Suzanne’s Dance

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Suzanne checked her hair one last time. She had a few butterflies in her stomach, but mostly was just jittery with anticipation. It wasn’t unusual for her to be a hair nervous before performing, but this wasn’t her customary bellydance, nor the usual crowd before which she’d be dancing.

This was her brother’s eighteenth birthday party.

Well, not the party all the family and friends would be attending, of course. Rather, this was a small gathering held at her apartment, with just a few of Eric’s friends in attendance. They were even permitted to bring their girlfriends, those who had them. Thankfully, Eric was the youngest of his circle of buddies, so there weren’t any minors in the crowd. Everyone was a consenting adult, though only her husband knew what was going on.

John was such a perv. Sure, Suzanne didn’t mind showing off to her brother, or to most anyone, but he really egged her on for this special birthday surprise idea. Not that she needed much egging; every summer, it was her family’s custom to host pool parties each weekend, weather permitting. She was always in attendance, decked out in some skimpy little number. She loved showing herself off, even in front of family. Suzanne’s bikinis were always of the thong variety, very micro, and left precious little to the imagination. Most of the time, she was parading around in front of everyone with just a string up her ass, adoring the looks she got from everyone.

Suzanne was no slouch. At 31 years old, she was in great shape. 5’5″ tall, measuring at 34b/25/37, with light skin, waist-length dark hair, and greenish eyes, she knew she had a body to properly display in such racy outfits. She had a bit of a bubble butt, but even on a white woman, those were hardly considered unattractive. She knew she commanded a lot of attention, both when she worked occasionally at some local Turkish resturants, bellydancing for the customers while they ate, or just strolling the beach with her hubby in one of her micro numbers.

Or getting “secretive” stares from her brother while she showed it all off at pool parties.

She followed him to his room a few times, listening to him jerk himself off furiously, gasping her name. On one hand, she felt bad, since he had a girlfriend. But on the other, she liked knowing how she made him feel. She was a bit scandalized at first, but grew to enjoy it, and often wore racy bikinis knowing she’d drive Eric wild with desire. She would hug him alot while wearing them, hang around him, and pretend not to notice the bulge in his trunks. She loved brushing against him, ever so innocently, knowing she was driving him nuts.

But now was the time to take it to the next level. He wanted to see his sister nude so badly, he would get it. So, with her hubby’s help, she planned a long series of dances in which she’d strip her already revealing bellydancer costume off and dance a little in her sexiest little red micro thong bikini, then remove even that and perform a few songs in the nude. She almost giggled loudly when she thought of all the tents that would be pitched in her living room in just a few minutes.

“Ok, hun – time to go.” John whispered, peeking into their bedroom.

Suzanne swallowed, gathered herself one last time, and walked out with him.

A few gasps greeted Eric’s sister as she happily strutted to the center of the living room. Her brother’s eyes were wide as he took in the form of his sexy sibling, and already his cock twitched a little. He knew what he was going to see, with his sister dressed like that. He had seen Suzanne dance before, at the last few pool parties. She would put on a dance for everyone in the evening, to much applause (and a few cat calls). And now he was going to get his own private dance from her – he knew this was going to be hot. He was going to fuck his girlfriend so hard after this was over, and gripped Kate’s leg tighter. Not that Kate minded, of course – she knew Eric loved her, but didn’t mind him checking out other girls.

John hit the music and as Arabic folk music filled the air, Suzanne coyly winked at her brother and began her dance.

For nearly an hour, she held the room captive. She undulated her arms above her head, shimmying her hips and making her belt of coins jingle. She looked like a sensuous captive, held prisoner by invisible chains, for the enjoyment of anyone. She moved like liquid, dancing over to each person and giving them a little personal attention for a few minutes. Even the girls. It would be rude to not do so, and she also took the chance to explore her bisexual tendencies a little more. She did that when she danced in resturants, and would lock eyes with an attractive female patron, and even gave a few women lap dances when she signed up for amateur night bahis firmaları at a strip club a few towns over. And she was pleased that the girls seemed to enjoy her dancing as much as the guys were.

