Stoking the Fire Ch. 02

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“I can’t last with you, Jo.”

“Wait — let me up.” Jo crawled up on the bed, lay flat face down, looked hungrily back at him over her shoulder, and grinning, commanded, “come back in — this will be a new sensation for both of us.”

His blush widened her grin, and he climbed onto her. As he entered her ass again, there was the new sensation of the softness of her cheeks, pushed together by her face down position, then the familiar tightness of her ass. They were both moaning. He knew he wouldn’t last long, so jamming a hand under her he massaged her clit, and they both exploded again and again.

They lay connected for what seemed like ages, until finally he slipped out as he shrank. Chris stroked her hair and kissed her cheek.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Chris was pole-axed. He really hadn’t expected such a positive statement from this stunning girl so soon. She had been so careful to tell him that she would need time, and here was an outright declaration. His heart soared, and he cautioned himself to take it slow. Don’t frighten her off.

“You are the most beautiful sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

She grinned. “Liar. Unless of course you don’t watch any films.”

“Ah, but you’re not celluloid, you’re real warm flesh and blood, and incredibly alluring. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I feel like Christmas, birthday and heaven all arrived on the same day. In fact, I feel as if an international film star suddenly came into my life.”

“Whoa, I’m no film star. Don’t put me on a pedestal. I have bad hair days, and I can be as grumpy as the next person. But you,” she grinned wickedly, “you’re just a dirty old man.” Jo laughed out loud when he blushed right on cue.

“Come on, let’s go and eat.” Chris changed the subject and slid off the bed to dress.

“Come on lazybones.” He chivvied when he was nearly ready.

Jo was thinking about what had made her declare her love so openly after such a long time of avoiding any kind of commitment. He was amazing to have sex with. There was no doubt about that. They sparked each other off to such an extent she didn’t think any other partner had ever made her come so hard or so often. But that was only part of it.

She thought it was his shyness, perhaps. Or the way he did the most erotic things, but blushed at the slightest comment. Perhaps shared interests, or enjoying conversation? Or the combination of not only gentle and caring, but also robust. A mystery, but she only knew that there was something about him that seemed to wash away her fear of commitment and drew her to him as an equal.

Would she marry him? Whoa. Slow down. Changing her outlook and her determination to remain single and enjoy life after a couple of days. She’d be thinking about having children with him next. Her eyes widened and she shook herself. Best not think of any of that for a bit, and she jumped up to get dressed, realising that he was chivvying her.

Chris watched her eyes widen. Not pure fear he thought, but a tinge of it, and confusion. When she leapt off the bed, thinking became difficult, as she was still naked. Watching her wandering round the room gradually clothing her body made him groan again. She grinned impishly at him and brushed his crotch with her hand as she passed to get her hairbrush.

“Stiff after a day’s firing?” she laughed.

He went up behind her and gently took the brush out of her hand.

“Let me brush the tangles out for you. I know how lovely it is after you washed my hair in the shower.”

After he got into a rhythm with the brush strokes, he asked gently, “What’s confusing you and frightening you a little?”

She started, her eyes flew open and looked up at him in the mirror, widening perceptibly.

“How did you know?”

“Like my blushes, your face reflected your thoughts. I’m not prying if you don’t want to say. I just thought it might help, and I don’t like seeing you unhappy.”

He didn’t falter with the brush strokes of her hair, his concern evident on his face. How could she not like this man? He cared for her physically and mentally. Cared how she felt. Cared what she thought. Cared that she was comfortable. She’d always been direct, and this was no exception.

“I was shocked that I’d said ‘I love you’. It’s so alien to my outlook, which was to remain single and enjoy life. All my life I’ve shied away from commitment, and saying that after knowing you for two days blew my mind. Then I was trying to work out why. And …” she tailed off, not willing to reveal that the thought of children had passed through her mind.

He smiled at her in the mirror, and continued brushing. Her hair didn’t really need any more brushing, but she realised he was continuing to make it easier for her to talk.

“I think it’s all moving too fast for me. My emotions are ahead of my brain. Like I said, I just need time to get used to such a huge change.”

“Jo, I don’t care how much time you need. The last thing I want is for you to bail out because you feel I’m pushing. In ataşehir escort bayan a sense this is hard for me too. My hurt gives me difficult emotions to overcome too. I will wait for you for ever, and I’ll do it close to you or from afar, whatever gives me the best chance.”

