Susan’s Fortuitous Mistake

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Susan’s Fortuitous Mistake

She thought it was her roommate at her door

I was fairly new to the workforce. I lucked out and got a good job with a high-tech firm. It was a casual place, but we were the New York branch, and things are a little more formal in NY. It’s not Silicon Valley. I always try to fit in, and so I wore a nice blouse, a skirt the correct length, and hose, and low heels, each and every day. I’d change to casual clothes the moment I got home.

I’m single. Kind of between boyfriends, I guess, and I’m not sure why. I think I’m attractive enough. I have a nice face, clear skin, and healthy hair. I have a good figure. My only defect is that I think my boobs are a little too big. They’re still pert at my young age (I’m twenty-four), but that’s not going to last. Just so you know. I’d kind of like to be in a relationship, but so far, the right man has simply not come-a-calling.

My salary was good enough to rent a studio or a tiny one bedroom in Manhattan, but with a roommate I could live in an upscale building, with doormen (always a plus in a big city, especially if you’re female), a built-in laundry room, a built-in gym, and nice views of the city from the ninth floor (where our apartment was), out of seventeen floors.

I chose my roommate with care, because I knew from some experiences in college how important it is to have a compatible roommate. Jenny was a doll, responsible, and considerate, and we lived together harmoniously, with nary a problem. That is, however, until Jenny met the man of her dreams.

Jenny and I each had our own bedrooms, no problem, and the soundproofing was good, so even if Jenny was noisy in bed, I wouldn’t know. She probably wasn’t, though. Most women aren’t, would be my guess. I know at the rare times I am lucky enough to have sex, I make around the same amount of noise as a church mouse having sex.

Jenny’s boyfriend Brad began to be a more frequent guest. It happened gradually, and the frequency of his visits kind of snuck up on me. It was a bit of an inconvenience, because when I get home from work I like to take off my clothes, including my bra, and just hang out in a T shirt dress. I have this thing, however, about always looking nice in the presence of men, so if Brad were there, I couldn’t fully relax.

As I said, his presence snuck up on me, and soon he was around so often, I began to let my guard down. After all, he left me alone; he was there exclusively for Jenny, and that was clear. He was good looking enough, but he was not my type. I’m fairly sure I was not his type, either. Jenny and I are very different. Jenny is relaxed around men, and relaxed about sex, and I am neither.

One nice aspect, however, was that once Brad and Jenny retired to Jenny’s room for sex and then sleep, they were never heard from again until morning. That meant if I wanted a “midnight snack,” I could go to the kitchen to collect it, and even eat it in the living room, and not worry about being disturbed. I often did this in a short T shirt with no underwear, since I felt, basically, that I was alone at those times, and I was.

It got to the point where I simply acted as if Brad were not there, and began wearing a T shirt dress and no bra. I even wore my V necked T shirt dress, in which I showed a lot of cleavage, in all innocence. I just wasn’t thinking about Brad. Luckily, it made kartal escort no difference; Brad ignored me, and I ignored him.

One day, though, Brad dropped by with a friend. There I was, looking sexy, and not even really aware that I was looking sexy. Brad’s friend Greg noticed, however. Boy, did he notice! He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I got rattled and retreated to my room, closing the door to my room. I felt like an idiot, plus I was annoyed by my own behavior. When it got late, Brad and Jenny went to Jenny’s room, and we all know what the two of them had planned. Greg was supposed to leave.

Greg did not leave right away, however. Instead he helped himself to the bottle of Jenny’s Scotch whisky she had bought for Brad (Jenny doesn’t drink hard liquor), pouring himself a glass, and settling into our one overstuffed armchair. He drank his whisky, read some of the novel he had brought with him, and — I guess — he fell asleep.

Enter yours truly, also known as Susan, dressed in a much too short T shirt and nothing else. Greg was silent, and I neither saw nor heard him. I walked straight to the fridge. Greg had turned out the lights earlier as he drifted off to sleep in the armchair, so I didn’t even see him. I bent over the fridge to find what I wanted, and I imagine I flashed my pussy and my ass to Greg as I did so, but I don’t really know if I did, or not. The light in the fridge would have lit me up. I returned to my room not even realizing what I might have (or might not have) done.

