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Trish attended the State University and worked evenings in a super market as a cashier. Her brother Frank also worked there weekends as a bagger/cart boy.

Frank had worked at the store for six months when Trish started working there. It was embarrassing having her around as the guy’s (stockers/baggers) ragged on him saying, little brother needs big sister to protect him. He desperately wanted to dispel any notions they had about Trish and him. Trish was all business at work. Occasionally she talked to Frank, but didn’t socialize with any other employees. She chose to keep to herself, a move that others perceived as being snobbish.

Sunday afternoon business was slow so Frank was helping out in the stock room. There were four stockers, and two baggers working. The two baggers were restocking shelves while Frank and the four stockers were unloading a trailer full of can goods. They would be getting off at 8 pm so they had time to talk.

Chuck, the lead stocker, told them about a girl in high school that he and three friends gangbanged. She put up a struggle but still gave it up. The best fuck he ever had, and believe it or not she loved being “persuaded” and never told anyone. As Chuck and the others were older and had experience, Frank listened to what they said about girls and sex.

Chuck said, “I’d be up for a gangbang at anytime.”

Most of them had never been part of a gangbang, but had fantasized about them.

Chuck had been ragging on Frank hard today, saying things like, “your sister’s a candidate for a gang fuck.” “Get her to come by we’ll show the prissy cunt a good time.” “She’s the type that guys love to put their dicks in.” “If she comes by, we’ll let her do you first.”

Frank toyed with the thought. He could say no and discourage him. This was very intriguing, but secretly he really wondered if there was a chance to do Trish. His cock twitched at the possibilities. He knew what Chuck wanted, but didn’t know or believe Chuck was serious.

Chuck kept insisting so Frank made the call. He had everybody so excited about the possibilities; they even chose the pecking order. Frank would be first followed by Chuck. He was deeply relieved when Trish said she had a required concert to attend at school. After all the hype, everyone was really disappointed. They all had a hard-on with no place to put it.

By the time they went back to work Frank was troubled by all the sexual insinuations, after all they were talking about his sister. On her way home, Trish thought it was strange for Frank to call her. She looked good and knew it. She decided to stop by the store, show off a little and see what he wanted.

She pulled into the parking lot looking for Frank. She noticed the lack of customer’s cars in the parking area. She parked and walked to the entrance still looking for her brother. Once inside she looked about until she saw two baggers. She walked up to them and asked if they knew where Frank was.

They said, “he’s helping out in the stock area.”

They overheard the discussion about her earlier. They checked her out as she walked towards the back of the store. Looking at one another, they nodded and keeping their distance followed her into the stock area.

Today she was wearing a silky two piece suite that consists of a cranberry colored skirt and blouse. The blouse was buttoned down the front, belted at the waist and extended down over the skirt waist band and clung to her firm breasts. The skirt was also loose fitting, but clung to her legs as she walked accenting her body.

Trish wasn’t familiar with the stock area. She heard talking so made her way towards the voices.

Frank was listening to all the obscene remarks when Trish suddenly appeared. His first inclination was to tell her to leave, but after all the talk, his perverse male tendencies had taken control. He had masturbated often while thinking about her. His gut said this was his chance to get his first piece. He decided to watch it play out.

Trish made eye contact with Frank when Chuck spotted her.

“Frank!” Chuck shouted, “Remember what we were talking about earlier?”

“What?” Frank asked.

“You know,” Chuck added leering at Trish.

Frank looked at Chuck, could he mean what Frank thought he meant? His look said, we’re going to fuck her! Frank looked at Trish again, and noticed that she did look good!

“Hey!” Chuck called out to her. “You all dressed up with no place to go?” Trish laughed. She rebuked his remark. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Chuck was quick to respond. “It doesn’t matter. Its pointless, now if you were to pop out of your top that would be something of interest.”

Trish looked towards Frank, a strange tingle pasted through her body the statement was unnerving but at the same time intriguing. She noticed the four men with Frank were looking at her imagining her without her top. She quickly regretted her decision to stop. She turned to leave as the two baggers who had followed her entered the can goods storage bahis firmaları area.

Trish stopped and waited for the baggers to move aside. She was unaware Chuck was approaching her from behind. Catching her looking at the two baggers, Chuck grabbed a handful of her skirt on each side and yanked it down leaving her skirt and half slip in a heap around her feet.

