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Its hard starting over after a divorce, but she was trying. She wasn’t into the bar scenes and was having a hard time meeting men. So her sister suggested she sign up for an online dating service, just to check it out.

The first couple of messages she dismissed without a second thought. Then there came the instant message that caught her attention. He was polite and very sweet. After a couple of nights of chatting online he asked for her phone number. She hesitated but finally gave him her cell phone number explaining her daughter tied up her home phone most of the time. After about two weeks talking on the phone whenever they weren’t online together, he asked her out. He called her on his way home from work on a Saturday afternoon to see if she was busy. Since she had no plans, he asked her to meet him to watch the local college football at a local sports bar. She nervously agreed to meet him telling him what kind of vehicle she drove so he could watch for her.

When they met at the bar, she was surprised to find that he was so handsome. Well more than six feet tall and very muscular. He opened her car door and offered his hand as she got out. Once she was out of the car he gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek. Once inside they found a table in the back so they could watch the game while they got better acquainted. They ordered drinks and after the drinks came he asked her if he could hold her hand. She nervously agreed. They talked and laughed and enjoyed each others company a lot.

The game got started and they split their attention between each other and the game. When the home team scored a field goal he kissed her hand. Then when they scored a touchdown, he kissed her cheek. His touch made her tingle and all she could do was hope they kept scoring. At half time, their team was ahead 17-0. She had been kissed on both cheeks and hoped for a real kiss on the lips with the next touchdown. They stepped outside for some fresh air and walked around a while holding hands. As they walked, they made plans to see a movie ataşehir escort that evening. They went back inside and finished watching the game.

When the game was over, he walked her to her car, kissed her very passionately and helped her into her car.

Before she arrived home, her cell phone rang. It was he thanking her for their first date and asking her if she had a good time. Then he told her he didn’t want to share her with a theater full of people so could they watch a movie at his place instead. She nervously agreed and he gave her directions. They agreed to meet in an hour. On the way to his place she had second and even third thoughts about how safe this was.

He met her at the door. He had candles lit and a fire in the fireplace. He gave her a warm hug and another passionate kiss. He took her coat and then led her over to the sofa. He gave her a choice of movies. She chose 50 first dates because she knew they both enjoyed comedies.

Pizza was delivered and they ate. After they ate, they snuggled up together to watch the movie. He held her close, and they held hands. He caressed her and then very gently kissed her. She felt her body responding to his touches and kisses. He gently lifted her up and sat her on his lap. While they kissed, he slid his hand under her blouse to caress her breasts. When he felt her, responded he unhooked her bra. When she sighed, he began to unbutton her blouse. For each button he undid he kissed her exposing skin. She kissed his neck, his face and anywhere she could reach. When he finally had her breasts exposed, he leaned down to taste and tease them. Her breasts were nice firm and full.

Taking his lead she reached down and pulled his shirt out of his jeans and over his head. He had a massive chest from lifting weights and the nicest arms. She felt safe and protected sitting on his lap wrapped in his arms. Then their lips met again and the sparks were there. She slid her arms around his neck and caressed his back and shoulders while they kissed. Then she felt his hand kadıköy escort moving up under her skirt. He caressed her pussy through her panties waiting to see if she wanted him to stop. Instead she kissed him even more passionately. He then slid her panties aside to touch her. Just as he found her clit she made him stop.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. Then she kissed him and began to undo his belt. She could feel his erection through his jeans. He broke the kiss to lean over and suck on her breasts. She got his jeans undone and set his impressive cock free. Her mouth instantly went dry at his size. Then it began to water. She wanted him. Oh boy! She wanted him, but first she wanted to taste that cock. She slid off his lap and down on her knees between his legs. She looked up at him and smiled as she licked her lips. She licked down his shaft and back up. Finally sliding his cock into her hot wet mouth. She licked and sucked until he pulled her away. He kissed her and asked her to wait.

He left the room only to return with a blanket which he spread out in front of the fireplace. Then he gently led her to the blanket grabbing some pillows from the sofa on their way. He gently removed the rest of her clothing and laid her down on the blanket.

She nervously smiled up at him. He knelt down and kissed her gently, then licked each nipple as he gently ran his tongue down her stomach. He got between her legs kissed her pussy lips and began to stroke her with his tongue. As her breathing changes he inserted his index finger into her pussy. He kept it there moving it ever so gently, all the while letting his tongue explore the recesses of her pussy using his thumb to caress her clit. As she moaned under his loving attention he inserted his middle finger to join his index finger. As his two fingers found her g-spot she clung to him. Her body exploded with her orgasm. He let her ride the waves of her orgasm then just as her breathing was returning to normal he used his tongue to lick up all the pussy juice from her bostancı escort bayan orgasm. He removed his fingers from her pussy. As he teased her pussy with his tongue, he slid his pinky into her anus. When she didn’t resist, he took it out and replaced it with his index finger. When he felt her pussy, begin to constrict on his tongue and her moans became louder he thrusts his finger in and kissed her deeply.

When her breathing returned to normal, she laid him on his back. She began to touch and caress his cock. Then she licked and sucked his balls taking each one, one at a time, into her mouth and sucking on it. She gently slid her finger into his anus while she took all of his cock into her mouth. He moaned words of encouragement to her and softly repeated her name. She let him cum in her mouth taking all the cum he had to offer. Then she straddled him and let him suck and play with her breasts. She backed up and began to suck on his cock again. Once he was fully erect, she slid the tip of his cock into her pussy. As his cock felt her pussy he reached up and grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her hungry pussy. He reached up to caress and play with her breasts letting her control the speed as she fucked him. He gently pulled her toward him to suck on her breasts. She started out slow and gentle then the harder he sucked on her breasts the faster and harder she rode his cock. As he got closer he reached up and grabbed her hips and he pushed up and into her pussy. They came simultaneously. She laid on his chest while their breathing returned to normal. Then he gently rolled onto his side and held her in his embrace and covering them with the blanket.

He kissed her forehead and they talked and cuddled for hours. Eventually they dozed off. When she awoke, he was gone. She sat up and was nervous and unsure of herself until he came into the room fresh from the shower and still smiling. He gave her a cup of coffee and sat down beside her and pulled her toward him. He cuddled her as she drank her coffee. When she was done with the coffee, he offered her a shower. When she accepted he stood and helped her to her feet and then carried her to the bathroom. She wasn’t surprised when he joined her but pleased that he did. As he washed her, his erection returned and they both smiled . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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