Stepmom’s Bargain Ch. 2

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Here I was laid out at home after an accident while racing motorcycles, one arm was broken, the other fractured above the wrist, cuts and bruises all over. My stepmom was a nurse at the hospital that I was admitted to right after the accident. She checked up on me until I was staying awake more and then began keeping the other nurses out and tending to me herself.

It was just as well, I thought, I hadn’t been able to jack off in a week, and I was getting hard if the fan blew across my sheet. It didn’t help with all of those young nurses bending over me allowing me a great view of various sizes of luscious tits, and stocking clad legs leading up to fine asses in tight nurse skirts. I guess all of that built up frustration was what led me to start looking at my stepmom in a lustful way when she began taking care of me herself. I couldn’t help but notice her full round tits, slightly wide hips, and shapely round ass.

I even got a good long upskirt shot of her white panties one night. I could make out the dark brown triangle at the top, I was going insane. I guess she sensed that I reeeeeaaaly needed a release because one day after another nurse had given me a sponge bath she decided to pump off some of my pressure- just being a nurse, besides my erection was so obvious that it was the talk of the nurses station. I was enjoying my handjob, even though I was a little embarrassed, when my stepmom realized she didn’t have anything to catch cum. I begged her not to stop even for a moment and she did the only thing she could do in that situation, she went down on me.

If I thought that the practiced hand my stepmom was using on me was good, I nearly passed out when her hot mouth closed over my dick. My eyes rolled back in my bahis firmaları head as she used nothing but mouth action up and down the length of my dick for close to five minutes without a pause. I have no idea how I kept from blowing my wad immediately. I tried to close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation, but I found myself watching her suck my cock each time.

She was getting into it, really loving my cock with her mouth. After a build up like a volcano, I finally came in her mouth, she didn’t stop sucking though. She slid up and bobbed on the top portion of my shaft nice and slow while I spasmed and shot stream after stream of cum onto her tongue. Then when I was about spent she slid all the way down and barely bobbed on the base of my shaft. The killer move of it all was when she applied triple suction and slowly drew her mouth all the way to the tip of my dick, I spasmed and emptied the very last drop of my sack in her mouth and collapsed exhausted.

That had to have been the greatest blowjob I have ever had, and right after it is when she dropped the bomb on me. When I was completely vulnerable she offered her bargain: she would take me home and do my cock all of the time just like that, if I gave up racing. Whoa! What do I do?! I love racing and I’m good at it. Before the accident I was talking to big-time sponsors about bigger money than I was already making. I could race for a living- or it could kill me, as my stepmom pointed out. What a bargain to consider…

I had been released from the hospital and gotten some relief from being immobilized when the doctor took the full cast off of my fractured arm, at least I could feed myself, and bathe now. My dad had taken some emergency time off and flown home from overseas kaçak iddaa when he found out about the accident. I was doing alright, and the racing team was asking if I would be back next spring. I told them I’d have to see, I was still thinking about my stepmom’s bargain. With dad home she hadn’t been able to keep her part of the bargain.

Even though I got a blowjob from my girlfriend a couple of weeks after I got home, it wasn’t nothing compared to the superb sucking I had gotten from my stepmom. In fact, when I was taking my girlfriend from behind that night (and several others afterwards) I couldn’t help but wish it was stepmom’s bigger, meatier ass I was pumping against. That helped me cum harder each time, and my girlfriend really seemed to enjoy the way I was stroking her. What was I going to do? Give up racing? For sex? No way! But at least twice a week my mind would wonder back to that bargain and my cock would threaten to break my zipper.

My dad left after staying nearly a month. We had hung around like we used to do when I was little, and I enjoyed seeing him, but when he was gone my mind turned straight to my stepmom. She didn’t waste any time either. I woke up Saturday morning when the phone rang. I heard my stepmom answer it talk a bit, say I love you and hang up. Then my door swung open and there she was.

She was dressed in her nurses gown and sat down to show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties with her stockings this time, I marveled at her bush and the little bit of her clean shaven pussy lips I could see. She smiled when she pulled back my covers to expose my purple headed erection. Without a word she bent forward and took my cock all the way into her mouth and began sucking the juice from me like kaçak bahis before. This time she fingered herself while sucking me off. I didn’t last very long this time and gave her my load after only a few minutes. I drifted off to sleep again one step closer to giving up racing for good.

About noon I heard my door open again and I saw my girlfriend drop her purse and begin to strip. She dropped her clothes from her body with a kind of urgency I hadn’t seen before, and without even kissing me mounted my face. I love how my girlfriend tastes and have eaten her out every chance I got- in the park, at the movies, at a rest stop on the highway, etc. She was really humping my face and cumming loudly as I lapped her juices as fast as I could. Even though I had cum a few hours ago I felt as though I hadn’t had sex in days so when she slowed her hips rocking I gently pulled her down to my pole and slid into her.

We kissed deeply (another thing she didn’t really do was taste herself), she began to rock steadily on my dick and moan as we kissed. I lasted a long time with her grinding against my hips, she must’ve came a half dozen times or more. When I was ready to cum I grunted for her to take my cock in her mouth. She slid off and went down on me, holding onto the base while I fucked her mouth to my completion, swallowing every bit. We slept for awhile and she promised that she would tell me what had gotten her so hot later, she was too embarrassed to talk about it right then. Okay with me I enjoyed it.

When my stepmom came home that night she was with a group of her girlfriends from work, they played cards and drank and smoked until well after I fell asleep again. I was too spent to do much again anyway, but the bargain was still up in the air as far as I was concerned. After that mega-screwing I had gotten from my girlfriend earlier, I was thinking about racing anyway. Unless my stepmom wanted to raise the stakes…

To Be Continued…

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