Summer Of Discovery Ch. 07

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Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a few weeks earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were both suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be somewhat normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1-6” for more details of these events.) Enjoy!

The twins had invited their best friends up to their parent’s cabin for a three-day weekend. Mark had started dating Melanie’s best friend Sheri, and Melanie had began dating Mark’s best friend Jim. By ‘dating’, I mean they had discovered, with their sibling’s help, that the friends had the hots for their sibling. So, even though the twins had come to enjoy sex with each other every day lately, they each had new partners to discover exciting and different ways of getting close. The twins had told Jim and Sheri their little empath secret the night before. Sheri admitted wanting to try Jim’s big cock, which she has just done, with assistance from Melanie and Mark, who joined in the fun.


“Anyone up for a walk down by the lake?” asked Mark.

“Sure, sounds like fun. Let’s go,” chimed in Mel.

They all agreed and hurried off to their own rooms to throw on some clothes and shoes. The edge of the lake was a short walk down the hill. They made it there quickly, then walked along the shore, admiring the view and the perfect weather.

“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Sheri, looking out over the water and up at the blue sky.

“Yep, it doesn’t get much better than this.” Replied Jim, walking hand-in-hand with Mel.

They all walked along quietly, enjoying the peace and relative solitude that the surroundings provided them, enjoying each other’s company also. After a while, they came upon a semi-secluded cove.

“Hey, why don’t we go swimming? This looks like a great place and I’m getting hot from walking in the summer Sun.” Asked Mel, always the adventurous one.

“But, we can’t! We didn’t bring our swim suits.” Said Jim.

“Who said anything about swim suits?” asked Mel with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips.

“Whoa, are you suggesting we go skinny dipping? Asked Sheri?

“Sure, why not? I’m hot. Besides, it will be fun. We’ve all seen each other nude already so who cares?” said Mel.

“Well, I’m game,” said Mark. “I don’t see anyone around here, only a couple of fishing boats way out there, and they can’t see this far to tell what we’re doing.”

“OK, let’s do it.” Shouted Sheri, having made up her mind.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” she said, stripping off her top as she spoke.

In no time, they all striped down to their birthday suits and ran for the water, leaving their clothes lying on rocks by the shore. Jim was last, but only by a little.

“Well, Jim, you lose. Now you’ll have to do whatever I want you to do.” Teased Mel, hugging Jim in the water.

“Oh, yeah? You’ll have to catch me first.” He replied, swimming away.

They all swam and played in the water, laughing and enjoying themselves. Mark sensed that Mel was getting horny again already. Mel sensed the same thing from Mark. Seeing his sister’s firm breasts bouncing up and down, and Sheri’s big, full ones rubbing against him was turning him on too. Damn, he thought. Would they ever be satisfied for more than a few hours ever again?

Mel felt his thoughts and sent him a thought reply, ‘Oh, I’m satisfied, Bro. I just want all the sex I can get, don’t you?’

Of course, he did too. That lightning strike had really done a number on their collective libido. It was racing out of control. He wanted to take her right there, to satisfy their yearnings, but thought the better of it. Instead, he grabbed and kissed his girlfriend, Sheri, long and hard on her lips and neck, holding her close as the gentle waves rolled them around.

Seeing them getting intimate, Mel threw her arms around Jim, wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and kissed him deeply, tongues fighting each other for control. She felt his soft penis between her legs, beginning to rise and slap her butt will the help of the waves and currents. She wanted it, and felt the power she held to be able to get him ready whenever she wanted him. It wouldn’t be long before she would have him again, feeling his big cock inside her, pleasuring herself on it. Jim’s strong chest felt good pressing into her breasts, her hard nipples pressing into it. Having her brother’s cock inside her earlier felt very good, but she wanted more. Sheri had had it earlier, but Mel had not had it since yesterday, and she wanted it NOW!

Mel’s hot body and sensual kisses were having an effect on Jim. He felt his cock rising and touching Mel’s legs, ass, and pussy. The harder he got, the more she moved on it, rotating her hips back and forward, feeling his cock rubbing her bahis firmaları clit now. She was easy to hold up in the water, where they were in up to their chests. He held her with one arm around her back and the other under her butt, caressing her cheeks with his hand, feeling his cock pressing between them and out the back as she ground on it. He was oblivious to anything that was happening elsewhere.

