Summer Surprise Pt. 11

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

Sophia throws the party for Dianne’s guardians which includes three of her bisexual friends. This chapter includes anal, oral, lesbian, group and interracial sex. It includes double and triple penetration and a fantasy rape game which features ass to mouth. STD’s and COVID-19 don’t exist in my fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for helping me deliver a better product. Real rapes are not a game, nor often even sexual in nature. They are a violent crime in which the victims are even sometimes elderly or infirm.

Summer Surprise, Pt 11 – Guardian Party

Chloe disconnected from Rosilyn’s call and told the others, “She just called me Mistress.”

“You’ve been treating Roz as if she is a sub, Mistress. I’m not surprised. I almost expected you to put a collar on her this morning.”

“I wonder if submission is more common than I would have believed. That’s three in a very short time. I would have thought women’s lib would have done more to eliminate submission from the female psyche.”

“For every woman’s rights advocate, there’s someone else preaching women should submit to their husbands and be good wives and mothers.”

“But they’re not submitting to men. All three of you were submitting to women.”

“Roz thought she was submitting to a male at first, Mistress. It got transferred to you when she found out you were a female instead of a man. The submission came first, then the female.”

“Hmm, interesting.”


Except for the wearing of Rosilyn’s sign on Monday, which created quite the stir, especially among her former gay hating friends, Rosilyn’s days were fairly consistent. Every day she licked Taylor to an orgasm before breakfast, went to class, wearing an anal plug, reminding her of her submission. She’d lick Taylor to another orgasm after class, then go to Chloe’s after supper, where she licked Chloe and Dianne to orgasms while Matt fucked her. She looked forward to his fucking because it was the only time she got to cum. She didn’t feel she could masturbate any more unless she had permission. Chloe would insert a new, larger plug for the following day and and Rosilyn would go back home where she licked Taylor to a third orgasm, then go to bed and dream of pussies and cumming.

Dianne would wear something somewhat provocative, though never as bad as they had been before Beth visited. She would go on her leash from class to class, Monday wearing Daisy Duke’s, Tuesday a Betty Boop outfit, and Wednesday, a Playboy Bunny costume, and Thursday, dressed as Jessica Rabbit. She knew her Mistress planned something special for Friday, and she both dreaded and anticipated what it might be.

Thursday, Dianne took the first of her final exams and the first section of her final accounting exam. That evening, Matt took Rosilyn’s anal cherry as Dianne sixty-nined with her, easing her introduction to anal sex. Rosilyn enjoyed the anal sex, having been carefully prepared, and with Matt’s cautious and gentle fucking. She licked Chloe afterward to thank her for the many fine orgasms she received during the sex.

“Do you still intend to stay in La Crosse for my final show at the Community Theater, Roz?” Chloe asked after her orgasm.

“Do I have a choice, Mistress?” Rosilyn asked.

“You always have a choice. Even when I was Karl, you had choices. You’ve taken to calling me Mistress. I haven’t put my collar on you, so let’s discuss your situation a bit. Were you going to stay for summer school?”

“No, I didn’t plan to stay before this happened, Mistress.”

“Were you going to continue staying with Taylor over the summer, or going home?”

“I was going to go home, Mistress. Taylor was staying and going to let me share her place again in the fall. We’ve gotten along fairly well. She enjoys what I’ve been doing for her the past few days, so I’m sure she hasn’t changed her mind.”

“Will you still have to pay rent if you stay the summer?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I make some money from the plays I’m performing. I will give you half of what I earn if you join in the production. You’ll have to work hard for it. I expect to turn you into a respectable actress before the play starts on July 12. That will be roughly three weeks to get everything down, including memorizing the lines, and two more weeks of performances. Many times, you’ll be speaking lines to characters who aren’t there, but making clear what their responses are. I’ll show you how to do so. This will help offset you staying in town. But you may need to get other work to make up for the next four to five weeks before fall semester starts. I’ll speak to Taylor about reducing your rent since she’s receiving free sexual services from you. Your cunt licking should be worth something.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re not to lick her on Friday and Saturday. Your mouth and cunt and ass will be saved for the party. It might make her more amenable to reduced rents once she sees ankara evi olan escortlar your services can be withdrawn. You’ve one more year of college, correct?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Chloe pulled out a collar from a bag under the bed. “Kneel before me, Slut.” Rosilyn hastily knelt down. She hadn’t been trained to kneel yet, so it wasn’t what she would later learn to do. Chloe put the collar around her neck, and locked it on. It still had a key, unlike Dianne’s which she’d thrown away.