Back in my room, I still didn’t know Greg had not left. I decided to take a bath. Baths often helped to get me sleepy, and for some reason I was buzzed. I realized it might happen that my fingers would entertain my imagination in the bath, and I was fine with that. I could use Greg’s face as the face of my fantasy lover. He had a nice face. I stripped naked and collected all my shampoos, conditioners, bath gel, and creams that I kept in my little chrome self-care basket. I stripped naked, and approached my bedroom door. I was up for this!

Just as I was about to open it, there was a soft knock at my door. It was exactly the knock Jenny gives, when she’s worried I may be already asleep. She does that from time to time, to borrow an Ambien, or a Xanax, or some Tylenol, depending on her needs. I was of course nude, but Jenny had seen me nude many times before, and I’m always glad to help Jenny. She’s a sweetheart. So, I opened my door without clothes, but with a smile.

Greg doesn’t look like Jenny; not even a tiny bit! “I just wanted to say goodnight and thanks for….” Greg said, before he froze as I stood there before him, naked as the day I was born. Of course, when I was born I didn’t have boobs, nor a bush, nor was I wearing perfume, and surely, I wasn’t blushing. Newborns don’t really have a sense of shame, but I do, and I surely did just then!

I stood there, like a deer in the headlights. There was a difference, however: I seriously doubt Greg had ever before grabbed a deer and kissed it. He did that with me, however, and who knows why (don’t ask me!), but standing there in my nudity, I simply kissed him back. Greg’s hands went to my ass and fondled it, and as if I were on automatic romance pilot my arms went up and around his neck.

We continued kissing like that, and I was getting aroused. Greg somehow dropped maltepe escort bayan his pants as we were kissing, and his hard cock was pushing against my flat tummy. I kind of backed up a bit to put some distance between his cock and my tummy, but Greg and his long, hard, cock, followed. I backed up until the backs of my knees reached my nice, comfy, double bed, with its Tempur-Pedic mattress topper, and Greg pushed, and I fell backwards onto my bed.

Greg fell on top of me, his cock on my thigh, and he kept kissing me, with his hands all over my boobs. I think I was still in shock, but anyway, it had been eons since I had had any sex, and my body lubricated to the occasion. Greg’s fingers rapidly learned just how I wet I actually was, when they left my boobs to go below my Mason-Dixon line.

Anytime before in my life, when a man had got me naked, he knew, and I knew, that we were going to have sex. This was different, because Greg did not “get me naked;” he simply lucked out and there I was, all naked, and for reasons I did not understand, quite responsive to his romantic overtures.

“Greg, we can’t…” I began to say, and then his finger found my clit and I couldn’t continue. “I mean, it’s not a good …” and this time a finger on his other hand must have found my g-spot, because I went nuts! I began writhing around in ecstasy. I pushed his body away from me, since language was just not doing the job.

“You wanted to say something?” Greg asked, once his fingers were out of, and away from, my erogenous zones.

All the reasons sex was a bad idea just then, primarily being I had only met Greg that evening and we hadn’t even dated and — bottom line — this was ridiculous, flashed through my head. This was a bad idea, a very bad idea.

I decided to be a bad girl, for once in my life. How better to be a bad girl, than to go with a bad idea?

“Yes. Carry on,” I said.

Greg was all over me in a heartbeat. He was kissing me, and playing with me, and then suddenly — without warning — it washed over me. Oh, my word, did it feel good! To have a climax given to me by a man, after such a long time, was just wonderful. It was so much more powerful than the tiny climaxes I managed to eke out of my body on my own.

Greg spread my legs wide apart. My legs were much wider apart than they needed to be, but I guess it was Greg’s way of letting me know what the next item on the agenda was. I just smiled and blew him a kiss and he plunged on in.