Mel wasn’t. She sensed Mark looking at her, at them, while his cock was rising at the sight he was seeing. She could see his cock in her mind’s eye, then, a hand on it!

Sheri didn’t see what Mel and Jim were doing right away, but she felt Mark’s cock rising and knew she wanted some more of it. Always one to enjoy his hard cock, she grabbed it and began stroking it between them under the water as they kissed. Mark squeezed both of her voluptuous globes in his hands.

“Seems like you’ve recovered from this morning.” Smiled Mel, reaching behind her to feel Jim’s cock sliding between her ass cheeks. She was rubbing her pussy and clit along his hard member now.

“Seems I have. You are so sexy, Mel. You really know how to turn me on.”

“Oooh, put it in me. I need to feel it”

Jim raised her butt up until he felt his cock touching her pussy lips, then lowered her onto it. She rotated her hips to slide further over it as her juices allowed it to impale her inch by inch, until she was filled.

“Oh, yes, it’s so good. I wanted it so much this morning when you were doing Sheri, but it was her turn, not mine. Now, it’s MY turn, so do me good, please?” Moaned Mel, kissing Jim and rubbing her breasts on his chest.

“Sheri was nice, but how do you think I felt, seeing Mark fucking you? I was wishing it were I inside you then, making you cum. Oh, my God. Mark’s looking at us right now!”

“Yeah, I know. It turns me on knowing he likes seeing me this way. Don’t worry about them. Sheri is stroking him under the water right now, and she’s getting turned on from him too. I know they’ll be very busy with each other real soon, so just fuck me now.”

“That’s amazing how you know all that. I still can’t believe how you two can do that, reading each other’s thoughts.” Jim said, pumping Mel’s butt over his cock now.

“Ah, yes, that’s good. Yes, he knows how hot I am now, and he knows how much you want me too. I feel him sending me thoughts telling me how much you want me. And I know Sheri wants to suck him right now, so watch what happens to them. She’s still a little sore from your fucking this morning so a sucking is in order.”

As Jim fucked Mel hard in the water, lifting her and letting her pull herself down onto his cock, Jim looked over at Sheri. He could see her hand working on Mark under the water and Mark caressing her breasts above the water. Sheri spotted a partially submerged rock nearby and dragged Mark over to it.

“Sit down here and I’ll take care of you.” Sheri said, glancing over at the other couple. “Wow, now I see what made you so hard! Doesn’t Mel ever get enough? That’s one sexy sister you have there, Mark. What a lucky guy.”

Mark sat on the rock and leaned back on his hands, his cock sticking straight up out of the water now. Sheri wasted no time in getting on her knees between his legs, submerged up to her breasts. She held and stroked him a few more times, lifting and feeling his tight balls with her other hand. She licked the head and his pee slit while looking up into his eyes to see how he liked it. Seeing his eyes narrowing to little slits and a moan escape from his lips, she lowered her head onto his, sucking him deeply into her throat.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, baby. I love how you suck me.”

With that, Sheri rose up and pressed her full breasts around his cock while sucking on just his head. Seeing and feeling this lovely sight made him even harder, like the rock he was sitting on. She continued rubbing and sucking him, humming on him with the pleasure she was receiving from pleasing him.

When Mel saw and felt what Sheri was doing to his brother, it almost made her cream right then. ‘I wish I had big breasts like those that I could use like that on Mark, to make him moan that way. I wish I was sucking him now,’ Mel thought to herself. ‘What am I thinking? I have this wonderful guy impaling me with his wonderful cock and I’m thinking of someone else? Am I crazy?’ Closing her eyes, Mel gave in to the feelings and fucked Jim with vigor, enjoying every touch and movement.

‘It’s OK, Sis. I wish I was fucking you right now, so don’t feel bad. Sheri’s great, but you’re great too, so enjoy it. I am!’ thought Mark to Mel. ‘Let yourself go. I want to see you cum on him. Do it for me.’

Mel received the message and understood that it was OK for her to be having those thoughts. She relaxed and thought only about the feelings welling up in her body and mind. She wanted to cum, for her own relief, and for Mark to see. Soon after, she felt the eruption start deep inside her. One jerk, then two more, and almost violent body shakes overcame her as she came and came. Jim never slowed down, pounding mindlessly into her, feeling her eruptions kaçak iddaa squeezing his hard cock. She was so excited that her pussy became very sensitive and uncomfortable.

“Please, Jim. Go slow for a while. I can’t take it any more right now. I might pass out if you don’t stop.” Murmured Mel with panting breath.