“Thank you for your collar, Mistress. I’m honored to wear it,” Rosilyn said, touching it.

“I’m accepting your submission from now until the end of the play. If you wish to remain a submissive after that time, you will have to seek another Dominant. I won’t remain as yours, which is why I’m keeping your key. I can remove the lock when I’m done. Since you’ve proven to be bisexual, you could seek a Master when I’m done with you or another Mistress. I’ve spoken to Sophia and she’s agreed she would keep you as her submissive through college if you wish it. If you desire a Master instead, or a different Mistress, she’ll help you find a good one.

“What time are you finished with exams tomorrow?”

“Four, Mistress.”

“Meet me at Sophia’s as soon as you’re done. We’ll discuss an agreement and safe words before the party begins. You will be used hard at the party. We’ll discuss your slavery further after the party ends on Saturday. Dianne is going to show you a few simple stances you’re to know and assume when you’re given the appropriate order. Dianne, Slut has appropriated your old name, but, as senior slave, you should have a more exalted title. You’re now Pet. If I refer to my cunt, my ass or my pie hole, it will be Slut’s fuck holes I’m referring to. Your fuck holes will now be your cunt, your ass and your pie hole. Slut will refer to you as Miss Pet as she is my lowest slave bitch and you have a higher station than she does.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you for honoring me.”

“Take Slut into the other room and show her how to kneel properly and display, then send her home and come back to lick my cunt. You’re still much better than Slut is.”

“Yes, Mistress. Come Slut. I’ll only show you this once. Grab your clothing.”

“Yes, Miss Pet.”


After Rosilyn left, Chloe showed Dianne and Matt the outfit she would be wearing the final day of classes. It was a g-string so small it barely covered her vulva, just covering her clit, and both of her piercings were visible under the tight material, two metal discs which would be glued over her nipples. The top of the wings of the butterfly and Chloe’s initials and the Chinese characters would be visible above the material of the g-string. There weren’t a ton of Chinese speakers on campus, but Dianne knew there were some, so she’d be proclaimed a pleasure slave to anyone who could read it. There was a transparent fine mesh dress to go over it. Dianne felt herself liquify looking at it, knowing how naked she’d look to everyone on campus.

“I don’t think the professors will let me into their classrooms wearing this outfit, Mistress.”

“You’re undoubtedly correct, Pet. Which is why you put this over your outfit just before you enter class, and remove it immediately after leaving the classroom again.”

Chloe handed her a lightweight, soft opaque robe, almost like a western duster. Dianne tried on the robe and it strategically covered everything, but still had slits up the sides on the bottom so her legs would be visible. If she only put it on to enter a classroom, she would be near nude going from class to class or eating lunch. It was small enough to go into her book bag along with her leash.

“It excites you knowing you’re going to wear this tomorrow, doesn’t it?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sure I’ll have a wet spot on the g-string before I enter my first class.”

“You might want to consider wearing a tampon tomorrow to soak up your cunt juice.”

“Yes, Mistress, an excellent suggestion.”

“You can show your appreciation for your cunning outfit by licking my cunt, Pet. Matt, help yourself to her cunt or ass as she takes care of me.”

Dianne licked her Mistress to four orgasms as her boyfriend fucked first her cunt, then moving to her ass when his cock had been fully lubricated with her juices, cumming deep in her rectum. Matt had been aroused by the thought of Dianne walking around campus nearly nude on the final day of classes and was harder than calculus thinking of it. He was able to fuck her for a long time and Dianne had to ask permission to cum multiple times, to the point Chloe told her she didn’t have to ask again while Matt was fucking her. After he orgasmed, Matt got a wet washcloth and wiped them both off.

All three of them collapsed into a deep sleep, exhausted by their exertions and the post coital lassitude.


Todd was goggle eyed when he met Dianne at the edge of campus the following morning.

“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed when she took off elvankent olgun escortlar her robe. “You look so fucking sexy. You’re going to have every guy on campus jerking off when they see you.” He hooked the leash on her collar while taking a very close look at all the charms exposed to him.

