decided to go somewhere else.

When breakfast was over, everyone walked with the travelers to the open area where Starseeker had been parked. Hundreds of people were there to hug and kiss them and to wish them bon voyage. After climbing aboard and closing the hatch, the crowd dispersed as the ship began to lift slowly from the surface of Eden. The Maxwell kids were on their way again.

On board Starseeker, things were going smoothly using gravity drive alone to get to their first stop, Raj. Known for its universities and medical schools, Raj was a popular planet among Utopians for its academic lifestyle. Unlike Elysium, with its wild parties and non-traditional lifestyle, Raj was much more traditional. Not known for its scientific research, the universities on Raj taught the humanities. Art, Music, Literature, History, Social Sciences and Medicine were the major focus of the schools here. Many physicians throughout the Confederation had trained on Raj.

The kids wanted to visit there simply because they wanted to check out what the life on Raj would be like if the decided to go to the University one day. it was their closest neighbor and they’d never been there before. They discovered that the planet and its culture were fascinating. The architecture was a combination of classic Eastern and Western academic styles. One moment you thought that you were in Moorish Spain, and the next moment you were in France.

Sam, who had an interest in medicine, was sitting in a library near the medical school reading a text from the library’s genetics section. Utopians always made such a big deal about siblings, parents and children having children together. Sex between them was promoted, but not making babies. Sam wanted to know the percentages of actual abnormalities in the offspring of close relatives.

“Thinking about having a child with your father?” a male voice asked behind her.

Sam spun around to see a handsome dark complected man looking down at her with laughing eyes.

“No, actually güvenilir bahis I’m doing some research for my brother and sister. They’re in love. I was wondering if they should have a child together,” Sam came back, slightly irritated by someone reading over her shoulder.

“My medical advice is to say that they should not have children together. What about you? Are you open to having children with a stranger, or at least practicing with him?” the man asked just as seriously.

Samantha laughed. She didn’t like the way he’d gotten her attention, but he was awfully handsome. “Is that your regular pick-up line?” she asked him. “If it is, how much action do you get?” Sam asked. Looking at him with laughter in her eyes as well.

“It’s never worked actually,” The man said. “I’m Adam by the way. What’s your name?” he asked.

“Hi, my name is Samantha, but everybody calls me Sam,” she said.

“Well Sam,” Adam said as he sat down beside her. “Are you a new student? I’ve never seen you here before, but I can’t imagine that I ever overlooked you. You are a stunningly beautiful woman.”

Sam blushed at his compliment. “I’m not a student here, I’m just visiting from Eden,” she told him.

“Ah, Eden,” he said. “The home of free love and Utopianism,” he said dramatically. “Do you practice free love with strange doctors?” Adam asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sam laughed again. “Even if you have the dumbest pick-up lines, I think that you are succeeding,” Sam told him. “Do you have a place around here where we can get to know each other better or are you just all sweet talk?”

Adam had a surprised expression on his face. For the first time had asked a girl to have sex with him, he didn’t have a dorm room to bring her to. “I share an apartment with three other doctors, but I can find us a room to rent for a few hours,” he told Sam, trying not to sound too lame.

“A sleazy pay-by-the-hour room? No thanks!” Sam told him.

Adam looked crestfallen. He’d found a beautiful woman who wanted to have sex with him, but he couldn’t afford his own place to take her. He was too proud to ask his parents for credits, he was trying to conserve the little he had earned for himself.

“I have a better idea,” Sam told him, “Why don’t we go to my yacht?” Sam asked.

Adam had the feeling that he had been made a fool of. He was okay with it though; it was a chance he had to take. Samantha was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

“I’m sorry if I bothered you,” Adam apologized. “You were just too beautiful for me not to try. I apologize for my brazen approach,” he told her before turning to walk away.

“Wait!” Sam told him. “I thought we had a date. You and me on my yacht. Let’s go there. I want to have sex with you,” she told him.

“You’re serious?” Adam asked. “You really have a yacht?”

“Yes silly,” Sam told him, taking his hand and leading him outside. “It’s just a few blocks away,” she told him.

Adam was surprised by the opulence and the decor of Starseeker. It reminded him of a Sultan’s harem. “This is really your yacht?” he asked.

“Mine and my siblings,” Sam told him. “They won’t be back for hours. I don’t know where my sisters are, probably somewhere looking for another cock,” Sam said, half-jokingly. Even after all of her siblings had found someone, they were always out trying to meet other Utopians for sex.

“Is that what I am to you?” Adam asked. “Am I just some other cock?”

“No,” Sam told him as she took his flaccid dick in her mouth. “I don’t have a boyfriend like they do. You’re the handsome doctor I met at the library and want to get to know better,” she told him.

The chemistry between Sam and Adam was magical. This was the kind of man that Sam needed and wanted. Cyrus was an ancient memory; Adam was the one she desired now!