Especially her brother. She danced before him most of all, to his wide-eyed amazement. She felt herself grow moist and even tingly, watching him gawk at her body, locking eyes with him. The sexiness and eroticism of the whole night was tripled by the fact she was dancing for her own brother. A part of her wished their sister were also here to enjoy the show. Maybe their parents, too…

After the hour was up, John changed the disc to another of the same. Suzanne kicked it up a notch and slowly peeled her top off. “Remember this?” she asked Eric, who could only nod tersely as he recognized part of the little red bikini she wore at the last pool party. She winked and flirted with him and everyone else as she then removed her skirt, kicking it aside to reveal the rest of the bikini, and resumed dancing as if nothing happened – to everyone’s commanded attention.

Suzanne went around, dancing before everyone as she did earlier, this time straddling laps and moving her hips only inches before everyone’s faces. Not a complaint from anyone, and when one of Eric’s friends gingerly ran a hand up her thigh, she only cooed in return “Don’t be afraid – full contact is permitted at this club.”

From then on it was as much of a feel-up fest as it was an erotic dance. Suzanne’s body enjoyed the roaming hands of all the guys (and a few of their lady friends, much to her delight), and then she got to Eric. He was almost visibly shaking in his chair as his sister stood astride his lap, arms over her head, hips wildly doing figure 8s. Though he didn’t dare lay a finger on her.

Suzanne backed off and smiled at him. “It’s ok, little bro – you’re allowed to touch, too. Perhaps this will help…”

She the reached behind her and untied her bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Her perky 34b breasts were exposed, nipples erect, to the loud gasps of all in the room. Even though they could acclimate themselves to the fact Suzanne was dancing for her brother, they were still shocked to see her begin to expose her body to him. To all of them, more accurately. Suzanne resumed straddling Eric’s lap and shimmied her hips again, then sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Quickly, she pressed his face into her chest, making him break that one last forbidden zone and touch her naked flesh. She ground her hips against his, knowing she was rubbing his throbbing hard-on, and sighed when his hands went to her back and then to her ass, squeezing it as she moved on him. “Ah, that’s better, bro. Give your sexy sister some attention.”

Everyone hooted and cheered Eric on, even Kate. Suzanne rode him wildly, as if she were on top a bucking bronco, then suddenly got up. “Ok, so everyone’s enjoying this, I see.” she stated, putting her hands on her hips and looking around at everyone. Well, I think Eric deserves one last thing for his big day.”

She looked around and pointed to one of his buddies, practically drooling at her. She turned towards him and lifted her arms over her head, cocking her hips in a sexy way that commanded attention on her ass from everyone behind her. “Help a girl out of these things?”

He practically tripped as he got up to do as Suzanne requested. She pressed lightly against him as he loosened the ties at each of her hips and her bikini bottom then fell off.

Suzanne was now naked in front of her husband, her brother, and all his friends, her shaved cunt on display for all. About fifteen people in total. People she was not supposed to be nude around (save her husband), according to social custom. But damn social custom – this was probably the most erotic night of her life.

She smiled at his friend and gently pushed him back to his seat. Suzanne then turned and presented herself to Eric, smiling widely. He was absolutely rivited. “I hope you like, little brother – I know you’ve wanted to see this for quite some time.”

All Eric could do was nod his head. Suzanne resumed her dance, undulating her naked body for all to see. She gave her hubby a hot lap dance, straddling the laps of everyone and letting them feel her up. When she got to Eric, she sat on his lap and gave him a lap dance also, rubbing her naked body all over him. She spent extra time with Eric, sitting both facing him and away from him, her dancing simulating both bellydance and outright sex. Her own cunt was throbbing and moist, and could not wait to get her hubby into bed so she could release all this energy.

But she noticed Eric was sweating a little. She couldn’t blame him. He smelled so sexy with his cologne on, kaçak iddaa and his youthful good looks, that she decided to go a little further. “I think Eric here needs to repay his sister – what do you guys think!”