Jim stopped, still hugging her close, knowing she had just had a mind-blowing orgasm. But he was still rock-hard and deep inside her, so he waited, holding her close, kissing her face and shoulders gently, waiting for her to recover.

Sheri was still sucking Mark hard, rubbing her breasts and hands all over him, and lowered a hand to rub her own clit. It would have been enough to get him off already if he had not came a few hours before, in the cabin, inside his sister. Sheri didn’t mind. She wouldn’t mind sucking him all day. She loved the feel of his hard cock in her hands and mouth and loved pleasing him this way. She could wait for her own release and knew someone would help her get it whenever she needed it. This one was for him, for her lover.

Mel stared at the other couple, feeling Mark getting closer and closer, watching her lovely red-haired friend bringing her brother to an orgasm. After a while, she slowly started moving up and down on Jim’s cock, enjoying it once again. When she could feel Mark getting ready to cum, she sent him a thought request.

Mark felt it and spoke up to Sheri, “Hey, babe, I’m going to cum any minute now. Everything you are doing is fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing. You can do whatever you want to me and I wouldn’t mind. But Mel has a request. Want to hear it?”

Lifting her head briefly, Sheri smiled and said, “Shoot, and I mean that in any way you want to take it.” And she resumed her sucking.

“Mel has been watching us, as I’ve been watching her. She just had a tremendous orgasm and will probably have another one soon. She wants to see me cum. Would you mind, this one time? I think it would set her off again.”

Sheri intensified her efforts, sucking and stroking Mark with more vigor than ever. She looked over at Mel and gave her a thumbs-up sign to let her know to keep watching. Jim was watching too, after their lovemaking had slowed down. He enjoyed how the lovely Sheri put her all into pleasing Mark, and remembered how good those lips and breasts felt on him earlier in the day. Of course, he didn’t know about the special request from Mel to Sheri.

Sheri felt Mark’s balls tighten up and his cock begin to throb. She knew it would be soon now. She used both of her hands to stroke his wand now, only kissing the head with her lips. Moving her head back out of the way to give Mel a good view, She pumped and squeezed him firmly and urgently. His cock was pointing straight up at the sky, ready to explode any second. The first squirt shot up over a foot in the air and landed with a splat in the water. She aimed the next spurts at her breasts, placing a load on each one. The next ones, she aimed at her face. The cum squirted all over it, with Mark obviously enjoying the sight of her milking his cock all over herself. She licked up the parts she could reach with her tongue, ever stroking him to get it all out.

Mel felt her juices flowing again at the sight of Mark cumming all over her friend. She began fucking Jim as fast as she could now, wanting to feel someone’s cum for herself, to feel it inside her. She hugged his ass with her legs and feet, pulling him deeply into her with every stroke. She offered up a breast for him to suck, which he did eagerly, giving them both a thrill. She marveled at his staying ability, but now, she wanted to feel him shooting inside her.

“Come on, Jim. Give it to me. I’m so hot down there and I need to feel it. Come on and shoot inside me. Make me cum again.”

Jim was ready. Holding Mel up all this time was a little tiring, but feeling what she was doing to him, and seeing cum splattered all over Sheri set him off. He froze in mid stroke, then shot the first load up deep inside Mel. She felt it, hot and wet, and pulled him in with her PC muscles as he began shooting over and over. That finally set her off and she creamed again, their hot fluids mixing together and being forced out into the cool water.

These new feelings the twins had, not only feeling what was happening in their sibling’s mind, and in the minds of others toward their sibling, but, now, actually SEEing the thoughts being acted upon right in front of their eyes was fantastic. It was like the old “catch-22”: The more they felt and saw, the more things they did. The more they did, the more they felt. Their synapses were becoming acutely aware of every millimeter of their bodies and minds.

After washing off the cum and sweat from their lovemaking, the four friends played around in the water for a while, enjoying the summer warmth. They lay in the sun to dry themselves before reluctantly putting their clothes on again. It was becoming comfortable being nude with each other.

“Well, that was a fun nature hike, right guys? Asked Mel. “I’m hungry. Let’s do lunch now.”

“I’m not too hungry. Mark fed me pretty well just kaçak bahis now.” Smiled Sheri.

After they returned to the cabin and ate some snacks, Sheri said, “I’d like to try some fishing. You know, catch the big one and all. OK, I caught ONE big one already today but I want to catch a fish. Anybody want to go?”