Dianne had little doubt but that he’d be right. Her nipples were aching under the metal shields glued over them. As soon as they got close to any people, fifty percent of them tended to follow along, asking a thousand questions. Todd kept most of them far enough away, and told everyone Dianne had lost a drunken bet and this was the result. Dianne was glad she’d put a tampon in as she felt she was soaking.

A few asked what the Chinese said. Dianne said she didn’t know as she didn’t speak Chinese. A Chinese student replied after one of the questions that it said, ‘My Pleasure Slave.’

That caused some to ask why she didn’t know what it said. “Because I had to get it no matter what it said.” “Who do the initials belong to? Are they your initials?” “They’re the person I lost the bet to.” Dianne replied.

The crowd had to drift away for their own classes or when she put her robe on before entering her first class.

“It’s a good thing you’re putting that robe on again for the class, or I’d flunk my test,” Todd said. “Is the party still on for tonight and tomorrow?”

“It’s on, though we had to replace Erin with another person. She’s maybe not quite as attractive as Erin, but she’s very attractive, a dyed blonde on top and brunette carpet. She knows she’s to be a three hole slut for everyone. There will be lots of fucking. I’ll be naked but unavailable to the men.”

“Matt’s a lucky guy.”

“Thank you.”

Dianne and Todd took their test and when they exited the class and Dianne removed her robe, she immediately attracted more male and female attention. One of the people who began crowding around was a reporter for ‘The Racquet Press’, the UWL student newspaper.

“Miss, I’d like to interview you for the student newspaper. Would you consent to answering a few questions?”

“I’m on my way to my next class and a final test. Afterward, I have a break for lunch. If you meet me at the cafeteria in around 75 minutes, I’ll answer some questions.”


Todd led her to her next class where Magnus took over. He gave her a good once over before she put her robe back on.

“Where do we go for the party tonight?” Magnus asked after she was covered and his brain started to work again.

“The address will be texted to your phone number around four when Mistress is done with classes.”

“Great, I’m looking forward to it.”

The crowd dissipated when she put her robe on and entered the class. Another final tucked away. After Dianne removed her robe, Magnus led her to where Fiona waited before hustling to his next class. Fiona and Dianne went to the cafeteria and got their food. There was another crowd which followed them in.

“I can’t believe what you’re wearing today,” Fiona said, when they sat down. “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Definitely, but it’s part of the thrill for me. I’d never wear anything like this on my own but I’m perfectly happy doing so for my Mistress. I’ve cum four times walking around campus, part of it my piercing, part the thrill of being half nude. It’s a good thing I put a tampon in this morning or my g-string would be soaked. I’m about to be interviewed by the student newspaper. Here she comes now.”

The reporter had no trouble finding them. All she had to do was look for the largest crowd.

She sat down at their table and introduced herself as Jenny and Dianne introduced herself and Fiona.

“I do have a couple rules regarding the interview,” Dianne said.

“What would they be?” Jenny asked.

“When I made the bet, I didn’t realize all it would entail, and I don’t want this to follow me forever based on one stupid bet I made while drunk. I would appreciate it if you just called me Sophomore Student X or something similar, and if you take photos, please take them from a distance so I’m not so blatantly bare or crop my head off any photo close up or black it out.”

“I can do that.”


“Can you tell me the nature of the bet?”

Dianne thought hard and fast because she hadn’t discussed what the bet might have been about. “I had a few too many beers and was playing pool with another woman. I was raised with a pool table in my house and thought I was pretty good. I’d won two out of the three games we’d played, but I was drinking more than she was and didn’t realize the first game was my best win and she’d gotten closer and closer to me, winning the last one. She bet me three weeks of having to wear what she wanted me to wear to campus as long as it didn’t interfere with the professor’s instruction, the tattoo you can clearly see, and other items you can’t, including two piercings, and that I would be led around campus on a leash. This was partly for my own safety, as etimesgut sarışın escortlar some of the clothing she picked out might have led to sexual assaults, like this outfit today.

“So I have five other students who attend my classes who lead me around, both to humiliate me and to ensure I’m safe. Fiona is one of those chosen. We share a class together after lunch.”

“Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend on campus?”

“A boyfriend.”