Not waiting for an answer, Suzanne stood and unbuttoned Eric’s shirt. He was shocked again (this was surely a night of shocks) but let his sister remove his shirt and toss it aside. She ran her hands all over his naked chest and then stopped to consider him. “Not quite right – ah, I know!”

She gave into temptation, quashed all remaining voices telling her to stop doing this and remember that he is her brother, and begin to unbuckle his belt. “Come on, little brother, I can’t do it for you.”

Eric looked at his sister, then at his girlfriend. Kate was about as rivited as he was, and nodded her approval. Frankly, she didn’t care what happened, as long as she could sit and watch like this. So, Eric hurriedly pulled his pants off – and Suzanne grabbed his boxers and yanked them off as well.

That was as much a surprise as anything, but Suzanne didn’t let anything slow down, and pushed him back into his seat. His throbbing boner stood straight up, the tip glistening a bit. Suzanne smiled and resumed her dance, satisfied that her brother repaid her nakedness with his own.

Though Suzanne couldn’t stop looking at his cock. It was well-developed for a man his age, and certainly somewhat comparable to her husband’s. And judging by the sounds Kate made in their guest room that one evening, he knows how to use it. Suzanne danced astride one of his friend’s laps for a few minutes, enjoying his hands all over her, but pondering yet another daring act.

Then the music ended. The final track played out and Suzanne’s dance was done. Time to wrap everything up. She strode to the center of the room and curtesied to everyone. “Thank you all for coming – I know I enjoyed myself, and I hope you all did as well.”

What a silly question, she knew, but it was polite. The stares, the hands on her body (even Kate groped her ass a little) – she knew her crowd loved her performance, and they clapped and whistled their approval.

But Suzanne wasn’t ready to stop. She was all worked up, and she adored having people watch her. And the sheer eroticism of the evening loosened her inhibitions more than any alcohol ever cold. So, as people started to get up, she stopped them.

“No, everyone sit back down, I’m not done just yet.”

“Sue, what are you planning?” Eric asked.

John just smirked to his wife. She winked back. “Eric, just relax. This is for you.”

At that, Suzanne walked over to Eric and knelt before him, swallowing his cock before anyone could say a thing more.

Eric’s eyes rolled back in his head as his sister broke yet another cardinal social rule. And as she was no slouch in the oral department, Suzanne’s mouth and tongue played perfectly on her brother’s cock, making him moan out almost immediately. She rode up and down his shaft, her tongue flicking his head, lapping up his pre-cum before her mouth descended down again. She played with his balls, gently kneading them as she sucked him off. Eric strained in his chair and ran his hands through Suzanne’s dark mane, wanting to explode in her mouth but wanting to hold it in, to make this moment last forever.

Everyone else just stared at them. Aside from John, who suggested this to his wife, no one could believe their eyes. They were all of the impression that Suzanne was a serious hottie, and all except for the straight girls, they would all hop into bed with her at a moment’s notice. They all envied Eric as he sat there, receiving from his sister what only her husband has up to this point.

Suzanne deep-throated him, taking some of him into her throat as she sucked furiously. She hummed and vibrated against his penis, making him practically jump. Then John broke the silence.

“Come on, Sue, you can do better than that.”

Suzanne stopped and looked at him. Both their eyes were glazed with lust. John liked watching his wife whore herself like this, and she was all too happy to oblige. Silently, they communicated with only a look and a wink, and Suzanne obeyed her husband.

She looked up at Eric and slithered up his lap. No one made a sound as Suzanne crawled onto his lap and rubbed his cock with her inner thighs. She hoarsely whispered one last thing to her little brother before she crossed the final line: “This is also for you – lover.”

With that, Suzanne reached down and positioned his cock at the steaming entrance to her pussy, and sat down, taking her brother’s cock completely inside of her.

Eric gasped and grabbed Suzanne’s hips. She gasped also, as he indeed felt as nice inside of her as she thought he would. kaçak bahis She held onto his shoulders and began to roll her hips, grinding down on her brother’s dick. “Oh God… yes… Eric….”