“I’ll go. You can show me how you get those little worms to swallow those big hooks. You seem to know a lot about swallowing big things.” Laughed Jim. “How about you two?”

“Nah, I think we’ll just hang out here and rest in the shade. I don’t feel like feeding the fish now.” Said Mark, sensing that Mel didn’t want to go either. “You two go and catch something for dinner, ok?”

Sheri and Jim gathered up the fishing gear and headed off down to the lake.

Sitting on the porch, Mel reached over and held Mark’s hand.

“This trip was such a great idea. I love being here with you, and with Jim and Sheri too, of course. Man, my pussy’s sore now. Wanna kiss it and make it well?” Mel teased.

“I’d love to. Any time, sis. I know you were kidding, but I would kiss it any time you want me to. You know that, don’t you? How can we be so horny all the time? It scares me a little, wondering what’s happening to us, and how long it will last.” Marks words trailing off, their meaning running around in both their brains for a while as they silently thought about their situation.

“I was envious of Sheri sucking and jerking you off out there in the water today. Don’t get me wrong. I was happy for you both, but I wished it were my mouth bringing you pleasure, my face you were cumming on, my breasts you were caressing. Is that so wrong? I want to touch you all the time. I feel connected holding your hand and talking like this. It’s like I NEED to touch you.”

“I know you want me all the time. I wished it were I fucking you out there too. How can we NOT be turned on by each other? Like, now, I know you want my tongue on your pussy, and your mouth on my cock. And you know I want to lick your pretty nipples that I can see sticking through your top, and squeeze your butt cheeks while I lick your juices clean. Jeez, who wouldn’t be turned on if they could feel all those thoughts all the time like we can?” Asked Mark.

“Yeah, I see what you mean. You know, I’ve been thinking since you mentioned about how long this will last. We really don’t know if it is temporary or permanent, do we? However, it feels too good to be true sometimes, and things that are too good to be true never last, which makes me sad. I want it to last forever, don’t you?” Mel asked with longing in her eyes.

“I know what you’re thinking, and I agree.”

And after a pause to be sure they were both thinking the same thing, “Let’s go to the bedroom, OK?”

Mark didn’t want it to end either, and, like Melanie, decided that they should act on their urges whenever they could, since neither knew when they might be their last ones. Hand in hand, they hurried to his bedroom in the back on the cabin. She pulled his shirt over his head. He removed her top, freeing those perky, cone shaped breasts. He held them both in his strong hands, loving the feel of her nipples hardening under his touch. Meanwhile, she unbuttoned his shorts, lowered his zipper, and tugged then down over his hips, letting them fall to the floor. None of them were wearing bras or underwear up here any more. It didn’t seem necessary.

Mel grasped Mark’s cock in her hands and squeezed, bringing life back to it. It had been well used today already but it responded to her insistent grasp and began to slowly rise again. Releasing her breasts, Mark removed Mel’s shorts too, and they stood there admiring each other’s beauty. They hugged and kissed deeply before lying down on the bed. Doing as he had said earlier, he trailed kisses down her face and neck to her breasts, stopping to lick and suck each one until her nipples were hard as erasers. Continuing down, he kissed her belly, tongued her navel, down over her lower belly to her clitoris. Seeing it sticking out between her puffy, red and swollen lips, he flicked his tongue over just the clit and nothing else. She responded immediately by moaning and grabbing his hair to keep him there at her magic spot. She raised her knees up and spread her legs to give him better access to her treasures. Seeing her open invitation, he dove in with gusto, lapping and licking and sucking all around the whole area.

“Come here and lie down. I want some of you too, Bro.” Said Mel, pulling him up beside her.

She straddled his chest, facing his feet, and pressed her butt back and down until she felt his tongue touch her pussy lips again, then leaned forward, taking his semi-soft cock in her hand. She licked the head and slit while stroking him slowly. He responded by licking and sucking her bruised pussy even more. She took him in her mouth and sucked, while moaning her pleasure at his licking. He held her butt in both hands, pulling her into his face as he lapped her juices up. He licked her tiny little ass hole, which caused her to shudder and contract in a mini-orgasm. Feeling her response, he trailed a finger over her puckered hole and pussy until he got it nice and wet. Slowly, he pressed it inside her butt, feeling her tighten up at first, then relax and start to move her hips in a fucking motion, seemingly enjoying it.

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