“What do you think?” Chuck shouted to the group. “Little things do make a difference.” “Never underestimate the importance of nudity!” “Its perfect guys, just what we were looking for.” “Now if she’ll give us a blow job?”

“You mean go down on us?”

“Why not? It won’t hurt her. She can do you first if you want.”

Trish was shocked! It took a few minutes before she recovered.

She stood before them clad in bikini panties, garter belt and stockings, the bottom of her blouse almost covering her panties but left her shapely stocking clad legs exposed.

Indignation at the indignity they perpetrated on her took over. Trish stepped out of the skirt and slip lying at her feet, and quickly bent down to loud applause and cat calls and scooped them up.

Facing the two baggers she sternly ordered them to move. She moved past them heading for the entrance very much aware of the lustful stares following her movements.

For a few seconds Frank and the others watched in disbelief. Right now there was an invisible barrier of acceptable and unacceptable behavior separating the others from Chuck. Frank and the others were spectators, witnessing an action unfold that made intercourse become more then just a distinct possibility.

Chuck glanced at his co-workers, smiled, looked back at Trish and said, “Its locked college girl.” “It’s up to you now college girl, behave and make it easy on yourself.”

She looked at them, imagining what they might do next. She knew if they wanted to do something, she couldn’t stop them.

Trish was really naively innocent, she believed Chuck. She desperately wanted to believe this was all in fun. It never occurred to her to just walk away from them.

Chuck decided to see just how far he could go before she bolted.

“Let’s have her brother help her show us her tits,” Chuck suggested. “Frank!” Chuck shouted. “Give a hand, take her blouse off real slow, I want to see if she wears Victoria Secrets lingerie.”

“Hold on, what if she tells, Frank asked, we can all get in trouble?”

Chuck was intently watching her. “I don’t think she’ll tell. Even if she does, I want to see her tits.”

Trish watched as Frank sprang into action. With shaking fingers and amid protests from Trish, he anxiously unbuttoned her blouse. With a flare of bravado he held her blouse open taking a good look before pushing it from her shoulders and letting it slither to the floor.

Trish tried to cover herself with her arms. She stood there in her sexy lingerie with tears in her eyes; her sheer 34c front closure bra accented her full breasts. She couldn’t believe Frank was helping. She was frightened, the leering stares of her brother and six strangers made her extremely uncomfortable. She wandered how far they would go. What would happen when they had her naked! She was a little nervous, but also strangely excited.

Looking Frank straight in the eyes, Trish said, “Don’t look ok? It’s too embarrassing.”

Frank nodded and pretended to look away but wasn’t about to miss this show.

“I’m impressed guys!” Chuck said. Looking at Trish he said, “You should be proud of your body college girl, mighty proud.” He slid his hand inside her panties, and palmed her mound. The feel of his hand covering her mound was exciting.

Enjoying her discomfort Chuck ordered Trish to, “Stop, stand still and spread your legs.”

He then ordered Trish to put on a show, “do some turns like a model.”

“Good!” “Now turn around.” “Good” “Keep your legs spread and bend over.”

“Look at that tight ass, I think our prayers have been answered.” Chuck joyfully shouted.

“Trish!” Chuck ordered. “Take your bra off so we can see the goodies.”

Trish was crying as she reached up and unsnapped her bra. The cups popped open. She pushed her arms back and let her bra fall from her shoulders onto the floor. Looking down, she saw her pink nipples pointing straight out from her fleshy twin peaks. Blushing, she turned her head aside trying to hide. She let out a moan, she knew there was nothing she could do but let it happen.

Frank stopped breathing. He was actually seeing Trish’s tits! Round, perky tits topped with pink erect nipples. He stared. Finally, he gulped in a breath of air. Trish truly had an awesome body. Her breasts were works of art. Her firm c cups were topped with quarter sized mauve circles peaked with pert erect nipples.

“Wow!” “Look at those tits!” “Have you ever seen better?” Chuck remarked.

Frank was busy taking in the sexually stimulating image on display. She had them all stroking their hard cocks.

“I can’t remember the last kaçak iddaa time I touched tit’s that firm?” Chuck stated.

“Come on Trish get your butt on these boxes,” Chuck shouted.

Trish sat down on the boxes, her ass at the edge, and her feet flat on the floor.