Eric moaned out loud and began to match Suzanne’s rhythmn. He dug his fingers into her flesh and finally released all that pent-up lust for his older sister that he has held for so long. All the long weekends of gawking at her in scandalously revealing bikinis or as she danced in sexy fashion were realized in this one, deliciously sinful moment. He had secretly envied Adrain for being able to fuck his sister, and now knew how John’s cock must have felt.

Suzanne’s cunt was like a velvet vise on him, squeezing his manhood as it slid up and down it. All six and a half inches of somewhat thick man-flesh fit perfectly inside her tightness, and she began to move faster. She rode him like a wild whore, screaming out like a slut in heat, for that is what she was. Suzanne was a slut to dance naked before her brother and his friends, with her husband’s approval. She knew that, and she loved it.

She was even more of a slut to fuck her brother. But she loved that, too.

Eric pinched and played with her nipples, Suzanne egging him on to pinch her harder. She loved a little pain, just a little, and especially now. She encouraged him to reach around and slap her ass, which he also eagerly obliged, making the soft globes jiggle even more. Then, she jumped a little as she felt something cool and oily drizzle down over her anus.

She looked back to see her husband standing behind her, his pants off, his cock hard and erect, drizzling lubricant on her backside. “Jesus Christ, you scared me!”

He smirked at his wife. “You just be a good girl and keep giving your brother the best birthday ever.”

Knowing his intentions, she smiled and obeyed with a “Yes, sir” and continued to ride Eric’s cock, leaning forward over her brother and holding him tightly as her husband began to press his length into her ass.

Suzanne moaned, loud and long, as her hubby stretched her anal ring wide, slowly filling her. She had done this a few time with a couple of his friends, and was accustomed somewhat to the feeling of being double-penetrated. And she loved anal play, so she had nothing to complain about, especially now that her brother was filling her vaginal passage.

She could feel their cocks bump against each other, especially as Eric didn’t slow down too much while John entered Suzanne. John gave her a moment to adjust to his length, then they both stroked her, in and out, taking turns pinching her nipples and slapping her ass.

Suzanne wailed and sobbed, lost in the sensations of being torn in half by her brother and her husband. She looked into Eric’s eyes and then gave him a lingering kiss, twining her tongue with his. She abandoned herself to this moment, once her brother’s friend, now also his lover, willingly shared by her husband.

Eric couldn’t hold out any longer, and began to cum. He gnashed his teeth and slammed as hard as he could into his sister, spurting warmly into her depths. Suzanne was glad that, even though she was on an infertile time of the month, she was still on a good birth control pill. Carrying her brother’s child would complicate things a little, erotic a thought as that was.

Eric panted and squeezed Suzanne’s breasts as he finished cumming inside her, already feeling his sperm oozing back down his cock and out of his sister. He couldn’t have cared less, having just fucked one of the hottest women he knew. John also finished, not wanting to take too much time, and pounded his wife hard, filling her ass with his cum.

He kissed his wife and withdrew from her, giving her a loving slap on the ass as a thank-you. Suzanne rested in her brother’s lap for a minute more, enjoying the sinfully wonderful feeling of his cock softening in her cunt. As the siblings got their breath back, she smiled at Eric and kissed him again.

“Honey, that was wonderful. If Kate doesn’t mind, I’d like to do this again, sometime.”

Kate smiled at Suzanne. “You don’t realize how much he’s talked about you, Sue. He’s wanted to fuck you for the past two years, ever since you started teasing the entire family at the pool parties.”

Suzanne smirked at Eric. “I figured you did, little brother. What guy doesn’t want to fuck a hottie, even if she’s his sister?”

Eric chuckled a little. “You said it, Sue.”

Suzanne looked over her shoulder at the others. Some of the guys and girls were feeling each other up, and most were looking at her like a piece of meat. “With the permission of my husband and my darling brother, I’d like to entertain the rest of the guests.”

John smiled and gave a nod to her. Eric gave her a kiss and a slap on the ass. “Sis, it’s your place. Do whatever you want.”

Suzanne winked at him and looked back at the young man whom she chose to help her out of her bikini bottoms earlier. “Gladly…”

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