Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 02

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After dinner we went to bed, and my husband fell asleep almost immediately. I wanted him so much that night. I was horny and needed his dick in me, but it was no use; he was already snoring, and I was frustrated beyond belief. I got dressed in my night gown: a soft, transparent one that fitted tight on my body and showed everything under it. It was a little too sexy to go anywhere other than the bedroom with it on, but I innocently thought everybody was sleeping in the house by this time. I needed some water and maybe fresh air, just get out of that room.

I went down stairs, and when I got close to the kitchen I noticed a light. It was the refrigerator, open, and with a little figure poking inside looking for something. It was Nicky. I thought it was best to go back when I noticed him. I couldn’t let Nicky see me with these clothes, and even though it was dark in the room, the light of the refrigerator and the brightness of the full moon outside, coming in through the large windows of the big house, gave the place a dim illumination, enough to show the boy he had his aunt half naked in front of him. Yes, I thought it was canlı bahis best to go back, but after meditating that brief moment over the scene, I couldn’t help myself under the temptation. I realized that the chance of teasing him by showing myself in front of him looking like this would be priceless. I wanted that moment of fun, and I took it; besides, I was incredibly horny now, and pissed off at my partner. I need this. I stepped forward to the kitchen.

“Still Hungry?” I said softly.

He startled, “Oh! Aunt is nothing, only thirsty, I will go to bed in a moment.”

After saying this he turned to face me, his innocent face was scared because of the shock I just gave him, he wasn’t expecting anyone to interrupt him at this hour. And then his expression completely changed! He still looked shocked, but a different kind of surprise was now in his eyes. He looked at me confused, but seeing how calm I was, he understood it was OK to watch, not to look away embarrassed. Suddenly, and for a very brief moment (he should have been feeling confident because of the darkness), I saw moon light reflected on his eyes that showed bahis siteleri me he was inspecting my half naked body, and stared at my tits for one second. I could swear he even bit his lips at one point, but this could be false because it was too dark to notice such detail, and my imagination might have been playing tricks on me, since I was so horny then. He rapidly looked at my face, avoiding his eyes to wander anywhere else.

“I’ll be out of your way in a moment aunt,” he said rapidly.

“Take your time honey. Could you serve me some water in a glass too?”


He was trembling now, anxious I bet. He served my water with a shaking hand, I know because water was being spilled over the floor and I could hear the dripping. He was breathing fast.

“Here,” he said.

He gave me my glass, and he observed me drink the water while he drank his. We looked at each other while we did it. I think never before in my life had I so purposely drink from a glass more seductively than this. I let some of the cold liquid escape my lips and drip down through my neck and fall into my breasts. The dress got wet in bahis şirketleri that area and my nipples showed clearly. They were hard now and sexy. The refrigerator still open, shone its light on me, while it covered Nicky’s expressions hitting him on his back only. I did my best to tease him like this and it seemed to work. Before I drank the last drop he quickly left his glass on the sink, bid me good night, and ran upstairs. I chuckled. What a funny boy! He was so awkward with her own aunt! No matter how I looked, it was behavior only apparent for those who desire what they see.

I went outside to the balcony that overlooked the city. The fresh night air caressed my body. It was the only touch I was to have that lonely night. I longed for sex, for adventure. I for the first time felt a prisoner of life. I wanted something different, and this boy might just be the answer, He might provide me with some fun after all”, I thought to myself.

The following morning, Nicky was out to the library to rent some books to entertain himself during his stay here. I took the chance to enter his room and look for his clothes of the day before, to put it with the rest of the laundry. Looking through the bed sheets and the rest of his clothes I found his underwear, stinky and sticky. It was cum. He had masturbated recently. Apparently last night.

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