Stepdaughter Watches Ch. 05

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This is the fifth and final chapter in my series about the relationship between a stepfather and his stepdaughter.

As always, I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as you have the previous ones, and I welcome your positive and constructive comments.


The morning after my oral encounter with Ashley in the hottub, I awoke to a ringing in my head that turned out to be coming from my cell phone on the nightstand. It was the father of the friend of my youngest stepdaughter, calling to see if it was ok if they kept her another day so she could go with them to their lake house for the day. I groggily agreed, then got up to make some coffee and see if Ashley was awake.

I sat at the breakfast room table, sipping my coffee and contemplating the events of the night before.

I had experienced the immense pleasure of my stepdaughter sucking my cock — a fantasy that was uppermost on my list of adventurous sexual pleasure!

As I relived the erotic memory of the night before, the image of Ashley in yellow lingerie came into focus. I was pretty sure she had been wearing one of her mother’s new matching sets of lingerie — something I had repeatedly spoken to her and my wife about, telling Ashley that it was inappropriate for a daughter to wear her mothers’ lingerie and telling my wife that I didn’t want to see her in the lingerie and be reminded of her daughter — though, in all honesty, the idea intrigued me.

I decided I needed to speak to her about it yet again, and headed upstairs.

Nearing the top of the stairs, I heard a noise in our bedroom and turned to investigate. When I walked through the door, I found Ashley standing in front of her mother’s dresser — the lingerie drawer still open as she was finishing hooking one of my wife’s bras on her chest; the matching panties already covering her incredible ass.

She hadn’t heard me coming and she jumped and screamed when I said, “What are you doing!?”

She spun around; not bothering to cover her lacy lingerie clad body and shouted, “Dad! You scared me!” To which I replied, “I’m going to do more than scare you — how many times have I told you to stop wearing your mother’s lingerie!?” “I know,” she stammered back, “but I don’t have any nice stuff!”

“Then we’ll just have to do something about that.” I said. She looked at me as it sank in. “Get dressed,” I said, “we’re going to Victoria’s Secret.” Ashley squealed in delight and ran up and kissed me on the cheek and said, “You’re the best dad ever!” Then she disappeared down the hall and downstairs, on her way to her bedroom in the basement — saying as she went, “I’ll be ready in 10 minutes!”

As we walked into the store, it occurred to me that Ashley hadn’t changed out of her mother’s lingerie and I smiled as my cock twitched at the vision in both of my heads…

We walked into the store and a very attractive young saleslady approached us and asked if she could help us find anything. Ashley had already headed for a display that had caught her eye and I took the opportunity to explain to the saleslady that I needed her to work with Ashley to find enough lingerie so that she wouldn’t have to borrow her mother’s anymore. The young lady smiled and said she would be happy to take care of my daughter and then asked me if I had a budget. I told her I would let her know if she reached it and she smiled as she walked away; her firm young ass swaying from side to side in an exaggerated walk that I was sure was for my benefit.

I browsed around for a while, occasionally sending something back for Ashley to try on, all the while trying to maintain my composure and not think about what Ashley looked like in each set of lingerie.

After some time had passed, I felt a güvenilir bahis tap on my shoulder and turned to find the original saleslady standing behind me. “Your daughter would like for you to come back to the fitting room.”

When she saw the puzzled look on my face, she smiled and gently touched my forearm as she said, “Its ok, follow me.”

I followed her back to the changing room and she walked me to one of the stalls and lightly tapped on one of the doors and said, “I brought him back,” obviously talking to Ashley. The door opened and I saw Ashley facing me, holding her t-shirt in front of her. “Come on!” she said, referring to the fact that the longer I took to walk into the changing room, the greater the chance that someone would see her.

She reached around me and pulled the door shut, then looked up at me and said, “I want to show you what I picked out,” and with this, she pulled her t-shirt away to show me a beautiful, very sexy matching set of sky blue lacy thong panties and bra. “Wow!” was all I could get out of my mouth, to which she replied, “I know, I feel so pretty.” “You ARE pretty sweetheart.” I said as I gazed at the gorgeous woman in front of me. “Is that all?” I asked. “No! I found a lot! I want to show you,” she said.

