Suzanne’s Top Rips

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Suzanne worked for our largest customer, and my boss told me to get to know her real good, and treat her right. If he only knew.

Suzanne and I talked every day at great length. We talked about business a fair amount, but we also talked about almost everything else under the sun as well. We became very good friends, and hung out quite a lot. She was one of the most beautiful women I know, and I would love to say we were a couple, but that was not the case. We had decided to not take our relationship to that level. I think that decision was made right before one of us had gone out with someone else a couple of times and we felt the need to not upset the other. We both had gone on a few dates during the time we had known each other, but no relationship had developed from them.

I had a boat and during the summer Suzanne and I spent most weekends cruising around going here and there, we had even spent a few weekends on the boat. The boat is not small, but sleeping quarters are far from the roomy beds we are all accustomed to at home. It was very hard to remain the gentleman that I had promised to be sleeping that close to such a beautiful woman. I didn’t know but this weekend that would change for the better.

Saturday morning I picked up Suzanne at her condo. She usually wore shorts and shirt over her suit when I picked her up. Today she had a new bikini, it was black with small flowers on it, along with a little sheer sarong to complete the sexy look. Her tan body on display in the kartal escort bayan suit, I had to comment. “Suzanne, nothing for nothing, but you look like a goddess. Is that a new suit?”

“Yes, you like” she said spinning around. I could see through the sarong that she had on a thong bottom.

“Outstanding. You sure are going to turn a few heads today.” Mine for sure is going to be trying to steal every look I can.

We decided to head to the cove today and tie up. We both thought a relaxing day was in order. As soon as we found a mooring, Suzanne asked me to rub sun tan lotion on her back. Something I had done many times before, but today was different. Her suit had my mind completely in lust over drive. There was a feeling of electricity in the touch. Her skin was so smooth. I started to get hard for the first time. Suzanne headed for the bow of the boat with her towel, and I stared at her ass. I went below to change into my suit, hoping my raging hard on would subside some. I could see Suzanne rubbing lotion on the rest of her body while I changed. She even rubbed lotion under her bikini top, odd I thought but very hot. She had great breasts, more than enough for her body. I wondered what the looked like often.

After changing I decided to swim a bit, hoping to drop the hard on that was now even harder after watching the lotion display. Suzanne seemed oblivious to my swimming until I swum around the front and splashed her with some water. She jumped up, and instantly escort maltepe grabbed for her breasts. It looked like her top had ripped. She screamed at my to get back on the boat and come help her right then. I swam around to the ladder right away and she had gone down below by then. As I looked in the cabin I saw the most wonderful sight. Suzanne’s top had ripped she was holding it in her hand with a smile on her face. She didn’t try to cover up or anything. Her breasts had the sexiest tan lines. She threw her top at me like it was a game. The only way I could respond was to grab her and pull her onto the berth next to where she had been standing. I kissed her, I was so turned on right then, it was the only thing I could think of to do. She kissed me back. It was so passionate. She explained that she had fallen for me, and didn’t want to keep everything just friends anymore. She thought sex would just add to an already great friendship. Who was I to disagree?

I touched her breasts and ran my finger along the tan lines lightly. Her nipples got hard almost instantly. She told me of a grand plan of her’s to seduce me today, which started with the new suit, which she had cut the threads on the top so it would break at sometime. She figured from that moment when ever it happened nature would take it from there. Well nature had me pitching a tent and Suzanne was well aware of it. She took off her bottoms, and suggested that I do the same. We both knew that moving can be difficult pendik escort on the boats berth, so we figured we would want to do it now rather than trying later and having to wait. She said she didn’t want to wait to get that giant cock of mine inside of her. She didn’t wait at all. I guess we had had a year of foreplay. There had been plenty of slow dances at weddings, and plenty of snuggles watching movies, and so on. Now we just wanted some good old fashioned sex. She straddled me, and lined up my cock and her snatch. She kissed my neck as she pushed down and let my cock enter her snatch. Back and forth she moved, and in and out my cock went in her snatch. I had dreamed of this, but reality was 10 times more powerful. Her nipples just dragging over my chest. Those tan lines, I still can’t get them out of my mind. They made her twice the woman. She kept moving back and forth. It was so hot. She had wrapped her legs around mine, in a vice like grip. She told me she wasn’t letting go until she had gotten a good fucking. A couple minutes later she screamed out that she was cumming.

We decided to leave the cove after that. and go for more of a cruise. I loaned Suzanne my t-shirt so she could come above decks. Shortly after we got out of the cove and away from shore some, she pulled the shirt over her head. God her breasts looked so good. She told me to drive and drive, she wanted to get rid of the tan lines. I checked to make sure there was plenty gas, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Today is a good day. My best friend, is now my best friend with benefits as she put it. Now my buddies can stop giving us flack about when we will just go get a room. Guess I am following my bosses advice about getting to know her real good. If he only knew how good.

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