Jo felt her eyes welling up as she saw the implications of what Chris was offering. He loved her so much he was prepared not to see her while she came to terms with herself. But she realised that she didn’t want that. She wanted to work through it with him in her life.

Chris saw the change in her face as she reached a decision. For the first time his hand faltered with the brush. He couldn’t bear to hear what she was going to say, he was so sure it was the end for him.

“Chris, I want to do this with you beside me, not on my own.” Her voice had a wondering quality to it. “It goes against all my previous experience and my aims, but I do know that I wouldn’t be true to my present feelings if I didn’t try.”

Chris’ hand stopped in mid-stroke. He could scarcely believe what he thought he had heard.

“You want me to be around?” he asked tentatively.

“Yes, you dork.” Jo laughed, and leant back for a kiss.

“Oh God, I thought it was the end.” A tear ran down his face as he kissed her.

“I think that’s why I love him.” Jo thought as she tasted the salt of his tear. “He doesn’t presume. He’s emotional. And he really would do what I asked without complaint because he cares about me.”

“I love you Chris.”

He looked into her eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

She instantly understood that he was acknowledging her bravery in confirming a potentially dramatic change in her outlook.

“You know I love you too. Please tell me if I push too hard.”

She reached behind her with a saucy smile to caress his erection. “You can push this as hard as you like.”

The groan was wrung from him and he mashed her lips again, reaching down to pinch her nipples through her sweatshirt.

She groaned in turn, then laughed when her stomach rumbled.

“Come on, let’s go eat before we both collapse from starvation and over-exercise.”

They’d decided to get fish and chips and eat it on the harbour wall watching the boats as the sun set. The lights on the footbridge sparkled in the darkness of the water and the tide swished past the mooring strakes on the harbour wall where they sat with their feet dangling over the edge. Gulls wheeled overhead screeching their displeasure as they waited for crumbs from the deliciously hot meal.

“I can’t eat any more.”

“Me neither.”

So they threw the last few chips out to the gulls and watched with amusement as they fought to retrieve them. Jo reached over and put her greasy fingers one by one into Chris’ mouth, and he sucked them clean. He thought it might just be the most erotic thing he’d ever done with his clothes on.

Then he reached over with the hand furthest from Jo and offered her his fingers for the same treatment. He then revised his opinion to make it the second most erotic thing, as this had to be the most erotic.

Jo was waiting for him to give her his nearer hand, but he surprised her by using the clean one to undo her jeans so that he could slip the greasy hand into her pants and rub the grease on her clit. It was so unexpected and so erotic that Jo gasped, then panted, then came in a rush. Chris continued to rub gently until she had calmed, then gave her his fingers.

Then it was Jo’s turn to think it might be the most erotic thing to lick grease and her own taste off her boyfriend’s fingers.

“How does he get past my defences?” she thought. “Here I am calling him my boyfriend. Well I suppose that’s less far than thinking about marriage and children.” And she was amazed again that he had her so far from her old self that such thoughts could even pass through her mind without her having a complete fit.

They leant towards each other and kissed. He loved the slight taste of her on her lips, and pulled back slightly to gaze into her eyes, luminous in the dark.

“Let’s go back. We can have tea in the room, and I want a stronger taste.” He whispered huskily.

A puzzled frown crossed her face. “Stronger taste of fish and chips?” she queried.

“No.” He whispered with a grin. “I can taste you from my fingers in your mouth.

“Oh God. Come on.” She pulled frantically on his hand and was about to jump up when Chris interrupted.

“Hey wait a moment.” And he reached down and did up her jeans again.

Jo laughed. “Thanks. It might have been difficult to run with those round my ankles.” She jumped up and pulled him off towards the footbridge.

“Wait, Jo, that’s the wrong way.”

“No it’s not. I can’t wait while we drive back. There are trees and bushes on the other side.”

She dragged him across the bridge practically at the run and they went straight to a clearing in the bushes which was not visible from the road or footpath. As she walked in she started shucking off her jeans, and by the escort kadıköy time he was beside her she was on her back naked from the waist down, pulling him down to her.