Frank looked down at her slightly parted legs. Her pussy lips were exquisitely outlined through the thin material of her tightly stretched panty crotch.

They were all so horny her desperate protests had only heightened their desires. Chuck told her to lie down and raise her ass so he could do the honors. She wanted to stop him, but was unable to voice any objections. He quickly pulled her panties down her legs, and completely off. Her lush mound was nakedly exposed to their leering eyes. Everyone was aghast at the sight of her awesome pussy.

Her triangle shaped patch was visible below her garter belt. The patch of dark pubic hair was trimmed short. Her outstanding shapely legs were accented by her sheer thigh high stockings.

Frank couldn’t help looking at, and admiring her nakedness. Her pussy was truly intoxicating, young, fresh pussy with full lips, it made his cock twitch.

Chuck stood so that he was right in front of Trish’s pussy. Smiling at her, Chuck ordered her to spread her legs.

Deeply embarrassed, and with tears in her eyes Trish complied. She closed her teary eyes, turned her head aside and reluctantly spread her legs until her pussy was exposed.

Frank couldn’t help being awe struck by the lewd display. He was transfixed watching her legs slowly spreading apart. His eyes were riveted on the exposed hidden treasure. Finally the wonder of her womanhood was fully displayed. He was viewing naked femininity for the fist time. He felt guilty thinking of his sister this way, but his hard cock wasn’t feeling any guilt. Little did he know that when this day was over he would no longer be a virgin! Trish wanted to hide, wanted desperately for it to end and not go any further. She loathed the humiliating inspection of her nakedly displayed body.

Trish wanted to plead for help, but was so hot she couldn’t bring herself to stop Chuck.

Chuck looked around and said, “Remember, I get a minute with her to do whatever I want.”

Chuck wasted no time. With an air of confidence, he spread her full pussy lips apart for all to see.

Frank watched as Chuck fingered his sister. He could feel his erect cock straining to get out. He couldn’t believe this was happening but, totally enjoyed the excitement. He felt guilty, but she wasn’t trying to leave, and this was an opportunity to have intercourse! He was up for it, so why not lose his virginity

Everybody crowded around Chuck taking in the exquisite view of Trish’s pussy being expertly manipulated. They all watched as he traced the line of her slit, and slowly slid his middle finger in her tight cunt. He fingered her then brought his finger to his lips to taste her.

Chuck slid his hand from her breast, and slowly traced a finger down across her flat belly stopping at her pubic triangle. He tweaked her nipple with his fingers on one hand and with the fingers of his other made little circles in her neatly trimmed pubic triangle.

Sliding his finger lower he traced a circle around her plump pussy lips.

He moved around Trish taking in all of her sensuously displayed body. He reached out and cupped her breasts with both hands. He could feel her hardening nipples press against his palms.

He got on his knees and spread her knees apart. He ran his finger up and down her slick slit. Her knees slowly parted and her hips moved up and down. He moved in closer and licked her slit. Trish twitched and her eyes opened wide. Chuck pushed his tongue inside her. He gave her a sound tongue fucking making her moan and thrash about.

She clamped her thighs around his head. Chuck nibbled her clit as she climaxed and pushed his head away.

Chuck said, “College girl, it’s your turn, you get to suck my cock.”

Chuck stepped in front of her, and pressed his hard cock against her lips. The purple head held her attention. There were drops of moisture dripping from it. She couldn’t imagine his penis fitting in her mouth, it was much too big. She wanted to take it in her mouth but was afraid that if she did they would fuck her.

She was hot and knew if they tried to fuck her, she wouldn’t stop them. The thought of a cock in her made her hotter. Timidly Trish opened her mouth taking his dick into her warm mouth. Frank looked up just as Chuck’s cock slid into Trish’s mouth. She began to gag and choke as Chuck pumped into her mouth. He couldn’t believe Trish was giving Chuck a blowjob. He knew he should put a stop to it, but something told him to go with it.

Chuck looked at Frank and gestured, for Frank to go ahead if he wanted.

The unthinkable was happening she felt hands on her knees spreading them open. Her worst fears were being realized. All her dreams of losing her virginity to Mr. Right in a romantic kaçak bahis evening would have to be forgotten. They were going to take her, over and over, right there in the warehouse.