It was lovely. Greg was both gentle but powerful. For me, anyway, it’s the perfect combination. God, I hoped Greg was a nice guy, a guy I might even like, because my-oh-my was he a good fuck! With his cock alone, and the occasional kiss while we fucked, along with the occasional nipple tweak, he drove me to a delightful climax. Shortly later he slammed his cock balls deep inside me, holding it there, and I felt it squirting inside me, over and over. He unloaded a hell of a lot of spunk inside me.

“Have you been saving up your stuff for me?” I teased, as his cock slowly deflated. It was still inside me, as his hard, muscular, warm, and delicious body lay on top of me.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had the extreme pleasure of sex with a beautiful woman,” Greg said.

“I thought you just fucked me?” I teased again.

“My mistake,” he rejoined.

“You escort pendik know, Greg, once is not enough,” I said.

“I agree. Let my balls rest a bit, and re-charge, and then I’ve love to make love to you again,” he said.

“Hmm,” I said.

“May I take you to dinner, say, this weekend, Jenny?” Greg asked.

“I’m Susan. Usually I like a man to get my name right when we’ve reached the sex stage, but I’ll forgive you this one and only time,” I said.

Greg was embarrassed. He apologized over and over again. I smiled.

“Also, usually the man takes me to dinner first, perhaps three times, before we fall into bed together. I’m afraid you’ve got the order of things wrong. It’s not fuck first, then flirt. It’s flirt first, then fuck, you know?” I teased some more.

“Well, I’m glad this happened,” Greg said.

“I am, too. Oh! I think you’re ready for it to happen again!” and I took Greg’s cock into my mouth. I had a nice suck, tasting his cum and my juices on his cock. I lovingly caressed it with my tongue and my warm, moist mouth, until it soon developed into a close imitation of a lovely rock formation, like the ones in Carefree, Arizona. Then I lay back, spread my legs, and let Greg and his talented manhood drive me to yet another climax.

When it was all over, and Greg was getting dressed, he said, “Friday night, then?”

“Answer my quiz first?” I asked.

“Okay?” Greg said, a bit puzzled.

“What’s my name? And Jenny is the wrong answer,” I said.

Greg smiled. “Will you go to dinner with me Friday night, Susan?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Pick you up at 7?” he asked.

“Sure. Oh, and Greg — bring some condoms, please. I’m not on birth control,” I said, and I enjoyed watching the color drain from his face.

“Kiss goodnight?” he asked, once he had recovered from the shock that he had been shooting his stuff into my unprotected womb.

I was surprised. Most men I’d been with were unable to get it up a third time! Boy, I hoped it worked out with Greg, because I knew already: We’re super compatible sexually! Greg ended up staying for breakfast, and I had to sneak into the bathroom for an early morning bath, right after my two very early morning fucks, just beating Jenny there. Neither one of us girls wanted to stink of sex at breakfast, you know?

Brad and Jenny were surprised to see Greg at breakfast, and the looks on their faces were priceless! Brad seemed to look at me in a new way. Suddenly he realized I was a sexual being. He seemed interested. Things were going to get complicated.

I’d have to be more careful in how I dressed in the future. The future being tomorrow, because I was wearing my super sexy nightgown at breakfast. I wanted to keep Greg interested, you know?

After that now infamous breakfast, however, I was indeed much more careful how I dressed. It made little to no difference, however; the damage had been done. Brad can be very determined at times. It turns out that Greg knew that, too. Things truly did get complicated!

“Jenny, we need to talk,” I said a few weeks later.

“It is about Brad and Greg?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” I said.

“Good,” Jenny replied.

We worked it out.

I’m bringing Greg to the company picnic. I want to show him off. He’s actually quite a hunk! I suspect my colleagues will be surprised to learn I’m actually sexually active. Now I’m even on the pill. It’s a lot more fun, that way; no worries, you know? I’ll keep a close eye on my colleague Delilah when I bring Greg to the picnic. Her parents knew what they were doing when they gave her that name!

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