She gasped as his mouth kissed her lips. He moaned as he tasted her nectar, and he dug his tongue in to extract more. She moaned in delight and pulled his head into her. His nose mashed into her clit and she came hard as he slurped up her juice. She felt him move his mouth up to her clit and expose her hard nubbin to his hot rough tongue. As soon as he started his rough assault on her clit, two fingers entered her hot wet pussy and curled up to rub the spongy area under her mons.

As Jo’s orgasm peaked again she cried out and panted his name. She humped her hips into his face and yanked him into her as she peaked a third time. As her hips descended she felt his other hand on her ass painting her star with the juices running down from her pulsing pussy. One finger slipped slightly inside, and she let out a breath of pleasure. She heard his zip, then both hands were on her hips pulling her towards him until she felt his hot tip pushing gently. Her eyes were closed and her face concentrating on the exquisite sensation of his entry into her ass. As soon as he was fully home, he started moving in and out, generating heat as they slid together.

Jo opened her eyes and found his eyes locked on hers in an intense gaze. She watched as his hands trailed up the insides of her thighs, one tangling in her bush, brushing her clit, then sinking two fingers oh-so-slowly inside. She shivered in delight, then drew in a sharp breath as the other hand strayed up under her top to caress her stomach. She reached forward to rub his thighs, needing the extra contact with him and delighting in the feeling of his muscular thighs inside his jeans. Jo could see a sheen of sweat appearing on Chris’ face. His expressions were of exquisite agony, and he was grunting with the effort of pumping into both her holes and rubbing her clit and stomach.

“Oh God, Jo, I love you so much.” Was torn from his lips as he shot a load and a load and a load into her.

Jo squealed at the sensation and began to tremble as a fourth wave of ecstasy shook her from head to toe. Her body was curling up, her legs shaking, and she gasped and moaned. As she came down from the intense high Chris’ gaze was still locked on her, such love, amazement and satisfaction — his heart in his eyes.

Jo grinned up at him. “Come again soon.” She whispered. To her delight, he blushed. But his reply surprised her.

“You can bet on it. How could I not with a sexy witch like you.” And he leant over, held her face gently in his hands and kissed her softly.

Jo could taste herself on his lips. She could feel him filling her. His jeans rasped against her. His gentle kiss was pure heaven and balm to her soul. She suddenly realised that it was this aspect that had been missing from her sex life previously. It was the joy of being together. The joy of sharing. The gentle as well as the rough. The total trust and giving.

Eventually the cold of the evening air forced them to move, and they made their way back to the B&B, touching all the way as if they couldn’t bear not to be in contact with each other.

Once in the B&B they shucked off their clothes and snuggled naked under the quilt. Although their hands were wandering, they were both content just to kiss and cuddle, dropping off quickly after the early start and hard day’s work on the loco.

Chris came to realising he had woken because he was desperate to pee. He slipped out of Jo’s arms, and she stirred in her sleep. As he relieved himself in the bathroom, his mouth felt all furred up, and he had a raging thirst. He filled and put the kettle on to boil, then made tea for them both as Jo was stirring. He looked up from the mugs, and found a pair of smiling green eyes studying him. He blushed, and Jo laughed.

“That tea smells wonderful. What’s the time?” she asked.

“It’s only midnight. Another five hours before the alarm, but I needed to pee and get a drink.”

Jo clambered out of bed, and giggled as she noticed two things. Chris’ erection was climbing at the sight of her naked, and he was blushing again. She gave him a stroke and a kiss as she passed on her way to the bathroom, and felt his hand caress her firm backside.

Chris was sitting sipping his tea, and handed her a mug as she came out. She surprised him by sitting in his lap rather than beside him, trapping his semi between her hip and his stomach. It hardened considerably as Jo wriggled to get comfortable. She grinned as he blushed again.

“Tea’s a good idea. I was thirsty because we didn’t have any after the fish and chips. Good call.”

It was such a pleasure being naked with her. She looked so good in the half light. She felt good where their bodies touched. Warm, fragrant and slightly tousled from sleep. The night air was cold, though, so he reached out and pulled the quilt up round them. The warmth grew inside their cocoon as they sipped their bostancı escort hot tea, and he suddenly realised that this would end when they went back to work after one more day.

“Jo, if I ask you something, would you be really honest with me and tell me how you really feel in detail. Please.” He pleaded.

Jo blinked and jerked herself fully awake. He sounded so serious and vulnerable.