Frank stepped between her legs. He placed his hands on her thighs spreading her legs wider. Her pussy looked so inviting. He pushed a finger into her, it felt so good, this was hot pussy. He buried his face between her tits.

Suddenly the urge to feel her cunt wrapped around his cock took control. Sister or not he was going to fuck this bitch. Without hesitating Frank dropped his pants, his purple headed cock pulsed and bobbed at the ready, pointing straight out. He grasped his proud steed and guided the throbbing head to his sister’s pussy. He spread her plump pussy lips and rubbed her slit then pushed against her opening, her tight pussy resisted penetration. With a firm push his cock head finally penetrated the forbidden zone and popped inside the tight forbidden entrance of his sister’s cunt.

Trish was occupied sucking Chuck’s cock, she screamed and bucked unaware her brother was the owner of the cock plunging into her virgin cunt.

Frank had a firm grip on her hips. His cock was getting harder! He was pushed by lust and the overwhelming desire to fuck His inflamed lust was fueled by her thrashing protests against the unwanted invasion.

Her pussy was so tight it was a struggle to achieve full penetration. He could feel her tight cunt beginning to yield to his invading cock. She was tight, she moaned loudly as his hard cock slowly penetrated further and further into her. Instinctively Frank pulled his dick back and again pushed into her tight unyielding cunt. Trish squealed loudly as his cock head stretched and popped her hymen as his cock slid into the depths of her virgin cunt. The fact that he was buried deep in his sisters sacred passage removed all restraints. The thrill was exquisite it felt wonderful this is good tight virgin pussy! At last he began to fuck her, pumping in and out of her hot hole.

There was no longer acceptable or unacceptable behavior. They cheered him on, all restrain was gone. They had talked about a gangbang, well! Now they had a gangbang. Her virgin pussy would get a work out today.

Chuck grabbed her hair in both hands and pulled her head up and down his cock forcing his cock deep into her mouth. Trish was gagging and trying to pull away but Chuck didn’t let her move at all.

He held her head firmly as he began to face fuck her. Trish could do nothing as he forced his hard dick in and out of her mouth in a degrading face fuck.

Frank held her hips and pushed into her. He pumped in and out going deeper with each thrust. He looked down at her pussy, his cock head was firmly lodged in her cunt. He gripped her thrashing hips. Frank humped her now with hard body jarring thrusts. Her cunt was brutally forced open to accommodate the engorged head of his cock. Frank was fascinated, this was a dream come true. He had seen naked females in magazines but never, until a few minutes ago experienced the thrill of seeing a real life naked female. Frank continued to hump her. Her grunts and the sight of his dick sliding in and out of the same tight cunt they had talked about, it was great. It didn’t take long before Trish’s moans became the lustful grunts of fucking. Frank groaned and shot his load. He pushed his cock deeper into her, holding his groin tight against her, while waves of his seed filled her womb. Frank was lost in the forbidden wonders of his sister’s flesh. . Trish was crying as Frank pulled his cock out of her hole and moved aside. Cum dripped from her abused cunt. The pain and humiliation was intense but the pleasure she experienced was greater. Trish was moaning, her body was begging for more cock.

“Holy shit! Wow! That was awesome! I just fucked my sister! I shot my load in her tight hot cunt!”

Many times in the past year Frank had wondered what it would feel like to shove his cock into a warm and tight cunt. The full impact of what just transpired set in. Frank knew in his mind it was his sister and he shouldn’t feel sexually stimulated, but it was great.

Before she knew it the next stocker was balls deep in her hot cunt. He began to rapidly pound her well lubricated pussy. In no time at all she was coming; her cunt was slamming up against his groin. She was hot. In a few moments he shot his load into her. Meanwhile Chuck gripped her head and pushed his cock into her throat burying her nose in his pubic hair. He held her head in place as he shot his load down her throat.

Trish gagged as the cock in her mouth erupted but swallowed the slimy liquid in large gulps. A steam of semen oozed out of her mouth as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Trish was horny she took another hard cock into her mouth.

They violated her body over and over as each climaxed, watched the action for awhile, then had another go until one by one each became exhausted.

Trish was relieved, it was over, or so she thought. To everyone’s surprise Chuck told the two baggers to get some too.

The two young men fell over one another trying to get to the hot action. Within minutes they were satisfied, it was finally over and the two were full of smiles.

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