Sultry Samantha Ch. 02

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– thank you everyone who sent such wonderful feedback. I hope you enjoy chapter two also, chapter three and four and on the way. 🙂 –

Samantha rushed into the house, she was late getting home and daddy would have most likely have had another bad day. She tried to do as much as she could to ease things for her father, cooking dinner, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, but there were some things she just couldn’t help him with. Such as the fact that he hadn’t had a date since mommy died. She giggled to herself,” Mommy and Daddy, grow up Samantha, you’re eighteen now.” She lightly bounced up the stairs, dropping her school bag just inside her door, and began taking off her school uniform.

“Might as well be comfortable while I cook dinner,” she thought to herself as she pulled her white blouse off her shoulders. Her hand snaked up to her breast and squeezed softly. She let out a light moan, she had always enjoyed having her 36 C breasts caressed and wasn’t afraid to do it herself. She had learned at a young age that there was a lot she was going to have to do for herself, and seeing to her personal pleasure was one of them.

Her hands went to the waist band of her blue pleated skirt and loosed the button and zipper, letting it pool around her feet. She stepped out of the skirt now standing in a pair of 4” high oxfords, white thigh high stockings, a red thong and matching red bra. She kicked the oxfords off and tossed them toward her closet. She heard the first moan as she sat on the edge of the bed slowly lowering the stockings over her knees. She jumped in surprise, and then listened for the sound again. “OOMMMMMM,” came from the direction of her father’s bathroom. “Oh my god,” she thought, “something’s wrong with daddy!” She pulled the stockings the rest of the way off and bolted for her father’s bathroom.

Not thinking bahis firmaları about anything but her daddy’s well being, Samantha threw the door open and rushed into the bathroom. There in the shower was her father, perfectly okay, actually more than okay, pleasuring himself. Samantha stared dumbstruck at her daddy’s huge cock and his hand moving up and down rapidly before stammering,” Daddy! OH GOD! I’m so sorry, I thought something was wrong!” She turned around quickly and fled the bathroom, pulling the door closed quickly behind her.

She ran back to her bedroom, mortified to have seen her daddy that way, naked and with a hard throbbing cock. “OH GOD!” she said out loud,” Why am I thinking about daddy’s thing as a cock?” Samantha stood in the middle of her room panicked at what had just happened, when she looked over at her oval floor length mirror, and saw that the front of her thong was very wet.

She moved closer to the mirror and examined her reflection, noting her fiery waist length hair, her bright hazel eyes and her pouty rose red lips. She looked down the rest of her body, looking at her breasts, firm and high, looking large on her frame but not to large. She took in her small flat waist with the small diamond belly button ring, the front of her panties, which were still wet, and her long, long legs. She suddenly realized looking at herself, that she was a woman, not a girl, but a woman, a very sexy woman.

Samantha slowly lets her hand graze over her belly, teasing her belly button as her hand moved back up to her breasts. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra, noticing the way her chest jutted out and then bounced back into place when the bra fell to the floor. Her fingers moved to her breasts again, tracing over her hard pink nipples. She let out a small moan of her own, squeezing her nipples harder. She felt another kaçak iddaa rush of liquid wet the front of her panties. One of her hands slowly inched over her stomach, down toward her wet thong.

She let her fingers lightly graze over her panty covered lips, watching her fingers trace an outline over her panties. She moaned again, starting to think about what she had seen in her daddy’s bathroom, about her daddy’s big, huge cock. She pressed her fingers more firmly into her soaked little pussy, rubbing the fabric against her hard clit, pinching and pulling at her nipple harder. She let her imagination run wild, daddy had been stroking his cock for her, he was thinking about his little girl as his hand stroked up and down on his engorged dick. Samantha let her legs spread a bit wider, pressing the fabric into her pussy more and more, rubbing her clit harder and harder, using her fingers to circle and tease.

She closed her eyes and moaned, pretending it was daddy who was rubbing her little pussy, daddy who was making her feel so damn good. She let a little scream escape her lips when she thought about daddy pushing her on the bed and spreading her legs wide, looking down at his little girls pretty pink lips. How he would smile in that special way he had before dropping his head between her firm, milky white thighs and licking and kissing his little girls pussy for the first time. Samantha’s body felt on fire, she knew she was about to cum, she knew she was a naughty girl for thinking about daddy eating her pussy while she masturbated.

With that thought, her whole body convulsed, she began moaning and panting, pushing her pussy deeper into her hand, her hand deeper into her pussy. She let a small cry escape her lips, “Oh god daddy that’s it, eat your little slut’s pussy!” Samantha came again, just hearing her self say it out loud sent kaçak bahis her body rocketing off more fiercely than before. Her body jerked, her pussy was spasaming, cum was running down her thighs. And then her legs buckled, the pleasure was so intense that she couldn’t support her body anymore. She fell to the floor with her hand still buried in her pussy, lightly flicking the fabric of her panties over her swollen clit.

She let herself lay back on the carpet, breathing deeply, skin flushed with a light sheen of sweat. She pulled her hand away from her panties and brought it to her face, her fingers were covered with her juices. “What the hell,” she thought, “I just made myself cum thinking about daddy, why not be even naughtier and see how I taste.” And with that she popped her fingers into her mouth and sucked her cum from them. Samantha moaned in delight, mmmm, she tasted good, tangy and sweet all at the same time.

She pulled her fingers from her mouth and let her hand fall to the carpet next to her. She was starting to realize that what she had just done was very bad. She felt ashamed, what would daddy think of her if her knew? What would daddy think if he knew his little girl was playing with herself while she thought of his big fat daddy cock, while she thought of daddy eating her tight wet little pussy?

“OH GOD!” She said out loud, “I just came thinking about my daddy!” Samantha laid there for a few more minutes, wallowing in her own shame. She finally got up and put on a clean pair of panties, a tight baby-t and a pair of tight, very short running shorts.

She decided that no one needed to know what she had done; she would just go downstairs and make dinner, act like the whole thing never happened. She hadn’t walked in on daddy while he, mmm, stroked his big daddy cock, she hadn’t gone to her room and orgasamed like never before after she saw daddy stroking himself, and she sure as heck hadn’t thought about daddy while she played with herself. And her final thought on the subject, and no one would ever know if she did it again….

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