“Of course I’ll be honest. Why wouldn’t I be?”

He grinned. “You would be.” The wondering tone of his affirmation signalled his growing knowledge. “Sorry. That was some insecurity left over.”

He looked down and, after a moment, took a deep breath.

“Tomorrow is our last day. Tomorrow night our last night. Then we’re off to different counties. But I want to see you again.”

Jo took a breath, but Chris put his finger on her lips. She licked, he gasped, but then shook his head to clear it, and continued.

“I know we can meet at weekends. I don’t …… I …er …” Suddenly his words came out in a rush: “I would like to have the opportunity to be with you more often. I would prefer not to be long distance. I wondered …” He dried up again. His tension was palpable, and he felt her arms tighten around him.

“Go on.” She encouraged softly.

“You sort of implied you might like me around a bit. I wondered … I wondered if I applied for jobs in your area if you’d mind?”

“You’d go though all the upheaval of moving near me just on the off-chance?” A solitary tear slid down her cheek. She should have felt hemmed in and stalked, but she just felt valued. It was exhilarating to have someone care that much.

Chris wiped the tear gently from her cheek and drew her in for a tender kiss. “I’m sorry, I won’t upset you again.” He whispered.

“Chris, you haven’t upset me at all. I’m overwhelmed that you want to do that for me — for us.” There was a catch in her voice. “I’d like that.”

She said it so quietly that he barely heard, but his heart sang.

Suddenly Jo burst into tears and hugged him to her tightly. All he could do was hold her and stroke her hair and back with his hands. He murmured soothing words and rocked her on his lap.

As she calmed, she explained a little disjointedly through the end of her tears, “No one has ever cared that much about me since my parents died.”

At last she heaved a deep shuddering sigh and relaxed, putting her head on his shoulder. It was warm and comfortable in the quilt, but his feet sticking out of the bottom were cold. Jo was almost asleep, so he lifted her, picked up the quilt with one hand and lay down on the bed, pulling the quilt up round them again. She grunted her approval and snuggled into him again with her head on his shoulder.

He lay there thinking how fortunate he was, gradually sinking, eyes beginning to close. He was jerked awake when Jo’s head lifted off his shoulder and she said sleepily,

“In my house.”

“Jo, what do you mean ‘in my house’?” He prompted quietly.

“Live in my house. With me.” Her head was back on his shoulder as she slid back into sleep.

He was now wide awake. Did she really mean she wanted him to move in? He cast around in his mind for any other interpretation. He couldn’t think of any, but surely things couldn’t move that fast? His head was in such a whirl, it took him ages to calm and sleep.

“Chris. Chris. Wake up.” The incessant call finally got through to him. “Come on sleepyhead. We’ve got an engine to light up, and I want breakfast first.”

He blinked at her and, realising that she’d left him till the last minute, mumbled, “OK. You go on ahead and get us both the full breakfast. I’ll be in as soon as I’ve shaved.”

He blundered round the room, slowly waking up and quickly dressing. He got into the breakfast room just as Phil was delivering two huge plates of steaming breakfast.

“Mmmm. I’m starving.” Jo grinned up at him. “Come on, sit down and tuck in. Get yourself set up for a day’s shovelling.”

Chris dropped a kiss on top of her shining hair and squeezed into his seat on the opposite side of the table.

“It’s not the shovelling I need the strength for.”

Jo looked puzzled for a second. Then she laughed out loud. “I can’t believe you said that without blushing.”

Then Chris did blush, grinning sheepishly at her. The evident enjoyment on her face and the wicked twinkle in her eyes turned it into a real smile.

“You are just so stunning, I can’t believe my luck. If you keep looking at me like that we’ll never get the loco lit up.”

Jo touched his hand across the table. “Thank you.”

Chris looked surprised. “What for?”

“That you really care for me. It’s so different when you know that the person isn’t just saying it to get something.” Jo said wonderingly, smiling gently at him.

Chris picked up her hand and kissed it gently.

It was a bit of a rush to finish packing up and load the car, but they were fine for time at the shed. The loco had been out late the night before, so was warm enough to have a few pounds on the clock, so no need for a slow warm up. Using steam for the blower instead of compressed air also meant a quicker start and being so warm the loco came round as soon as the fire was well alight. Plenty of time for cleaning too, so the engine was spotless.

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