They made love twice before the rest of the family came back. Adam had figured out her hot spots after having sex to her once. The second time she and Adam fucked, Sam was screaming out in ecstasy from beginning to end. Nobody was surprised to see Sam with a man, they had heard her as soon as they’d opened the hatch.

The rest of the family greeted Adam when he and Sam came out of the bedroom and invited him to go to dinner with them. Adam accepted their invitation and soon after the girls had dropped off the souvenirs they’d bought, they all showered together. At first Adam didn’t know if he should help wash everyone or just Sam. His question was answered quickly when Abbie grabbed his cock and soaped it up. Sam was washing her brother and the other girls were washing Eric. Adam was relieved, these people were pure Utopians.

When Sam asked ALI for the best restaurant in the city, Adam swallowed hard. Sam wanted him to go to dinner with her, but the restaurant they’d chosen was very expensive. He knew that he could not afford even the soup at that place. When they arrived at the restaurant, Abbie requested a private dining room and they were seated türkçe bahis in a comfortable luxurious room close to the kitchen. They were all given a menu, but the server told them that the chef would be out soon to explain any of the dishes and customize it to their preferences.

Adam looked at the menu, and as he expected, the cheapest item was twice his daily food allowance. As a student, he was on a very tight budget until he found a job off world. Everyone else had an idea about what they wanted to eat, but had questions. When the chef came out and talked to them, Adam just sat quietly and listened. Everything they ordered sounded wonderful, but when Adam was asked what he wanted for dinner, Adam told the chef that he wasn’t really hungry and asked for a glass of water. Everyone at the table looked at Adam incredulously. As the chef had talked about all the selections, Adam’s stomach had been growling constantly.

“I know that you’re hungry,” Mike told his new friend. “Order what you want. I’m picking up the tab,” Mike said magnanimously.

It didn’t really matter which of the siblings paid, it was all coming out of the travel account their parents set up for them. Mike just wanted to save Adam the embarrassment of having his date pay for his meal.

“Go ahead bro,” Erik advised. “This family is loaded! They actually own the yacht we just left,” Eric encouraged him.

Embarrassed that he couldn’t take his new girlfriend to dinner, Adam looked at the menu and ordered the most inexpensive thing, the soup.

“Please bring my very special friend and guest the same dish that I ordered unless he would like something else,” Mike told the chef. Adam just nodded and looked at Mike with grateful eyes.

The food was wonderful. Adam had always wanted to taste the dish that Mike had ordered for him, but as a student had never been able to afford it. Now he was even more dedicated to finding a job so that he could bring Sam to places like this and pay for her meal. Nobody mentioned his dependence on their generosity and the mealtime conversation was happy and included everyone including him.

“So, what are you doing now?” Mike asked Adam.

“I finished medical school last month and have put in dozens of job applications with clinics and hospitals around the area with no luck so far,” he told them.

“No jobs here on Raj?” Jo asked him.

Adam scoffed. “Medical schools on Raj produce doctors for the entire Confederation. To find a job here, you must be in the 99th percentile of all the graduating classes. I was at the top of my class, but I was ranked at 98th percentile for all of the medical schools on the planet. I’ll need to look for a job somewhere else,” Adam told them.

“Doc Adams is going to retire soon, Mike told him. He hasn’t posted the opening yet, but he probably will in about six months. We know him personally and can put in a good word for you?” Mike said. “Would you like to talk to him tomorrow?”

Adam didn’t know what to say he was so shocked. He simply nodded his head and looked at Mike with a blank expression.

“I think that he means yes,” Sam said laughingly.

“Then we’d better get going right away,” Abbie told them. “Pay the bill Mike, Jo and I will prep the ship. Sam, bring your friend back to the ship. If he needs to return to pick up some stuff we can always come back!”

Adam had gained his senses by now and was trying to think if there was anything he needed to get before he left that he would need for his interview with Doctor Adams. Since he had already graduated medical school and had no experience, what he carried on his PIC and what Adams could get from the Medical school database was all he needed. He left a message for his roommates and happily went aboard the yacht.

By the end of the day the next day, Adam had completed his interview with Doc Adams and had been hired. He was supposed to be back in six months to start work at the clinic with doctor Green, Doc Adams partner, after training, Adams would retire. They all went back home that evening and introduced Adam to the rest of the family. After dinner, there was the usual family orgy. Adam knew that he was expected to have sex with all of Sam’s female relatives, so Gia, Gabby and Ana were on his list for tonight. As Sam’s biological mother, Ana had the first fuck.