Before I realized the meaning of her words, she reached around behind her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it off, revealing her beautiful breasts. I started to protest, but she stopped me by gently placing the fingers of her open hand over my mouth and ‘shooshing’ me.

After a brief pause as she looked into my eyes for the assurance that I understood, she resumed removing her bra, followed by the matching panties. She had turned her back to me, affording me an unobstructed view of her incredible ass — sending more blood rushing to my cock.

I took advantage of her position to quickly adjust my hardening cock in my slacks, watching as she slipped into the next set of lingerie, an emerald green set that was unlined and lacy, and clearly showed her erect nipples pressing against the material, and the camel-toe outline of her pussy lips.

“Do you like it?” she asked, smiling and knowing full well that I would. “You’re beautiful sweetheart,” I replied. “Wait,” she said, “I have more to show you,” and she repeated her striptease and tried on another set. By the third or fourth set, my cock was hard enough to hammer nails — and she knew it — there was no hiding the tenting in my slacks.

The next time she turned around, she looked down at the bulge in my slacks and moved forward and hugged me and said, “Thank you dad! I love them! Can I have them all?” “As long as you promise to stop wearing your mother’s stuff, yes,” was my reply. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me again and I was disappointed to feel her begin to pull her body away from mine, breaking our hug; not realizing that, as she broke our hug, she was lowering herself to her knees in front of me.

Her hands slid down my chest and settled on my belt, and she looked up at me with a beautiful expression that was unmistakable. I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up to me and said, “No sweetheart, we can’t do this… not here,” as quietly as I could, hoping my voice wouldn’t carry beyond the changing room.

“I really want to do this for you,” she said then gently kissed me on the lips. “I know this is one of your fantasies cause mom told me.” I was paralyzed as I watched her sink back down to her knees and continue unbuckling my belt, looking up at me with lust in her eyes.

I closed my eyes as I felt her warm mouth close around my cock, trying not to moan — and mostly succeeding.

From my vantage point above her, I watched as my beautiful türkçe bahis stepdaughter bathed my cock and balls with her tongue, then wrapping her hand around my shaft, stroked me up and down as her head bobbed in unison.

I wanted it to last forever… Part of me was trying not to make noise — fearing security would open the door at any moment, and the other part of me was actually hoping the saleslady was standing just outside the door, listening.

In no time, I felt a fresh load of cum rising from my balls into the shaft of my cock and before I could warn Ashley, I flooded her mouth with my seed. She gagged only briefly, and then swallowed without spilling a drop — like mother, like daughter…

She stood up and kissed me on the lips, the salty taste of my cum still fresh. It had all seemed to happen so fast…

I reached down and fastened my slacks and belt and looked in the mirror to make sure I was dressed, then opened the door to slip out of the dressing room, only to find the young saleslady standing at a nearby rack, pretending to be adjusting something, but the smile on her face as she looked over at me left no doubt that she knew exactly what was going on in the dressing room.

I smiled sheepishly as I brushed past her, wondering if it was just my imagination, or did I detect the familiar aroma of an excited pussy as I walked past…?

My humiliation continued at the cash register as the saleslady was ringing up the items and one of her associates walked up and asked what she was smelling — the three of us knowing that it was the moisture from Ashley’s pussy that had tainted the new lingerie…

The drive home was very quiet.

When we got home, I went upstairs, stretched out on my bed and closed my eyes and began to reflect on the events of the previous couple of hours. Just as I had closed my eyes and begin to drift off to sleep, I heard Ashley knock on the door frame and ask if she could come in. I opened my eyes to see her wearing one of the new bra/panty sets and nothing else, and carrying the shopping bag full of her new lingerie.

“I want to do a fashion show for you,” she said. “You showed me everything in the dressing room, didn’t you?” I asked; to which she answered, “Yes, but I had to change too fast and I want to show you again.”

I protested to no avail and finally sat on the foot of the bed to watch the show.

