Steaming Hot Day, Steaming Hot Aunt

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It was a steaming hot Friday as I walked home from the bus stop after school. A trickle of cold sweat ran down my spine before pooling on my lower back, causing my school shirt to cling even more. The sun beat down as I though about the pool waiting for me at home. I rounded the last corner and walked up my street, my house seemingly miles away. Finally I stepped onto my front lawn and under the cool shade of the massive gum tree in our front yard. As I opened the door a blast of icy air flowed over me. I stood still, savouring the feeling before stepping inside and shrugging my heavy backpack off my shoulders and onto the floor. As I walked towards the kitchen I noticed my Aunties bag on the kitchen bench. I glanced at my watch and smiled.

“Looks like both of us got out early today” I said quietly to myself.

I had gotten out of my exclusive private boys school early today because on Fridays the year twelves are given the option of staying and doing some study in the library or going home early to study at home. I usually studied at school but because it was so hot I decided that today I was going to take it easy and go home for a swim.

I should probably explain my situation now. I’m an eighteen-year old guy in my last weeks of my last year at school. I live with my twenty eight year old auntie in one of the more wealthy suburbs of Perth Western Australia. I live with my auntie because my parents and grandparents were killed in a car crash when I was thirteen. Because I was an only child and the rest of my mother and fathers families lived on the other side of the country my aunt Lindsey took custody and we began living together. Because my parents and grandparents had built up a substantial farming empire and after it was sold we received a large inheritance that allowed my aunty and I to live comfortably.

Anyway, after I got some cold water out of the fridge illegal bahis I went upstairs to change into my bathers before jumping into our pool. Although I had been home for about five minutes I still hadn’t seen my aunt Lindsey. I figured that she was in the shower or in bed. I entered my room and started to undress, grabbing my board shorts from the pile of clothes on the floor. As I removed my underwear, my cock hung down and felt luxurious as the air cooled its length. It immediately started to harden as I removed the rest of my clothes and stood in the cool air. I reached down and slowly stroked the length of my 7-inch cock. Pre-cum oozed from the tip as I groaned, massaging the glands with my fingertip. I know had a decision to make should I continue masturbating and relieve myself or wait until after my swim…

Before I could make my decision some thing in the back yard caught my eye. I looked out my bedroom window and what I saw made me catch my breath and harden my cock to its maximum.

Down in the pool area was my aunt Lindsey, topless. She was laying on one of the pool chairs, obviously tanning herself. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail, but some strands had escaped and lay around her angelic face as if a halo. Her long slim legs stretched out on the chair, slightly spread, while her arms we by her side. But it was her breasts that caught my attention the most. Lindsey’s large 12C breasts say firmly on her chest, rising and falling steadily with each breath. Her breasts were topped with rosy red areolas and erect nipples about the size of the tip of my little finger that stood out about one and a half centimetres. I slowly stroked my cock as a gazed upon her beauty. I had seen aunt Lindsey in bathers and underwear before but I had never seen her naked breasts. I moaned quietly as I bought my other hand to my groin and began to fondle illegal bahis siteleri my swollen balls.

As I quietly masturbated looking at my aunt Lindsey’s topless form, she suddenly stirred…SHIT…I thought I was busted yet I could not look away. But instead of getting up and telling me off for spying on her, Lindsey’s hands slowly moved over her body. They stopped briefly to fondle her tits, as she groaned lightly and bit her lower lip. After a few moments her hands moved lower still, over her taut stomach and down to the top of her white bikini bottoms. She spread her shapely legs as her right hand dipped under the hem of her bikini and lightly stroked her crotch, before she bought her now glistening hand up to her mouth and sucked her index and middle finger. Lindsey moaned louder this time before quickly bringing both hands to the waistband of her bikini’s and sliding them down her legs. I gasped as I saw her glistening pussy in the sun. Her lips peeked out slightly but were smooth; I assumed she shaved her cunt because there was a strip of downy pubic hair about an inch wide just above the top of her slit. My aunt’s right hand again dipped down to her pussy and plunged her middle finger into her now sopping slit, as she fondled and pinched her nipple with her left hand.

My aunt and I masturbated together towards orgasm each moaning at the pleasure we were giving to ourselves. Sweat poured off my face as I pumped my rock hard prick faster and faster. Aunt Lindsey seemed to finger herself in time with my frantic pumping, moaning and biting her bottom lip as she thrust her hips to meet her probing fingers. I started to get that familiar feeling and as Lindsey let out a short scream I shot a thick load of cum into my free hand. I fell to my knees and closed my eyes as pleasure washed over my steaming body. When I opened my eyes I looked out onto the pool area and my canlı bahis siteleri aunt Lindsey. She was still slowly stroking her pussy and making little whimpering sounds. After a few moments she slowly bought her shaking hand up to her face and again sucked her juices of her fingers. After rolling her eyes in ecstasy she slowly rose and dressed again. As she stepped into the house I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waste and rushed to my en suite bathroom and jumped in the shower. I quickly washed the sweat and cum off my body and jumped out before throwing some shorts on and going down to the kitchen. I could hear Lindsey in the shower as I gave my still hard cock a quick squeeze. I wondered if aunt Lindsey saw me spying on her, or heard my orgasmic moans as I jacked myself off. I was reliving the moment when Lindsey arched her back as she plunged her hand in and out of her cunt as she too had an orgasm.

After a few minutes aunt Lindsey entered the room dressed in a peach sundress that ended at mid thigh. Her breasts bounced as she walked toward the kitchen and I assumed that she must have not been wearing a bra if her tits had that much freedom.
“How’s things Matt? Have a good day at school?” she asked
“Not to bad. It’s a bit hot though” I replied
“It is isn’t it? How about a nice cool salad for dinner with some steak. I’ll make the salad if you cook the steak.”
As I was about to agree, Lindsey bent over to look into the fridge for some ingredients. As she did the hem of her dress rid up, proving that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all and giving me my second glimpse of her pussy that day.

I swallowed, not saying anything, until she turned around and said
“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” with a smile.
I mumbled a reply as she handed me the steaks and gave me a quick wink.Steaming Hot Day. Steaming Hot Aunt
As I fired up the barbeque I wondered about what I had just seen.

Had aunt Lindsey deliberately shown me her pussy when she bent over near the fridge? My cock hardened again as my mind wondered. This could be an interesting weekend!!!

To be continued…

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