“What does he think of what you’re doing?”

“He gets to enjoy seeing me dress up each day, plus part of the bet is I can’t refuse him any type of sex he wants during my payment of the debt. I think the woman chose to make that part of the bet so he would go along with the rest of it.”

“How do you feel being led around campus by a leash wearing the type of thing you’re wearing today?”

“Since today was the last day, it’s been more revealing than other things I’ve worn, such as a nun’s habit, catholic schoolgirl outfit, some tight or translucent tops. It’s embarrassing, but I feel a bet is a bet. Her penalty if she lost would have been as bad. I’d have expected her to pay up, so I certainly shouldn’t bitch that I did. I don’t bet when I’m drinking anymore, so that’s a plus.”

“Fiona, what do you think about when you’re leading Student X around on a leash?”

“She’s quite attractive,” Fiona replied, “and she’s certainly attracting attention. I think it’s kind of fun.”

“Have you had to do any real guarding?”

“Not really. Once I tell anyone the entire football team would be pissed off if anything happened to her, they tend to back off. They’re more curious than anything else. Student X actually told a woman off who called me a dyke for doing this. I was putting some cream on her new tattoos because she couldn’t see all of it.”

“Why would the football team be upset?”

“My boyfriend is a member, plus one of my guardians for my last class is also a team member.”

“Can I ask who it is?”

“If you don’t put it in the story, as it could help identify me. Just say he’s a member of the team without identifying his name or position.”

“I’ll agree to that.”

“Matt Sanders, linebacker and team captain.”

“He’s about to graduate, isn’t he?”

“Yes. It’s going to be hard when he leaves, but we expect to keep dating. He hopes to find a job close enough we can see each other every weekend.”

“Thanks for your time. Let’s grab a couple quick pictures for the story. Perhaps one of you sitting down at the table here and one of Fiona leading you on the leash.”

“Fine, remember to leave the face out and/or take them from a distance. Remind everyone in your article not to make stupid bets when you’re inebriated or you could end up like me.”

Jenny took a half dozen pictures of them sitting at the table and another dozen of her being led on the leash with the gathered crowds always surrounding them. “This will appear in next week’s graduation edition. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dianne and Fiona finished their meal and went to their next class, taking the second to last test. Ray was waiting outside to take her to her last class.

“I’d have to say this is my favorite outfit,” Ray said.

“Why am I not surprised. I’m essentially naked.”

“Yep. And that’s why I like it. Of course, seeing you without it tonight will be even better. I’ve never looked forward to anything as much as I’m looking forward to tonight and tomorrow.”

“We had to replace Erin with someone else, but you should enjoy her as much as you would Erin.”

“I heard. I’m sure I will.”

Dianne put her robe on for the last time for her last class this semester. She finished the test and waited for Ray to finish as he needed to walk her back to the campus edge where she was meeting Chloe. As soon as he finished his test, they left and she removed her robe outside the classroom and Ray walked her to her meeting place. Matt and Chloe were waiting. Ray thanked Matt for letting his girlfriend run around campus half naked. Chloe gave him the address for the party and reminded him to come at six.

“I’d love to walk you through town to Sophia’s, Pet,” Chloe said, “but we don’t have the time to waste. Perhaps when we leave Sophia’s tomorrow, we’ll walk home dressed as you are.”

“Are you sure we wouldn’t cause accidents, Mistress?”

“Perhaps you’re right. I’d do a double take if I saw you walking on the street.”

“The Racquet Press interviewed me today, Mistress, at lunch; took a few pictures, though from a distance and promised not to identify any of us by name.”

“Let’s hope they keep their promise. Ah, here’s Sophia.”

Matt rode in the back with Dianne, getting another blow job, while Chloe rode in the front. As soon as they arrived at Sophia’s, Chloe had her strip naked and remove her tampon. It was saturated with her fluids.

“My, my; you’ve certainly been the horny girl today, haven’t you, Pet?”

“Yes, Mistress. My outfit greatly increased my arousal so my piercing was quite effective getting me off.”

Rosilyn arrived around 4:30 PM and after she stripped, Chloe sat her down at the kitchen table to discuss her slave agreement and assign her safe words for the evening. After Chloe went over the agreement with Rosilyn, they both signed it without any changes.

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