I was treated to a show like no other, each matching lingerie set more erotic and sexy than the last — the result of which was evident by yet another bulge in my slacks. Ashley would disappear into the master bathroom and emerge in a new outfit, using the short distance from the bathroom towards the bed as her personal fashion runway, striking a pose and asking me if she looked pretty, or sexy and smiling as I reassured her that she looked very sexy indeed.

She finally emerged in a stunning black set that included a small piece of white lace around the edge of both bra and panty, telling me this was the last of it. She walked up and stood right in front of me, both of us realizing the sexual tension between us was volatile. Ashley leaned up on her tip toes and kissed me on the lips again, but this time, she let her lips linger on mine and I allowed myself to enjoy the feel of her soft lips against mine.

Her movement brought me back to reality as I realized she was taking off her bra. By now, there was no fight left in me and I simply watched as she undressed and stood naked before me. After a moment, we kissed again and I turned and gently pushed her back onto the bed and slowly lowered myself to my knees and began kissing the inner thigh of her right leg.

I could smell the strong scent of her sweet pussy juice as I looked güvenilir bahis siteleri up to see her caressing her tits and pinching her nipples. She moaned loudly when my lips covered her outer pussy lips with a gentle kiss, followed by my tongue encircling and flicking her clit.

God she tasted incredible! Better than I imagined! I closed my eyes and let my mouth and tongue explore the depths of her sex, swallowing each mouthful of her sweet nectar as her pussy responded to my efforts.

She arched her back as the first wave of her orgasm took control of her body and the moan that came from her mouth was deep and guttural. I kept licking and sucking on her as I unbuckled my slacks and pushed them and my boxer briefs to the floor so I could stroke my cock.

As the tremors from her orgasm subsided, I stood and, taking hold of her ankles, I spread her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Our eyes met and I hesitated, knowing that what I was about to do would change our relationship forever. “Fuck me daddy, please. I want you to be my first,” were the last words I heard Ashley say as my mind exploded at the sensation of her tight warm pussy as my cock pushed passed her outer lips and I sank my shaft into her until I felt my balls rest against the crevice between her legs.

Slowly, then more rapidly, I pistoned my cock into her young pussy, listening to the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other and her lust-filled words of encouragement, “Oh fuck yes… Oh fuck… Oh fuck… FUCK ME DADDY!”

The bed was rocking back and forth as I slammed my cock into her hard.

She arched her back and screamed as another orgasm racked her body, pushing me over the edge as I joined her with my own orgasm, emptying my balls deep into her womb.

I collapsed onto my elbows above her as both of us gasped for air — our hearts pounding.

I had just fucked my stepdaughter and took her virginity! My mind should have been racing with the implications of my actions, but I was too exhausted to care…

Epilogue. Since that day, some 3 years ago now, Ashley and I have continued our intimacy whenever the opportunity presents itself. We have fucked and sucked in every room in the house, several of the dressing rooms in the nicer department stores in the area, in the car, in the hottub and in several hotel rooms when she has accompanied me on business trips (at the encouragement of her mother). I have even introduced her to the pleasure of anal sex.

We are careful not to express any desires for each other when her younger sister is home, but my wife learned of our relationship about a year ago when she returned from a trip early in the morning and found Ashley and I sleeping naked in bed together.

To my surprise, my wife stripped off her clothes and slid into bed on the opposite side of me from Ashley and I found myself wrapped in the arms and bodies of two beautiful women when I awoke.

My wife was very happy that I had taken Ashley’s virginity rather than some inexperience teen-aged boy and has encouraged Ashley to ‘fill-in’ for her whenever she travels. Ashley also routinely joins us naked in the hottub and has even been in the hottub with us when her mother has impaled herself on my cock and gently rocked herself to orgasm while Ashley has fingered herself to her own orgasm.

Ashley is in her mid-twenties now, and just last summer met a young man in whom she is very interested and with whom she has begun having sex, so I don’t know how much longer our sexual relationship will last, but if it ended tomorrow, I would have incredible memories of our adventures.

Thank you for letting me share my beautiful family with you.

And for those of you who might be wondering, yes, my youngest stepdaughter is now 18 and there have already been discussions between my wife and I (and apparently between my two stepdaughters also), about how much she flirts and prances around in her lingerie when I’m home…

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