Ana discovered that Adam was nearly a perfect lover. He could sense what she needed to make her explode in orgasm and do exactly that. His sexual instincts were extraordinary, he could seemingly sense what she was feeling and respond properly to keep her in ecstasy. When he finally shot his load into Ana’s hungry cunt, she could feel each spurt of hot cum as it filled her. Sam had chosen a keeper. Ana just hoped that he would never break Sam’s heart. Adam was perfect for Sam.

Gia and Gabby experienced the same things that Ana did. Finally, Sam took her turn with her new boyfriend and Rob and Ana joined in. Sam was on her hands and knees while Adam fucked güvenilir bahis siteleri her cunt from behind. Whenever she started to scream, Rob pushed his cock into Sam’s open mouth, stifling her vocalizations. Ana had Adam lay on his back and moved San so that she was impaled on Adam’s cock up her asshole. Ana laid Sam back onto Adam’s chest while her father fucked her pussy from above. Ana sat on Sam’s face to help keep her quiet.

By the end of the night, Sally and Rae had also been brought to incredible orgasms by Adam as well. Brad and Mike had double penetrated Joalice and then Gabby while Rob and Erik had done a DP on Abbie. The addition of the two new young men had made the Maxwell family much closer together. The kids stayed on Eden another day before lifting off from Eden again to go visit Adam’s parents on Cennet.

Another few hours and Starseeker was outside of Adam’s parents Jacop and Kismet Ozan’s country home. The colony planet of Cennet had originally been settled by refugees from Earth’s Middle East. Religious wars for thousands of years had made many people turn from traditional rivalries on Earth and move here to form a Utopian colony. Adam’s parents were ethnically Turkish, but they loved all of their neighbors regardless of their ethnicities. Both Adam and his older sister Iva had been given Hebrew names to suggest that all Semites were family.

They all ate a delicious meal made by Iva before settling down by the fireplace to drink some of the wine The Ozan family’s vines had produced. They weren’t serious winemakers for sure, but like many inhabitants of this rugged country, they produced an excellent wine for family consumption. After getting to know Adam’s family, Kismet invited them all back to the family’s orgy bed. Mike had sex with Iva first and then Kismet. Both appreciated the large size of Mike’s thick cock and squirted all over Mike as he fucked them. Sam enjoyed sex with Jacop and realized where Adam had learned his skills.

The next morning, Mike was awakened by a wonderful blowjob from Iva.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Adams sister told him. “Breakfast is nearly ready. Did you want to hop in the shower and get ready for the day?” she asked. Mike looked at the time. He’d been up late watching the show between all of the girls in the house before falling asleep with JoJo.

The trip to Tengoku was just a few hours away and they invited Adam’s family with them. All of Adam’s family had been to Tengoku many times and knew their way around the neighboring planet. They would be excellent guides, able to show them things that they wouldn’t know about otherwise.

“You’re lucky to be here this week,” Kismet told them. “New Year’s Day is a special holiday for the colonists. They have a lot of traditional activities and have a lot of traditional dishes in addition to their regular menus,” she told them.

New Year’s Day on Tengoku had many different foods and decorations than New Years on Eden. Everyone in the group was adventurous with food and found the different baths enjoyable. Bathing and cleansing were popular around this time of year, as were special foods. Prawns, herring roe, rice cakes and rice cake soup were traditional favorites and were enjoyed by everyone. The traditional visits to various shrines had been replaced by orgies, but gifts of money to children were customary. The Maxwell family had gotten several physical Confederation credits in small denominations to give to the children of their hosts, the Ogawa family.

After the celebrations, they stayed on with the Ogawa family, friends that their parents had met and befriended years before. They learned that they did enjoy the raw fish as well as the sushi and other traditional dishes. Sam was reminded of her defloration when Adam washed her outside the onsen one night. Her father’s touch had been magical that night and Adam was no less exciting as he bathed her gently. As on Eden, there was no sex in the onsen waters, but Adam had made her cum during the bath and she had done the same for Adam.

Three more days on Tengoku and they brought Adam’s family home and continued to Valhala Like many of the other Utopian planets, Valhalla had a theme. When it was first colonized, most of the colonists were Scandinavian. Like Tengoku, the people on Valhalla definitely liked their fish. One of their favorite dishes was Gravlax, raw salmon cured with salt, sugar and eaten with rye bread and potatoes with fresh dill. Meatballs and dishes with lingonberries and cloudberries were popular dishes on Valhalla as well.

Saunas were another Scandinavian tradition. Having already had their first experience with a sauna on Himmel, everyone knew what to expect except for Erik and Adam. They too were soon fans of the popular activity. The young people on Valhalla, like all Utopians were interested in meeting and having sex with newcomers. By the time they left Valhalla, all of the sisters agreed that their visit there was sexy and fun, they were still devoted to their current boyfriends, however. They all vowed to return to Valhalla in the future to just visit. It was very close to Eden, so many Edenites visited Valhalla and Tengoku on long weekends using their anti-grav family cars.

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